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                                        V I VA               VO C E
                                        NOVEMBER 2005

                                    LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT—
                                    WENDY HEWITT
                                         With our AGM just around the corner this edition     community. If you are, or have been involved in a
MLTAWA PD                2              of the newsletter provides us with an opportunity     languages activity in your school that you would
DAY                                     to catch up with what has been happening in           like to share with colleagues, consider applying
                                        languages education.                                  for one of our Languages Activity Grants.
TRIBUTE TO               3              As a committee we have provided feedback to           Some thankyous, firstly to Penelope Ponton who
HILDA DIXON                             the AFMLTA Working Party who are responsible          is resigning as one of our two newsletter editors
                                        for identifying national projects that can be un-     at the end of this year. Penelope and Carmelina
                                        dertaken through Australian Government funding        have done a super job ensuring our newsletter is
APPLECROSS               4              (approx $1.2m annually). A number of potential        professionally compiled and produced. At this
EXCHANGE                                projects are flagged in the National Plan. We         stage we are continuing with our production of
                                        supported the development of materials for Inter-     the newsletter on line as we don’t have the mem-
PCC & BCC                5
                                        cultural Language Learning (ILL) i.e. programs,       bers on the committee to print and send by hand.
                                        tasks and access for a greater number of teach-       If you feel strongly about this let us know, but we
ITALY                                   ers and the development of language specific          would love some extra hands on the committee
CULTURAL TOUR                           annotations of the generic standards for a range      for 2006. Please note our nomination forms in
                                        of other languages apart from Indonesian              this edition. Also thank you to everyone who con-
WILTA                    7              (coordinated by language specific associa-            tributed articles this month at an extremely busy
SNAPHOTS                                tions).This seems to be an essential first step to    time of the year.
                                        promoting the ownership of the standards by
                                        languages teachers.                                   Finally a special thank you to Clare Buising and
JAPAN                    8                                                                    Lesley Heinzemann who complete their time as
 CULTURAL EX-                                                                                 ex officio and treasurer respectively. Both Lesley
CHANGE                                                                                        and Clare have been on the committee for ever,
                                         In this edition we pay tribute to Hilde Dixon, a
                                                                                              contrubuting at a state and national level. We
TAGWA UPDATE             9              wonderful lady and inspiring languages educator,
                                                                                              thank them for their support, passion and guid-
                                        who sadly passed away. We celebrate the suc-
                                        cess of Phil Chadwick and Bianca Petale who
                                        gained DET Level 3 teacher status (Please let us      We hope to see you all for a drink, a nibble and a
                                        know if there is anyone we have missed) and           chat at our AGM Sundowner planned for Friday
                                        continuing with the celebration theme, we con-        18th November (see flyer) at the Oxford Hotel.
SPECIAL POINTS                          gratulate North Perth Primary School, who
OF INTEREST:                                                                                  Warm regards,
                                        launched the National Languages Plan at an as-
                                        sembly this month, bringing languages to the          Wendy
  FRIDAY 18/11/05

• School Award
                                    LETTER FROM THE EDITOR—CARMELINA LA GALIA

• Risk Management                   Welcome to the final MLTAWA newsletter for 2005. What a busy year it has been!
                                    This issue highlights several school tours, reports on Professional Development , classroom activities
                                    and a competition available to all language teachers.
                                    Thank you to all the unilingual representatives, teachers and organizations that have supplied stories,
                                    articles and photos for the newsletters throughout the year! Happy reading!
                                    Enjoy the term and happy holidays!!!! Carmelina La Galia
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M L T A W A C O N F E R E N C E A U G U S T 6 TH 2 0 0 5

  The MLTAWA conference this year was held on Saturday 6th Au-            tural competency which is a position of elevated understanding
  gust at SIDE in Leederville. There were approximately sixty five        between a learners own (first) lingaculture and the target         lin-
  participants from many languages including Italian, Japanese,           gaculture. Karen then went o to discuss how we assist our stu-
  Indonesian, French and Chinese.                                         dents in achieving intercultural competency by the resources we
                                                                          use and also the way in which we use resources. I’m sure that all
                                                                          participants felt (as I did) that it would be great if we were able to
   The morning started with an address from Guest                         have the opportunity of further workshops to investigate intercul-
  speaker Associate Professor John Kinder from the                        tural language learning and how it has implications to our teach-
  Italian Studies Department of European Languages                        ing and learning programs.
  and Studies at UWA.

   Rita Tognini then gave the AFMLTA address and officially
  launched the National Statement and Plan for Languages Educa-
  tion. Rita gave a background to the National statement and the
  purpose of the Statement which is to inform decision making
  about languages on a national basis as well as to provide a frame-
  work for decision making and planning. She also outlined the            Session one was followed by lunch which was delicious thanks to
  three main parts to the document which are 1) the purpose /ra-          Fulvia’s fantastic catering! After lunch there was a discussion
  tionale of language learning, 2) national developments in lan-          panel on post Compulsory language Education with representa-
  guage learning and 3) the implications of the National statement        tives from DET, CEO and AISWA chaired by Clare Buising.
  for juri strictions and schools. Rita also discussed the six nation-
                       ally agreed strategic areas for action which are
                       1) teaching and Learning 2) teacher supply and     After the discussion panel participants attended session two work-
                       retention 3)professional learning 4) program       shops which included Courses of Study presented by Nadia Civa,
                       development 5)quality assurance and 6) Advo-       Making judgments on student learning in the Listening responding
                       cacy and promotion of languages learning. Rita     and speaking strand in primary – using the Outcomes and Stan-
                       provided an in depth and thought provoking         dards Framework presented by Sandra Jackson & Wendy Hewitt,
                       introduction to the National Statement, a highly   Using PowerPoint in the LOTE classroom presented by Angela
                       important document that will guide the teach-      Signorile and Games for the Language classroom presented by
                       ing of languages across Australia in the next      Anne Becker.
                       three years. The document can be downloaded        Session three quickly followed at 3pm which included Progress
  from                Maps presented by
  After morning were the session one workshops which included –           Lindy Norris, CIP2 and LOTE: Implications for teaching, learning
  intercultural language learning methodology presented by Karen          and assessment in the compulsory years of schooling presented
  Bailey, CIP2 and LOTE: Implications for teaching, learning and          by Clare Buising, and "Using a web cam for assessment & report-
  assessment in the compulsory years of schooling presented by            ing in LOTE” presented by Liz Wisse.
  Clare Buising and Easy IT Activities: Creating Listening and Speak-
  ing Tasks with MS Office" presented by Laura Lochore.

                                  I attended Karen’s workshop on
                                 intercultural language learning
                                 which I found very interesting.
                                 Karen discussed iceberg theory of
                                 culture and language teachers can
                                 teach students a very one dimen-
                                 sional, static
  view of culture that focuses on attributes
  and institutions (the ‘visible parts of cul-                     After the third session was a reflection and review session fol-
  ture) such as traditional clothing and festi-                    lowed by a sundowner allowing people the opportunity to network
  vals etc without exposing our students to                        and share their conference experiences.
  the concepts, attitudes, values behaviours,
  practices and lifestyles of the target lan-
  guage culture. We then went on to discuss
  how we can move our students towards
  Kramsch’s idea of the “third place” intercul-
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                                                 HILDE DIXON 1952-2005

Many MLTA members and the whole school community at Applecross SHS were saddened by the passing of Hilde Dixon, a wonderfully
gifted and compassionate teacher, on 10 September 2005. Hilde's influence has touched so many of us and she made such a signifi-
cant contribution both as a parent and as a teacher who was really passionate about languages and language learning.

 Hilde's talents as a teacher were noticed early in her career when she was invited to take up a position as a curriculum writer at the
Schools of Isolated and Distance Education where she developed courses in French for Years 10-12. She served on several Curriculum
Council committees, representing the views of secondary French teachers in government schools and in recent years was appointed
Chief Examiner for the French TEE. She began to teach at Applecross in 2000 at a time when language education was becoming com-
pulsory for all lower school students and took on the challenge of working with the LOTE staff to develop courses which not only en-
gaged reluctant learners but also extended our gifted students. Hilde, being very creative in her teaching of French, developed and
taught an immersion course where Health Education was taught in French to our Year 8 Academic Extension students.

 Hilde showed genuine care for her students, shared her intelligence, knowledge and ironic sense of humour and was committed to
making a positive difference in everything she did. Her untimely passing is a huge personal loss to her colleagues and students, and a
loss of great expertise to our school, the Department of Education and Training, and to the teaching profession. As a parent to daugh-
ters Mieke and Katia who are former Applecross students, Hilde was an active member of our P & C and the parent representative on
the school's Curriculum Committee. Her passion for education and her commitment to social justice ensured that there was a strong
focus on the welfare and opportunities for all students in our school community. Along with the richness of the classroom and cross-
curricular educational experiences Hilde provided, it is her personal warmth and concern for every student in her care which shines in
our memories.

Our thoughts and feelings go out to her family, her husband Jim and daughters Mieke and Katia.

Lesley Heinzman
Head of Languages
Applecross SHS
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One of the main highlights of the year was undoubtedly the French       vanilla plantation, a visit to the impressive sugar cane museum and
Exchange to Réunion Island with the Collège Saint-Michel. In case       a memorable hike in the mountains. The Applecross students were
you haven't heard, Réunion Island is a small part of France situated    treated to a special breakfast and a 4 course lunch in the school
in the Indian Ocean, about 800 kilometres east of Madagascar and        canteen. Special English classes were provided by M. Gasp and M.
220 kilometres south-west of Mauritius. It was claimed by France in     Baby who helped our students to produce a special edition of the
1642 and has been an overseas department since 1946. The                school newsletter, St Mich Infos, in perfect French of course. Our
people hold French passports and the official language is French. It    students performed brilliantly on two occasions when called upon
is a very beautiful island with mountain walks, waterfalls and a        to give speeches in French at formal assemblies. They spoke

                                                                        clearly and confidently and even added a touch of humour,
                                                                        producing great amusement and cheers from the audience.
                                                                        Not only the students but also the teachers formed a very close
                                                                        bond with their counterparts at the Collège Saint-Michel. Two
                                                                     working dinners produced a proposal and a timeline for the
                                                                     continuation of the exchange. As a result, we will be welcoming a
                                                                     group of Réunion students in May 2006 and we will be visiting in
                                                                     April 2007. The cultural and linguistic benefits of such exchanges
Applecross students and their families responded magnificently to have been well documented and we look forward to a long and
our request for host families and so, at very short notice, we were successful partner ship with the Collège Saint-Michel.
able to welcome 35 students and 4 teachers from the Collège
Saint-Michel in March 2005. They made quite a significant impact
in the school and quickly made friends. Excursions to Caversham Lesley Heinzman
Wildlife Park, Coca Cola, Tumblegum Farm and the Perth Mint were
interspersed with special English lessons in the library and Head of Languages
immersion in normal classes. Student surveys reveal that the
highlight of their visit was the River Cruise Disco as they have no
comparable social activity in their school. The teachers also
enjoyed a weekend trip to Rottnest, brunch at the Bluewater Grill at
Heathcote and a flying visit to the Year 12 ball at the Hyatt.

The visit fired the enthusiasm of staff and students alike and a
return trip was arranged for 15 Applecross students and two
teachers in the Term 3 school holidays. After an 8 hour flight to
Mauritius, followed by a 45 minute flight in an extremely small
plane, we arrived at the Roland Garros airport in the capital city of
Réunion Island, Saint-Denis. We were warmly welcomed, not only
by the host families and school staff but also by a reporter from the
Sunday Newspaper, Dimanche, who took a group photo and wrote
an article about us which they published the next day.

The two weeks passed in a flash with an overnight visit to the still-
active volcano, Piton de la Fournaise, a trip on a two-masted sailing
boat accompanied by a pod of dolphins, a conducted tour of a
      VIVA VOCE                                                                                                   Page 5

•       Nineteen students are currently getting excited as they prepare to leave Perth and head to Italy for 2 months, as part of the
        WAATI / Intercultura Cultural Exchange Program. These students will experience the way of life of a typical Italian and undoubt-
        edly return with lifelong memories.
•       The Exchange program is currently under review. There was an extraordinary meeting held recently to discuss the benefits and
        future of the current program.
•        WAATI is also offering a PD Day on Saturday morning 12th November 2005. There are 2 sessions offered– a computing work-
        shop or Intercultural Language Teaching. It will be held at SIDE from 9.30 – 1pm, with a scrumptious morning tea provided.

                CULTURAL TOUR OF ITALY
                       After 12 months of planning, several          Then it was onto Firenze, by night, via Pisa, and of course, we all
                       emails and parent information evenings,       tried to push the leaning Tower back to it’s original position. Our
                       The Prendiville Catholic College and Balla-   next destination was Sorrento but we couldn’t go past without
                       jura Community College Cultural Study         stopping at Siena for lunch and then The Perugina Chocolate
                       Tour of Italy finally departed with Prof.     factory to taste some Baci chocolates. Although we didn’t see
 Fulvia Valvasori and Prof. Carmelina La Galia on 14th September     much of Sorrento, we enjoyed the tour of Pompeii and La Grotta
 2005. Twenty two Year 10 and Year 11 students participated in       Azzurra was a definite highlight of the day spent at Capri. Our
 the Exchange program with Italian sister school I.T.C. G            final few days were spent in Roma, with a guided tour of the
 Salvemini in Bologna.                                               Colosseum and Roman Forum, followed by a visit to the Piazza di
                                                                     Spagna, throw a coin in to the Trevi
  After a day stopover in Bang-                                      Fountain, test our honesty in the
 kok, we finally arrived in Bolo-                                    Bocca di verita and a final gelato in
 gna to be greeted by our host                                       the Piazza Navona.
 families and teachers. The
 school allowed us to partici-                                        It’s fair to say that the cultural tour to
 pate in classes and had also                                        Italy was an outstanding success and
 organized several excursions                                        the students were excellent ambassa-
 for us, including a day trip to                                     dors for their school and country. We look forward to hosting our
 Florence and Venice, guided                                         new host brothers / sisters next August and continuing the pro-
 tours of the city, the Ducati factory, museums and galleries and    gram for many years to come.
 the highlight for many students was the day at Mirabilandia
 theme park, which they attended with their host brothers / sis-
                       Sunday 2nd October, saw many tears flow as
                      everyone farewelled their new families. We
                      then boarded the bus ready for the tour. Our
                      first stop was Venezia and although the pi-
                      azza was flooded, we still managed to eat,
                      shop and appreciate this beautiful city. Fulvia Valvasori & Carmelina La Galia

VOLARE 2 (SECOND EDITION)                                 REVIEW

 The new edition of Volare 2 was released earlier in the year. As    The range of text types is extensive and the student activity book
with the previous edition it is aimed at lower secondary students    gives students to practice writing such texts as formal letters, dia-
and includes a course book, activity book, audio materials, inter-   logues, writing instructions and filling in forms. Also included in
active CD and teachers' book. The series is colourful, lively and    the activity book are language practice exercises such as fill in the
packed with authentic texts, current language and lots of lan-       blanks, vocab matching exercises, information retrieval exercises,
guage practice activities.                                           multiple choice/true and false comprehension questions.

 The resources are most suited to Years 9 however, because there There is also a companion website which offers additional activi-
is so much in the course book it may not be possible to complete ties, quizzes and web links related to the each chapter and oppor-
in a year. This will obviously depend on the amount of Italian time tunities for students to consolidate their learning. Interestingly,
students have and how much previous learning they have.             you do not need a password to enter the additional activities, how-
                                                                    ever, the additional Teacher Resource Centre is password pro-
 In Volume 2 the characters introduced in Volume 1 travel to Italy. tected. There you will find teaching/learning materials, such as
Topics include Destinazione Italia (travel); Una Cena Biologica     tests etc. The website also allows for students completing the
(food); Italia online (telecommunications/postal services/banks). activities on-line to electronically inform the teacher of what they
Linguistic elements range from writing a formal letter, preposi-    have done. There are also tools to develop your own on-line sylla-
tions, possessives and adjectives in the early chapters to the pas- bus.
sato prossimo, comparative/superlative and adverbs in the later
chapters.                                                            To find out more about the series and to get to the companion
                                                                    website follow the links at:
     VIVA VOCE                                                                                                  Page 6

North Perth Primary has recently undertaken a review of LOTE in
order to plan for the future.
                                                                      The Year 7 students were ‘trained’ by Madame Marshall, North
 The National Plan for Languages Education in Australian Schools      Perth Primary’s LOTE teacher, so that they could capably assist
2005 – 2008 was used as the starting point, to provide a clear        and team-teach along side the classroom teachers and help the
understanding of the purpose of LOTE, an understanding of Na-         class (and teacher) with the pronunciation of French words. The
tional developments and clarification of issues relating to quality   students also had posters and other teaching aids to enhance the
and provision.                                                        presentation of their lessons. The
 A subcommittee of the P&C was established to guide and oversee       Year 7 students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to show their
the review process. After studying this document the committee        leadership, ”I liked showing the kids what to do and they looked
conducted a parent survey to gauge views. This information,           up to you. The little kids were amazed that they could say the
along with discussions at School Council and extensive staff re-      words in French,” commented one student.
flection lead the school to review and plan for the future.
 It was very interesting to note that the decision was to continue
the teaching and learning program in French. A main determining        The success of the day was clearly the result of the coordination
factor was the need to consider the cumulative effect of language     and organisation of the school’s LOTE teacher Madame Heidi Kell-
learning, and having conducted a French program for some years        ner-Marshall, but the whole school commitment was the key to
it was felt that it would be counter-productive to discontinue        success, as it is in the success of a LOTE program in general.
 French was re-launched as the school’s target language at a Fête
Fantastique Française, during Education Week. While the school
had had French Days in the past, this day was a normal day but
lessons were conducted in both French and English. The Year 1-7
students rotated through activities such as making parachutes,
learning about the water cycle and engaging in physical education
games such as Les Boules and C’est quelle heure Monsieur le
Loup? (What’s the time Mr Wolf?)


 As we approach the end of the school year, the team at Cultural Infusion would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of
 the highlights or achievements from the 2005 Cultural Infusion Schools’ Program in Western Australia:

  Cultural Infusion Ltd became a non-profit organisation;
 Cultural Infusion had over 200 performances in schools across Western Australia including a tour in Bunbury, Geraldton and Bussel-
 By popular demand, a Western Australian artist, Sutendri, an Indonesian Shadow Puppeteer will tour nationwide in 2006; and,
      Cultural Infusion is developing a Kimberly’s tour for 2006.

 Our 2006 Western Australian brochures are now available! For more information about the Cultural Infusion Schools’ Program or to
 receive a copy of the 2006 brochure contact Cultural Infusion on telephone: 1800010069 or visit our website

  Enjoy your holidays and thanks for your support!

  The Cultural Infusion Team
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WILTA TERM 3 SNAPSHOTS                                          the over 40’s semi arthritic hips and wrists were grooving
                                                                and twirling to the beat!!
                                                                Ibu Dani showed us some basic steps which we could impro-
WILTA’s professional learning day held on 31 July 05 was
                                                                vise and ‘choreograph’ into simple dance routines. Wish I
interesting and informative. SIAPA WA presented a ses-
                                                                brought my video camera.!! Another one of my favourite
sion on aktivitas-aktivitas untuk “menjalin kegiatan budaya
                                                                was lagu “Matahari Terbenam…” which would make our In-
dalam pengajaran Bahasa.” Ibu Dani together with other
                                                                donesian Choir proud. Thank you everyone for the laugh-
members of SIAPA WA imparted many useful ideas for eg.
                                                                ter, fun and camaraderie. I enjoyed the morning.
Tarian dan nyanyian, membuat batik dan cara membuat
kuda kepang.                                                    Terima kasih WILTA dan SIAPA WA.
                                                                Kaye Leckie
 I chose the session on tarian dan nyanyian as I am con-
stantly looking for ideas for class assembly items, multicul-
tural day presentations and end of year concerts. Tarian
Tempurung had a catchy tune and good beat to it. Soon


Sixteen national ‘Flag Raisers’ from Indonesia were in Perth     students were all very impressed with the Indonesian stu-
in August as guests of the Indonesian Consulate to help          dents’ excellent presentation and their impeccable white
celebrate Indonesia’s 60th anniversary since independence.       suits.

The Indonesian Government granted these Indonesian stu-        After the formal ceremonies the young ambassadors were
dents the status of ‘young ambassadors’ to Australia to ac-    given the opportunity to tour the schools and visit the stu-
complish duties that promote a sincere friendship and un-      dents in their classrooms. All apprehension dissolved into
derstanding between the two countries. With the purpose        smiles and laughter during the informal interactions. Some
of getting acquainted with students in Western Australia       students used their Indone-
during their short visit in Perth they visited Curtin Univer-  sian to speak to the visitors.
sity and a variety of Primary and High Schools among which     There was also an opportunity
was Beechboro Primary School.                                  for the children to ask ques-
                                                               tions. Some of these were
These Senior high school students were winners of a Na-
                                                               surprisingly sophisticated,
tional marching and flag-raising competition in Indonesia, for
                                                               for example one year 5 stu-
which they were rewarded with a trip to Australia. Other
                                                               dent asked what the colours
special guests included the Indonesian Consul, Dr. Aloysius
                                                               of the Indonesian flag represented, while others asked
Lele Madja as well as other officials from the Consulate and
                                                               about the training involved in flag raising while a year 2 stu-
Department of Foreign Affairs. Being chosen as a flag raiser
                                                               dent asked, “How are things going after the tsunami?”.
is a very high honour in Indonesia, particularly to be chosen
to represent your country overseas.

Watched by a large groups of primary                                            Edited by Sandra Jackson from articles writ-
and high school students at both                                                ten by Lynne Bennier, Carmen Doyle and Kaye
schools, the Indonesian students                                                Leckie (Terima kasih banyak!)
demonstrated their excellent march-
ing skills and some of the formalities
of the flag-raising ceremony
(shortened version). It was quite
amazing to be able to witness this
important ceremony in Australian schools. Both teachers and
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 CULTURAL EXCHANGE TOUR TO                                             The day trip to Tokyo Disneyland was an exciting and fitting end to
                                                                       this once in a lifetime opportunity for these fortunate students.
 These Year 10, 11 and 12 students were chosen to be part of the
 Cultural Exchange Tour to Japan, one of the main focuses of the        Not only did the group members increase their knowledge and
 WA State Government’s involvement in the Aichi World Expo Ja-         understanding of a range of cross-cultural issues, both within Aus-
 pan, which is currently being held in Nagoya. The Tour was co-        tralia and Japan, but were able to further develop their leadership
 ordinated by the Department of Industry and Resources in con-         and teamwork skills and form some great friendships. This should
 junction with the Department of Education and Training WA, the        ensure that they continue to play an important role in intercultural
 Catholic Education Office and the Association of Independent          understandings in their schools and in the wider community.
 Schools of WA.                                                        Clare Buising
  They were accompanied by five teachers; Ms Siew Lian Conlan (
 Iona Presentation College), Mr Roger Gardiner ( Carine SHS), Ms
 Jennie Lobb ( Newton Moore SHS), Ms Andrea Lewis ( St Joseph’s
 Primary) and Mr Noburo Hagiwara ( Kolbe Catholic College) Mr
 Hagiwara was also the Group Leader, expertly organizing every
 aspect of the Tour to the finest detail, and thus, along with his
 supervising team, ensuring its overall success.
  The students formed part of a 19-strong group of students on the
 2 week trip in July which included a visit to the 2005 World Expo
 in Aichi and several Japanese schools. At the Australian Pavilion at Top Row: Jennie Lobb (teacher from Newton Moore SHS) Matthew
 Expo, they were welcomed by Premier Gallop and officially con-       Francis (Broome SHS)
 gratulated on being chosen for selection on the basis of their lead-
 ership and teamwork skills.                                          Second Row: Cherie Moir (Norseman DHS), Melanie Shanks
                                                                      (Sevenoaks SC), Hayley Davis (Leeming SHS), Elizabeth Nicholls
  Of course, the group traveled widely to such well known places as (Leeming SHS), Deanne Shemeld (Mukinbudin DHS), Alex
 Hokkaido, where they had the opportunity to meet some Ainu stu- Vaughan (Narrogin SHS), Patricia Dumitro (Kalamunda SHS)
 dents, Kyoto, where they were able to appreciate the “Old Japan”
 visiting several places of historical and cultural significance, and Front Row: Roger Gardiner ( teacher, Carine SHS), Loren Kickett-
 Hiroshima. It was here they presented 1,000 paper cranes which Bakes (Narrogin SHS), Zi Fong Foo (Applecross SHS), Zachary
 they had made to the Peace Memorial, with their prayers and          James (Kununurra SHS)enjoying time out at the Yasaka Shrine,
 hopes for a better and safer world.                                  Kyoto.


Kaiwa Day for Year 12 students preparing for TEE oral examinations was held at Aquinas College this year on Sunday 11 September.
 Approximately 70 students from 16 schools attended the day. Students had the option of meeting with six different staff in small groups
to have conversation classes as well as hearing from TEE markers on how the oral TEE day works.
Some staff prepared role play skits on dos and don’ts for the day. Special thanks to Kerry O’Meara, Simone Fleay
and Scott Haddrell for their part in these role plays.
The photos show students enjoying the day and we hope they gained some insight into the oral examination and
handy hints for their TEE preparation. Sharon Ainsworth, Danielle de Witt, Julianne Thwin
  Most of you will be aware that LOTE is now part of Phase 3 course of study implementation. This means that the LOTE Courses of
 Study will be implemented with Year 11 students in 2008 and Year 12 in 2009. So 2008 is the last year or the current Year 12 sylla-
 bus and TEE for language subjects.
  Early in 2006 the formal consultation drafts for all LOTE Courses of study will be available for consultation and final feedback. A sam-
 ple support package containing annotated work samples, sample tasks sheets and sample assessment items will be available at the
 same time.
  As part of the redrafting and preparation of these documents several teachers have been involved in In-house Action Research. A
 special thank you to those teachers who contributed to the redrafting of the scales of achievement and also to the schools/teachers
 who are trialing elements of course of study units (at this stage Italian, Japanese and French). This will involve Year 10 classes and will
 provide important feedback and as we finalise all LOTE Courses of Study Formal Consultation Drafts for April-May 2006.
 Our Youth, Our Future eNews
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1 0 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y P A R T Y F O R T A G W A

On Friday, 21st October TAGWA celebrated it’s 10th anniversary at the Oxford hotel in Leederville. It was great to catch up with people
we hadn’t seen in a while. Especially Rita Tognini who is now the president of the AFMLTA, as well as two of our ex-presidents Frauke
Chambers and Patrica Turner.

Together with the anniversary we used the occasion to launch the new World Wide Project, Bridging The World, an initiative of the
Goethe Institut in Melbourne, with support from the WA Department of Education. Rita Tognini kindly did the honours, in her capacity
of President of the AFMLTA.
Many Teachers of German did make the effort and came along to celebrate with us. This gave us renewed hope, that maybe TAGWA is
still going strong and will survive.
The support from industry, in the form of Achim and Christine Burmeister, who came to have a drink with us and to take some photos
was also very much appreciated.
Sabine Hecht had decorated the venue with balloons and serviettes in the colours of the German flag, as well as setting up a board

“Bridging the World” is an international project, initiated by the Goethe-Institut Melbourne. It is – more or less – an extension of the
“Advantage German” project, a New Zealand initiative which had also been taken up by the University of Western Australia three years

 “Bridging the World” is a booklet comprising testimonials from learners of German from around the world, providing an insight into
their own culture, their experience of the German culture through language learning, and the benefits to their personal and profes-
sional development.

 With German having to battle in the competition with other languages in schools, we all throw around all sorts of slogans and reasons
for learning German, perhaps sometimes feeling a little uneasy about using some statements for our promotional activities, wondering
whether we might be stretching the truth a bit with some of them.

 However, as you can see from the „Bridging the World“ booklet and flyer, people from all walks of life and in all parts of the world
share our opinion on the importance and the benefits of learning German, and we are not guilty of any exaggerations or untruths.

The project will be continued on the Goethe-Institut website next year.

Please feel free to take a copy of the booklet home tonight, it is a great resource for teachers to promote German. The flyers are avail-
able for distribution to students and parents and can be ordered from the Goethe-Institut Melbourne.


The MLTAWA recognises the importance of Professional Learning for all Language Teachers, no matter where they are teaching. Attend-
ing Languages specific Professional Learning is often difficult for teachers in Remote and Country Schools. The MLTAWA are looking to
help these teachers next year with the introduction of a funding allowance.
Teachers will be invited to apply for funding to go towards the associated costs of attending professional learning. The money can be
used towards the cost of the course, transport and accommodation. Further details will follow early next year through the website and
We also invite suggestions from teachers who have some ideas and/ or questions about Professional Learning for LOTE teachers.
Please contact us through the website or Sandra Jackson at with your suggestions.
    VIVA VOCE                                                                                          Page 10

$200 prize for the best activity from a Primary School (2 awards)    School Name
$200 prize for the best activity from a Secondary School (2
awards)                                                              Contact Teacher

                                                                     MLTAWA membership
THE AWARD                                                            number (if known)
These prizes will be awarded by MLTAWA for an outstanding Spe-       Contact details
cial LOTE Event held at your school this year.                       Address
 Your application should be on an MLTAWA application form and
should be supported by evidence which can be
•       student responses

•      newspaper articles                                            Contact Phone
•      photos
                                                                     Contact Email
•      short video clips/CD Roms
•      feedback from school community                                Description of Activity

The awards will be announced at the MLTAWA Annual General
Meeting in November. Reports will be published by the MLTAWA,
which reserves all rights to use material submitted. Hence good
quality originals should be provided.

                                                                     Significant use of the
ELIGIBILITY                                                          Language
The teacher must be a current member of the MLTAWA.
Criteria for Judging
Significance for the teaching and learning of Languages at the
Student involvement proportional to the number of students
studying LOTE at the school                                          Signature of Teacher
Presentation and documentation

    3rd November 2005                                               Please email or mail entries to:

For further details pleases contact the mltawa at    MLTAWA PO Box 605 SUBIACO WA 6904 or email
   VIVA VOCE                                                                    Page 11

                                         MODERN LANGUAGE TEACHERS’
                                       ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA (INC.)

                                   PO Box 605 SUBIAC0 6904 ABN 58 722 602 420

                       ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                            OXFORD HOTEL LEEDERVILLE
                                                 Friday 18th November 2005
                                                   Arrival 3.30pm onwards
                                             Commence meeting at 4.15pm
                                                 Nibbles served after meeting
                                          (Refreshments supplied by MLTAWA)

    1.     Attendence and apologies

    2.    Minutes of 2004 AGM

    3.    Business Arising

    4.    President’s Report

    5.    Treasurer’s Report

    6.    Election of Office Bearers

                Committee Members
    7.    Question and comment

    8.     Thanks, concluding remarks and close

rsvp for catering
Ph: 9242 6104
   VIVA VOCE                                                                                            Page 12

                                       MODERN LANGUAGE TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION OF
                                               WESTERN AUSTRALIA (INC.)

                                           PO Box 605 SUBIAC0 6904 ABN 58 722 602 420

                                            TERM 4 SUNDOWNER
                                   ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Where: OXFORD HOTEL, Oxford Street (corner of Anzac Terrace), Leederville               Don’t forget to use the form
                                                                                        below to nominate a colleague
When: Friday 18th November 2005 3.30pm-5.30pm
                                                                                        or yourself for the 2006 com-
                                                                                        mittee and fax back to San-
Drinks from 3.30pm (first drink supplied by MLTAWA)
                                                                                        dra with your RSVP! You can
                                                                                        get the nomination seconded
Meeting at 4.15pm
                                                                                        and accepted at AGM!
Finger food served after meeting

RSVP: by Monday 14th November (RSVP ESSENTIAL FOR CATERING!!)

           FAX/EMAIL back to SANDRA JACKSON
           Yes, I will be attending the MLTAWA sundowner and AGM

           Name: __________________________________

           School: _________________________________

           Preferred contact number: __________________

 NOMINATION FORM                      MLTAWA Committee 2005/2006

 I hereby nominate _______________________________ to the position of ________________________________ of the Modern

 Language Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (MLTAWA) for the year 2004/2005.

   NOMINATOR: __________________________                                SECONDER:         ______________________

 I accept this nomination for the year 2004/2005.

 Name of Nominee: _________________________

 Signature:         _________________________ Date: ________

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