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									Mitchell South

Services Guide
              Introduction & Acknowledgements


The Wallan Partnership Project is a collaboration of service
providers with an interest in improving access to services for
people with disabilities residing in the Mitchell South area.
The service providers engaged in the project include:

-   Mitchell Community Health Services
-   Mitchell Shire Council
-   Department of Human Services
-   GV Centre Disability Services
-   FamilyCare
-   Goulburn Options
-   Regional Information and Advocacy Council
-   Berry Street

The Wallan Partnership Project is an initiative which was
funded through the DHS Innovations grants (2006), which
are in line with the State Disability Plan (2002-2012). The
main aim of the Wallan Partnership Project was to develop a
model for a co-ordinated approach to service delivery for
people with disabilities in the Wallan area, part of which was
the research and development of this guide.


The Mitchell South Community Services guide was developed
to assist people with disabilities within the Mitchell South
area to identify the services operating in Wallan and to assist
with increasing community participation.

The information contained in this guide has been obtained
directly from the organisations involved or through their
public website material. The information contained was
correct at time of printing; however The Wallan Partnership
Project is not responsible for the validity of any out of date
material supplied.

                    Where to from here?

This guide is useful tool for linking yourself with services
within the Mitchell South area. You can contact any of the
services directly, however if you are with a service and wish
for them to contact an organisation on your behalf, that’s
okay too.

Are you currently accessing any DHS funded programs?

Yes – Your service provider will be in the process of
completing your person centred plan with you, your family
and other services that you are involved with. The Mitchell
South Community Services Guide can assist you in
developing your plan, through helping you locate
organisations that can assist you to reach your goals, or that
meet your interests. You need to have a good think about
what you want to do in the near future and make sure that
these things are written into your plan, to help you reach
your goals.

No – If you would like to access DHS programs, you need to
contact DHS Hume Region Access & Response Team on:
1300 650 152. They will organise an assessment for you,
which will determine which service best suits your current
circumstances. This guide can assist you in finding services &
community groups which interest you and can be written into
your person centred plan with your service provider.

This booklet is also available in alternate formats, including
large print, and can be obtained by contacting:

Lower Hume Rural Access
Mitchell Community Health Services
Phone: (03) 57845555

The booklet is also available in digital format:
Mitchell Community Health website:
Mitchell Shire Council website:


Disability Specific Support                Pages 6 - 10

-   Day Services
-   Respite
-   Support Groups
-   Support Services
-   Youth Services

Education                                  Pages 11 – 18

-   Special Schools
-   Primary Education
-   Secondary Education
-   Adult Education
-   Specific Further Education
-   Preschool / Kindergarten
-   Libraries
-   Childcare services
-   Long term Childcare

Employment                                 Pages 19 – 21

- Apprenticeships & Traineeships
- Disability Employment Network (DEN) Providers
- Job Network Services

Legal & Advocacy Services                  Pages 22 – 23

- Advocacy
- Legal
- Justice of the peace

Media Services                             Page 24

Medical & Community Health Services        Pages 25 – 28

-   Community Health Services
-   Dental Services
-   Doctors & Medical Centres
-   Hospitals
-   Other Medical Centres
-   Pharmacies

                        Index cont…

Social & Community Groups                  Pages 29 – 32

Sports & Recreation                        Pages 33 – 36

-   Sport & Recreation Regional Provider
-   Basketball
-   Bike Riding
-   Bowls
-   Cricket
-   Fitness & Pilates
-   Football
-   Golf
-   Gymnastics
-   Horse Riding
-   Leisure Centres
-   Netball
-   Taekwondo
-   Tennis
-   Recreation

Statewide Services                         Pages 37 – 43


                             DAY SERVICES

Goulburn Options
PO Box 345
Seymour VIC 3660
Planning for day activities for adults with a disability.
Centre based services in Seymour for people with a disability from

GV Centre
PO Box 1666
Shepparton VIC 3630
Planning for day activities for adults with a disability.
Outreach services provided as required.


Villa Maria - family respite - in home support
190 Benalla Road
Shepparton VIC 3630
Commonwealth funded to support families with short term respite
needs and for creative respite, such as holiday funding and
community access. They have brokerage services, such as Silver
Circle (disability service employer agency) which they contract
employment to support families.


Community Interlink
PO Box 1270
Shepparton VIC 3632
Commonwealth funded to support families with short term respite
needs and for creative respite, such as holiday funding and
community access. They have brokerage services, such as Silver
circle (disability service employer agency) which they contract
employment to support families.

Uniting Care – Goulburn North East
12 Rowan Street
Wangaratta VIC 3677
(03) 57238000
Uniting Care Goulburn North East offers respite care programs to
provide carers with a break from their caring role, they also offer a
carers support group and have 29 independent living units in

Organisations which also provide Respite, but are represented in
other parts of this booklet include:

FamilyCare (Page 9)
Goulburn Options (Page 6)

                         SUPPORT GROUPS

Lower Hume Parents Support Group
50-52 Station Street
Seymour VIC 3660
Parents support group for parents of children with a disability. Various
forums held at a variety of locations; Kilmore, Wallan & Seymour


Area Mental Health Services
Wallan Community Health & Resource Centre
Shop 3, 65 High Street
Wallan VIC 3756
The Goulburn Valley Area Mental Health Service (which is a
department of Goulburn Valley Health) provides an innovative range
of services, for those individuals suffering from or at risk of serious
mental health problems, requiring short and long term support and
Hours of Operation in Wallan Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri 8.30-5pm.

                        SUPPORT SERVICES

CRS Australia
22 Station Street
Seymour VIC 3660
CRS Australia delivers vocational rehabilitation services to Australian
citizens or residents who have an injury, disability or health condition.
We assist people who have a disability or injury to get a job or return
to their job. We do this by providing: accurate assessments of clients
to identify specific vocational barriers; individualised rehabilitation
programs to overcome barriers; specialised job matching and
placement, and personal and career counselling. We also provide
Occupational Health and Safety consultancy services to employers.

Department of Human Services
16 Station St
Seymour VIC 3660
(03) 57 936 400
Disability services, child protection and Office of Housing
Provides outreach to Wallan as required.


64 High St Seymour VIC 3660
Seymour (03)57354600
Wallan (03)57832958
Carer Support and Disability Support Services are provided from the
Seymour Office with Outreach services provided as required into
The Carer Support service essentially aims to support carers through
the provision of short-term services or respite and through information
or support.
Disability Support Services essentially provide information, support
and respite to families of children or young people with a range of
physical, intellectual or sensory disabilities

Mental Illness Fellowship
83 William St
Wallan Vic 3756
0438 510 022
Assistance for children of Parents with Mental Illness, specialist family
education and support. Home based outreach, respite, school
education and links to day program in Seymour.
Open 5 days per week in Wallan

Orana Family Services
29 Wellington Street
Wallan VIC 3756
Provides a range of integrated early intervention and prevention
programs that aim to include vulnerable, socially isolated families in
their communities.
Operates from Wallan on Mondays and Thursdays

Rural Housing Network Ltd
57 990 944
Transitional housing cross target homeless assistance with Office of
Housing applications. Financial assistance to access private rental
market. Fortnightly outreach at Wallan Community Health Service and
alternative week outreach at Kilmore Library.


6 Tallarook Street
Seymour VIC 3660
Scope provides a complete range of specialist disability services
throughout Victoria to children and adults with physical and multiple
disabilities. Scope provides building advisory services for alteration,
early childhood intervention, inclusion support programs for child care,
communications aids, and resource materials.

Organisations which also provide Disability Support Services, which
are represented in other parts of this booklet include:

Community Interlink (Page 7)
Mitchell Community Health Services (Page 25)
Goulburn Options (Page 6)
GV Centre Disability Services (Page 6)

                         YOUTH SERVICES

Berry Street
50-52 Station Street
Seymour VIC 3660
29 Wellington St, Wallan
The organisations mission is to increase life chances and choices for
children and young people who are at risk, or who have experienced
the trauma of family violence, child abuse and neglect, and provides
education programs to assist those young people.

The Bridge
Moyle Street
Seymour VIC 3660
The Bridge offers support to young people on an individual basis.
Services include: young mums programs, ante natal programs,
individual support and counselling and drop in services.


                       SPECIAL SCHOOLS

Broadmeadows Special Development School
Cnr Sorrento & Dimboola Street
Broadmeadows VIC 3047
(03)9302 1244
Education to students aged 5 - 18 years who have a mild to moderate
level of Intellectual Disability.

Hume Valley School
Koroit Avenue
Broadmeadows VIC 3047
(03)9309 3477
Education to students aged 5 - 18 years who have a mild to moderate
level of Intellectual Disability.

Merriang Special Development School - Juniors
Waratah St
Thomastown VIC 3074
(03)9464 3755

Merriang Special Development School - Seniors
Duncan Road
Lalor VIC 3075
(03)9464 3011

Seymour Special School
Tallarook Street
Seymour VIC 3660


                       PRIMARY EDUCATION

Wallan Primary School
Queen St
Wallan VIC 3756
(03) 5783 1232
Programs for children with disabilities and parent support.

Kilmore Primary School
Lancefield Street
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 1268

Broadford Primary School
Powlett St
Broadford VIC 3658
(03)5784 1221

St Mary's Primary School
Fir St
Whittlesea VIC 3757
(03)9716 2478

St Patrick's Primary School
40 Sutherland St
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 1579


Wandong Primary School
Rail Street
Wandong VIC 3758

Upper Plenty Primary School
Clarkes Road
Upper Plenty VIC 3756
(03)5783 1358

Beveridge Primary School
Arrowsmith St
Beveridge VIC 3753
(03)9745 2264

Willowmavin Primary School
Willowmavin Road
Willowmavin VIC 3764
(03)5782 1319

                     SECONDARY EDUCATION

Broadford Secondary College
Pinniger Street
Broadford VIC 3658
Integration of students with disabilities into secondary schooling.
The local secondary college is at present unable to
provide services for higher year levels.


Wallan Secondary College
100 Duke Street
Wallan VIC 3756

Whittlesea Secondary College
Laurel Street
Whittlesea VIC 3757

Craigieburn High School
102 Hothlyn Drive
Craigieburn VIC 3064
(03)9308 1144

Kilmore International School
40 White Street
Kilmore VIC 3764

Assumption College, Kilmore
Sutherland Street
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 1422

St Mary's College and Primary School
90 High St
Seymour VIC 3660


                         ADULT EDUCATION

Wallan Neighbourhood House
Wallan Multipurpose Centre. Bentinck Street
Wallan VIC 3756

Broadford Community Centre Inc
158 - 162 High Street
Broadford VIC 3658
(03)5784 2043
0404 758 749

Goulburn Ovens Institute of Tafe
Wallis Street
Seymour VIC 3660
57 352 444
Registered training organisation assisting individuals to gain the skills
and knowledge to obtain employment, or further their career

Kangan Batman TAFE
Pearcedale Parade
Broadmeadows VIC 3047
(03)9279 2222

University of the Third Age (U3A)
PO Box 550
Kilmore VIC 3764
The University of the Third Age is a self help learning group for retired
people. There are no entry requirements for membership (other than
being retired), no assessment of learning and no academic awards.

Wallan Mechanics Institute
29 Raglan St
Wallan VIC 3756
57 831 417 David Palmer


Pegasus Flying School
Watson’s St
Wallan VIC 3756
Flying training & charters under 5700kgs.

Wallan Driving School
P.O BOX 366
Wallan VIC 3756
Driving lessons


Wellington Street Kindergarten
PO Box 27
Wallan VIC 3756
(03) 5783 1019
3 year old kindergarten offered by the committee of management on
Thursdays and Fridays.

Wallan-Bentinck Street Pre-school Kindergarten
Bentinck St
Wallan VIC 3756
(03) 5783 1616


Wallan Playgroup Inc
RB Robson Stadium
Bentnick St
Wallan VIC 3756
57 832 829 / 0416 059 793

Wandong Kindergarten
Dry Creek Crescent
Wandong VIC 3758
57 87 1490
The kindergarten is operated by the Mitchell Shire Council
Sessions for 3 and 4 year olds.
For details please contact the Mitchell Shire Council
For enrolments 57 346 200.

Wandong Playgroup
L.B. Davern Reserve Dry Creek Crescent
Wandong VIC 3758
57 87 2272 (Pauline )
Playgroup operates on Tuesdays 9.00am - 11.00am.


Kilmore Library
12 Sydney Road
Kilmore VIC 3764
Ph: 57 821 322 Fax: 57 811 660
Open 7 days a week. For times, please refer to website.

Wallan Library
Wellington Square High St
Wallan VIC 3756
Ph: 57 833 555 Fax: 57811 660
Open Monday - Saturday. For times, please refer website.


                      CHILDCARE SERVICES

Killara Child Care Centre
Bentinck St
Wallan VIC 3756
57 831 101


ABC Centre (Childcare)
61 - 63 Dudley St
Wallan VIC 3756
57 832 866

Family Day Care c/- Mitchell Shire Council
113 High Street
Broadford VIC 3658
57 346 200
In home care for children, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
with approved carers.

Marie Williams Kindergarten
5 Skehan Place
Kilmore VIC 3764
57 821 227

Kilmore Community Centre Playgroup
38 Victoria Pde
Kilmore VIC 3764
57 822 319

Orana Family Services
29 Wellington Street
Wallan VIC 3756
(03) 9308 8761
Activities include: Playgroup – A parent led supported playgroup for
children in pre-school years, Kidz Unplugged – A music program for
parents and children aged 0 – 6, Lets do Lunch – A joint project of

Orana and the Council to Single mothers, a free lunch for single



The Apprenticeship Factory
100 Station Street
Seymour VIC 3660
Apprenticeships, traineeships, group training services,
disability specific employment service (DEN Services).


Autism Inc - Alpha Employment Service
35 High Street
Glen Iris VIC 3146
Provides an open employment program for people with autism
spectrum disorder. Services offered include job matching, placement
and training.

Interact Employment Services
725 High Street
Epping VIC 3076
Disability employment services and job network services in Northern
Melbourne. Offices in Epping, Greensborough and Preston.

Shop E004 Broadmeadows Town Centre Pascoe Vale Road
Broadmeadows VIC 3047
DEN Provider.


NorthStar Specialist Employment Services
725 High Street
Epping VIC 3076
Disability employment services operating in Northern Melbourne. DEN

Wise Employment, Broadmeadows
Level 3 South Building, 2 /1100 Pascoe Vale Road
Broadmeadows VIC 3047
DEN Provider and Job Network Service.

Worktrainers Employment Services
Shop 1/5A Wallis Street
Seymour VIC 3661
Disability Employment Services operating through Mitchell Shire. DEN

                    JOB NETWORK SERVICES

Shop 5 & 6 The Mall
78 Station Street
Seymour VIC 3660
Ph: (03) 57 354 500
Fax: (03) 57 354 555
CVGT provides employment and training services

Netgain Employment
22 Station Street
Seymour 3660
Ph: (03) 57 991 616
Fax: (03) 57 991 553
Job Network Service.


 Recruitment Innovations Pty Ltd
Shop 2/5A Wallis Street
Seymour VIC 3660
Ph: (03) 57 990 555
Fax: (03) 57 990 666
Job Network Service

Sarina Russo Job Access
763 High Street
Epping VIC 3076
(03)8405 9500
DEN Provider and Job Network Service.

Shop 2 William Street
Seymour VIC 3660
Ph: (03) 57 990 999
Fax: (03) 57 990 966
Provides an employment program for employers and job seekers. The
organisation is non profit, community based and offers it services to
eligible clients free of charge.

                   SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT

G.A.T.E Enterprises Inc, which has merged with Central Access
145 Wimble Street
Seymour VIC 3661
Business Service which offers employment to people with disabilities
aged over 15 who are eligible for the disability support services.



Regional Information & Advocacy Council Inc
190 Benalla Road
Shepparton VIC 3632
(03)5822 1944
1800 221 944
RIAC provides a free information and advocacy service to people with
a disability, their families and carers. Individual issue based advocacy,
systemic advocacy, community education and support in West Hume

CAUS - Communication Rights Australia
P.O.Box 292
Bentleigh VIC 3204
1800 995 383
(03)9557 5551
Assistance for people who experience communication or speech
difficulties. Advocacy, information, mediation, community education,
secondary consultation, communication support workers.

Office of the Public Advocate
5th Floor 436 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
1300 309 337
Office of the Public Advocate provides: advice service, advocacy,
community guardians, community visitors, education and training,
guardianship, independent third persons, investigations, private
guardianship support program, VCAT duty officer.



Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service Inc.
44 Bellerine Street, Geelong. 3220
Ph: 5229 2925.
Free call 1800 014 111.
Villamanta is a free statewide legal service that works on
disability related legal issues.

Disability Discrimination Legal Service
Ross House Level 2 247 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
1300 882 872
(03)9654 8644
Disability Discrimination Legal Service provides information, referral,
advice, casework assistance, community legal education, policy and
law reform.

                      JUSTICE OF THE PEACE

Mrs Sue Marstaeller
(03)57 871 520
0438 871 520

Mrs Kaye Weller
0416 074 923

                 MEDIA SERVICES

The Newspaper House Pty Ltd
The Kilmore Free Press, The North Central Review & The Whittlesea
Review Newspapers
62-64 Sydney Street
Kilmore VIC 3764

The Wallan Whistle
Wallan Neighbourhood House
42 Bentinck Street
Wallan VIC 3756

The Whittlesea, Wallan, Kilmore Star Newspaper
17 Assembly Drive
Tullamarine VIC 3043

Community Radio
OKR 97.1FM
PO Box 287
Kilmore VIC 3764


                       COMMUNITY HEALTH

Mitchell Community Health Services
72 Ferguson St, Broadford
5784 5555
Mitchell Community Health Services is primarily located at Broadford,
north east of Kilmore, Victoria with service offices located in Wallan
and Seymour. Centre-based services such as Diabetes Education,
Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Planned Activity
Group (PAG), Podiatry and Speech Pathology are provided.
Community-based services such as Counselling & Support Programs,
Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services, Nursing Services, Aged Services
and Disability Access Services are also provided. Services are
available to all people living or working in the Mitchell Shire and many
services are also available to residents of Murrindindi Shire with some
services available in Seymour and Wallan by appointment. Call
reception for more information.

Mitchell Community Health Services operates in Wallan from the
Wallan Resource Centre
65 High St, Wallan

                         DENTAL SERVICES

Advanced Dental Technician
30 Powlett Street
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 1877

Dr Hudson Thomas J (Dentist)
28 Victoria Parade
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 1933

                     HOSPITAL & MEDICAL


Francis Payne Dr
39 Sydney St Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 0416

Kilmore Medical Centre
36 - 38 Melbourne Street
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5783 0555

Wallan Medical Centre
Dr John Griffiths
57 Wellington Street
Wallan VIC 3756
(03)5783 1637

Wallan Family Practice
Dr Holland
Wellington Walk 65 High Street
Wallan VIC 3756
(03)5783 1522


Kilmore & District Hospital
Rutledge Street
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 1311

The Northern Hospital
185 Cooper Street
Epping VIC 3076
(03)8405 8000

Seymour District Memorial Hospital
Brettoneaux Street
Seymour VIC 3660
(03)5793 6100

                      HOSPITAL & MEDICAL

                   OTHER MEDICAL SERVICES

Acuity Eyecare Wallan Pty Ltd
Shp1/ Wellington Sq Shopping Centre High Street
Wallan VIC 3756
(03)5783 3788

Aged Care Assessment Centre
Wallis Street
Seymour VIC 3660
(03)5799 2342

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
25 Franklin Close
Wallan 3756
(03)5799 0943

Kilmore Chiropractic Centre
30 Powlett Street
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 2278

Chiro Energetics
1/45 High Street
Wallan VIC 3756
(03)5784 3511

Hillside Osteopathy
44 Melbourne Street
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 1203

Mitchell Psychological Solutions
80 Powlett Street
Kilmore VIC 3764
0404 795 163

                       HOSPITAL & MEDICAL

Myotherapy Clinic
65 Wellington Street
Wallan VIC 3756
(03)5783 1599

Seymour Community Mental Health Clinic
Moyle Street
Seymour VIC 3660
(03)5799 0943

Wallan Physiotherapy
5/88 Watson Street
Wallan VIC 3756
(03)5783 3442

Wallan Maternal Child Health Services
Bentinck St, Wallan, 3756
Child health care and education
(03) 5783 1489


Yu Pharmacy Wallan
Shop 1/ 65 High Street
Wallan VIC 3756
(03)5783 1403


A 'Cappalla Radius Singers
(03)5781 1950 (Sarah)

Ballroom Dancing
(03)5783 2205 (Marinda)

Business Women’s Network
(03)5783 1322 (Anne)

Bysouth Rover Crew
PO BOX 521
Wallan VIC 3756
0412 435 740 (Anne Kerr)

Friends of Wallan Creek
(03)5783 1325 (Claudia)

Kilmore Community Centre
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 2319 (Judy Watson)

Kilmore Girl Guides
1 Bremner Place
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 2039 (Bernadette Melvaine)

Kilmore Men's Shed
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5781 0756 (Jeff)

Kilmore RSL
11 Allen Street
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5782 1856 (John McKenzie)


Mitchell Agility Dog Club - Broadford
(03)5781 1728 (Pam)
(03)5784 2568 (Graham)

Mitchell Apex Club Inc
Broadford VIC 3658
(03)5781 0728 (David Atkinson)

Mt Piper County Women’s Association
(03)5784 1448 (Beryl Hill)

Pretty Sally Garden Club
(03)5783 3141 (Rosslyn)

Rotary Club Of Southern Mitchell
PO BOX 217
Kilmore VIC 3764
(03)5784 2568

The Shack Upper Plenty -Gardening Group
(03)5783 1456 (Susan Bott)

Upper Maribyrnong Catchment Group- Landcare
1395 Old Sydney Rd
Wallan VIC 3756
(03)5783 1325

Upper Plenty and District Social Club
(03)5781 0856 (Amanda)

Salvation Army Kids Club / Youth Drop in Centre
PO BOX 277
Broadford VIC 3658
(03)5784 2061

Wallan Circle Of Friendship
Uniting Church Wallan
(03)57831223 (Cathy Fowler)


Wallan Senior Citizens Club
Wallan Multi-Purpose Centre
(03)5783 1238 (Don Ellis)

Wallan TOWN (Take Off Weight Naturally) Group
57831830 (Alison)
0439636286 (Kellie)

Wallan Youth Group
PO BOX 272
Wallan VIC 3756
(Chris Stroud)

Wallan - Wandong Lions Club
PO Box 225
Wandong VIC 3758
(03)57871651 (Ray Walsh)
(03)57872071 (Brian Dove)

Wallan Writing Group
(03)5783 2944 (Pam)

1st Wallan Scouts Group
Wallan VIC 3756
(03)5783 3186 (Karen Bingham)

Wandong - Heathcote Junction Community Group
PO BOX 280
Wandong Post Office VIC 3758
Wandong VIC 3758
(BH): (03)8641 1116
(AH): (03)5787 1474

Wandong Community House
(03)5787 1078 (Mandy)
(03)5787 2002 (Lee)


Wandong Country Music Festival
(03)5787 1499 (Helen Stewart)

Wandong Rural Fire Brigade
Rail St (PO BOX 306)
Wandong VIC 3758
(03)5787 1248



The Centre - CARN AAA
Chisholm Street
Assist in providing communities with inclusive opportunities to
participate in sport and active recreation.


Wallan & District Basketball
5787 1333 (John Pyle)

                            BIKE RIDING

Mitchell Bicycle Users Group
Rides from Hadfield Park in Wallan every third Sunday of the month
from 9am - 12pm.


Wallan Bowls Club
PO BOX 104 Wallan. Ph: 57 831 483

Kilmore Bowls Club
Kerry Page or Chris Gilder. Ph: 57831221


Wallan Cricket Club
P.0.Box 35, Wallan
5783 1319 ( Ken Vaughan). 040 279 35 85 (Steve Falla)


                       FITNESS & PILATES

Folkus Fitness
65 Wellington Street, Wallan, 3756
0407830111 - Catherine


Auskick- Wandong
Conducted at L.B. Davern Reserve from April.
Rob Telfer (Co-ordinator) (03)57871061

Wallan Football Club
Greenhill Reserve
Cnr Northern Highway & Duke Street
PO Box 127, Wallan VIC 3756

Wallan Junior Football Club
Greenhill Reserve
Cnr Northern Highway & Duke Street
PO Box 48, Wallan Vic 3756

Kilmore Football Club
PO Box 202 Kilmore
Dayson Carroll (President): 0407847532

Kilmore Junior Football Club
PO Box 388, Kilmore, VIC, 3764
Warren McCullough. 0414 406 821

Wandong Junior Football Club
Wandong Warriors
LB Davern Reserve, Wandong
Rob Telfer: 57871061



Wallan Golf Club
57832833 - Steve

Hidden Valley Golf Club
189 Hidden Valley Boulevard, Hidden Valley, 3756


Birralee Gymnastics Inc.
57831067 - Carolyn

                            HORSE RIDING

Riding for the Disabled
Carolyn Braun (03)57922209
Riding for the Disabled Association is a voluntary, not for profit,
organisation which provides riding instruction and other activities
associated with riding and harness driving for people with disabilities.
RDA provides opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy a safe,
stimulating, healthy, therapeutic and recreational sport.

Kilmore & District Adult Riders Club
L.B. Davern Reserve Dry Creek Crescent Wandong
Monthly meetings October to April at Wandong - Heathcote Junction.

                         LEISURE CENTRES

Kilmore Leisure Centre
White St Kilmore VIC 3764

Craigieburn Leisure Centre
Craigieburn Rd West



Wallan & District Netball
RB Stadium Wallan PO Box 23 Wandong, 3758
5782 2024

Wandong Netball Club
LB Davern Reserve, Wandong, VIC 3758
5782 2024


Koryo Taekwondo Centre
Wallan Primary School
Janelle Booth


Wallan Tennis Club
127 Queen street, Wallan 3756.
Gayle Kolenik - 57831228. Seniors: Neal Benstead 57832 309
Juniors: Jan Carlisle 57831 852 Coaching: Leah Stacey 57831331

Wandong Tennis Club
Summer and Winter competition for all ages. Coaching available.
Lisa Kelly. 57871254


Beveridge Bird World
295 Camerons Lane, Beveridge, VIC, 3753


                         CARERS SUPPORT
Carers Victoria
Level 1 37 Albert Street
Footscray VIC 3011
9396 9500
1800 232 646
Support, representation and action for carers.

Companion Card Program
Level 1, 7 Spring Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
1800 650 611
Companion cards are available for people with severe or profound
disabilities, or require a companion to enable them to gain access to
community activities.


Arbias Acquired Brain Injury Services
183 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
9417 7071
Case management, counselling, assessment services,
accommodation, information and advice.

Access Audits Australia
92 Old Eltham Road
Lower Plenty VIC 3093
9431 3472
Access audits of buildings, facilities and outdoor areas. Disability
awareness training and community consultation.


Active Inc.
247 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
9650 2570
Support to families of adults and children with ADHD. Membership
incorporates a quarterly newsletter, guest speakers, and telephone
counselling/support and library resources.

Anxiety Network Australia
PO Box 94
Indooroopilly QLD 4068
ANA provides free information, education and support to people who
live with anxiety, fear and panic. The website has information on local
support groups and education sites, where to find resources and other
help nationwide.

Association for Children with a Disability
590 Orrong Road
Armadale VIC 3143
1800 654 013
Information, support and advocacy organisation for children with a
disability and their families in Victoria,

Australian Hearing
205 Fryers Street
Shepparton VIC 3630
Provides hearing assessment; hearing aids, counselling and
rehabilitation in relation to hearing loss


Beyond Blue: The National Depression Initiative
50 Burwood Road
Hawthorn VIC 3122
Beyond Blue provides information about depression to consumers,
carers and health professionals.

Tourette Syndrome Association of Victoria
The Nerve Centre 54 Railway Road
Blackburn VIC 3130
Information and support for people with Tourette’s syndrome.

Vision Australia (formerly Royal Australian Institute for the Blind)
104 Mount Street, Heidelberg, VIC, 3084
Vision Australia provides services to people who are blind, have low
vision or difficulty reading standard print material. Services include:
access advice, accessible information solutions, audio description
services, audio publishing, children’s services, community education,
deaf blind services, employment services, equipment solutions,
further education bursaries, independent living services, information
library services, low vision services, policy and advocacy, recreation
services, technology and training solutions and vision australia radio.

Level 2, 244 Flinders Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
1300 9667 2552
Yooralla's Community Learning & Living Service supports adults with
disabilities to enjoy the life of their choice, in the environment of their
choice. The service works with people to develop / maintain their skills
and to get the resources they will need for an independent life in the


                     INFORMATION SERVICES

Commonwealth Carelink Centre
Villa Maria
1800 052 222
Commonwealth Carelink Centres provide free information about
community aged care, disability and other support services. This is a
national service, which connects you to providers in your local area.

Public Transport Disability Services
Melbourne VIC 3000.
24 hour phone service
Information is available on transport services for people with
disabilities. Services include wheelchair assistance at Southern Cross
Station and personal assistance for travellers with disabilities using
rail, tram & bus services in metropolitan Melbourne. Lifts are available
at Southern Cross, Flinders Street, Box Hill, Dandenong, Boronia,
Watergardens stations and all underground City Loop stations.
Information is available in a number of languages.


                      SPORTS & RECREATION

Blind Sports Victoria
454 Glenferrie Road
Kooyong VIC 3144
Blind Sports Victoria (BSV) assists people who have low vision or no
vision to take part in a wide variety of sports.

Kinect Australia
Level 5 470 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
VICFIT (Go For Your Life Programme Tel 1300 739 899) run the
Physical Activity Infoline. A free call telephone counselling service, for
people wishing to establish or maintain a more active lifestyle. The
info line helps all Victorians including those with disabilities find the
right exercise for them. VICFIT provides referral to over 1500 activities
and organisations and has information on a wide variety of health and
fitness issues for people with specific care needs.

People Outdoors
Moreland City College Urquhart Street
Coburg VIC 3058
People Outdoors provides various types of programs to enable
children, teenagers and adults with disabilities to participate in outdoor
adventure programs and weekend camping experiences. They work
with individuals who have a physical, intellectual or acquired brain


Victorian Wheelchair Sports Association (VEWSA)
PO Box 4002
Mulgrave VIC 3170
The Victorian Electric Wheelchair Sports Association, incorporated in
Victoria, provides sporting and recreational activities for children and
adults who require the use of electric wheelchairs (including powered
scooters) for personal independence and functional mobility.

Wheelchair Sports Victoria
341 George Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
Wheelchair Sports Victoria provides event, competitions, grass roots
and elite development and financial support, for sport and
Recreational opportunities for Victorian members with a physical
disability. Sport and recreational opportunities could be local, national
or international.

 This guide has been developed with the assistance of the
following organisations, which form The Wallan Partnership
               Project Steering Committee.


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