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GDS - International Event for Shoes & Accessories and
Global Shoes – Trade Show for Sourcing
Düsseldorf, Germany March 13-15, 2009
Report by Mr. A Fayaz Ahmad, Export Promotion Officer-CLE

   GDS, the industry’s most important event of the season        was largely very positive. Clearly defined range areas and a
   took place in Düsseldorf, Germany during March 13-15,         logical layout made it possible for visitors to find their way
2009. The 107th Edition of the GDS continued to be one of        around easily. Whether exclusive premium brands, Young
the important Trade Event not only for Germany but also          Fashion, Mainstream in the middling price range and
for global trade. Concurrent to the GDS, the Global Shoes        quality segment. Visitors praised the new direction of the
was held showcasing the different range of products from         two fairs, the shortened distances and the chance to discover
bulk manufacturers from Asian Countries including India.         lots of innovations. The survey also attests to visitors’ great

                                                                 GDS FACTS: +++ 33,000 trade visitors +++ from 80
                                                                 countries +++ 20,000 top decision-makers +++ 820 GDS
                                                                 exhibitors +++ 500 GLOBAL SHOES exhibitors +++ 20%
                                                                 new exhibitors +++ media presence +++ 600 journalists
                                                                 from 23 countries +++ 4,000 print articles & 400 TV
                                                                 reports +++ that is GDS at a glance.

The new concept implemented for GDS – International              interest in the new hall structure. On average buyers visited
Event for Shoes & Accessories and Global Shoes – Trade           five halls each. They gathered more in-depth information in
Show for sourcing, in September 2008 was well received.          an average of 2.5 halls. The overwhelming majority of trade
Visitors and exhibitors related the new structure of the Trade   visitors also gathered information in the halls they stopped
Fair positively. The results of a representative customer        in. The information quotient stood at 52%.
survey – source Messe Düsseldorf - prove the importance of
GDS as an order-triggering platform for retail. GDS attaches     GDS / Global Shoes March 13-15, 2009
special importance to information since the international
retail trade is more reliant on well researched background       + GDS and Global Shoes close on a Positive Mood
information on trends and market developments.                   + GDS becomes even more established as a Trend
Global Shoes is considered as world’s leading business           GDS and Global Shoes were held in Düsseldorf Exhibition
and sourcing forum for high volume companies (bulk               Centre from 13 to 15, March 2009. After the debut of the
manufacturers, volume suppliers) and their collection over       new hall and segment layout made in September last year,
all products and price ranges. Global Shoes is also meant        the GDS team has fine-tuned the exhibition concept even
for original equipment manufacturers. The new segment            further, adapting to the exhibitors and visitors needs. Hall
structure along with the lifestyle worlds developing from        numbers 1 to 7 were for the GDS and hall numbers 8a & 8b
this, met visitors varied order and information needs. The       were for the Global Shoes.
visitors to the Global shoes can make essential contacts
through direct channels, see the latest fashion trends           Altogether 1110 exhibitors from 38 countries presented
and learnt about current developments. In tune with the          the latest shoe and bag styles. At GDS, 1870 collections
concurrently running GDS, the Global Shoes has become            were presented for autumn/winter 2009-10 alongside
(a don’t miss) event for the worldwide shoe industry.            trends for the current season. The Global Shoes had 310
The Global Shoes has all kinds of footwear such as dress         exhibitors from 19 countries including from India in Halls
shoes for men and women, sneakers, wellness and comfort          8a & 8b– Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Germany, France,
shoes, hiking shoes, athletic shoes, rubber boots, slippers,     Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria,
children’s shoes, leather goods and accessories such as          Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, and
handbags, travel bags, wallet, purses and other such small       Vietnam. The GDS exhibition area was approx. 103000 m2
leather goods items.                                             (gross) whereas Global Shoes exhibition area was approx.
                                                                 25000 m2 (gross).
According to Messe Düsseldorf, the feedback from the
sector about the new hall and segment structure at GDS           There were several Country Pavilions. Global Shoes had

April 2009         LEATHERS
                                                                                              F E A T U R E
China Pavilion with 22 exhibitors from China and 2 from          Council’s Participation – India Pavilion at GLOBAL
Hong Kong. Hong Kong Pavilion had 6 exhibitors. Brazilian        SHOES
Pavilion was at GDS with 22 Exhibitors. Portugal had 24
Exhibitors at GDS.                                               As one of the approved activities for the market promotion
                                                                 under the MDA for 2008-09, the Council participated in the
According to the preliminary calculations, over 31000            Global Shoes fair during March 13-15, 2009 at Düsseldorf.
visitors came to the Fairground. Of these, 6200 visited          A total of 6 member companies from various regions
Global Shoes. This means the trade fairs posted approx.          participated in the India Pavilion in Hall 8a in a total area
2000 visitors or 6% less visitors than a year ago. In view of    of 77 square meters. They are: Excelsior Leathers Pvt. Ltd.,
the current market situation, exhibitors, visitors and Messe     (Kolkata), Gupta H.C. Overseas (I) Pvt. Ltd (Agra), Lilybet
Düsseldorf all rated the results positively.                     Footworld (New Delhi), Raj Shoes (Mumbai), Transworld
                                                                 Shoes Corporation (Agra), Tristar Exports (Mumbai). The
According to the Mr. Ralph Rieker, Chairman of the               products exhibited by them are Shoes, Boots, Sandals,
Central Association of the Shoe Industry (HDS), 2009 will        chappals etc. Furthermore, about 7-8 companies from India
not be easy for many in our industry. There will be some         participated in the Global Shoes, but their participation was
‘clearing up’ to do and many are paralyzed. What we need         not routed through the CLE.
today is ideas and new concepts. Here trade fairs are the
perfect forum for trade and industry to exchange, to take        The Council had an Information Booth in India Pavilion
new courage and to provide new momentum. We have                 in an area of 12 square meters. A Fayaz Ahmad, Export
probably never needed GDS as much as we do today. He             Promotion Officer-CLE, attended the Event and organized
further added ‘precisely at the present time, a visit to the     the CLE participation. The Information Booth has received
GDS is a must for every retailer and all those involved in       several trade enquires from different countries and these
the Industry to reinforce their competence and knowledge         were responded to. The information brochures, CDs
of the market, of the products and of fashion.                   and other publications brought out by the Council was
                                                                 distributed to the visitors and also to a few journalists.
In view of the current market situation, exhibitors, visitors,
and organizing trade fair company Messe Düsseldorf
all rated the results very positively. Nearly one in two
visitors to GDS came from abroad - 91 countries, the top
5 next to Germany were the Benelux countries, United
Kingdom, Austria, Italy, France. At Global Shoes, the
portion of international visitors was with 60% even higher
- 52 countries, the top 5 next to Germany were the Benelux
countries, Greece, Poland, Spain, France. GDS and Global
Shoes also received good marks from visitors regarding
quality. Nine out of ten visitors polled rated the trade fairs
and the collections on display as positive to very positive,
85% stated in a representative survey that they had seen the
latest trends in the industry at the trade fairs.

The quality of the visitors was very high and all the
important buyers were represented but with smaller in
terms of head count.                                             A. Fayaz Ahmad, Export Promotion Officer, CLE with a trade
                                                                           visitor in the Information Booth Hall 8a
Commenting on the Event, Ms. Kirstin Deutelmoser,
Director of GDS and Global Shoes, said, the quality of
the visitors was very high. All important buyers were
represented but with smaller teams in terms of head
count. The atmosphere in the halls was very positive
and characterized by constructive talks. The avid interest
taken in our Fashion Shows and lectures were compelling
evidence of the great demand for information retailers
have at present’.

According to the Mr. Ralph Rieker, Chairman, HDS, GDS
has shown that the sector needs a constant in difficult
times, a constant that brings together retail and industry
as an effective and personal communication enabler. And
despite all the in-depth conversations and discussions
retailers did not fail to place orders in Düsseldorf. GDS
has entirely fulfilled the expectations of the German Shoe
industry considering the overall economic climate. Three
                                                                   Mr. Gopal Gupta and Mr. Anand J Parekh interacting with
days of the Trade Fair are now behind us and together, we
                                                                   Mr. Xavier Rebello, Executive Director, Messe Dusseldorf
can build on it.
                                                                                          India P Ltd

                                                                                                   LEATHERS       April 2009

 Mr. Anil Agrawal and Mr. Kapil Agrawal, Transworld Shoes         Mr. Rajib Sen Gupta and Mrs. Jayita Sen Gupta, Lilybet
                    Corporation, Agra                                             Footworld, New Delhi

Mr. Sanjay Choudhary, Excelsior Leathers Pvt Ltd, Kolkata is             Mr. Anand J Parekh, Raj Shoes, Mumbai
                    seen in his stand

    Mr. Gopal Gupta, Gupta HC Overseas I Pvt Ltd, Agra                Mr. A.A. Picturewala, Tristar Exports, Mumbai

Hall 8a received visitors all through the Fair Days, except    Düsseldorf, Germany. Messe representatives had informal
in the afternoon of last day of the Fair. According to the     discussions with the Indian exhibitors and clarified to them
Messe, Global Shoes received 6200 visitors.                    that Global shoes is for bulk manufacturers from Asian
                                                               countries like India, China, Vietnam, Thailand etc whereas
The concept of segmentation of the Event into GDS and          GDS is for fashion branded, European labels, targeted at
Global Shoes was once again questioned by the Indian           retail level, with higher FOB prices, with minimal order
exhibitors with Mr. Xavier Rebello, Executive Director,        quantities even for 50 pairs, 100 pairs etc.
Messe Düsseldorf India and representative of Messe

April 2009        LEATHERS
                                                                                               F E A T U R E
Indian exhibitors requested the Fair Organizer as well as Mr.    Ms. Mridula Singh, Marketing Assistant, CGI visited the
Xavier Rebello to consider shifting the Global Shoes Halls to    Fair and interacted with the participants. The Council has
a place nearer to the Halls of GDS, so that it is further easy   engaged an Interpreter for all three days of the Fair to assist
to the visitors to visit the Global Shoes Halls.                 the Indian exhibitors in conversing with the trade visitors.

The main thrust of the participants was to revive old            In view of the positive response obtained despite the
contacts and make new contacts. Amongst themselves,              current market slowdown and recession, the GDS /
the six Indian participants had about 70 meetings with the       Global Shoes asserted its position as one of the important
foreign companies. On average basis, this is 10+ meetings        trade event for the footwear and leather goods industry.
for each participant. Participants have informed that they       The next GDS and Global Shoes Event will be held in
expect the business generation to be about €0.79 million.        Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre from 11 to 13 September 2009,
Two participants reported immediate business orders for          and the Council shall participate and set up India Pavilion
€44000.                                                          in this Event under the MDA Scheme of the Department of
                                                                 Commerce, Ministry of C & I, Govt. of India.
The Consul General of India, Frankfurt Mr. Ajit Kumar,
could not visit the Fair due to his preoccupations. However,

                                                                                                    LEATHERS        April 2009