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					                                                       CHANGE OF COMMAND CHECKLIST
 Presiding Officer’s Rank & Full Name                                        Date of Ceremony/Date(s) of Practice

 Outgoing Commander’s Rank and Full Name (OC)                                Project Officer’s (PO) Name Office Symbol & Phone Number

 Incoming Commander’s Rank and Full Name (IC)                                Protocol Lead Liaison Name & Phone Number

       TASK                                               ACTION                                                         REMARKS

                                             EXECUTION MINUS 90 DAYS (Initial Planning)

 Samples &             ______Protocol will provide samples of invitations, programs,                   Materials are available upon request, Protocol
 guidance files              flyers, etc.                                                              will advise as necessary
 from Protocol         ______Samples will be provided via e-mail and can be found on the O:drive.

Presiding official     ______Rank and Full Name: _______________________________________               TRAVELING IN? Yes No
                              Duty Title: _______________________________________________              ___MILAIR or COMAIR
                              ________________________________________________________                     Arrive time: _________
                       ______Contact Person: ___________________________________________               ___POV
                       ______Phone number: ___________________________________________                     Arrive time: _________
                       ______Spouse attending? Yes        No                                           ___Need DV Trans?
                             ___Arriving with Presiding Officer? Yes    No                                ___Contact Protocol
                             ___If no, arrival plan?                                                   ___Need Lodging?
                             ___Parking space required? Yes No                                            ___Contact Protocol

 Back-up presiding     ______Rank and Full Name: _______________________________________               TRAVELING IN? Yes No
                              Duty Title: _______________________________________________              ___MILAIR or COMAIR
                              ________________________________________________________                     Arrive time: _________
                       ______Contact Person: ___________________________________________               ___POV
                       ______Phone number: ___________________________________________                     Arrive time: _________
                       ______Spouse attending? Yes        No                                           ___Need DV Trans?
                             ___Arriving with Presiding Officer? Yes    No                                ___Contact Protocol
                             ___If no, arrival plan?                                                   ___Need Lodging?
                             ___Parking space required? Yes No                                            ___Contact Protocol

 Reserve location      - Trails End Club                                                               The OC and IC may wish to skip any of these,
 of ceremony and:      - Pronghorn Center/Base Theater
                                                                                                       call Protocol for further guidance
 farewell dinner,      - Parade Field
 welcome dinner,       - Pavilion
 pre-ceremony          - Other
 coffee reception,
 or post-ceremony      ______Farewell dinner? Yes No
 reception             ______Welcome dinner? Yes No
                       ______Pre-ceremony coffee reception? Yes No
                       ______Post-ceremony reception? Yes No

 Ceremony site         ______Obtain suggested layout from Protocol and facility

 Determine dress       ______Typically the dress is ―Uniform of the Day‖ for military attendees and
 for the ceremony            daily attire for civilians. (Unless standardized apparel is necessary)
                       ______Honoree and presiding official will determine UOD
                       ______Ushers/Greeters wear same uniform as official party

Change of Command Checklist, 16 April 2007 (OPR: Protocol, ext. 2137)
       TASK                                           ACTION                                                           REMARKS

Invitations        _____Obtain sample e-mail invitation from Protocol
                   _____Draft e-mail invitation for review by Protocol
                   _____Protocol will do invitations for all DVs O-6 and above/CCC’s
                   Note: Organizations will have to do their own invitations for extended family
                   members and friends. Protocol will assist in developing and reviewing

Honoree’s          ______List of invitees for OC and IC                                            The list of invitees and addresses is usually the
invitation list
                   ______Addresses and phone numbers of invitees                                   item that takes the longest to obtain; advise the
                                                                                                   IC and OC ―sooner is better‖

RSVP tracking      ______OPR (hosting organization) tracks RSVPs exception:                        Obtain tracking sheet through Protocol
control set up
                          Protocol will track RSVP’s and send out invites to O-6 and CCC’s

                   ______RSVP Date: (7 days prior to ceremony)____________________

                   ______Call back all non-responsive RSVPs 1 day after RSVP date

Decoration,        ______End of tour decoration/award                                              Obtain from CSS
certificates and
                   ______Medal with appropriate devices
letters of
appreciation       ______Medal with box for first decoration
                   ______Alligator clip for pinning
                   ______Proffer pillow or blue box

                                                      EXECUTION MINUS 30 DAYS

Invitations send   ______Paper invitations should be mailed out at least four weeks prior to       Call Protocol to make sure invitations were sent
out date
                   ceremony date. Protocol will produce/mail DV invitations                        out

Announcement       ______E-mail invitations should be sent out at 2 weeks and 4 days prior to      E-mail invites can be distributed using e-mail
                   remind attendees                                                                only through the chief-all, sq/cc-all, first
                                                                                                   sergeant-all and secretary-all (etc.) distribution

Logistical         ______Sedans                   _______Parking Signs (DV)
                   ______Busses                   _______Chairs/Tables

Prepare script     ______Obtain sample script from Protocol
                   ______OC and IC review script
                   ______Protocol review script
                   ______Wing/CC will review for Group/Wing/NAF (Protocol will accomplish)

Program            ______Program reviewed by OC, IC and Protocol
                   ______Wing CC will review for Group/Wing/NAF (Protocol will accomplish)
                   ______Number to be printed:_____

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        TASK                                         ACTION                                                             REMARKS

Photographer      ______Request photo support using AF Form 833                                      For additional information call Visual
requested                                                                                            Information

Honor guard       ______Honor Guard support to Post the Colors                                       Flags can be pre-posted, recommend no
requested                                                                                            Retiring of Colors
                  ______Prepare backup plan: Funeral requests take priority
                  ______In-place time for ceremony:__________________________________

Flags             ______Flags for general officers and other flags may be signed out through         Be sure flags are same size and are standing
                  Protocol. These will only be used if the general officer is part of the ceremony   straight in the flag holders; spades should be
                                                                                                     clean of finger prints and smudges and the flat
                                                                                                     side forward. Ensure flag poles are same size
                                                                                                     and color

Marquee           ______Call Protocol to request at least 10 days prior

Ceremony          ______Contact chaplain’s office
                         Name: __________________________________________________
                  ______Alternative individual: ______________________________________
                  ______Provide biographies to chaplain if requested

Communication     ______Contact Help Desk
                  ______Typical setup: Podium with microphone for narrator; wireless
                         microphones for Presiding Official, OC and IC
                  ______ For specific questions about music or any other details call Protocol

                                                     EXECUTION MINUS 21 DAYS

Seating plan      ______Provide layout to Protocol                                                   Protocol will determine seating preceence

Confirm lodging   ______Confirm room(s) for family and guests                                        Call Protocol for lodging for DVs, O-6/Chiefs
                                                                                                     and above. DV notification will need to be
                  _____All other ranks contact lodging ext. 3077
                                                                                                     completed and faxed or e-mailed to Protocol

Select narrator   ______Name & phone number:_____________________________________

Select proffer    ______Name & phone number:_____________________________________

Greeters and      ______Determine location for greeters/ushers                                       Greeters welcome the guests, ushers seat
                  ______Number of greeters needed:_______________                                    guests (Other than family & DVs)
                  ______Number of ushers needed:________________

Family members    ______Obtain names and relationship

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       TASK                                             ACTION                                                      REMARKS

Reception            Cater event or provide setup in-house                                       Contact Services for further guidance on
refreshments                                                                                     allowed monies (SM&W, ORF, etc.)
                     ______Provide refreshments
                             ___Tablecloth(s)             ___Cups
                             ___Punch bowl and ladle      ___Other:________________________
                     ______Cater event:
                             Trails End Club POC: _____________________________________

                                                        EXECUTION MINUS 15 DAYS

Escorts for family   ______Number of escorts needed: _________________________________           Protocol will train escorts on the day of
members &
                     ______Escort training day and time: ________________________________        practice. Assign one escort per family member,
visitors (DV)                                                                                    DV, or Flag Officer

Schedule office      ______Location:_________________________________________________            Provided and set up by Protocol for ceremonies
call set up for
                     ______Refreshments (coffee, water, or soda): _________________________      officiated by CC and CV

                                                        EXECUTION MINUS 7 DAYS

Begin preparation    ______Required for ceremonies with CC or CV involvement. Due 4 days         Protocol will provide guidance on preparation of
of event book(s)
                            prior to the event                                                   event book. These will be used for Group/Wing
                     ______Provide to the presiding official: A folder with the following tabs   and NAF CoCs

                            ___Key Attendees (family members and DVs with go-by names)
                            ___Diagram of ceremony site (family and DV seating on diagram)
                            ___Map of location
                            ___Invitation: paper and e-mail

Honoree              ______Decoration (if applicable)
letters & gifts

Spouse flowers,      _____Spouse flowers (purchased by the IC)
letters & gifts
                     _____Other: ___________________________________________________

Family and DV        ______Coordinate/determine possible parking locations.
                     ______Obtain stanchions from CES
                     ______Obtain magnets from Protocol
                     ______Ensure parking signs/stanchions are in place (DVs, O-6 and above)

                                                        EXECUTION MINUS 2 DAYS

Seating              ______Seating for presiding officials and spouses                           Protocol will make seating tags/stickers
                     ______Seat tags for DVs and Family
                     ______Reserved tags for Deputy/Squadron CCs/Chiefs/First Sergeants

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      TASK                                               ACTION                                                          REMARKS

Base entry           ______Coordinate with Pass and Registration
arranged for off-
base guests

Rehearsal            Date/time: ________________ (1 day prior if a morning ceremony)
                     ______Presiding Official, OC and IC
                     ______Honor Guard, if applicable (ensure there is enough room for their
                     ______Music—if using recorded music, play all the way through
                            the honors (if applicable) and national anthem

                                                         EXECUTION MINUS 1 DAY
DVs attending        ______Verify DVs attending and adjust seating accordingly                        Protocol will advise on order of precedence of
                            ____Are intros included in the script?                                    DVs

Presiding officer    ______Verify presiding officer’s arrival time: __________________________
                     ______Mode of transportation: ____________________________________
                     ______Office time? ________________________________
                     ______Spouse attending?       Yes     No
                             ___Spouse transportation plan_______________________________

                                                                EXECUTION DAY
Flags set up         ______Flags in place 45 minutes before ceremony start                            If Honor Guard is not performing the ceremony
                     ______All poles the same height
                     ______Flags approximately the same size
                     ______Spades are shiny without fingerprints; flat surface facing the audience
                     ______Flag stands all the same kind

Pre-brief to         ______Pre-briefing location                                                      Protocol will brief ceremony sequence
presiding official
and family

Narrator             ______15 minutes before ceremony start, crosscheck list of introductions in
                            script against DVs in attendance If person is not available at start of
                            ceremony, delete name from introductions in the script.
                     ______Coordinate with project officer or protocol officer, as applicable, for
                            appropriate cues to begin the ceremony

Seating              ______Seating for presiding official’s spouse?                                   Person giving invocation is not required to sit at
                     ______Seat tags/name cards for DVs and family members                            head table
                     ______Seat person giving the invocation near the podium
                     ______Ensure seating for Deputy/SQ/CC/Chiefs/First Seargeants

Communication        _____Photographer available
                     _____Communications in place

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        TASK                                              ACTION                                                        REMARKS

Proffer               ______Proffer and table positioned to the right of the presiding official      Plastic is removed to decrease glare for
                      ______Table set up with award elements, presentations, flowers, etc            photographer. Ensure medal pin is fastened
                      ______Plastic is removed from face of award elements and certificates          before adding clip so clip does not slide off. If
                      ______Medal has alligator clip attached for pinning                            using a long table, use tablecloth and skirt to
                      ______Obtain proffer ―pillow‖ for medals, rank, etc                            enhance appearance

Greeters and          ______In –place time:____________________________________________
                      ______Place programs on chairs for distribution (as applicable)

Escorts               ______Determine if the DV or family members will need handicap access to/      May need to post someone outside to assist
                             from the ceremony site

Programs              ______Placed on chairs of DVs
                      ______Placed by Greeters and Ushers

Flowers and/or        ______POC for flowers and gifts:___________________________________            These are the items most forgotten or not
                      ______Flowers (purchased by the IC)                                            delivered on time. Usually given out during IC
                             ___For Spouse                                                           remarks
                             ___Other Family
                             ___For Spouse
                             ___Other Family

Honor Guard           ______Is Honor Guard present?

Receiving line        ______Location: think through location—do not create bottlenecks and traffic   Protocol can provide guidance on receiving
                      through refreshments                                                           lines. When possible, receiving line should
                      ______Flow of people should start with Protocol the IC and then the spouse     have array of flags to the rear of the IC and
                      ______POC for setting up the receiving line after the ceremony                 members of the receiving line. Protocol will be
                                                                                                     first in the receiving line for Group, Wing and
                                                                                                     NAF receiving lines to provide guidance to IC

Reception             ______POC for reception:_________________________________________
                      ______Set up time:______________________________________________

                                                               AFTER THE CEREMONY

Flags                 ______Return flags and flag stands

DV Magnets            ______Protocol will retrieve these from the stanchions

Parking               ______Return parking stanchions

Clean up              ______Is crew there to clean up?

After action report   ______Complete as required

Thank you letters     ______Prepare and forward as appropriate

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