Seven+Ancient+Wonders by pengxiuhui


									Seven Ancient Wonders
     of the World

      By Dilon Semmler
•   Built in 600 B.C.
•   Built in Mesopotamia
•   In honor of Nebuchadnezzar's wife
•   Tropical paradise
• Built in 400 B.C.
• Built in Athens, Greece
• Made of ivory over a
  wooden frame
• Moved to Turkey on a ship
•   Built in 350 B.C
•   Built in Greece
•   Built in honor of Artemis the Moon Goddess
•   Discovered in 1869 by John T. Wood
•   Built in 353 B. C.
•   Built in Western Turkey
•   Built in honor of love for a husband
•   Mausoleum – buried above ground
•   Wife drank the ashes in her tea
•Built in 249 B.C.
•Built on the Island of Rhodes
•Built in honor of the Sun God
•110 feet tall
•Made of Bronze
•It took 900 camels to haul it
 away after it demolished from
 an earthquake
•   Built in 200 B.C.
•   Built in Alexandria, Egypt
•   Built in honor of Zeus
•   460 foot marble beacon
    for ships to see from
    35 miles away
The Statue of Zeus
•The statue was made of ivory, I wonder where
they got all that ivory.
•I wish they would have made the insides of
metal, so that it didn’t burn up so quickly.
•I wonder why they moved it to Turkey, why
didn’t they leave the remains in Olympia?

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