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With GOP —
it’s never a
By Tim Wheeler

          ting and Stevie Wonder caught the spirit    front group, “Tea Party Patriots,” packed these
          of the moment singing “Brand New Day”       town-hall meetings with screaming, shrieking
          as the crowd danced with joy at one of      provocateurs.
          Barack Obama’s inaugural balls the night         “This was a sneak attack by the Republican
of last Jan. 20.                                      right and the insurance lobby” said Jarvis Tyner,
     More than a million people filled the Capitol    executive vice chair of the Communist Party USA
Mall earlier that day celebrating the people’s vic-   in a phone interview. “The people weren’t pre-
tory in breaking the 30-year stranglehold of cor-     pared. This bogus ‘movement’ was an attempt to
porate America and the Republican right. They
were celebrating the election of the first African       t h i s               W e e k :
American president and a majority Democratic
House and Senate. The Democrats won on the ba-            • With GOP — it’s never a honeymoon
sis of their promises to help those who hard hit by       • Editorial: Here comes the sun
the worst economic crisis since the Great Depres-         • Health care bill must be worthy of working people
sion.                                                     •, Nueva ley en Ohio impacta a inmigrantes
     Within a few weeks of Obama’s swearing in,
                                                          • Local news: Houston elects first gay mayor
the honeymoon was over. The bland assurances
of “bipartisanship” came to an end. The corporate        rEad mOrE NEWs aNd OPiNiON daiLy at WWW.PEOPLEsWOrLd.OrG
right GOP reverted to open warfare, taking their
lead from the Bush-era political guru, Karl Rove,
former Vice President Dick Cheney and right-wing      silence and intimidate the people, including mem-
bloviator Rush Limbaugh.                              bers of Congress, who want health care reform
     Their obstructionist strategy emerged last       with a strong public option.”
August when the House and Senate postponed                 Their goals go beyond immediate obstruction
votes on health care reform and went home to          of pending legislation, Tyner continued. “Their
hold town-hall meetings. In a blitz organized by      aim is to wreck Obama’s presidency and set the
“Freedomworks,” former Texas Rep. Dick Armey’s        stage for a resurgence of the Republican right in

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                                the upcoming congressional elections in 2010 and        Lowery, “calls this a ‘Time of Renewal,’ like the
                                the presidential election in 2012.”                     American Revolution, the Civil War and the aboli-
                                     The corporate ultra-right, Tyner added,            tion of slavery, the New Deal of the 1930s, and the
                                recognizes that if Obama succeeds in pushing            Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s,” Tyner said.
  Within a few weeks
                                through his agenda of creating a new green-jobs         “It’s a time of renewal and not of regrets.”
of Obama’s swearing
                                economy, affordable health care for all, and ex-              Obama’s tenure in the White House “has en-
   in, the honeymoon
                                panding workers’ union rights, it could freeze the      hanced the possibilities of victory,” Tyner added.
             was over.
                                GOP from the White House and control of the             “The people’s forces have a very powerful ally in
                                House and Senate for a generation as Franklin           the President of the United States,” Tyner said.
                                Roosevelt’s New Deal program did in the 1930s.          “In the co-op where my wife and I live, 80 percent
                                     Labor leader Richard Trumka called the town        white, there is strong support for Obama.” Just
                                hall disruptions “corporate-funded mob rule” and        the other day a neighbor said to Tyner, “Boy am
                                “Brooks Brothers rioters.”                              I ever glad Obama is in there and not George W.
                                     Tyner pointed out “it would be a mistake to        Bush!”
                                think these rightwing fanatics represent the gen-             But there will be no progress without strug-
                                eral view of the American people.”                      gle, he continued. “If health care reform is passed
                                     He stressed that a majority of the people fa-      and signed, we’ll have a fight to implement it be-
                                vor “public option” health care reform, employee        cause the insurance companies will do everything
                                free choice, immigration reform with a path to          they can to block it,” he said.
                                citizenship, and increased public works spending
                                to repair the infrastructure and create jobs.           Tim Wheeler is a national correspondent of the PW.
                                     The eminent civil rights leader, Dr. Joseph

                                Here comes the sun

                                By PW Editorial Board

                                          ittle darling, it’s been a long cold lonely   ion Kwanzaa. For some they are deeply religious
                                          winter Little darling, it feels like years    holidays. For some they represent rebirth and re-
                                          since it’s been here Here comes the sun,      newal. For many they are just fun, or a celebration
                                          here comes the sun and I say it’s all         of lights amidst the darkness, warmth amidst the
                                right.”                                                 cold.
                                     So wrote the Beatles’ George Harrison in                As we look around the world at this solstice
                                1969. It’s not exactly a holiday carol, but it’s good   and holiday time, we see a lot of grief and hard-
   But if this dark             to sing right about now.                                ship. Here in the U.S. and across the globe, people
midwinter teaches                    In the Beatles’ England and all the Northern       don’t have enough to eat or die of easily curable
  us anything, it’s             Hemisphere, the Earth tilts farthest away from          or preventable diseases. In too many places, this
     that humans                the sun in “dark midwinter.” The growing cold           season, the lives of children and families are shat-
       persevere.               and dark are hard for humans to cope with. In ear-      tered by violence and war, some of it propagated
                                liest human society, survival through the winter        by our own country. Our own children lack ad-
                                was no sure thing, and wintertime starvation was        equate health care and schooling. Joblessness,
                                common.                                                 home foreclosures and insecurity afflict our peo-
                                     Then comes the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21,           ple and our communities.
                                when we start to tilt back toward the sun. Here              But if this dark midwinter teaches us any-
                                comes the sun!                                          thing, it’s that humans persevere. And not just
                                     So, humans celebrate. A quick look at Wiki-        persevere, but come together to struggle through
                                pedia turns up scores of winter solstice celebra-       the cold and dark, light the candles, plow the
                                tions, past and present, around the world.              warm spring soil and reap the harvest of a new
                                     Christmas and Hanukkah fit right into this         and brighter year.
                                tradition, along with their more recent compan-

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   Health care bill must be worthy
   of working people

   By John Wojcik

              or the health care bill that is emerging in
              the Senate “to be worthy of the support
              of working men and women, substan-
              tial changes must be made,” declared
    Richard Trumka, the federation’s president in a
    statement this afternoon. The statement, which
    followed by 24 hours an emergency session during
    which the federation’s executive council discussed
    the Senate compromise, said, “The AFL-CIO in-
    tends to fight on behalf of all working families to
    make those changes and win health care reform
    that is deserving of the name.
         “The absolute refusal of Republicans in the
    Senate to support health care reform and the hi-
                                                            and insurance companies will no longer be able
    jacking of the bill by defenders of the insurance
                                                            to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions
    industry has brought us a bill that is inadequate,”
                                                            or impose lifetime or unreasonable annual limits.
    said Trumka. “It is too kind to the insurance in-
                                                            The bill also included some relief for plans with
                                                            early retirees as well as delivery system reforms
         The official AFL-CIO statement on the com-
                                                            that may lead to lower costs over the long haul.”
    promise measure lists three changes that it says
                                                                 Trumka noted, however, that “because the
    should be made in the Senate bill.
                                                            bill bends toward the insurance industry, it will       trumka did
         First, the federation wants a public health in-
                                                            not check costs in the short term, and its financ-      indicate
    surance option which it described as “the way to
                                                            ing asks working people and the country to pay          however, that the
    break the stranglehold of the insurance industry
                                                            the price. The House bill is the model for genuine      federation
    over consumers that has led to double digit pre-
                                                            health care reform. Working people cannot accept        considers some
    mium increases virtually every year.”
                                                            anything less than real reform.”                        parts of the
         Second, the statement says, more must be
                                                                 At a Thursday press conference the Service         senate bill to be
    done to make employers pay their fair share of the
                                                            Employees International Union indicated that it         positive.
    costs of reform
                                                            too is seeking similar improvements in the Senate
         .A third “must,” according to the statement, is
                                                            bill and specified that it hopes the House-Senate
    that “the benefits of hard-working Americans can-
                                                            conference on the bill will result in some of those
    not be taxed to pay for health care reform - that’s
    no way to rein in insurance companies and it’s the
                                                                 “We think it’s time for the Senate to take a
    wrong way to pay for health care reform.”
                                                            vote,” declared Andy Stern, the union’s president.
         Trumka did indicate, however, that the fed-
                                                                 “It’s time for the obstructionists to get out of
    eration considers some parts of the Senate bill to
                                                            the way and it’s time to write the final chapter on
    be positive. “It will provide health insurance to
                                                            this health care bill. It’s time to move to confer-
    30 million more Americans and provide subsidies
                                                            ence and we will fight so that the process there
    to low-income individuals and families,” he said.
                                                            will result in something better than what we see in
    “Benefits will have to meet minimum standards
                                                            the Senate now.”

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         LOcaL NEWs
           L O c a L        c O N t a c t

                                                 Nueva ley en Ohio impacta
                                                 a inmigrantes
     Houston elects first
     gay mayor
                                                 Por Mundo Popular

    By James Thompson                                        l 9 de diciembre se quedaron            Algunos líderes les pidieron al
                                                             más de 40.000 automóviles          BVM que trate cada caso individual

                     ho would have thunk it?                 sin registración legal en          cuando estos individuos tengan que
                     Houston, the fourth larg-               Ohio. Varios meses anteri-         registrar sus carros de nuevo. Ellos
                     est U.S. city elected its    ores, el Buró de Vehículos de Motores         dicen que así son menos los que están
                     first openly gay mayor on    (BVM) del estado envió una carta a los        impactados por la nueva regla y que
    Dec. 12. The election of Annise Parker to     dueños de estos autos para decirles           puede que el Congreso y el presidente
    the office of Houston mayor is a major        que si no proveían un carnet del estado       Barack Obama ya hayan instituido una
    accomplishment for progressive forces         de Ohio, un permiso para conducir o           reforma migratoria.
    in Houston and around the country.            un número de Seguro Social, les revo-              El comerciante y líder de em-
          In the general election held on Nov.    carían la registración.                       presarios hispanos, Joseph Mas, dijo
    3, Parker faced a wide field of candi-             Estos autos fueron registrados a         que esta era una forma ilegal de hacer
    dates ranging from the far right to the       través de otra persona a quien el dueño       cumplir con las leyes federales de in-
    far left. Three center left candidates af-    del carro autoriza por escrito y notari-      migración. Los empresarios también
    filiated with the Democratic Party in-        zado para registrarlo de acuerdo a las        dijeron que esto va a perjudicar a los
    cluding Parker, Gene Locke and Peter          leyes de Ohio. No obstante, el estado         negocios latinos y a los que sirven a esa
    Brown garnered over 78% of the vote           decidió cambiarlo y muchos, especial-         comunidad.
    in the general election. All three had        mente inmigrantes, están afectados.                El BVM en su carta les dijo a los
    the endorsement of the Harris County               Líderes de las comunidades lati-         dueños de automóviles que tenían que
    AFL-CIO. There was only one Republi-          nas dicen que esto discrimina contra          proveer la prueba y pagar $3,50 por
    can candidate, Roy Morales, and he got        los hispanos y trataron de demandar           ese privilegio. En la demanda, las or-
    about 20% of the vote in that contest.        en los tribunales. Desafortunada-             ganizaciones latinas dijeron que como
          The Dec. 12 run-off was between         mente, el tribunal falló a favor de Ohio.     era legal registrar el vehículo de esta
    Parker and a former civil rights activist          La sección de Ohio de la Liga de         manera, cambiarlo ahora y cobrarle
    and attorney, Gene Locke. Both candi-         Ciudadanos Latino Americanos Unidos           también debe de ser ilegal.
    dates had the endorsement of the Harris       (LULAC por sus siglas en inglés) dijo, a           El abogado de inmigración que
    County AFL-CIO Central Labor Coun-            través de su director para el estado Ja-      presentó el caso para los hispanos,
    cil. The Harris County AFL-CIO has an         son Riveiro, que esto no tenía nada que       Dennis Muchniki, dijo que el estado de
    active labor-to-neighbor program that         ver con la seguridad en las carreteras,       Ohio estaba actuando de una manera
    contacts union members and their fami-        sino que el estado estaba tratando de         caprichosa y burocrática que no toma
    lies, urges them to vote and provides         meterse en los asuntos de inmigración.        en consideración a los inmigrantes,
    educational material on the candidates.       La inmigración está gobernada por el          sus familias y los negocios que depen-
          The run-off was a bitterly fought       gobierno federal y no los estados.            den de ellos.
    contest and some commentators noted                Organizaciones latinas dicen que
    that Locke allied himself in the end with     esto es para impactar a los inmigrantes
    big business interests who used anti-gay      indocumentados.
    tactics. Parker got a helpful hand from
    the Stonewall Democrats, a national
    LGBT group, who called voters in a mas-
    sive get-out-the-vote effort.                                      N a t i O N a L        c O N t a c t
          Obviously, Parker’s tactics paid off
                                                              Editorial: (773) 446-9920 Business: (212) 924-2523
    while Locke’s tactics missed the mark.

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