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        Community Newsletter
        Published by Oldland Parish Council
        Covering the parish wards of Barrs Court, Cadbury Heath,
        Longwell Green, Orchard, Willsbridge and Wraxall

        NEWSLETTER No. 20 ~ JUNE 2008

Cllr George Rogers                                      COUNCILLOR CONTACT DETAILS

                                                      BARRS COURT WARD
                                                      William Douglas                     932 2304
                                                      Graham Downing                      932 7025

                                                      CADBURY HEATH
                                                      Ian Boulton                         910 9529
                                                      Ron Hardie                          932 7807
                                                      June Lovell                         932 3727

Now winter is over, we are looking forward to a       LONGWELL GREEN
pleasant summer and gardeners are getting ready
                                                      John Calway                    01454 864033
for planting. We are hoping we will have a good
                                                      Cyril Haddy                        949 8064
response to the Parish in Bloom Competition
                                                      George Rogers                      949 6478
and to see some new faces at the Parish Evening.
Congratulations to the Banjo Island Community
& Sports Association for the good work that has       ORCHARD WARD
                                                      Robert Lavis                        932 7039
been carried on since the start. We must thank
the young people of the parish for the help they
have given to the renovations to the Old              WILLSBRIDGE WARD
                                                      Andrew Thomas                       932 3302
Pavilion. Thanks must also be given to James
Taylor, the instructor, for the work done and
tuition given in setting up the Boxing Club.          WRAXALL WARD
                                                      Derek Cleverdon                    307 9504
Please remember that the Parish Council is here
                                                      Brian Deeley                       960 4124
for you, and feel free to contact us on any matter
                                                      Michael Newton                     932 2689
that you feel we can help with.
                                                      Tony Olpin                     01454 864085
                                                      Brian Prewett                      967 7521
             FIRE SAFETY
Parishioners living in Oldland Parish are            The Parish Clerk is Victoria Hicks (28 Brunel
being offered the chance to have smoke               Close, Bridgeyate, Bristol, BS30 5BB) and can be
alarms fitted in their homes by Avon Fire &          contacted at all reasonable times:
Rescue Service (AF&RS) completely free of            Telephone/fax 0117 961 5021
charge.                                              E-mail mgvhicks@tiscali.co.uk

                                                     IF YOU WOULD LIKE AN E-MAIL COPY OR
Home Fire Safety Visits can be booked in
                                                     LARGE   PRINT   VERSION   OF   THIS
one of three ways:                                   NEWSLETTER, CONTACT THE CLERK.
       By calling freephone 0800 1693 999
       By visiting the Avon Fire & Rescue
        Service website at
                                                     Are you a local business who would be
                                                     interested in advertising in the next edition of
       Or by texting 07781 482 627 for
                                                     the Newsletter? For only £60 you could reach
        people who are deaf or hard of
                                                     over 6000 households in the area.
                                                     Please contact the Clerk for details.
     OLDLAND PARISH FESTIVAL                              CADBURY HEATH HALL
                                                            THE HALL IS AT THE CENTRE OF
                                                             THE COMMUNITY IN CADBURY
                                                           HEATH AND IS KEEN TO OPEN ITS
                                                            DOORS TO COMMUNITY GROUPS
                                                              AND ORGANISATIONS THAT
                                                           REQUIRE A REGULAR VENUE OR A
                                                                  ONE-OFF BOOKING.
          SATURDAY 5 JULY 2008
                                                             BOTH DAYTIME AND EVENING
            NOON UNTIL 6pm
                                                                SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE.
                                                           PLEASE CONTACT NORMA PACKER
                 FREE EVENT                                         FOR DETAILS
                                                                     0117 9609085
          Happy 20th Birthday
A small team of volunteers from The Friends of
                                                                THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION
Barrs Court Moat, a conservation group formed in
1988, continues in its work with dredging or scrub
clearance on set weekends during the spring and               BITTON AND OLDLAND BRANCH
autumn.                                                           SEEKS NEW MEMBERS!
The Moat, an ancient monument site, the earliest
records of which date back to 1340, is sited in           Whatever our views on conflicts around
Stephens Drive, just below the Asda store.                the world we can all agree that the armed
A history of the Moat, the earlier mansion house and      forces who serve our country so
photographs can be viewed on                              magnificently, along with the veterans
WWW.BARRSCOURTMOAT.ORG.UK                                 who served in earlier conflicts, deserve
We need additional volunteers who are prepared to
                                                          our support.
give just a few hours of their time perhaps on just one
occasion a year. You don’t have to become a member
or even attend our meetings, where we always have         Membership is open to everyone over 18
an interesting speaker, but simply volunteer a few        whether or not they have served in the
hours of your time.                                       armed forces upon payment of an annual
We also welcome non-working members along to our          subscription of £18. This includes free
quarterly meetings.                                       subscription to the Legion, the RBL
Full details on our website or telephone Michael on       magazine which highlights issues facing
961 6343.                                                 veteran and serving members of the
Banjo Island Community and Sports                         For further information contact:
Association is pleased to announce                        Ken Gibson on 932 2122
that the BICSA Community Café,                            Graham Downing on 932 7025
Coronation Park is now open
Wednesday and Thursday from 10am
until 1pm and on Saturdays and                            CADBURY HEATH PRE-SCHOOL
Sundays from 9am until 6pm.                               Need affordable childcare? Why not try us?
EXCITING MENU!                                            We provide a stimulating, friendly
                                                          environment allowing children to have fun
                                                          while they learn and develop as individuals.
                                                          Our highly qualified and experienced staff
Parkwall Safer & Stronger Group gives                     provides a range of activities for children
you a chance to meet and raise concerns                   from the age of two years and six months.
with representatives of the Police, South                 Our four hour session includes a Lunch Club
Gloucs Council and the other agencies                     and we are registered for Government
that work in the community.
                                                          WE ARE CURRENTLY ENROLLING FOR
Next meeting: 7pm on Wednesday 23 July                    SEPTEMBER 2008.
at the Children’s Centre, Earlstone                       Please telephone 0781 3502 833 for more
Crescent, Cadbury Heath.                                  information.
HAVE YOUR SAY!                                      2008 is the National Year of Reading!
Help to make Cadbury Heath an even better           Whether it’s film scripts or newspapers, sci-fi or
place to live, work and play. A giant 3D model of   song lyrics, we want to get everyone reading more.
Cadbury Heath, expertly made by local children,     Take up the challenge, what will you do?
will be taken to various locations in the           South Gloucestershire Libraries, including Cadbury
community. You are now invited to view (and         Heath, are planning a stimulating programme of
use) this special map in order to have your say     activities for all ages throughout the year to get
about improving community facilities including:     excited about reading and books. Why not join the
       Housing                                     library this month along with your family and friends,
       Health                                      or share your favourite childhood stories with your
       Crime and Safety                            own children or grandchildren and find out what they
       Art, Culture & Education                    enjoy reading? Or perhaps make this the year to read
       Children, Young People and Families         that book you’ve always wanted to but never quite
       Local Environment                           got round to!
       Older People                                Libraries are a great place for finding that next
       Traffic and Transport                       gripping read, but there is also so much more to
All of the issues that you raise will then be       discover:
prioritised into a special action plan to help       CDs and DVDs that you can hire for a whole week
improve the quality of life for local residents.       instead of just overnight
This is an exciting and engaging chance to           Large print and talking books
genuinely shape the future of your community         Free access to the internet including online
and to tell us your views and ideas about your         newspapers and Ancestry - the essential resource
neighbourhood. So tell your friends and please         for tracing your family tree
come along to the following events:                  Enquire: round-the-clock online access to an
                                                       information service from library professionals
CADBURY HEATH – “PLANNING FOR REAL”                  Activities for all ages
CONSULTATION DAYS/ACTIVITIES                         Advice surgeries
                                                    So why not join us and discover just how much
Date           Time          Venue                  reading can help you live more: Cadbury Heath
Thursday 1     3.30pm    -   Parkwall    Primary    Library, School Rd, Cadbury Heath.
May            5.30pm        School                 We’re open:
Thursday 8     7pm       -   Parkwall    Primary    Monday 9.00am – 7.00pm
May            9pm           School                 Thursday and Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm
Thursday       9am       -   Cadbury       Heath    Saturday 9.30am – 5.00pm.
15 May         12pm          Health Centre
Thursday       10am      -   Cadbury       Heath                          Team Read
29 May         2pm           Library                          Don’t just sit there – get reading
Saturday 21    10am      -   Cadbury       Heath    Cadbury Heath Library will be taking part in this
June           3pm           Library                year’s exciting reading challenge for children – Team
Saturday 5     12pm      -   Coronation     Park    Read. Join in the sports “buzz” this summer as the
July           4pm           Celebration            Olympics are celebrated in Beijing by calling in after
                                                    19 July to sign up and collect your membership card
                                                    and poster. Your challenge over the summer is to
                                                    read 6 books and achieve your gold medal. Along the
                                                    way there are stickers and other goodies to collect.
                                                    There will also be free drop-in activity sessions on
                                                    Monday mornings during August with puzzles,
Looking after someone with mental health            games and the opportunity for children to have help
issues?                                             choosing top reads from the thousands of books
Rethink Carers Services provide support,            available. Check out the website for details from
information and short breaks for the family         July onwards www.southglos.gov.uk/libraries or
and friends of those with mental health             contact the library on 01454 868006.
needs. Services operate in Bath, North East
Somerset, Bristol and South                         NEWS FROM YOUR LOCAL
Gloucestershire.                                    COMMUNITY POLICE BEAT TEAM
In celebration of Carers Week we are
organising a day of relaxation and respite on       A BEAT SURGERY IS HELD EVERY
the 13 of June, including workshops on              FOURTH SATURDAY MORNING FROM
writing for therapeutic purpose, lunch and          10-12 AT CADBURY HEATH LIBRARY.
complimentary therapies. If you would like to
access this event and others like it, or for
support and information please call 0117 958        The next three surgeries will be:
2421 or email sgloscarers@rethink.org               7 June, 5 July and 2 August (and so on)
                                                            PARISH FOOTPATH WALKS 2008
                                                            FREE EVENTS!
Open Day                                                    Walk One:
Saturday, 21 June 2008                                      Monday 7 July 2008 - Cock Ridge Walk
12 noon – 3pm.                                              Distance approx 2.5 miles with a time of say, two
                                                            hours maximum.
                                                            Meet in Wickes’ car park, Aldermoor Way, Longwell
Lots of activities for young people
                                                            Green at 7pm.
An opportunity for all to look around                       Walk is along footway in part and open ground that
Contact: Anne Allan-Bourgogne                               can be hilly and steep in places.
01454 865 754                                               Walk Two:
                                                            Monday 14 July 2008 – Willsbridge Mill Walk
ENERGY WISE!                                                Distance approx 3.5 miles with a time of say, two
In an effort to reduce domestic carbon                      hours maximum.
dioxide emissions and save householders                     Meet in the Mill car park, Longbeach Road,
money on their fuel bills, South                            Longwell Green at 7pm.
Gloucestershire Council has launched an                     Walk is through the Mill valley with some of the
initiative to encourage residents to install                walk being steep, the remainder of the walk is on the
renewable energy technology in their homes.                 footway.
Expert advisors will provide advice and support,            Contact: Victoria Hicks, Clerk to Oldland Parish
right from the initial enquiry to actual installation       Council on 0117 961 5021
of a renewable technology. Advice is free and
impartial and advisors can help identify the most
                                                            South Gloucestershire Crossroads is an
suitable renewable technologies for homes, help
with finding a reliable installer who has signed            independent registered voluntary agency
up to a customer care standard as part of the               which supports people who care for a
SG Futurenergy scheme, and a grant of up to                 person with a disability living at home. It
£500 towards installing the technology. Advisors            provides a much needed opportunity for the
will also make people aware of any other grants             carer to have a short break.
they may be eligible to apply for. Some of the
renewable energy technologies that are eligible             South Gloucestershire Crossroads is
for the scheme's grant include: solar hot water,            completely autonomous but affiliated to the
solar photovoltaic (PV), ground source heat                 National Crossroads Organisation. It is
pumps, small scale wind, biomass, and small
                                                            administered by a manager who is
scale hydro.
To find out more information and to apply for               responsible for assessing a family’s needs
a grant, ring the SG Futurenergy Renewable                  and for supplying the practical help at times
Energy Advice Service on 01594 544119,                      required by the family. Trained carer
which is open Mondays to Fridays, from 9am                  support workers are employed and trained
until 5pm. Alternatively people can email                   by Crossroads to give the carer a break; the
renewables@swea.co.uk or visit the website                  help and support provided by the carer
at www.southglos.gov.uk/climatechange.                      support worker depends on the individual
                                                            needs of the family.
Ventura Farm Community Project
working to re-open the Bungalow                             In order to meet the high demand of our
The Bungalow at Ventura Farm hopes to re-open for           service that can not be met through our
the 2008 summer holidays, under the new                     current funding, we are now able to offer a
management of Ventura Farm Community Project.               service that families can pay for.
Hopefully it will be offering play sessions for             Anyone can refer a person or family to our
children as well as activities for residents of all ages.   scheme, carers, people with a disability,
The Bungalow has experienced some difficult times           their relatives and neighbours, as well as
over the last couple of years. However the new              doctors, social workers and health visitors.
Management Committee is working hard to put the
Project back on a sound footing, and have appointed
                                                            If you would like more information about the
a new project worker, Lois Pryce. The Bungalow will
remain closed to the public until the summer, but
                                                            service we offer, or are interested in
meanwhile you can contact Lois on                           becoming a carer support worker contact:
ventura.farm@yahoo.com or the Management                    Bridget Suitters on 0117 9477735.
Committee on vfcp@live.co.uk

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