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									STEPS to engineering 2008/2009

                                 Presented By:

                                 John Butler
                                 CPD Director
Presentation Outline

   STEPS to engineering and its objectives
   Trends and projections
   Motivation and awareness building
   STEPS framework and activities
   Opportunities for partnership
   Benefits of partnership
   The next step
About STEPS to engineering
  To encourage primary & post primary students to explore the
  world of science and engineering and raise awareness of
  engineering as a career choice

  Established in 2000
    Engineers Ireland Programme
    Promote the awareness of engineering
        as a career
        increase the future pipeline of engineers.
    In 2008 we reached approximately 70,000 participants
Main Objectives:
  1. Raise awareness of engineering
  2. Promote a greater understanding of
  3. Encourage a positive attitude towards
  4. Highlight the advantages, diversity,
     opportunities and excellent rewards offered
     by a career in the engineering profession.

  Formally recognised by Government.

  Key Supporters and Partners:
    Discover Science & Engineering

    Department of Education and Science

    FAS
DKM Report 2009
Based on a one-for-one relationship
(economic growth vs. employment of engineers)

 Employment of engineers in Ireland could be
  expected to fall in 2009
 Recover post 2009
      57,000 in 2015
      67,000 in 2020 - almost 40% higher than the 2008 level
 Demand growth at an average of approx. 950 per
How to encourage choice of engineering?
Motivate and enthuse young people by:
    Making science and engineering fun
    Highlight links between everyday life, science and engineering
    Career Diversity
    Challenging Career
    Progression
    Creativity - „Making a difference‟
    Travel (International accreditation)
    Rewards
    Attract females to engineering.

     Primary
     Post Primary: Junior & Senior Cycle
     PR and media communications
     Volunteers – Invaluable to programme!
     Foster partnerships (Industry, 3rd level institutions)
Primary School

 775 Schools registered
 Project Based
 Theme - “Engineers Save Lives”
        K‟NEX Challenges & Work Sheets
        Monthly Activities

Extreme Engineering
 18 Shows & 13,000 students
 Teacher Education Packs
Engineered! A Week of Wonder

   To increase general public awareness of the diversity and impact of
    engineering in everyday life.
   8 – 14 yr olds plus PARENTS

Engineered! A Week of Wonder 2008
   12,500 participants
   35 partner organisations

Engineered! A Week of Wonder 2009
Significant Growth – New Format
 8th -13th February 2009
 Over 60 organisations involved
 Approximately 19,000 participants
 Website

   Bridge Building Challenges, Rocket Building & Launching
   Workshops, Workshops on Energy and Climate Change,
   Computer Game Design & Development, Discover the
   Engineering behind Scuba Diving, Sailing & Rescue Boats,
   K‟NEX Challenge Marathon‟s.
Post Primary School

Engineering as a Career Student Seminars
    – 16 Seminars at 3rd level Open day venues
Engineering & Technology Champions Programme
    – 270 Schools
    – Volunteer Workshops/Presentation Skills Training
Summer Camps
Career exhibitions
Guidance Counsellors Events
Teacher Education Events
Transition year initiative
SET Conference
ICT National Promotional Campaign Pilot

   Objectives
       Promotion of careers in electrical, electronic & computer engineering and
       computer science
   Target audience
       5th and 6th Year students
   Partners
       Discover Science and Engineering, Irish Computer Society, The Higher
       Education Authority, ICT Ireland
   Strategy
       6 weeks Radio and online advertising campaign

   Interactive website
       Competition Prize – Brown Bag Films (Give up your oul sins)
PR & Other Promotional Activities

 Careers Exhibitions
 Public Relations
      Regional & National Media
      Career Sheets – 11 disciplines
      Engineering your Career book
          (Distributed to every 2ndary school)
     Engineering Life magazine
     Engineering Fact Sheet
 Website - www.steps.ie
Breakdown of STEPS to engineering Activities


                                         Post Primary

                                         PR & Publications

                                         General Events &
Industry Partners
    Bord Gais
Opportunities for Partnership!

   Annual Sponsorship or Donation
   Provision of Volunteers
   Involvement in Engineered! A Week of Wonder
    2010 onwards
   Support for your activities by promoting
    engineering and science
Benefits for you!
     Raising the profile of your company regionally and
     Position yourself as an industry leader
     Increasing awareness of engineering and science careers
     Increase future pipeline of graduates for your sector
     Ireland‟s future economic development
     Corporate social responsibility,
     Building links with your local community
     Contribute and benefit from the development of the
      STEPS to engineering programme
     Staff Participation = Employee Morale
     CPD for Staff – organisational, event management,
      communications, presentation skills
Benefits Contd.

   Company branding on the website
   Corporate Affiliate membership
   2 complimentary places on a CPD training
   Contribute and benefit from the development of
    the STEPS to engineering programme
   Participation
   Engineers Journal
   Press Releases

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