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                                  Welcome to the first issue of The Dragon’s Gazette 2008‐2009 



     Hong Ko ng Interna tio nal School Upper Primary                                     Octob er, 2008

              Shapes, Shapes 

             Shapes everywhere 

             How I wonder                      

             How they got there 

             If shapes were not there 

             How would we know? 

             Shapes are our friends 

             Even if we don’t know 


             By: Rachel Newlon 

Dragon’s Gazette Team:   
Designer: Sabrina Lu                                    
Alan, Alex, Christian, Christy, Danielle, Danya, Drew, Drew H, Evan, Gwyneth, Houston, 
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Yianni, and Zoe.  

                                                              Ms. Wahner is an excellent science 
                                                              teacher at upper primary. She likes 
                                                              being the upper primary science 
                                                              teacher because she could see 
                                                              everyone who goes to school at upper 
                                                              primary. And Ms. Wahner also likes to 
                                                              work in the lab. 

                                                               Ms. Wahner really likes to come up 
                                                               with Math Puzzler for 3rd 4th, ¾, and 5th 
                                                               graders. She comes up with them by 
                                                               looking up in the internet, and 
                                                               sometimes she makes them up! She 
                                                               says that it is hard to find challenging 
                                                               work for us because we are all very 
                                                               smart kids! 
    Ms. Wahner also loves music because she thinks that music goes with math. Isn’t that cool!  

    When summer holidays come Ms. Wahner likes to go back to Cape Cod and go to the beach. 
    She also enjoys going to water parks and she has even been to the biggest water park in 
    America, Noah’s ark! Have you ever been there? Ms. Wahner also often goes to nice, warm, 
    sunny places that have beaches, for example, places like Thailand, Malaysia etc.   

    Ms. Wahner comes up with experiments by looking in books because she has a lot of books 
    about experiments. She and the homeroom teachers often discuss what experiments the 
    classrooms do. Every year the grades do the same experiments, but they also add new ones. Ms. 
    Wahner really likes to study technology. She has a computer and likes to go on it and see if 
    there are any new functions she could find out.  

    Ms. Wahner likes to play Sudoku and word games. She raises Foster kittens too. She usually 
    gets four at a time and she raises them until they are old enough to go to the SPCA and get 
    owned by someone else. Ms. Wahner say that it is a little frustrating when children don’t follow 
    directions because, then she wonders if she did a great job giving the instructions. But I think 
    that Ms. Wahner gives nice and clear directions. Don’t you? When children do follow directions 
    then it makes her happy and lots of work can be done easily.  

    This is Ms. Wahner’s twentieth year at H.K.I.S. Congratulations to Ms. Wahner for her twenty 
    years great service to HKIS! I bet in all her years she has been a wonderful teacher! 

    By: Sabrina Lu, Emi Lowe, Catherine Levesque Delaney Rasner, Arielle Lee, and Sidney Lee 
                                  DR. KELSH
    Dr. Kelsh, our upper primary principal, is a very kind and caring
    person known to be well liked by the school children. He feels that
    H.K.I.S is a lovely place to be because there are great parents,
    teachers, faculty members and students. He says that children in the
    upper primary are doing great teamwork and making lots of effort.
    He also thinks that this school has very good resources. He chose to
    be the Upper Primary principal because he believes that the grade
    3 through grade 5 is the best years of schooling.

    Dr. Kelsh lets all the kids that come to his office for naughtiness fill out a
    form about how they made bad choices and how they could handle the
    situation without doing any harm. Of course all the other principals also do
    the same thing. He says that “people will learn from mistakes. After they
    fill out this form they will become better”. I fully agree with Dr. Kelsh. Do

    Dr. Kelsh usually goes to visit Fargo, North Dakota, California, and
    Oregon. But he more frequently visits Minnesota where his family lives.
    Every two years Dr. Kelsh and his whole family would meet each other in
    a pleasant place. His favourite activities during the summer vacation are
    to play tennis, ride his bike in Oregon, run, and swim. But his most
    favourite thing to do is to get together with his whole family.

    Dr. Kelsh was an English major. He likes many subjects but his favourite
    subjects are language arts, reading, writing and literature. Dr. Kelsh’s
    favourite color is blue. He likes it because whenever he sees blue it
    makes him happy!

    Dr. Kelsh likes being in classrooms and observing what the children are
    doing. He also observes the children’s behaviour and how well the
    teachers of Upper Primary teach. This is the ninth year Dr. Kelsh has
    been here in H.K.I.S. He feels that this year will be his best year because
    he thinks that things are starting to come together well. Before Dr. Kelsh
    came here he was a principal in Peru.

    Dr. Kelsh would feel sad and disappointed when people bully each other.
    We all know that there are four rules in the Upper Primary, they all have
    something to do with No Bullying! We all like Dr. Kelsh because he is a
    very good and kind hearted person.

    Written by Sabrina Lu.

    Interviewers are: Sabrina Lu, Emi Lowe, Delaney Rasner, Catherine
    Levesque, Sidney Lee and Arielle Lee.
E      M   R    O   C   L   L   S     S   F   L   A   T     N   O    J   S   L   I     S      S   F   H   T   S
S      H   H    O   U   U   C   N     C   S   E   N   L     S   L    L   L   T   R     E      I   B   U   K   K
H      H   K    S   S   L   H   A     O   A   R   I   C     S   H    W   A   L   A     L      E   R   S   R   E
A      L   A    R   A   A   L   S     T   R   H   O   L     T   A    I   R   A   A     R      T   A   A   L   A
S      A   A    R   N   P   U   E     I   F   I   R   R     L   S    S   D   S   M     L      F   H   L   R   S
A      E   F    H   K   L   O   M     A   F   I   A   E     A   R    A   H   K   E     I      S   I   L   L   P
A      U   A    H   C   S   H   T     M   A   N   S   F     G   S    R   O   H   M     R      L   A   S   H   K
E      P   E    H   L   O   E   E     A   E   H   W   H     A   W    S   A   S   E     N      N   S   O   H   I
T      R   C    E   O   O   E   A     O   R   K   K   O     T   A    T   S   G   P     U      O   T   K   R   S
N      G   D    L   C   R   O   I     U   E   G   R   N     L   H    H   I   A   T     E      O   U   S   U   U
E      M   S    O   K   E   S   A     E   E   N   A   A     E   C    T   B   N   T     H      B   I   E   C   N
A      A   O    E   L   A   K   E     R   I   U   K   F     H   S    W   I   A   S     D      E   L   F   E   P
E      N   A    L   C   P   F   K     H   I   E   H   E     R   S    F   K   H   W     E      L   T   A   L   E
H      O   U    R   W   R   H   C     K   H   K   L   E     L   E    E   A   B   A     H      O   M   K   E   S
R      L   S    E   L   L   R   I     S   S   R   N   A     U   A    E   T   R   S     C      T   R   S   G   S
F      F   L    P   L   U   P   I     N   E   O   C   L     H   I    H   L   I   R     W      A   N   L   K   I
N      O   M    T   A   L   F   C     B   I   T   B   L     E   W    A   W   I   H     H      A   I   U   T   U
T      S   L    E   H   Y   H   M     L   H   L   B   A     I   C    R   O   K   S     W      R   I   A   E   U
S      P   S    S   L   T   U   A     O   I   F   L   T     O   A    I   E   D   C     J      T   H   N   D   H
L      T   H    L   C   C   E   A     R   R   A   A   S     A   N    N   R   L   A     A      S   A   K   N   C
E      I   E    C   U   S   S   U     G   R   A   N   T     T   R    A   S   H   L     I      B   N   E   S   R
I      J   S    C   S   E   S   H     N   I   G   F   E     T   P    F   A   A   F     I      E   P   N   R   U
L      N   A    R   A   B   N   L     I   L   S   P   L     O   R    N   S   G   E     C      K   A   M   E   G
M      E   S    N   E   A   T   I     I   T   A   H   E     T   A    U   O   E   S     S      K   E   K   U   S
S      R   S    E   R   T   H   J     A   P   A   L   I     R   E    D   S   O   L     A      A   C   K   A   H

    clownfish                       dogfish               catfish                    dolphin
    jellyfish                       seaurchin             seahorse                   starfish
    killerwhale                     shark                 bluefintuna                seal
    humpbackwhale                   sealion               seasnail                   turtle
    seacucumber                     tigershark            leopardshark               greatwhiteshark

    By: Sabrina Lu and Gwyneth Wei 
                                  Candy is sweet

                         And it comes in many flavors 

                                 Neat wrappers 


                                     Yummy candy 

                 By: Margaret Szweda 

                     By Shayla Sandoval, Michelle Tay, and Jasmine Oh

C   X    A   V   E   H     O     F      E   K    H     Z    J    R      S   I   F   R   Y
H   M    B   X   W   C     O     N      S   W    R     J    V    E      Y   R   S   U   J
O   N    U   R   Z   S     W     I      Q   E    K     Y    I    W      U   S   C   G   D
C   Z    M   F   S   F     C     L      E   Q    K     M    K    I      E   E   K   W   I
O   A    H   H   F   E     E     G      O   Z    M     A    T    Z      E   O   P   C   E
L   M    O   L   C   I     N     Q      X   U    A     S    C    Z      P   U   B   Z   G
A   S    H   R   R   H     N     K      G   A    E     B    T    P      R   G   T   R   B
T   F    E   H   W   T     S     S      Y   A    D     N    U    S      U   Q   J   Y   R
E   A    F   E   U   T     Y     U      Y   R    H     V    Z    L      L   C   T   G   O
M   I    R   I   T   G     S     Y      F   D    L     P    C    L      S   W   N   E   W
A   X    H   L   R   U     G     S      P   H    O     J    Z    E      L   L   Q   A   N
U   T    N   C   X   Z     O     C      S   D    N     U    J    T      O   X   Z   R   I
X   K    R   L   G   S     Y     G      I   G    L     O    G    D      X   L   J   N   E
L   R    L   J   W   N     Q     U      V   K    X     N    G    H      P   D   L   L   S
Y   R    R   U   L   F     C     M      K   L    W     Y    T    Q      N   R   I   E   L
F   H    X   M   Y   P     M     O      Q   B    Y     Y    G    E      B   U   O   W   J
C   O    O   K   I   E     S     G      F   G    R     I    P    M      F   J   T   Q   A
X   T    P   D   T   W     M     W      M   F    F     P    R    N      Y   Z   K   S   E
R   U    X   Z   J   N     R     D      U   T    Q     J    C    E      S   K   K   L   Q

        BROWNIE                         CHOCOLATE                           COOKIES
        CUPCAKES                        DOUGHNUTS                            FRUITS
        GUMMIES                          ICECREAM                            JELLO
        MCFLURRY                          MUFFINS                           SLURPEE
                           Bookworm Recommendations 

The Lightning Thief is the right book for you. The first part is a 
little slow, but don’t abandon it!  This story is about a boy that 
learns a secret, finds out about his fate, and helps uncle. I hope 
you enjoy this book.  By: Jay Lee  

Meet Julie                       By Shayla Sandoval

                            Have you seen this book in our library? It is called “Meet Julie” by
                            Megan McDonald, also author of the Judy Moody books. Julie is one
                            of the American Girls and her books tell about growing up in the
                            1970’s. Julie is facing lots of changes. She has to move to a new
                            house, far away from her friend, Ivy. That means that she’ll have to go
                            to a new school too. Although Julie is a girl, she enjoys shooting hoops
                            with her dad. When she finds out that there is a basketball team at her
                            new school, she is interested in joining. The only problem is this: she
                            can’t join because she’s a girl. Julie will do everything she can to get
                            herself on the team.

Will Julie prove herself good enough? Will she handle all the changes that are happening so
quickly? Will she ever make friends with the other kids? Read this beautifully illustrated book to
find out.

The Thief Lord: If you’re looking for a good book and 
can’t find one then I have a book for you. Are you 
interested in adventure? Puzzling questions that can’t be 
answered until the end? Do you like secrets?   

The Thief Lord is full of all that and even more. It will 
make you want to keep on reading, believe me. Cornelia 
Funke is also the author of Ink Heart, Ink spell and Dragon 
Rider. If you’ve read any of those books, then you’ll love 
this one.                              Book Review By: Lila Szweda 


Do you want to know how to make a pokeball on Microsoft word? Get 2 arches 
and flip one 180 degree. Hold shift and click on both. Right click and choose 
grouping. Then choose group. (Be sure to make the top one red first.) You’re 

By: Alan Luo          

    HKIS’ Assistant Principal Mr. Advento
       Favorite Animal        Leopard                 Favorite color          Blue
                                                     By: Kate J, Evan S and Morgan Z

     Favorite Movie       Kung Fu Panda          Favorite Book The Three Questions

      Favorite Food        Italian Food               Reside            Repulse Bay

       Free Time     Sports, watch movies,            Grew up             New York 
           spend time with family 
                                  CAT FACTS

               By Thea Lovett/ Background picture By: Gwyneth Wei

Cats are the second most popular pet in the world. There are a lot of things 
people don’t know about these interesting creatures.  Ever heard of the saying, 
“Curiosity killed the cat?” Well, it’s not really that true.  

Cats have some very close encounters, but they don’t usually get hurt. For 
instance, Bonnie, a black cat, survived a seven week ordeal trapped under a 
bathtub that was under construction. Workers accidently tiled her in when 
repairing the bathroom. Amazingly, when she was found seven weeks later, she 
was unharmed.  

There was once a cat shot by an arrow. Police don’t know who did it, but the cat 
survived uninjured.  Yet another survival story is of fat cats who fell off a tin roof 
and down a heating shaft. They had to be rescued by construction workers.  

So, curiosity can NOT kill the cat, but it can make sure that they won’t ever do it 





                                          By: Margaret Szweda 



                                             Animal Facts
    Do you know what a liger is? 

    A liger is a cross between a male lion and female tiger. 

    From nose to tail they grow up to 12 feet long.                                 
    They have stripes and a big mane.  


    Do you know what a Bay Cat is? 

    A Bay cat is a little bit larger then a house cat. It weighs 6‐8lb. 

    It lives in Borneo. 

    Its skin is very valuable.  

                                          B Lil S        d
                                          Solar Eclipse 





There are four types of solar eclipses:   1. A full eclipse occurs when the sun is completely blocked by the 
moon.  During any one eclipse totality is visible in a very narrow track on the surface of the Earth. An 
annuler eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line, but the size of the moon is smaller 
than that of the Sun. The Sun appears as a very bright ring, surrounding the outline of the Moon. A hybrid 
eclipse is intermediate between a total and annular eclipse. At some points on the surface of the Earth it 
is visible as a total eclipse, whereas at others it is annular. Hybrid eclipses are very rare. A partial eclipse 
occurs when the Sun and Moon are not exactly in line and the Moon only partially secures the sun. This 
can usually be seen from a large part of the Earth outside of the track of an annular or total eclipse.

The Sun's distance from the Earth is about 400 times the Moon's distance, and the Sun's is about 400 
times the Moon's diameter. The sizes of the Sun and the Moon as seen from Earth appear to be about 
the same size.

Solar eclipses:  The solar eclipse of Wednesday, July 22, 2009 can be seen in India, Eastern Nepal, 
Northern Bhutan, the northern tip of Myanmar, central China and the islands of the Pacific Ocean. A total 
solar eclipse will occur on July 11, 2010. The eclipse will be visible over the majority of the southern 
Pacific Ocean, as well as the southern tip of South America. Atlantic to Africa, travelling across Ghana, 
Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Libya, and a small corner of Egypt, from there across the 
Mediterranean Sea to Greece and Turkey, then across the Black Sea via Georgia, Russia, and Kazakhstan 
to Western Mongolia, where it ended at sunset. A partial eclipse was seen in the northern two‐thirds of 
Africa, the whole of Europe, and west and Central Asia.

There will also be full  solar eclipses on November 13, 2012, November 3, 2013, March 20, 2015, March 9, 
2016, August 21, 2017, July 2, 2019, December 14, 2020, December 4, 2021, April 20, 2023, April 8, 2024, 
August 12, 2026, August 2, 2027, and July 22, 2028.  Credits to Wikipedia 

By Alex Boltz


    That’s what  you 
    get for bullying! 


                                     I don’t like  


By: Timmy and Matthew 

                                       Pizza Dip

                  Quick and easy appetizer. Serve with crackers or pizza.

                              1 8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened
                         1/2 cup spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and peppers
                                           1/2 onion, chopped
                                        1/2 cup green peppers
                                  1 3 oz. package of pepperoni slices
                                          2 Tablespoons basil
                                  1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
                                   1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
                                    1 cup grated parmesan cheese

               Let cream cheese set at room temperature for 15-20 minutes.
         Preheat oven to 350°F, unless you are using a glass serving dish then cut
          heat to 325°F. Beat with an electric mixer to soften it. Spread the cream
          cheese on the bottom and sides of a 9 “ Pyrex pie plate or other serving
             plate that you can pop in the oven. Top the cream cheese with the
        spaghetti sauce, onions, green peppers, and pepperoni. Sprinkle with basil;
           top with cheeses. Bake uncovered until cheese is melted, about 10-15
                         minutes. Serve warm with crackers or pizza.

By: Jasmine Oh 

    By: Michelle Tay 




By Pavitra Sankaran

How did you feel about getting married? It felt strangely normal. I had a great time
celebrating it and all, but in a weird way it felt natural to get married to Mrs. Willetts.
How did your wedding go?It went extremely well. We planned to have a laid back, relaxed
wedding and it was just that. We had a great time being with friends and celebrating with them. It was a
challenge cleaning the beach after one of the storms but we managed to do it after a lot of hard work.
And the effort was worth it, to get married on the same beach that I proposed to Mrs. Willetts. It was
When did you decide to get married? Why?
I decided to marry Mrs. Willetts May or June last year. Why? Because that was the time when my dad
was visiting and it was like he was meeting his future daughter-in-law for the first time.
How did you feel when you first met each other?
I felt fine. I wasn't sick or anything. No fever, headache or sore throat. Thanks for asking.
                                      Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike hit Galveston, Texas this year. The hurricane was the ninth named storm, fifth hurricane 
and third major hurricane of the hurricane season.  

It started off the coast of Africa near the end of August. On August 1st it started to come west from the 
Cape Verde Islands. In the early morning on September 4th, it was a category 4 hurricane. Its winds were 
around 145 mph and its pressure was around 935 mbar, which made it the most intense storm of any 
type in the 2008 Atlantic Ocean storm season.  

Ike was blamed for 143 deaths. Fay, Gustav and Hanna caused many deaths in the United States. In my 
town, way up north, in the state of Ohio, in a town called Bellefontaine; they had a huge windstorm that 
blew many shingles off roofs and all over houses. This was caused by Ike. Ike caused about 27 billion 
dollars (US) damage.  

Hope you learned a lot about Hurricane Ike. If you have more questions go to GOOGLE and type in 
Hurricane Ike.  

Remember; help people who are in danger by typhoons, hurricanes or anything else. 

By: Rachel Newlon 

           Red, orange, silver, purple, green
        Bright paint splattering on the night
            Like flowers bursting in the sky
                 Boom! Boom! Boom!
              Colors screaming in my ear,
            Like giants drumming in the air.
               Then falling into the ocean
                In a million tiny pieces.
                     By: Gwyneth

          Light spilled in from the window in Sam's room. He slowly opened one eye to look at the clock,
“7:00, 7:00! I'm late!” Sam sprung out of bed, slipped on his clothes and ran down the escalator. He picked
up his backpack and pilot helmet and was about to open the door to his plane when his mom walked into
the hangar.
          "I forgot to tell you, you're not going to school this year." His mom said.
          “But…” Sam paused a second. “I was going to show Ian my new credit card.” Sam said.
          “You can’t because you are going on a trip to the Galapagos Islands.” Sam’s mom said.
           “WHAT!” Sam replied.
          “That’s right and I’ll let you bring one friend.” Sam thought a moment in the pilot seat.
          “How about Ian?” Sam replied. “Sure.” “I’ll go pick Ian up.” Sam said.
          As the engine rumbled to life Sam remembered he didn’t pack any clothes so he stopped the
engine, jumped out and he almost landed on Ian.
          “Hi Ian, how did you get here?” Sam asked. “I was here all night.” Ian replied
          “You were?!” Sam said. ”Did you pack clothes?”

           Ten minutes later… The roar of the engine broke free. The plane soared into the sky, Sam
followed the directions. Fly east for 500 miles, then fly northeast 80 miles and you should be close to the
airport in Boston, Massachusetts.
           Once on the boat it felt different to Sam. Then it hit him, it was a sailboat, not the one billion
dollar motor boat he had at home.
           “Come on rope!” Sam said as he tugged on his rope.
           At the end of the day everyone was exhausted.
           During the night Sam awoke to the sound of wings. As he looked around he saw a faint
glimmering light coming from a corner. He got out of his berth as quietly as he could and walked to the
corner. He snatched the “thing” up and studied it. It’s a, it’s a… Sam couldn’t remember the name because
he didn’t read fairy tales anymore.
           “It’s a Fairy!” Sam exclaimed out loud. He ran as quietly as he could to the kitchen. Once inside
the kitchen he accidently stepped on a button, and as silent as a mouse a trap door opened. Sam looked
around for an empty jar. Once he found one he shoved the fairy into it. As he was walking back out he fell
into the trap door…
           “Help!!!” Sam screamed as something slimy touched him. Sam landed with a thunk.
           “Where am I?” Sam asked out loud. He couldn’t see a thing, so Sam waited for his eyes to get
used to the dark. He waited for five extra minutes while thinking about everything he knew that glowed,
then he remembered the fairy.
           “Fairies can glow!” Sam thought. He lifted up the jar and in the faint light projected from the fairy
he could make out a lever.
           “I wonder what this does?” Sam said as he pushed the lever down. Clunk
           “What was that?” Sam said as a light slowly turned on. “Where’s the exit?” Sam asked out loud.
           All of a sudden the fairy popped out of the jar. The lever. The fairy wrote in the air with its wand.
           “That’s the light switch.” Sam said to the fairy.
           The fairy just pointed its wand at the lever and then wrote: Now it’s not. Ten minutes later Sam
unwillingly tried the lever.
           ‘Crash!’ A ladder fell out of nowhere. “Where did this come from?” Sam said as he picked up the
ladder. ZAP! “Ahhh!!!” Sam shouted as he was zapped into a different world.
           “Wwwwhere am I?” Sam managed to stammer. It was pitch black and Sam couldn’t see, not even
the faintest thing, but he could hear wings beating all around him. “Wwwwwho are you?” Sam asked.
           I am the fairy you captured and my friends are with me. Somebody wrote. As Sam’s eyes adjusted
to the light he saw a whole army of fairies in armor. Sam didn’t dare move because the fairies had MG-
42’s, a very powerful type of gun. Sam thought a moment, then he remembered the fairy was in the jar, so
these ‘fairies’ must be fake.  
          Once the light turned on Sam thought he saw a whole bunch of clones staring at him, but when he
walked closer he saw that they were statues of all the famous people in California. They were made of 24
karat gold and one was him.
        “I’m rich!” Sam shouted.  

One hour later…

          “Wake up you sleepy head.” Someone said while they gently slapped his face. Sam opened his
eyes, a girl was standing over him and everyone was watching. Sam jumped up banging his head on the
berth on top of his.
          “Ouch, what are you doing in the boy’s room?” Sam asked, and then he noticed the sun was up in
the sky.
          “Get out! I need to dress.” Sam said to the girl. “Oh really?” The girl replied.
          Then Sam noticed he was already dressed. That day went by unlike the day before. Before they
all went back to their berths, the boat crashed into a reef and slowly sunk.
Everyone put on a life jacket and jumped overboard. Sam stayed where he was waiting until he spotted
          “Let’s swim around until we find land.” Someone suggested.
          Everyone had huddled together.
          “I don’t think we should waste our energy.” Someone else said. “I think we should stay together
so we don’t get lost.” Then Sam spoke up, “There’s land over by the horizon.” Everybody looked. “Then
let’s swim there before it gets dark,” said a girl.

          Only four made it to the island. They were Sam, Ian, Juliet (the girl who woke Sam up), and last
but not least, a genius (who turned out to be Ian’s Cousin Thomas). Ian was no help at all, but since
Thomas was a genius they built a shelter before it started raining. It sure did rain hard that night. It almost
tore down the shelter they built.

                                              THE TREASURE
         Many days passed without anything exciting happening, until the twenty-fifth day. As usual Sam
walked around in the morning. As he was walking he fell and slipped into a hole full of pearls. As happy as
he was in finding the pearls, he couldn’t get out of the hole.
         “Help me!” Sam shouted startling the others. They ran over, each person holding a handmade
knife. Once they saw him they pulled him out and asked what the white balls were.
         “They are pearls,” Sam said.

          Then everybody started scooping them out with their hands. A billion dollars worth of pearls
stood before them. Then Thomas noticed a little white stud in the hole. Everyone took turns pulling and
yanking at it. As Juliet pulled, the pearl that was stuck to a big chest flew over her head and landed on the
ground. The lock clicked and the chest opened. There sat a block of solid gold with rubies, emeralds,
diamonds, and all the gems you could think of in it.

          “WE ARE RICH!!!” Everyone shouted at the same time. 

                                                  To Be Continued......

By: Vincent Zhang


    Mindstorms are a
    piece of electronic
    hardware Lego made
    ten years ago. This is
    what the newer
    version looks like.
    Let’s take a look at
    the older version Ta

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                      By: Drew

               An Interview with                         Mrs. Scott 
                                    By: Luis & Drew 
What are your hobbies? My hobbies are reading, making 1000 piece puzzles, and 
playing computer games. 
When is your birthday? My birthday is on November 23rd. 
What’s your favorite movie? My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. 
What’s your favorite color? My favorite color is purple 
What’s your favorite children’s author? My favorite author is Roald Dahl. 
What’s your favorite country? My favorite country is U.S.A because I grew up there. 
Do you have any children? I have two daughters. 
Do you have any brothers and sisters? I have two brothers and one sister.  
                                                        The principals will probably be looking 
        You get to be working with Ms. Ryan             at your wonderful work! 
        (the gifted and talented teacher) 

                                                                                 Ms. Ryan will be surprised about what 
The teachers will be looking at you work too!                                    great work you have done! Good job! 

                                           The computers will be reserved for 
                                           you to do some fun work! 


                                                                    When the 4:00 bell rings you will 
                                                                    know that it is time to leave. 


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