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           11@CENTURY HOTEL
                              HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT                                               2010

Housekeeping Trolley

How to set up trolley

1.  Housekeeping supervisor will assign your trolley number in the morning
2.  Before you go to the assigned floor you will pick up your folder with paper products from the
3. You will pick up your trolley from the floor pantry
4. Trolley must be kept tidy at all times
5. No food or drink is permitted in the trolley
6. Vacuum and broom must be attached in an orderly fashion to the cart
7. When you take your break, your trolley must be placed in housekeeping pantry of the floor.
8. Your trolley must be cleaned and refilled at the end of your shift and placed back in the
9. The appropriate amount of linen and terry will be taken by Linen Coordinator from the
    Housekeeping pantry, once the soiled linen has been removed from the room.
10. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the pantry clean and organized.
11. Trolley must be stocked with enough supplies for five rooms or more, restocked before
    leaving to lunch break and as needed.
12. The trolley must be filled with the following:
    ○ Conditioners
    ○ Shampoos
    ○ Bath soaps
    ○ Rolls of toilet tissue
    ○ Tissue boxes
    ○ Shower caps
    ○ Cloth laundry bags
    ○ Amenities
    ○ Collateral
    ○ Clean towels
    ○ Clean linens
    ○ Broom
    ○ Dust mop
    ○ Dust pan
    ○ Mop
    ○ Vacuum (if necessary)
                               HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT                                                 2010

How to enter a guest room

First, check with the Housekeeping Supervisor if the guest is in his room or if the guest has
requested his/her room to be serviced at a certain time. If Housekeeping Supervisor cannot give
you the above mentioned information, follow the procedures as below:

1.   Knock/ring the door/bell firmly 3 times, announcing "Housekeeping Good
     Morning/Afternoon/Evening" and wait, counting slowly to 10
2.   If there is DND sign on the door, the guest does not wish to be disturbed
3.   If there is no answer, knock once again on the door announcing "Housekeeping" and pause a
     moment. Put your key to the plate beside the room door and push the door, open slowly.
4.   As you open the door, repeat "Housekeeping Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening” in a clear
5.   If the guest is in the room, apologize for disturbing him/her and ask at what time he/she
     would like to have his/her room serviced.
6.   Use the guest's name

Cleaning Guest Room
Enter the room
1.   Open the door and switch the room being service button on
2.   Take the cleaning kit and place it on the bathroom floor near the basin
3.   Switch on all the lights to check whether they are working. Report any fused bulbs
     immediately to the Housekeeping Coordinator or Supervisor. Then you can switch them off
4.   Open the blackout curtains and day curtains
5.   Remove all room service trolley or trays and put them into the Butler pantry
6.   Empty the used ashtrays into the dustbin and place in the basin to soak. Half fill the hand
     basin with hot water and squirt some multi-purpose cleaner into the water. Ensure all
     cigarettes are extinguished before throwing them into the bin.
7.   Collect all rubbish bins and rubbish from the bedroom and bathroom and empty them into
     your garbage bag.
8.   If there is any pyjamas, nightdress or guest belongings on the bed, remove them and keep
     them on the edge of the chair until the bed is made up
9.   While removing the soiled linen, place sheet after stripping on one corner of the bed. Start by
     stripping the pillows.

Stripping the bed
1.   The stripped pillows should be placed on the chairs as well as the duvet
2.   When removing the soiled linen, remove them one by one and always check for guest
     belongings that may be caught up in the sheets. Bed linen should never be placed on the floor
     or carpet for hygienic reason.
                                HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT                                                2010

Remove used bathroom linen
1.   Remove all used towels, face towels and bath mat. Shake the linen out to ensure no guest
     items are caught in them.
2.   Place all dirty linen in the linen bag at maid’s trolley.
3.   If the room is an occupied room, the bed will be made before cleaning the bathroom. If it is a
     check out room, the bed is stripped and left to be made after the bathroom is cleaned.

Dusting the room in general
1.   Start dusting the room from the main door and work clock wise or anti clock wise
2.   Spray the furniture cloth lightly with furniture polish and keep dry cloth for the mirrors and
     glass areas.

Dusting the entrance door
1.   Dust the main door from top to bottom both inside and outside and check that the peep hole
     is clean and clear.

Cleaning the closet
1.   Clean the shelves, drawers, base board doors and hanger rail inside and out with a damp
2.   Clean the safe inside and outside and ensure it is in a good working condition. If it is locked
     and the room is vacant, call your supervisor.
3.   Use the polish cloth to clean all the wooden areas. All drawers should be clean and free of
     debris. Ensure that the drawers are opening and closing smoothly.
4.   Place laundry bag & laundry list in the drawer. 1 unit each for standard & superior queen &
     twin, 2 units each for deluxe room.

Cleaning the minibar counter
1.   Use the polish duster to clean all the wooden areas of the counter. Dirty cups and glasses
     should be soaked in the hand basin with a drip of multi-purpose cleaner. Clean cups and
     glasses should be placed on the counter again.

Cleaning the fridge
1.   Ensure that the fridge is working and that it is defrosted. Shelves should never be sticky.
     Defrosting can only be done if the room is vacant.

Cleaning the luggage rack
1.   Use the polish cloth to wipe the wooden part of the luggage rack

Cleaning the writing table
1.   Dust the table with the furniture polish cloth as well as the legs of the chair.
2.   Brush the upholstery of the chair to remove any crumbs and dust
3.   Use the dry cloth to dust the lamp.
                                HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT                                            2010

Cleaning the telephone
1.   Spray air freshener on the dry cloth and wipe down the body of the telephone set as well as
     the ear piece and cord.
2.   Arrange the cord neatly around the telephone.
3.   Ensure that it is in a good working condition.

Cleaning bedside tables
1.   Dust the tables with the furniture polish cloth.

Cleaning th
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