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The Grand Canyon The


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									             The Grand Canyon
                        A WebQuest for Secondary 4 and 5 students (ESL)

                                          Designed by

                 Corrine Chabot, Jérémi Dalpé, Doria Ayadi and Boubakeur Laatar

                           Image courtesy of: http://www.nps.gov/grca/

                 Introduction | Task | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion

Welcome to the Grand Canyon WebQuest page. Over the next six periods, you will
become a specialist of this amazing natural wonder. You will act as travel agent, tour
guide, geographer and historian. Eventually, you will share your knowledge with others.
You will do so by first researching many aspects of the Grand Canyon in order to create a
travel brochure and a video advertisement that you will present at the International
Tourism Symposium.

Remember that you must be convincing in order to demonstrate why YOUR wonder is
the best one to visit and why it is worthy of being included in the Seven Wonders of
the World?

The Task
Your group of four people will have a kiosk to present the Grand Canyon at the
International Tourism Symposium. Each person within the group will be responsible for
gathering and providing certain information about the Grand Canyon. You are all experts
of one aspect of ‘selling’ your wonder. The tourists attending the convention are very
curious as to why your wonder is being represented, about the history and description of
the wonder and the logistics to visiting the wonder in order to establish if the Grand
Canyon is worthy of visiting or not. At your kiosk you will have to present your video
advertisement, your brochure, and you are responsible for decorating your kiosk with
maps and pictures. By presenting a travel brochure and a video at the International
Tourism Symposium, you will tell us why the Grand Canyon is the best wonder to visit
and why it is worthy of being included in the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Process
1. To organize the gathering of information, your team will be split in two.
Two people will be:                                 Two people will be:
Travel Agents and                                   Geographers and
Tour Guides                                         Historians

You are responsible for gathering            You are responsible for gathering information
information for the planning of a trip to    on the historical and geographical aspects of
The Grand Canyon.                            The Grand Canyon.
You will gather info on:                     You will gather info on:
-Currency                                    -History of the Wonder
-Plane ticket                                -Geography (where is it)
-Hotels, accommodation                       -Landscape
-Things to see/do                            -The country
-Food, restaurants                           -Politics

2. In your speciality team, you will examine each of the sites on the list of resources.
These sites are a starting point and you can explore the links they provide to gather the
information that you are looking for. Take notes that you will use to create your brochure
and video.
    Resources for the whole Group:

The Grand Canyon: http://library.thinkquest.org/J002388/grandcanyon.html
    Resources for the tour         guides and the travel agents:
The Canyon.com: http://www.thecanyon.com/

Adventure Travel Vacation: http://www.discoverytreks.com/

Grand Canyon National Park: http://www.grand.canyon.national-park.com/

    Resources for the geographers                 and historians:
National Park Service: http://www.nps.gov/grca/

The Grand Canyon Explorer: http://www.kaibab.org/geology/gc_geol.htm

Grand Canyon National Park: http://www.grand.canyon.national-

3. Now, here is a link that can guide you in creating your travel brochure. However,
remember that you can be as original and creative as you want:

Brochure template                                    Travel Brochure Outline

4. Now, to give you an idea of how you may want to develop your video, things you may
want to include in your video, or just to inspire you in creating your video, you will all
look at the following sites. Remember, you can be as original and as creative as you wish:

Travelistic: Videos for Travellers: http://www.travelistic.com/

Passports: http://www.passports.com/trips/video_index.asp

5. For maps to decorate your kiosks, you can find what you are looking for using these

MapQuest: http://www.mapquest.com/          http://go.hrw.com/atlas/norm_htm/world.htm

Maps: http://www.mapsofworld.com/

World Wonders: http://wonderclub.com/AllWorldWonders.html

6. If you are interested in acquiring, or learning about what kind of music is popular in
the country of your wonder, this site will give you the information you need:

Native American Music: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Native_American_music
For your evaluation criteria and the peer evaluation forms, the teacher evaluation forms
and the self evaluation forms, go back to the MAIN PAGE of the WebQuest project and
refer to the ‘Evaluation’ section of this page.


Now that you have gathered all the information necessary in this project to become
experts on your wonder and you have created your brochure and your video, you are now
ready to present at the International Tourism Symposium. In order to do this, refer to the
advice we give you on the MAIN PAGE, and look under step number 8 in the ‘Process’
section of the project. Finally, you will refer to the ‘Evaluation’ and ‘Conclusion’ parts of
the project in order to accomplish your task.

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