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               WEDNESDAY 6 FEBRUARY 2008


Dr Bob Andrews                          President
Mr Chris Howe MBE                       Vice President
Mr Paul Burrows                         Army Rep
Wg Cdr John Clifford                    RAF Mil Rep
Wg Cdr Phil Davies RAF ret
Wg Cdr Wynne Davies RAF ret             Membership Secretary
Prof Peter Hill                         Past President
Wg Cdr David Kitching RAF ret           Executive Officer
Mr Jim MacCulloch
Cdr Clive Murgatroyd                    RN Mil Rep
Mr David Peck
Wg Cdr John Stubbington RAF ret         Treasurer
Wg Cdr Roger Hannaford RAF ret          Secretary

Plus 20 members and 5 prospective members.


1. The President welcomed all and was pleased to see such a good turnout.
He said that the Chapter continued to be in good shape both financially and
in membership and was again awarded Chapter of the Year, Excellent in
Large Category and a princely sum of $100. This was not really good enough,
only slipping from Outstanding because of fewer events and newsletters. The
Board of Directors (BOD) was taking positive steps to increase industrial and
MoD visits but still needed members help. The President briefed on past and
future visits, which are covered in more detail below, and thanked the hosts.
He also covered the various awards and worthy causes supported by the
Chapter, again covered below.

2. Younger member recruitment was high on the agenda at each BOD
meeting. Chris Howe was taking lead with efforts made at the Air Warfare
Centre and HMS Collingwood and a planned visit to 14 (Signals) Regiment.
There was a need to increase younger membership levels as the membership
was getting too old.

3. He was pleased to see much better support at the AOC National
Convention in Orlando, about 50% bigger than the previous year. EW was
making a big comeback; it was in the limelight every day in Iraq and
Afghanistan. The AOC would have an EW Pavilion at Farnborough Air Show
this year as a commercial venture, selling exhibition space.
4. The President thanked the UK BOD members for all their support during
the year, thanked the members for their support for the Chapter and, finally,
hoped that everyone would have an enjoyable evening.


5. The minutes of the previous meeting, which had been published on the
website, were agreed as accurate, proposed by Mark Ferguson, seconded by
Ian Fish and passed unanimously. There were no outstanding actions.


6. The Executive Officer briefed on the status of the BOD. No elections were
required in the current year. The Treasurer had been appointed by the
President, as allowed by the Chapter Constitution, but Treasurer was a major
position and would, therefore, be included in the elections the following year.
Cdr Iain Breckenridge RN had agreed to become the RN Milrep on the BOD.
Both John Clifford and Clive Murgatroyd, the previous RAF and RN Milreps,
were retiring from the services and were thanked for their outstanding
contributions to the Chapter.


7. The Treasurer provided a brief update on the Accounts. They had been
independently checked by the President and displayed prior to the AGM. The
summary for the year to 31 December 2007 showed a balance reduction of
£2000 compared with the position at 31 December 2006. This was almost
entirely a reflection of decisions taken through the year 2007 with regard to
Chapter support to third parties: 14 Sigs Regt, The Codes & Ciphers Heritage
Trust, the Falklands Memorial at Collingwood, the new agreement with
DISC/DSSS to award a small prize to 'the most improved student' on the
Basic Comms Exploitation Course and finally to provide a credit balance at
HMS Collingwood for the PO Improver Courses.

8. The end-of-year credit balances for the Chapter have increased from
£5000 at the end of 1991, to a maximum of over £20,000 at the end of 1999,
and now to just over £10,000. There had been observations in the past about
the wisdom of holding such a large credit balance for a 'non-profit making'
body. The scale of the increases had been driven exclusively by the profits
made from the various classified symposia in preceding years. The 1997
Symposium was dominant in this respect. The details are shown in the
Survey of Annual Summaries attached to these minutes. The current situation
was that Chapter did not provide classified symposia but had a benefit from
the Tower of Excellence scheme held annually at the Defence Academy. The
Treasurer's observation was that the Chapter could continue to take
advantage of the previous 'years of plenty' to support external bodies but
must note that this would be a cash-limited option and that continuous
judgement must be taken by the Board.

9. In this specific context, the AOC Membership charges had been increased
as from January 2008 by the AOC HQ in Washington. The Board considered
the response that the UK Chapter should make with regard to the fees
payable through the Chapter; the decision was that the fees would increase
to £25 per annum for a single year and £65 for a three-year membership,
with immediate effect. The AGM approved these increases. It was noted that
the fees payable through the Chapter had provided an element of the
available Chapter funds to support external bodies and students.

10. The accounts were agreed, proposed by Andrew Hardie, seconded by
Jim MacCulloch and passed unanimously.


11. The Membership Secretary briefed that membership of the UK Chapter
had unfortunately maintained its steady fall of the last few years. The
numbers fluctuated from month to month as members re-joined or lapsed.
There were always disparities between any instantaneous UK total and the
numbers promulgated by the US HQ AOC (brought on primarily by an
inevitable lag in the recognition of new members and the speed with which
the US took „lapsed „ members off its books). On a positive note, in the past
year, there had been an increase in UK Corporate membership numbers.
As at 05 Feb 08, the breakdown of the current UK membership was as

Membership Type                        2007      2008
                                                         12. The
Members registered for 3 years   204         179         maintenance of
Members registered for one year    187       183         an accurate
Retired UK members (One year)        29      34          email listing was
Life Members                         15      16          difficult or
Total                            435         412         without active
                                                         help from the
membership. He asked that everyone informed or confirmed to him at their latest email address.


13. The Vice-President briefed on Education and Awards, which were made
by the Chapter in order to support and encourage the serving members of
the UK EW community. The following Chapter awards had been made since
the last AGM or were in progress:

      £100 to the Best Student on the RN Petty Officer (EW) Professional
      Qualifying course, for up to 3 courses per year.

      £250 to the winner of the Fleet Effectiveness Trophy, awarded to HMS
      Cornwall in Aug 07.

      £500 to the winner of the RAF Smallwood Trophy, awarded to the Air
      Warfare Centre‟s Air Platform Protection Operational Evaluation Unit
      (APP OEU) and to be presented in Mar 08. Because of the high
      standard of entries, the other 3 nominees would also receive
      certificates from CinC Air and the Chapter.

      £200 to the Best Student Overall on the Military Electronic Systems
      Engineering (MESE) Course at the Defence College of Management &
      Technology, awarded to Lt Togna, ITAF. It had agreed that future
      awards to MESE should be to the best UK student, rather than the best
      student overall. This was more in line with the aims of the Chapter and
      would reduce the problem of the winner not being available to present
      his paper at the AGM.

      Chapter Plaque and £500 EW Operational Award for units deployed to
      the frontline. This was a new award for 2007 and was made to 14
      Signal Regiment. The presentation was made at the AOC Convention
      in Orlando, Florida, in Oct 07.

      £50 for the Most Improved Student on the Basic Communications
      Exploitation Course at DISC, Chicksands. This is a new award for 2008.
      The first course was underway, and the first recipient would be
      selected at the end. The award had been funded for the first 8
      courses and would then be subject to review.

      £200 for the Best EW Personal Thesis on the Aerosystems Course at
      RAF Cranwell, awarded in Jun 07 to FS Andrew Smith.

14. Further to this ongoing UK awards programme, and due to a recent
approach from a member, the BOD was keen to receive special nominations
on behalf of UK individuals or organisations who were considered most
worthy of an International AOC award. All such nominations must be
supported by a comprehensive citation and any other relevant information
which would clearly explain why the nominee should be considered for an
International AOC prestigious award. All nominations would be considered
and should be submitted to the UK Chapter Vice President as the initial POC.

15. Visits and events during the previous year had included the AGM,
followed by the MESE speaker, a classified visit to GCHQ in March, to HMS
Collingwood and the “gollies” (EW operators) memorial in May, the Abacus
EW Open Day also in May, to Thales, Leicester, in June, to the 100 Gp
Museum, Norwich, in July, to HMS Cornwall in October and, in December, the
3rd EW Symposium at Shrivenham and the Christmas dinner in the RAF Club.

16. For 2008, event would include the MESE speaker after the AGM, the EW
Test Facility at BAES Warton (probably in the autumn), the EW Industry Open
Day at Abacus on 8th May, the EW2008 conference to be held in Interlaken,
Switzerland, jointly organized by Shephard‟s and the AOC, and classified visits
to the SELEX EW Support Facility in Lincoln, to the Defence Intelligence &
Security Centre at Chicksands and, possibly, to Roke Manor Research. Then
would come the EW Symposium and the Christmas dinner.


17. The Chapter had continued to support Bletchley Park and the 100 Gp
Museum, Norwich. Arrangements were in place to allow AOC and Defence
Electronics History Society members to attend each others events without
extra charge.


18. There was no other business.

Roger Hannaford
12 Feb 08
Year   Annual Income   Annual Costs   Surplus/(Deficit)   Closing Balance
1991   13271           10409          2862                5091
1992   8572            10439          -1867               4666
1993   9770            9479           291                 4956
1994   17882           16605          1386                6343
1995   15161           13538          1623                7966
1996   15461           14386          1075                9089
1997   27322           17989          9333                18953
1998   12151           12890          -739                18214
1999   18891           16235          2656                20870
2000   12405           15334          -2929               17941
2001   9411            11004          -1593               16347
2002   13225           19283          -6058               10289
2003   10473           10605          -132                10159
2004   14041           10487          3554                13713
2005   11127           10993          134                 13847
2006   8824            10300          -1476               12371
2007   7458            9652           -2019               10351