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The origin of Labrador


An overview of Labrador origins

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									The Origin Of The Lab

There are many theories as to the origin of the breed known today as the Labrador Retriever.
One point on which all historians seem to agree is that the Labrador originally came from
Newfoundland. They were known by several names like the St. John's Water Dog, the Little
Newfoundlander and the Black Water Dog, before officially being dubbed the Labrador

Some believe that the Labrador was developed by the fishermen off the coast of
Newfoundland and that he was the result of an attempt to scale down the Newfoundland dog.
In other words, they wanted to produce a somewhat smaller dog because the Newfoundlands
were a bit cumbersome.

The dog had to be a good retriever. He also had to have good bone and strong limbs to pull
heavy loads. He needed a dense coat thick enough to withstand the cold water, but one that
would not ball up with ice. He had to be eager to please, able to swim great distances and
happy to live on a diet of fish and whatever else could be scrounged up. The Labrador
became that dog.

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