The Great Labrador

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					The Great Labrador

The Labrador Retriever's keen sense of smell and ability to train have earned him a place in
many police and military forces around the world. During World War II, Labrador Retrievers
were used throughout Europe to scout fields for undetected land mines. They were credited
with many finds and exhibited a stick-to-it-iveness not found in other breeds that were tested
for the job. They have also been trained as messengers to cover terrain that is all but
impassable by man.

Many municipalities currently employ the services of skilled Labrador police dogs. They are
primarily called upon for scent-discrimination details, such as tracking criminals in buildings or
detecting hidden narcotics, weapons, and bombs. Once a substance has been detected, the
dog does not retrieve the material unless specifically ordered by his master, but rather
indicates the location to his trainer. This is to insure against possible injury to the dog.

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