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                          Fairway News
             Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association
VOL. MMX No. 1                           STOCKTON, www.wnhga.com                                   SPRING 2010

                                    President’s Message
                  This year finds me behind this podium    Before we know it, it will be time for the Nominating
                  once again, and I am honored to be       Committee to contact each club for candidates for next
                  here. The Board of Directors has been    year's Board of Directors. If there are not sufficient
                  diligently preparing for the upcoming    applicants to fill the open positions, the Board of
                  events. At this time I would like to     Directors has discussed combining Areas and
                  introduce the new Directors elected to   expanding the number of Directors to four from each of
                  the Board.                               three Areas. This will necessitate a change in the By-
                  Representing Central Valley is Nora      Laws but will be necessary to ensure the continued
                  Hinds, Merced Golf & Country Club and    success of this organization. Please consider placing
    Joyce Belt
                  Aggie Mohrmann, Stockton Golf &          your name when the Nominating Committee contacts
Country Club. Representing River Valley from Valley Hi     your club.
Country Club is Mary-Kevin Willey and Rancho Murieta       The one thing we all have in common is the love of golf.
Country Club, Diane Davey who as you all know is not       Take time to enjoy this game while furthering your
new to the Board but has been elected to serve for the     friendships and developing your skills. It is truly a
next two years. Representing the East Bay are Barbara      wonderful venue for meeting many new people and
Jordan and Pat Baker from Rossmoor Golf Club and           seeing many new courses. I hope to see you all at one
Sue Bowen from Marin Country Club.                         of events this year. Wishing you many birdies, chip-ins
As there were no nominations for the Peninsula, I          and a Hole-in-One. Happy Golfing,
appointed Judi Phillips, Oakdale Golf & Country Club
and Alyce Stanwood, Lincoln Hills Golf Club to                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
represent the Peninsula as Directors-at-Large. These
ladies are all extremely qualified and will be an asset    President’s Message                               1
to the Board of Directors. Their enthusiasm is
contagious and has us all striving to make this the best
                                                           Directors Reports                                 2-4
year ever.                                                 Most Improved Player                              2
Our goal for 2010 is to introduce computer scoring into
the tournaments sponsored by WNHGA. We have                Directors Contact List                            4
invested in equipment to be used for PowerPoint
presentations at our Rules & Markers Seminars and
                                                           Team Play Schedule                                5
will eventually integrate this into other areas. The       Club News                                         6-9
Marker Training Seminars have proven to be very
successful, and it is our plan to continue this and        Calendar of Events                                10
expand it.
The first Seminar is scheduled for Thursday, March 25,                   www.WNHGA.com
2010 at Elkhorn Country Club and the second at Palo
Alto Hills on Tuesday April 6, 2010. Please mark your      Check out our Member Clubs page. If you have a pic-
calendars and plan on attending one of these semi-         ture of your club’s signature hole, or just your favorite
nars. In addition to these there are seven Open Days,      hole, we would be happy to add it to this page. Email
Team Play Championship at Contra Costa Country Club,       the picture as an attachment in jpg format to
Tournament of Champions at Stockton Golf & Country         Alyce@Stanwood.us. Remember to include your club
Club and our favorite Corena Green Classic for Junior      name in the email. What fun to have the most beautiful
Girls to be held at Rancho Murieta on August 4, 2010.      holes from all of our clubs on website.
                                                                                                                     Page 2

                                           Director Reports
                            Open Day Report                    of play, your handicap will go down and everyone will
                                  Pat Baker                    enjoy playing with you.
                   Continental breakfast - and lunch -         If you would like a club visit from any of your WNHGA
                   and a cart - and nine holes of golf -       Board, please let me know. Our Directors can help with
                   and some prizes, played with great          your membership issues, rules, or making golf a fun
                   gals on wonderful courses...and all at      game through a variety of games. The visits are geared
                   a reasonable cost. That’s an Open           to your needs.
                   Day. This years host clubs include                                     Handicap Report
Saratoga April 28; Moraga May 11; Woodbridge May                                             Aggie Mohrmann
20; Lincoln Hills and Cold Springs back-to-back on June                          Last year was a great year for the Nin-
21-22; Spring Creek July 13; and Del Rio Oct. 24.                                ers ladies. They captured 15 Hole-In-
The four clubs who have invited us to celebrate our ma-                          One awards, and I am looking forward
jor events this year include Rancho Murieta who will                             to the same success this year. If you
host the WNHGA Coreena Green Classic for Junior Girls                            are so fortunate to get a Hole-In-One,
on Aug. 4; Contra Costa host the Team Play Champion-                             have your handicapper get the infor-
ship on Aug. 10; Stockton will host the Tournament of                            mation to me as soon as possible. So
Champions on Oct. 19; and The Villages will host the           far this year, none have been reported.
Annual Meeting on Dec. 3.                                      This year has a new ruling that I would like to bring to
Being among the family of WNHGA clubs offers many              the attention of everyone involved in Team Play or TOC.
advantages to each of us. One of the most enjoyable is         We will be receiving Index Reports from GHIN twice a
playing golf on the Open Days and joining everyone for         month, on the 1st and the 15th. Consequently, the
the major events programs. I hope you will be able to          handicaps you will use for play are:
participate on many of these special dates.
                                                                 If the event falls on the 6th through the 20th of
                      Rules & Club Visit Report                  the month, use the index from the 1st of the
                                 Sue Bowen                       month. If play falls on the 21st through the 5th
                                                                 of the following month, use the index from the
                   All of us involved in the various activi-     15th of the month.
                   ties that WNHGA sponsors are excited
                   about this year’s Rules and Marker’s        I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the
                   Seminars. We will have two: Elkhorn         Handicappers who sent in the Most Improved Golfer
                   Country Club in Stockton on Thursday,       certificates for the Division and the Over-all Award. Your
                   March 25 and Palo Alto Hills Golf and       time and effort have not gone unnoticed. For many of
Country Club in Palo Alto on Tuesday, April 6.                 you, this was a first-time event as it was for me, and I
Attendees will learn how to mark a tournament;                 sincerely appreciate all of your work.
participate in a rules review given by WGANC Rules
Officials and enjoy nine holes of golf where each                        MOST IMPROVED
woman will be able to play and mark. Our host clubs
will offer a continental breakfast and a lunch. Not only             WNHGA GOLFERS FOR 2009
will you be able to learn a great deal, but you will also
enjoy golfing at a superb course with fun women.
                                                                                CENTRAL VALLEY
                                                                 Marlene Weigum, Woodbridge Golf & Country Club
We are committed to all of our Nine Hole Members
learning the basic rules of golf. And I promise you, we                              EAST BAY
will do everything we can to facilitate that happening at                 Jill Morris, Round Hill Country Club
your clubs. Please call or email me with any rules ques-
tions you have and I will get back to you so that you can                           PENINSULA
relay the information to your membership.                             Mary Lou Cardosa, San Jose Country Club
Each month your Captain will receive a ―Rule of the
Month‖ to be posted and discussed with her members.                               RIVER VALLEY
It would be wonderful if all of the team players, those              Sally Peterson, Cameron Park Country Club
playing in the TOC as well as Open Days and
Invitationals knew the basic rules of golf. When you           The Overall Most Improved Golfer for 2009
know the rules, follow golf etiquette and observe pace         Mary Lou Cardosa, San Jose Country Club
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                              Director Reports continued
                                                            July 10 and Nov. 10. Please put these dates on your
                    Tournament Of Champions                 calendar within the next 24 hours.
                                Mary-Kevin Willey           Contact addresses for Directors are listed on the
                    I am looking forward to serving as your WNHGA website and WNHGA Roster. Flowers and candy
                    Tournament of Champions Director.       are always welcome, too (which works both ways)!
                    This year our Tournament will take      Email information and pictures for the website and
                    place at the Stockton Country Club on Fairway News to: Alyce Stanwood, Communications
                    Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010. Please note     Director, alyce@stanwood.us
                    that this is almost a month later than
in previous years, so there will be some adjustments to                              Membership Report
the time-table. The most important date is that the                                       Barbara Jordan
entry forms need to be postmarked by Oct. 1, 2010.
                                                                              The year 2009, in spite of all the dire
Please refer to your Captain’s Manual for general                             economic news, has proven to be a
guidelines about the Tournament of Champions. The                             good year for WNHGA club
first step is to have a three-day qualifying tournament at                    membership. WNHGA has a total of 43
your club. This should occur in the late summer or early                      active clubs, from Monterey in the
fall. Players will be divided into three flights based upon                   south to the Oregon border. Our
index numbers. The index flights will remain the same                         membership as of Dec. 31, 2009, was
as last year:                                               2366. The club with the largest increase is Rossmoor
Flight 1: 0-17.9 Flight 2: 18-22.9 Flight 3: 23-36          with a total of 22 new members, followed by Lake Wild-
From your club tournament, your low gross winner will       wood and Oakdale, each with 13 new members.
become your Club Champion and be eligible to play in        Congratulations to these clubs and to all those clubs
the WNHGA TOC Championship Flight. No substitutions with smaller memberships for continuing to support our
will be allowed for the Championship Flight. Low net        organization.
winners of the three indexed flights will be eligible to    At this time we have several clubs interested in joining
play in the corresponding flights at our WNHGA TOC.         WNHGA, and we are looking forward to the possibility of
The indexed flights can substitute the runner-up if the     adding them to our roster this year. If you know of any
winner cannot play. No further substitutes will be          club that you would like me to investigate, visit or talk
allowed beyond the runner-up.                               to, please do not hesitate to call me or e-mail me. My
I will be attending all of the Spring Area Meetings and     number is listed on the Director Contact List and my
will be presenting an overview of the Tournament of         email address is on www.wnhga.com under directors.
Champions procedures. I will also be available for your
                      Communication Report                    20th ANNUAL WOMEN'S NINE HOLE GOLF ASSOCIATION

                             Alyce Stanwood                      CORENA GREEN CLASSIC
                  Can you hear us now? There are seven
                  ways to channel information between
                                                                   FOR JUNIOR GIRLS
                  the WNHGA Board and member clubs:
                  email, snail mail, telephone, website,               Rancho Murieta Country Club
                  newsletter, face to face and FTD.                        7000 Alameda Drive,
                  The WNHGA website is open 24 hours                    Rancho Murieta, CA 95683
a day, 7 days a week and looking fabulous! You will dis-
cover: Directors, Member Clubs, Calendar, Post your
Scores, Team Play, Open Days, Club News, Junior Girls                           Wednesday,
and the latest Fairway News. Visit us often at                                AUGUST 4, 2010
The Fairway News is published three times a year and in                      GOLF FOR GIRLS
full color. We are always looking for news and                             AGES 8 THROUGH 17
pictures about your club: websites, fund raisers,
tournaments, guest days, invitationals, handbooks,                          To volunteer contact
awards and fun events, to name but a few topics. The                            Diane Davey
next two deadline dates for the Fairway News are:
                                                                                                                      Page 4

                                 Director Reports continued
                         WNHGA Corena Green                                                 Team Play Report
                         Classic for Junior Girls                                                   Nora Hinds
                                   Diane Davey                                        Where did 2009 go?! I find it hard to
                    Our20th  Annual Corena Green Classic                              believe that the 2010 Team Play
                    for Junior Girls will be held in the River                        season is about to begin. Allow me to
                    Valley Area at the Rancho Murieta                                 introduce myself. I am Nora Hinds
                    Country Club on Wednesday, Aug. 4,                                from Merced Golf and Country Club in
                    2010. This is going to be a very special                          the Central Valley. I am your new
                    day, and we hope that many of you will                            WNHGA Team Play Director, and I am
join us to watch these young ladies and the amazing              so excited to be able to serve all of you.
talent they display.                                             I’ve been working closely with your new Rules Director,
During 2009, you, our member clubs were more than                Sue Bowen. In fact, we attended a three-day rules
generous with your donations, and we received over               seminar at the end of February, put on by the NCGA. My
$17,000 during the year and at the annual meeting. We            goal was to be more familiar with the rules so I would
all know the economy has not been at its best in recent          be able to help the rest of you have a smooth season.
years, so when the final tally was in, we were all as-           I’m convinced it will take more than that one three-day
tounded at your wonderful generosity. Please accept              seminar!
our heartfelt thanks for all of the financial and moral          I know that Team Play can be a bit daunting, but re-
support you’ve given us through the years. This                  member your manual. It will be your bible and will be
tournament would NOT be possible without you.                    helpful. May I suggest reading it in its entirety? I am a
We are expecting approximately the same number of                past Team Play Captain, but I must admit, I never read
participants this year, so we will also need the same            the entire manual. When I became your Team Play
number of markers. We would like to have a list of               Director, I finally read every page. Hmmm, there were
approximately 30 confirmed, experienced markers to               those answers our team was wondering about!
draw from, so we will really appreciate any help you can         By now your captain should have given you any updates
give. So... if you or any of your friends are interested in      to the manual. So often, new Team Play Captains are
being a part of this very special day and watch these            reluctant to ask a question, thinking it might be silly. I’ll
awesome girls play, please contact Barbara Buzdon or             guarantee you that no matter how insignificant the
myself and we’ll see that you get on the list.                   question may seem, there are several other captains
                                                                 wanting to know the same thing. I am here to help you
              Director Contact List                              in any way I can, so please put my cell number in your
                                                                 phones. If I don’t know the answer, I will contact the
 Joyce Belt, President                     (209)476-1589         proper person and get back to you in a timely manner.
 Diane Davey, VP/Junior Golf               (916)354-1899         I would like to thank all of the ladies who volunteered
                                                                 to be Division Captains. We are all very grateful for your
 Barbara Buzdon, Secretary                 (916)539-2866         dedication to this event. I hope we have a fun and suc-
                                                                 cessful season in 2010. I look forward to seeing all of
 Judi Phillips, Treasurer                  (209)848-0607         the victors at the Team Play Championships to be held
 Sue Bowen, Rules Director                 (415)776-4244         on Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010, at Contra Costa Country
                                                                 Club in Pleasant Hill. Good luck to all of you. And re-
 Barbara Jordan, Membership                (925)943-1327         member—HAVE FUN!

 Mary-Kevin Willey, TOC Director           (916)393-5655                 Rules and Marker Seminars
 Nora Hinds, Team Play Director            (209)723-8200
                                                                                   Thursday, March 25
 Pat Baker, Open Days                      (925)945-0404                         Elkhorn - Central Valley
 Alyce Stanwood, Communications            (916)645-1244
                                                                                     Tuesday, April 6
 Aggie Mohrmann, Handicap Director (209)952-9262                                Palo Alto Hills - Peninsula
To contact a Director via email: go to www.wnhga.com,
click on Director’s page tab-find director’s contact me.             Post your scores at www.WNHGA.com
                                                                                         Page 5

             2010 WNHGA TEAM PLAY SCHEDULE
                                       CENTRAL VALLEY

Division "A"                                  Division "B"
Judi Phillips, Div. Capt. (Oakdale)           Bev Vasquez, Div. Capt. (Sequoia Woods)
Turlock--4/20                                 Spring Creek--4/20
Oakdale--4/27                                 Merced--5/4
Discovery Bay--May 13                         Stockton--5/25
Pine Mtn. Lake--6/3                           Elkhorn--6/10
Twain Harte--6/15 @ Sequoia Woods             Sequoia Woods--6/29

                                          EAST BAY

Division "A"                                  Division "B"
Sarah Sharman, Div. Capt. (Sequoyah)          Carol Hyman, Div. Capt. (Round Hill)
Blackhawk--5/13                               Round Hill--4/8
Contra Costa--5/18                            Crow Canyon--5/20
Marin--6/10                                   Castlewood--5/25
Rossmoor--6/17                                Diablo--6/8
Sequoyah--6/23                                Moraga--6/15

                                        RIVER VALLEY

Division "A"                                  Division "B"
Karen Centro, Div. Capt. (Valley Hi)          Vearl LaBerge, Div. Capt. (Cold Springs)
North Ridge--5/25                             Lincoln Hills--5/10
Cameron Park--5/27                            Cold Springs--5/25
Valley Hi--6/3                                Lake of the Pines--6/15
Rancho Murieta--6/17                          Lake Wildwood--6/29


Lauren Archer, Div. Capt. (Palo Alto Hills)
Palo Alto Hills--5/4
San Jose--6/29

                          TEAM PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP
          Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010 Contra Costa Country Club, Pleasant Hill
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                                                Club News
                                           Discovery Bay Breakers
                                                     Dorris Bunnell
The Discovery Bay Breakers enjoyed a busy and fun 2009. Not only did we host
our Blue Bayou Invitational on June 25, but we also jointly sponsored our annual
Rally for the Cure on Oct. 1 with the Discovery Bay Women's (18 Hole) Golf Club.
Over 102 ladies participated in Rally, and we were pleased to donate over $6,000
to Susan G. Komen Rally for the Cure.
Our holiday was brighter this year with the adoption of five families from the
Delta Community Services organization. Not only did each family receive a $250
WinCo gift card, but clothes and toys were specifically given to each of the family
members. The Breakers were extremely generous in bringing a joyous Christmas
to these families who had no other support in the holidays. The Breakers also
hosted its annual Christmas luncheon, where the 2009 Awards are presented and
the 2010 Board is welcomed.
                                            Congratulations go to our 2009 Breaker
                                            honorees: Club Champion - April Guaras-
                                            cio; Putts Champion - Lynn Battaglia;
                                            Low Net Champion - Linda Marin; Low
                                            Gross Champion - Lorna Lee; Most Im-
                                            proved Player - Linda Marin; TOC Cham-
                                            pions - Linda Humbert/First Flight, Deb-
                                            orah Veatch/Second Flight, and Doris
                                            Bunnell/Third Flight; and finally Eclectic
winners in the three flights respectively; Jan Baehr, Sandy Rogers and Linda
Marin. Each lady received an engraved medal acknowledging her accomplish-
ment which she will proudly display on her golf bag for all to see!
Of course, we will not forget Janet Winslow's exciting Hole in One on June 21, and
honorable mention goes to Sandy Ramos who earlier in the year had a "Hole in
Three" (drive in water but second drive in the hole ... for a par).
Our 2010 officers are Sue Socher - Captain, Sandy Ramos - CoCaptain, Sue Wiebe
- Secretary, Cathy Pellegrini - Treasurer, Deborah Veatch - Handicap and Kathy
Readler and Kristin Villyard - CoTournament Chairs.
We are looking forward to a fabulous 2010 Calendar with a Breakers' Rules
Seminar, Team Play, Rally for the Cure, Golf Clinics and several play days with the
18 Hole Ladies, Callippe and others.

                                                 Valley Hi Niners
                                                   Karen Cendro
Hi Niners and friends of Niners!
The Valley Hi Niners have saved a few trees and gone paperless! We now have our own website that includes all
the information, except roster, that would have been in our Roster/Calendar books of the past. Our calendar is
available by clicking on the Calendar link. You can even print it at home, if you wish.
Follow the Valley Hi Niners at http://www.valleyhininers.com                                Happy Golfing!

                                             Lincoln Hills Golf Club
                                                    Edna Linville
We are looking forward to the Charm Girl Tournament on March 2 to determine the ―2009 Charm Girl.‖ Every
month on a certain play date, the player with the lowest net score is selected as that month’s Charm Girl. The
annual tournament is held in February or March with the 12 Charm Girls of the prior year competing for the title.
During any calendar year, a person can be charm girl just once.
Lincoln Hills Nine Hole Golf Ladies have gone GREEN!         Check it out at: http://www.lincsters.com
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                                    Club News continued
                                     Stockton Golf and Country Club
                                                Kathy Chinchiolo
The Stockton Tuesday Ladies have had an exciting and wonderful year. We ended 2009 with a Christmas awards
luncheon. Many awards were given out. Our 2009 Club Champion Trophy went to Shelly Isaacson. Joleene
Peirano was our Most Improved Player. The Hal Ingram Low Net Trophy went to Judy Green. We also gave out
awards for the Annual ECCY for 2009 and the Summer ECCY awards. Our 2010 Board of Directors was
presented. Julie Matthews will be our outstanding captain.
Our Stockton Tuesday Ladies are looking forward to another exciting year of playing golf in 2010.

     Christmas Awards Luncheon             Shelley Isaacson          Joleen Peirano &              Judy Green &
                                                                       Susan Marks                 Marilyn Rauzi

                                          Oakdale Par Tee Niners
                                                    Darlene Derby
Hello WNHGA Members!
My name is Darlene Derby, and I am the Oakdale Golf & Country Club’s Par-Tee-Niner Captain for 2010. I had the
pleasure of serving as our Captain last year, and one of the best things that our club does is have a Clinic each
spring given by our Head Pro that goes over general rules of golf, short lessons on swing, putting and bunkers.
This one-day event includes their membership to the Par-Tee Niners, OLGA (Oakdale Ladies Golf Association) and
WNHGA so that as of this event they are all signed up to play with the Niners.
The ladies at the clinic join us for lunch so that we can introduce ourselves to them. We tend to get between 8 to
10 new members this way. The problem that we noticed last year is that we try to give them too much informa-
tion in the beginning, and it is overwhelming to a new member. We decided to develop a handbook that we could
hand out to all of our new members with as much information as we could come up with that they could read at
their leisure. The Yolo Fliers had kindly shared their handbook and allowed us to use it as a beginning point. In
December we finally got the job done and passed out our first Par-Tee Niner Handbook to everyone at our Annual
Christmas Party.
We are so excited about this that we have made our handbook available for you to download and use as a start
for each of you to develop your own. It can be found on the WNHGA web. (Click on the member forms link located
just below the small photo of the WNHGA Directors on the home page.) We hope that you find this helpful and
that it is a blessing to all of your Niner Ladies!
The other thing that we started last year was a brochure that ladies could pick up from our Par-Tee Niner informa-
tion board at anytime. This brochure gave them a little note of encouragement to join the Niners along with our
calendar for the year. This was helpful for the ladies to take home and mark their calendar with all of our events
for the year so that they didn’t miss out on something that was important to them. If your club is interested, give
me a call and I will forward you a copy of the brochure so that you can download it as a start for your own bro-
We look forward to a great 2010 golf season and can’t wait to come to your courses for Open Days and Invitation-
als! Be sure to save Tuesday, Oct. 26 for our Invitational. Last year we increased our entrants to 120 and had a
waiting list. Get your registrations in on time so that you don’t miss out on all the fun we are planning for you!

                             2010 Event Calendar on WNHGA.com
                                                                                                                         Page 8

                                     Club News continued
                           Merced Golf and Country Club - Nine-Tee-Niners
                                                   Nancy Slater
The Nine-Tee-Niners kicked off our new season on Tuesday, Jan. 26,
with twenty-five members in attendance for a luncheon and our
first meeting of 2010. The big day was preceded by a 9 a.m. Shot
Gun start, but due to rainy and wet conditions only two players
We have taken care of all of our pre-season chores, like the budget,
event planning and orienting new members and newly elected
officers. Plans are now underway for our Invitational scheduled for
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010.
Please put a big star on that day on your calendar and plan to join
us for a day of golf, fun, food and surprises! We have so much to          Twenty-five members attend the 2010 Season Kickoff
look forward to this year — the possibilities are endless.

                                              Twain Harte Niners
                                                   Gini Madison
We had a wonderful holiday luncheon at the Twain Harte Golf Course in December. It was especially enjoyable
just to have the time to visit and relax. We had a brief meeting giving us information about the upcoming year
and what to look forward to. We announced the club’s Most Improved Golfer: Annelies Squeri, along with our
other improved members: Elaine Fulfer, Diane Brindos, Elsie Bruno and Eddie Martin. Our creative Eddie Martin
made beautiful centerpieces and then had a fun and creative way of getting a winner for each table. Since we DO
get some snow in Twain Harte, we are golfing when we can or traveling to other courses to golf. April begins our
new season, and we are all looking forward to that. Officers for Twain Harte Niners include:
     Captain, Elaine Fulfer                                      Tournament Chair, Charlotte Graddy
     Co-Captain, Margaret Egger                                  Secretary, Gini Madison
     Treasurer, Diane Brindos                                    Handicap Chair, Sharon Young

                                                         Marin Country Club Nine Holers
                                                                     Kathie Williams
                                       It was a fun-filled 2009 for the M.C.C. Nine Holers. We would like to thank all
                                       of the clubs in the Bay Area who hosted Team Play. It was a nice way for
                                       many of us to experience new courses and hear how other Nine Hole
                                       Associations organize their tournaments and programs.
                                       As the year progressed, we continued to learn more about golf and enjoy
                                       each other through our seminars, clinics, fun tournaments and finally our
                                       Club Championship. We must be doing something right because our
          Golf Week, Phoenix, AZ       membership continues to grow!
Starting off in 2010 several of us participated in a golf week in Phoenix, AZ arranged by our Pro Mary Jo Hodgen.
We enjoyed golf at two top-rated courses. Each day we would have a different format and a different partner.
Every night we ate in a new restaurant and even managed to sneak in a Spa day. All of us are wondering when
the next trip will be, Mary Jo?
Our hope for this year is to continue enjoying and improving our game through the friendships that we have
encountered by playing with the Nine Holers.

                                        Rules and Marker Seminars
                                Thursday, March 25 - Elkhorn - Central Valley
                                   Tuesday, April 6 - Palo Alto - Peninsula
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                                   Club News continued
                                  Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club
                                                    Louise Pahl
This past December, we had our Holiday Tournament followed by a General Meeting. The following new officers
were approved: Debi Curley, Captain; Louise Pahl, Co-Captain; Kathy Scheible, Director of Administration and Kit
Shaw, Director of Communication along with an enthusiastic slate of new committee chairs.
A big thank you was given to Captain Julie Fukuhara and the 2009 officers and committee chairs for all their
efforts last year. Thanks to their enthusiasm and organization, we had a great time!
At our General Meeting, we gave the following prizes: Most Improved (Nine Hole Index) – Julie Fukuhara; Ace of
the Year (Lowest net scores of the year) – Jackie Yao; Low Putts for the Year – Diane Bottoms, Marilyn Jandro
(tied); Most Chip-ins – Sherry Hsu; and EC Tournament – Marilyn Jandro. Pins were also given out to everyone who
scored a birdie and to everyone who scored a chip-in during the year.
Construction progress at the Club continues despite many rainy days in January. We will be adding two teaching
pergolas at the new driving range. We expect to open the range in March and will be utilizing new turf mats from
the paver area during the winter months to allow the new grass to germinate some more. Our Ninth Hole is
almost ready to be opened. We are waiting for the thatch layer below the ground to get established. This is
currently being played as a Par 3 hole instead of a Par 5 hole.
Our Pro Shop has been temporarily relocated so we can install
new windows, carpeting, paint and do work on the outside area
which includes adding columns to match the ballroom and new
awnings. This is scheduled to be re-opened on March 2. The
Fitness Center is now framed as a two-story building, and we
have started the expansion of our bar area which includes an
outdoor patio with a fire pit.
We are looking forward to hosting the WNHGA Rules/Marker/TP
Seminar at Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club on April 6. We
hope that many of you can join us. We are also starting the
planning for our Invitational which is scheduled on Thursday,
June 24. We are very proud of the improvements being made at
our Club, and we would like to share these with Niners from other
                                                                               Valentine’s Day / General Meeting
On Feb. 9, we had several ladies play in the very wet course
conditions with a threat of rain. We had a Valentine’s lunch followed by a General Meeting.

     Crow Canyon Country Club 4-C Niners
                     Carol Dispensa
Crow Canyon Country Club is pleased to have Miah De
Roeck as the Captain of the 4-C Niners for 2010. Since
becoming a 9er - Miah has played an integral part of the
9er's success.
Congratulations to Mary Nelson - 4-C Niner Most Improved
Golfer 2009. Mary's hard work and enthusiasm through-
out the year earned her this deserving title.

                                                                 Captain Miah De Roeck       M.I.P. Mary Nelson

                  2010 Event Calendar on WNHGA.com
                                                                                         Page 10

      Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association
           2010 Events Calendar

                                   OPEN DAYS
                    Wednesday, April 28 - Saratoga - Peninsula
                       Tuesday, May 11, - Moraga - East Bay
                   Thursday, May 20 - Woodbridge - Central Valley
               Monday, June 21 p.m.- Lincoln Hills - River Valley*
              Tuesday, June 22 a.m.- Cold Springs - River Valley*
                   Tuesday, July 13 - Spring Creek - Central Valley
                   Thursday, October 14 - Del Rio - Central Valley
                     *Back to back Open Days in River Valley.

                               RULES SEMINARS
Thursday, March 25 - Rules Seminar & Marker Training - Elkhorn - Central Valley
Tuesday, April 6 - Rules Seminar & Marker Training - Palo Alto Hills - Peninsula

      Wednesday, August 4 - Rancho Murieta Country Club - River Valley

                        TEAM PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP
          Tuesday, August 10 - Contra Costa Country Club - East Bay

                      TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS
      Tuesday, October 19 - Stockton Golf & Country Club - Central Valley

                        FALL CALENDAR MEETINGS
       East Bay            Blackhawk Country Club           Wednesday, September 29, 2010
     Peninsula         The Villages Golf & Country Club     Friday, October 1, 2010
  Central Valley           Brookside Country Club           Wednesday, October 6, 2010
    River Valley       Cold Springs Golf & Country Club     Friday, October 8, 2010

                               ANNUAL MEETING
       Friday, December 3 - The Villages Golf & Country Club - Peninsula

                         Visit us online at

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