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					             DANIEL HAND LACROSSE
March 4, 2010

              Jim Davidson – Summit H.S.                   Tim Flynn – Mountain Lakes
              Chuck Apel – Bridgewater-Raritan H.S.        Alex Whitten – New Canaan
              Bob Streeten - Corning East H.S.            George Searing – Northport
              Bryan Perry – Cherry Creek H.S.             Mike Pounds -Ridgewood H.S.
              Ed Mulheron- Canandaigua H.S.               John Calabria – Syosset H.S
              Jeff Lombardo - Daniel Hand H.S.            Mike Messere -West Genesee
              Chris Sweet - Duxbury H.S.                  John Pirani -Winchester H.S.
              Bob Aronson – Medfield H.S.                 John Wiseman - Wilton H.S

Listed below are the uniform assignments for the Daniel Hand Lacrosse Jamboree on
Saturday, March 27, 2010. I have also enclosed a schedule of scrimmages for the day.
Reversibles are OK as long as they have numbers, at least, on the back of both sides.
However, the officials prefer using numbered jerseys if possible. This year we will employ a
balanced schedule of three scrimmages for all teams. After each round played each team will
have the next round off. The good news is that you should be well rested, the bad news is
that you should consider organizing your meal breaks very carefully because they will be
limited to only 55 minutes.

ROUND                         1       2       3      4       5       6

BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN           BYE     WH      BYE    BLK     BYE     BLK
CANANDAIGUA                   RED     BYE     WH     BYE     RED     BYE
CHERRY CREEK                  WH      BYE     WH     BYE     WH      BYE
CORNING EAST                  BYE     RED     BYE    RED     BYE     RED
DANIEL HAND                   BYE     BLK     BYE    BLK     BYE     BLK
DUXBURY                       WH      BYE     WH     BYE     GRN     BYE
MEDFIELD                      BYE     WH      BYE    BLU     BYE     WH
NEW CANAAN                    BYE     WH      BYE    WH      BYE     WH
MOUNTAIN LAKES                ORG     BYE     ORG    BYE     ORG     BYE
NORTHPORT                     BYE     GLD     BYE    GLD     BYE     GLD
RIDGEWOOD                     RED     BYE     RED    BYE     WH      BYE
SYOSSET                       WH      BYE     RED    BYE     RED     BYE
SUMMIT                        RED     BYE     RED    BYE     WH      BYE
WEST GENESEE                  WH      BYE     WH     BYE     WH      BYE
WINCHESTER                    BYE     BLK     BYE    WH      BYE     BLK
WILTON                        BLU     BYE     WH     BYE     WH      BYE
As we did last year, T-Shirts can be pre-ordered by size and picked up as a package with one
check. Team Price is $11 per SS shirt($13 XXL)and $13($15 XXL) per LS. Will need your
order no later than March 12. Prices at the event will be $15/$16 and $17/18. And we
cannot guarantee availability on Saturday.

All entry fees and insurance certificates have been received. Thanks to all for the help in
getting this taken care of.

We tried to accommodate everyone’s wishes with regard to the schedule but could not
accede to every request because of the need to keep teams away from one another who play
in the regular season, scrimmage or possibly playoffs.

Remember that first scrimmages begin at 9:30AM. Coaches/Officials meeting begins in the
main information tent at 9:00AM SHARP. You can pick up a dozen complimentary game
balls at this meeting. Please take special note that we will be instituting a ZERO
TOLERANCE policy this year from extraneous talking during play. The officials will
elaborate on how things will work at the coaches meeting so please make an extra effort to
be there and ask any questions. Officials will be holding a very firm line on what is
acceptable behavior. Please talk to your players, assistants and spectators in advance about
this. Failure to heed to admonitions of an official will result in immediate action against
those participants. Unruly spectators will be asked to leave.

 There will be a concession stand serving coffee and pastry in the morning and hot
dogs/hamburgers and soda for lunch - See you on March 27!

With best regards,

George Baldassare
(203) 421-4793 HOME (203) 710-1539 CELL (203) 421-3056 FAX
                          DANIEL HAND HIGH SCHOOL
                      30th ANNUAL LACROSSE JAMBOREE
                            MADISON, CONNECTICUT
                                 March 27, 2010
SCHOOL                 LOCATION     NICKNAME COLORS                  HEAD
Bridgewater-Raritan   Bridgewater NJ   Panthers      Scarlet/Black   Chuck
Canandaigua           Canandaigua NY   Braves        Red/White       Ed
Cherry Creek          Englewood CO     Bruins        Red/Blue        Bryan
Corning East          Corning NY       Trojans       Maroon/White    Bob
Daniel Hand           Madison CT       Tigers        Black/Gold      Jeff
Duxbury               Duxbury MA       Dragons       Green/White     Chris
Medfield              Medfield MA      Warriors      Navy/White      Bob
Mountain Lakes        Mountain Lakes NJ Lakers       Orange/Blue     Tim
New Canaan            New Canaan CT    Rams          Red.Black       Alex
Northport             Northport NY     Tigers        Navy/Gold       George
Ridgewood             Ridgewood NJ     Maroon        Maroon/White    Mike
Summit                Summit NJ        Hilltoppers   Maroon/White    Jim
Syosset               Syosset NY       Braves        Red/White       John
West Genesee          Camillus NY      Wildcats      Navy/Gold       Mike
Winchester            Winchester MA    Sachems       Black/Red       John
Wilton                Wilton CT        Warriors      Navy/White      John
              FIELD #1       FIELD #2      FIELD #3
  FIELD #4
SCRIMMAGE 1   Summit         Canandaigua   Mt Lakes       Cherry Creek


SCRIMMAGE 2   Wilton         Medfield      New Canaan   Northport

SCRIMMAGE 3   West Genesee Mt Lakes     Duxbury           Summit

SCRIMMAGE 4   New Canaan     Daniel Hand   Northport      Corning East
1:05PM        B-R            WINCHESTER    MEDFIELD       WILTON

SCRIMMAGE 5   West Genesee   Syosset       Cherry Creek   Canandaigua
2:20PM        MT LAKES       SUMMIT        DUXBURY        RIDGEWOOD

SCRIMMAGE 6   Corning East   Northport     Winchester     Daniel Hand

3:35PM        MEDFIELD       B-R           NEW CANAAN     WILTON
                   DANIEL HAND HIGH SCHOOL
               30th ANNUAL LACROSSE JAMBOREE
                     MADISON, CONNECTICUT
                          March 27, 2010

Welcome to the 30th Annual Daniel Hand High School Lacrosse
Jamboree. Since 1980 the Daniel Hand Tigers have begun each lacrosse
season with this event. The Jamboree pits 16 top boys high school teams from
Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York against one
another in a round robin format of 24 scrimmages. This year’s field includes
five championship teams from last year: Canandaigua, 2009 New York Class
B State Champions, Duxbury, 2009 Massachusetts Division 1 State
Champions, Bridgewater-Raritan, 2009 New Jersey Group IV Champions,
Summit, 2009 New Jersey Group II and overall State Champions and
Ridgewood, 2009 New Jersey Group III Champions.

Also returning this year are Corning East, 2009 New York Class B Section IV
finalists, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Group I semi-finalists, Wilton, 2009
Connecticut Class M Finalists, New Canaan, Connecticut Class M quarter-
finalists, Medfield, 2009 Eastern Massachusetts Division 2 finalists,
Winchester, 2009 Eastern Massachusetts Division 2 semi-finalists, Northport,
2009 New York Section XI quarter-finalists and West Genesee, who were
New York Class A Championship Section III Champions in 2009. Cherry
Creek, 2009 Colorado State semi-finalists return after a respite as does
Syosset, New York Section VIII Class A Semi-finalists
.                       DANIEL HAND HIGH SCHOOL
                 30th ANNUAL LACROSSE JAMBOREE
                       MADISON, CONNECTICUT
                            March 27, 2010

                     MEN'S DIVISION GROUND RULES
ALL scrimmages will consist of two 30 minute halves. Teams will change
goals at halftime after an intermission of 5 minutes. There will be 10 minutes
allotted between scrimmage sessions to change fields.
ALL scrimmages will be RUNNING TIME. The central clock WILL NOT
STOP for any reason after each set of scrimmages begins. A central horn will
start and stop all scrimmages.
No team time-outs are permitted.
Penalties will be assessed in the normal manner. Penalty time will be kept on
each field at the scorer’s table. Time served will commence when the offending
player reaches the penalty box and be running time until the penalty time has
The Home team for each scrimmage is designated in CAPS on the schedule.
The Home team will be responsible for keeping penalty time while the
Visiting Team will supply game balls.
All substitutions will be ON THE FLY, governed by the rules for special
substitution, i.e., one man at a time entering the field of play as another exits
the field through the special substitution area.
2010 H.S. Federation rules are in effect for all scrimmages. The only
exception will be that substitutions will be allowed on balls out of bounds on
the end line.
Zero tolerance guidelines concerning acceptable behavior both on the field
and on the benches and sideline will be in effect. Details will be provided at
the meeting before things start.
Coaches are physically allowed on the field in scrimmage situations and coaches
will be allowed to stop play for instruction. This does not preclude individual
communication with single players during play adjacent to the coach’s area in
the field of play as long as such action does not interfere with play. While
officials will not penalize coaches for being on the field of play the expectation
is that coaches will be responsible for sideline control of players on the bench.
We will again supply each team with a dozen lacrosse balls to be used during
the day. These will be distributed at the coaches meeting at 9:00AM in the
main information tent near the parking lot.