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					MON NOVEMBER 05 2007
                                                                                                                                    VOLUME 60, NO. 22

Fab Labs make                                                                                              $300,000                                      argonne’s Walter
                                                                                                           awarded for joint                             Henning receives
manufacturing personal                                                                                     university-argonne                            award from german
                                                                                                           collaborative                                 president
                                                                                                           research projects
                                                                                                           T he u niversiTy of Chicago will
                                                                                                           award $300,000 ($75,000 per project)
                                                                                                           to researchers and scientists at the
                                                                                                           university and Argonne for new
                                                                                                           joint research projects through the
                                                                                                           university’s new Strategic Collaborative
                                                                                                           Initiatives (SCI ) program for Argonne.
                                                                                                               “Strategic Collaborative Initiatives
                                                                                                           provide additional opportunities for
                                                                                                           collaboration between university
                                                                                                           researchers and scientists at Argonne         Noted physicist walter f. henning (center) of
                                                                                                           and Fermilab,” said Donald H. Levy,           argonne received a cross of Merit of the first
                                                                                                           University of Chicago vice president for      class of the federal Republic of Germany from
                                                                                                           research and for national laboratories.       German president horst köhler at a ceremony
                                                                                                           “Through shared efforts, we hope to           in Berlin on Oct. 4. henning is pictured with
                                                                                                           create more powerful research programs        köhler and his wife, Eva Luise, at the ceremony.
                                                                                                           in areas that support the scientific          the cross of Merit, the highest tribute Germany
                                                                                                           priorities of both laboratories.”             can pay to individuals for service to the nation,
these chairs, built by students at the Barcelona fab Lab, were created from a single 4-by-8 foot               The following proposals were              was presented to henning in recognition of his
piece of plywood manipulated using the fab Lab technology.                                                 (See “Joint research” on page 2)              contributions to physics research in that country.

JarED SagOFF                                        tags for his sheep so he could keep                                                                  A rgonne Distinguished Fellow
                                                    track of them as they grazed, and                                                                    Walter F. Henning, who is heading
T o build a treehouse, you’ll need a                eventually converted his lab into
                                                                                                           argonne director                              the laboratory’s effort for a proposed
hammer, some nails and a tolerance for              supplying wireless technology for                      to participate in                             exotic beam facility for nuclear physics
splinters. To print treehouses, however,            his town. Likewise, at an old Hindu                                                                  research, has received a prestigious
you’ll probably need a Fab Lab.                     hermitage outside of Pune, India,
                                                                                                           Chicago Humanities                            award from the president of Germany
    Argonne, in conjunction with the                students have built everything from                    Festival                                      in recognition of his contributions to
University of Chicago, recently helped to           temporary bamboo shelters to gears for                                                               physics research in that country.
launch a Fab Lab at Chicago’s Museum                photocopiers using Fab Lab technology.                 A rgonne Director Robert Rosner will              Henning, a noted physicist, was
of Science and Industry. Others may                     “If you look at Fab Labs around                    appear on a two-person panel with Peter       awarded a Cross of Merit of the
soon arrive both on site and at several             the world, the products that they                      Bradford, a former member of the U.S.         First Class of the Federal Republic
locations in greater Chicagoland.                   have made represent individual or                      Nuclear Regulatory Commission, titled         of Germany by German President
    Conceived by Professor Neil                     community needs and not the needs of                   “Nuclear Energy Pro and Con,” at this         Horst Köhler at a ceremony on Oct.
Gershenfeld, director of MIT’s Center               the originators of the Fab Labs,” said                 year’s Chicago Humanities Festival            4 in Berlin. The Cross of Merit is the
for Bits and Atoms (CBA ) in 2002,                  Harold Myron, director of Argonne’s                    (CHF). The theme of the festival is The       highest tribute Germany can pay to
Fab Labs — short for fabrication                    Division of Educational Programs.                      Climate of Concern, which will feature        individuals for service to the nation,
laboratories — support the burgeoning                   Although no definite arrangements                  programs addressing the issue of global       and is often presented to artists,
field of “personal manufacturing” by                have been made, Myron hopes to bring                   climate change, as well as mankind’s          industrialists and government officials,
providing non-technical laity as well as            a Fab Lab to the Argonne Information                   place in nature.                              less often to scientists.
engineers with access to the tools and              Center within the next several months,                     Moderated by Kennette Benedict,               Henning was honored for his central
knowledge necessary to create products              which will then be accessible primarily                executive director of the Chicago-based       role in landing a €1 billion accelerator
that satisfy their individual needs.                to touring school groups. Ideally,                     Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the        facility to be built at GSI Darmstadt
    Each Fab Lab uses open-source                   he said, Argonne, the University of                    panel discussion will center around the       while serving as director of that center,
software programs developed at and                  Chicago and the Museum of Science                      debate over the expanded use of nuclear       Germany’s premier nuclear physics
provided by the CBA to run a group of               and Industry would then jointly promote                power in light of the role fossil fuels are   research facility. The Facility for
off-the-shelf, though sophisticated and             the creation of roughly five to 10                     believed to have contributed to global        Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR),
expensive, tools: laser cutters, minia-             “storefront” Fab Labs throughout the                   climate change.                               an international collaboration involving
ture milling machines that print circuit            Chicago metropolitan area.                                 The “Nuclear Energy, Pro and Con”         14 nations, will be the site of advanced
boards, jigsaws with a precision of a                   “I don’t think we’re going to have                 panel will take place Saturday, Nov. 10,      physics, biological and materials
millionth of a meter and a few others.              one on the Magnificent Mile, but we can                from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in the Claudia     research. Construction is expected to
Instead of cranking an Allen wrench                 have them in schools, in disadvantaged                 Cassidy Theater at the Chicago Cultural       begin in November.
or turning a screwdriver, newly minted              communities, in the suburbs, in rural                  Center, 78 E. Washington St., Chicago.             “Accepting such a prestigious
inventors need only write a bit of com-             areas and at museums,” he said. The                        CHF is presenting the discussion in       award was a little embarrassing,
puter code and press a couple of buttons            projects at these Fab Labs could satisfy               partnership with Lyric Opera of Chicago.      because FAIR is the result of the
to create their devices. Other users can            artistic, technical, commercial or                         Tickets for both events are $5            efforts of a great many individuals,”
then take the code used to create these             educational needs.                                     in advance. There is a $2 per ticket          said Henning, “However, I appreciate
products to make perfect replicas, or                   “Here’s a chance to recover the                    surcharge for tickets purchased at the        the gesture very much. It is indeed a
they can tweak the instructions and cre-            spirit of ‘if you can think of it, you                 door. Tickets can be purchased online         great honor.”
ate an original design.                             should also be able to make it,’” said                 or by phone at (312) 494-9509 from 10             Henning left GSI Darmstadt and
    Although the Fab Labs currently                 Argonne Director Robert Rosner. “This                  a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.            a faculty position at the University of
in operation use common tools and                   is a lesson located at the very heart of                   Tickets are nonrefundable.                Frankfurt in June to rejoin Argonne and
software, the devices they have                     thinking about where our country will                      More information on the festival,         head up the laboratory’s effort to build
produced vary widely from lab to lab.               be — not just in the 21st century, but                 which runs from Saturday, Oct. 27,            a proposed exotic beam facility for
In rural northern Norway, a shepherd                even further in the future as well.”                   through Sunday, Nov. 11, is online. n         nuclear physics research. Henning had
started a Fab Lab to build wireless                 (See “Fab labs” on page 2)                                               (See “Henning” on page 2)

                                                                                          Office of        INSIDE n DUckwORth tO spEak n cLOsURE Of G aND k wiNGs n aRGONNE
                                                                                          Science          acqUiREs fiRst sicORtEx sUpERcOMpUtER
                                                                               U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
2 argONNE NEWS / MON NOV 05 2007

Fab labs                                     Joint research                                    15 employees win lunch in PavE contest
(Continued from page 1)                      (Continued from page 1)
    Since users at the roughly one dozen     selected for funding on the basis of the          A T The end of September Argonne                     handout employees were encouraged
Fab Labs — located from Boston to            importance of the work, whether the               participated in the Pedestrian Awareness             to enter the PAVE raffle for a chance to
South Africa and Costa Rica to Japan         collaboration creates a more powerful             Vehicle Education, or PAVE , traffic                 win a free lunch.
— share so much of their hardware and        or convincing research program in                 safety campaign.                                        Fifteen names were randomly selected
software, the potential exists for ex-       support of laboratory-DOE missions                   As employees came through the gates               from more than 300 entries. Winners
panded collaboration between inventors,      than could be achieved by working                 on Monday, Sept. 24, they received a                 received a lunch ticket good for one free
said Argonne computer scientist Ian          independently and potential to achieve            handout which included traffic safety                lunch at either the Building 213 Cafeteria
Foster. “Fab Lab is a dynamic network        an ongoing collaboration:                         tips and information. After reading the              or the Argonne Guest House. n
of grass-roots efforts of people learning    • “Intermediates in the Combustion
by doing, so there’s potential for cross-       of Alternative Fuels,” Laurie Butler
fertilization of ideas about approaches,        (University of Chicago) and Stephen
designs and techniques.”                        Pratt (CSE )
    As head of the joint Argonne-            • “Measuring Atomic-Scale Motion
University of Chicago Computational             in Membrane Proteins,” Eduardo
Institute, Foster hopes to link the             Perozo (University of Chicago) and
isolated Fab Labs into a united virtual         Lee Makowski (BIO )
community. The key to doing so,              • “Atomic Layer Deposition of II-VI and
he said, lies in the grid computing             III-V Semiconductor Materials on Films
technology that he and his colleagues           of Colloidal Semiconductor Particles,”
developed at Argonne. Grid computing            Phillippe Guyot-Sionnest (University of
has already been adopted by a number            Chicago) and Jeffrey Elam (ES )
of companies and organizations that          • “Elucidation and Control of Actinide
rely on collaborative problem solving           Trafficking Pathways in Mammalian
— for example, some hospitals have              Cells,” Chuan He (University of
used grid computing so that specialists         Chicago) and Mark Jensen (CSE )                paVE raffle winners were (back row from left to right): Jim feigl, pat Boley, tom Varga, Jeff Goetzen,
can examine, diagnose and even treat             The university-Argonne SCI                    adam trombino, cheryl Giacomi and Jay Benning in the front row left to right are sue pinder, Mark
patients at other hospitals in real time.    program was developed by the                      Boyd, Donna Gudgel, Evelyn wilder, katherine horkey. Not pictured: Ralph hinterman, Bertold
    Fab Labbers can use grid computing       university as part of the laboratory              kraessig and chris Oldanie.
technology to explore the synergies          management contract for Argonne.
between their different projects in much     The university also developed a
the same way, according to Foster.           similar program for Fermilab as
“We want to reduce the barriers to           part of the management contract for                 rEtIrEMENt vENDOrS tO vISIt FOr ONE-ON-ONE DISCuSSIONS
collaborative innovation, and that means     Fermilab. Grant recipients for the Fermi
allowing people to share information,        program were announced last month.                  argonne’s retirement vendors will send representatives to meet individually with employees
talk to each other or access design tools    The university contributed $225,000                 to answer questions about retirement plans and assets. to schedule an appointment, call the
without regard to distance.”                 toward these projects, including one that           number listed. appointments are for one-half hour each.
    Myron shared Foster’s excitement         involved an Argonne scientist.
at Fab Lab’s potential to create a global        The university has committed
                                                                                                 vENDOr              Day                           CaLL

learning and creative community. “By         $1.5 million per year and $7.5 million              fidelity            thursday, Nov. 8 and          appointment desk
using grid computing, we can all access      collectively over the five-year periods                                 thursday, Nov. 29             (800) 642-7131
an international cross-current of ideas,”    for both management contracts toward
                                                                                                 tiaa-cREf           thursday, Nov. 1 and          (800) 842-2005 or
he said. “The true beauty of it all is       the establishment of SCIs that include
                                                                                                                     friday, Nov. 2      
that the Fab Labs in places like The         collaborative research projects,
Netherlands and in South Africa are          strategic joint appointments and joint              prudential          wednesday, Nov. 7 and         appointment desk – cheryl (morning only)
brought here, while at the same time         institutes. SCIs provide flexibility                                    wednesday, Nov. 21            (630) 285-8876
we’re brought there.”                        to both laboratories in developing
    Although Argonne will have a             or expediting progress in promising
large stake in promoting the spread of       programmatic areas in support of
personal manufacturing,” Foster said,        Department of Energy missions, while                varIEty SHOW IS tOPIC OF                          argONNE CrEDIt uNION SEEkS
“end users will feel most directly the       simultaneously benefiting the scientific            INFOrMatIONaL MEEtINg                             aPPLICaNtS FOr BOarD OF
benefits from the expansion of Fab Lab       and educational missions of the                                                                       DIrECtOrS
technology. There are many interesting       university and the laboratories. n                  informational meetings on the argonne
and, in some cases, tricky differences                                                           Variety show will be held in the Building 213     the argonne credit Union is looking for people
between different Fab Labs. But in                                                               cafeteria tuesday, Nov. 6, and wednesday,         to apply for a position on the Board of Directors.
every case we’re empowering people by
giving them the ability to create truly
                                             Henning                                             Nov. 7, at noon.
                                                                                                     the variety show will feature the talents
                                                                                                                                                       the application acceptance period will be
                                                                                                                                                   from Oct. 15 to Nov. 17.
impressive things.” n                        (Continued from page 1)                             of argonne, DOE and University of chicago             applications can be picked up at the main
                                             worked three previous stints at Argonne,            employees, family and friends — magicians,        or branch offices. questions can be directed
                                             most recently in the early to late                  singers, dancers, instrumentalists, comedians     to phil wilt at ext. 2-3969.
                                             nineties, when he served as director of             and other artists. the show will take place           More information is available online at
                                             the Physics Division. He now holds the              in March 2008. anyone interested in     
                                             title of Argonne Distinguished Fellow,              participating or volunteering should attend.
                                             the highest scientific and engineering                                                                WOrkSHOP PrOvIDES StEPS tO a
                                             rank at the laboratory.                             Hr CLaSSES                                        SECurE rEtIrEMENt
                                                  Argonne is one of the sites
                                             competing for a new facility proposed               human Resources is offering the following         Employees are invited to “six steps to a secure
                                             by DOE for generating rare isotopes,                classes during October and November               Retirement,” a workshop offered by wachovia
                                             which could revolutionize mankind’s                 • “art of Giving and Receiving feedback”          securities (a prudential representative).
                                             knowledge of nuclei, the core of matter                 (part of the critical conversation series)        the workshop provides guidance on
                                             and the fuel of stars. The facility could               (hR397) — tuesday, Nov. 13, 1 - 3:30          how to invest money for retirement and is
                                             cost an estimated $550 million.                         p.m., Building 201, Room 190.                 intended for all ages. the workshop has been
                                                  Argonne is collaborating with                  • “Business writing skills” (hR292)               highly recommended by argonne employees
                                             Lawrence Berkeley National                              — thursday, Nov. 29, 1 - 4 p.m., Building     who attended in the past.
                                             Laboratory, Thomas Jefferson National                   201, Room 190.                                    the one-hour workshops will be held
these etchings come from the fab Lab in      Accelerator Facility and a group of                 • “correcting performance problems”               wednesdays at noon Nov. 7 and 21 in the
tromso, Norway, located above the arctic     universities on its proposal. Henning                   (hR459) — Nov. 30, 8:30 a.m. - noon,          Building 213 cafeteria private Dining Room.
circle. the designs are designed on a        expects the DOE Office of Science to                    Building 201, Room 190.                       seating is limited.
computer and then “printed” onto the wood    issue a call for proposals for the exotic               contact your tMs representative to                for a reservation, call cheryl at
by extremely precise saws and cutters. One   beam facility late this year or early               enroll or Betty iwan at for         (630) 285-8876.
program can produce an unlimited number of   next year, and the winning proposal                 more information.
replicas. Photos by Jared Sagoff.            selected by next summer. n

                                                                  argonne News is published bi-weekly for argonne employees by       submit classified ads online at
                                                                  communications and public affairs. n send news items to Editor     Argonne_News/Classified_Ads n Deadline for all materials is
                                                                  Dave Jacqué, Building 201, Room 261 (c&pa-201 ). Voice: ext.       5 p.m. friday. n argonne National Laboratory is managed by
                                                                  2-5582. fax: ext. 2-5274. E-mail: n                  Uchicago argonne, LLc for the U.s. Department of Energy.
                                                                                                                                                MON NOV 05 2007 / argONNE NEWS 3

Duckworth to speak at Nov. 8 recognition                                                           Closure of g and k Wings reflects national
                                                                                                   priorities, budget realities
                        A rgonne will                    Duckworth has served as commander
                        celebrate the                of a 15-ship Blackhawk helicopter compa-      rOBErt rOSNEr, argONNE DIrECtOr              inside and outside of the nuclear en-
                        contributions of             ny, supervising the training for 60 aircrew                                                ergy area. Recognizing that there will
                        America’s veterans           members and overseeing maintenance            A rgonne ’ s contributions to the nation’s   still be a need to perform cutting-edge
                        at a ceremony                for more than $50 million in equipment.       nuclear energy program have been             experimental work, we plan to leverage
                        Thursday, Nov.               As battle captain and assistant operations    visionary and transformative, from our       the DOE’s robust experimental facili-
                        8. All employees             officer, she helped with planning, assign-    origins in the design of the first nuclear   ties at other DOE sites. Argonne and
Duckworth               whose schedules              ing and tracking combat missions of a         reactors to our recent advances in closing   Savannah River National Laboratory
permit are invited to attend.                        500-soldier aviation taskforce in Iraq, and   the fuel cycle and developing new reactor    are currently formalizing a partner-
    The event will start at 11:15 a.m.               flew more than 200 combat hours as a          technologies. For Argonne to continue to     ship to collaborate in basic and ap-
in the Building 402 Auditorium with                  Blackhawk pilot. It was during a mission      make significant impacts on the nation’s     plied separations R&D and to conduct
a musical presentation by Tim Branch                 in November 2004 that a rocket-propelled      nuclear energy program, from time to         various types of nuclear experiments in
(EQO ) and Jim Corsolini (TSD ). The                 grenade struck the cockpit of her heli-       time we need to pause and reevaluate our     facilities at Savannah River.
Argonne Choral Group will also honor                 copter and exploded. Duckworth suffered       programmatic strategic objectives.                My decision to not restart the
the nation’s veterans in song.                       grave injuries, losing both legs.                 The nation’s energy priorities have      nuclear facilities at Argonne was a
    The ceremony will begin at 11:30                     As a soldier, Duckworth received the      changed and to solve the nation’s            difficult one and will result in some
a.m. Keynote speaker will be Tammy                   Purple Heart, the Air Medal, the Army         biggest problems we must focus on our        personnel reassignments and changes.
Duckworth, director of veteran’s affairs             Commendation Medal, the Meritorious           core competencies of long-term science-      We hope to absorb most of the
for the State of Illinois, who will speak            Service Medal and the National Defense        based R&D that incorporates and              employees affected by this decision in
on “Support Off the Battlefield.”                    Service Medal, along with other               integrates advances in engineering and       other areas of the laboratory where their
    As a member of the military,                     decorations, citations and badges.            computation with the basic sciences. As      expertise will be invaluable.
Duckworth is currently a major with the                  Since coming home from Iraq,              we adapt our nuclear program to better            These programmatic and facility
Illinois Army National Guard. Previously             Duckworth has remained active in              serve the nation, we must also address       changes do not mean that we will not be
she was a logistics officer with the                 the public arena, regularly speaking          the need for compliant facilities where      operating nuclear facilities. Our plans call
National Guard in Peoria, managing all               to veterans’ groups, testifying before        we perform our nuclear experiments.          for consolidating all nuclear materials
logistical operations and maintenance for            Congress on issues of medical care for            This past July, I announced the          into one or two facilities. The clean up
more than $1.7 billion in equipment.                 returning veterans and running for a U.S.     temporary cessation of programmatic          and consolidation effort will require
                                                     Congressional seat. She helped establish      activities in G and K wings in Building      significant new resources and will be an
                                                     the Intrepid Foundation and is involved       205. Now, after a thorough analysis of       ongoing effort over the next decade.
                                                     in fundraising to build a rehabilitation      our current situation and discussions             Change is hard, but we have
  ONLINE OPEN ENrOLLMENt IS                          center for injured veterans.n                 locally and at DOE Headquarters, we          gone through it repeatedly and with
  IN PrOgrESS                                                                                      have determined that our significantly       tremendous results. The breakthroughs
                                                                                                   aging infrastructure would require,          we have achieved in the past occurred
  Open enrollment for argonne’s medical                                                            among other programmatic equip-              as a result of creative and innovative
  plans, student verification, and flexible            SErvICE aWarDS                              ment upgrades, new ventilation and           approaches that broke from traditional
  spending accounts will be held through                                                           fire suppression systems. We have also       thinking and catapulted us into
  wednesday, Nov. 21.                                  40 yEarS                                    determined that the costs to upgrade         leadership positions. As we embrace
       Read the open enrollment cover letter              thomas J. kotek (EVs)                    our facilities with the required safety      change going forward, I am confident
  carefully as it provides information on the          30 yEarS                                    architecture are significant and the nec-    that Argonne will continue to provide
  2008 rates, plan changes, enrollment                    francine c. carnaghi (cis ),             essary investments and operating costs       leadership in all areas of nuclear energy
  in flexible spending accounts (fsa ) and                fred Moszur (cis )                       would unduly burden programs both            science and technology. n
  student verification.                                25 yEarS
       Employees with children turning ages               Barbara a. weller (phY )
  19-23 in 2008 must provide student
  verification. Employees must enroll or re-
                                                       20 yEarS
                                                          scott a. Borkowski (EqO ), thomas
                                                                                                   applications being accepted for university/
  enroll in the flexible spending accounts if they        f. Ewing (NE ), Robert N. hill (NE ),    argonne scholarships
  want to participate in calendar year 2008.              Mary R. Moniger (tsD ), Norman D.
  participation in flexible spending accounts             peterson (OtD )                          A pplicATions are now being accepted         Students who wish to compete for a
  does not roll over from year to year.                15 yEarS                                    for the University of Chicago/Argonne        scholarship are required to complete
       Employees with e-mail should have                  Joel L. adams (fMs ), christa a.         Scholarship Plan. Under the plan,            a verification form (available through
  received their open enrollment information              Benson (aEs ), Dominick Bruno (fMs ),    children of full-time, regular Argonne       the DEP Division Office) that must be
  Nov. 1. Employees without e-mail will                   frederic c. fisher (tsD ), James M.      employees are eligible to compete for        validated by the DEP division office to
  receive paper copies of the open enrollment             hogan (fMs ), Donald J. koefoed          full-tuition scholarships. Two students      be accepted by the university and should
  information at their home addresses.                    (fMs ), scott t. Lockwood (Es ), Mark    were scholarship recipients last year.       be received no later than Dec. 1. Argonne
  if you do not receive your materials by                 Martens (aEs ), stephen Ross (xsD )         To be awarded a scholarship, the          scholarship applicants may apply for early
  Nov. 9, contact hR-Employee Benefits                 10 yEarS                                    student must be accepted for freshman-       action. Although such applicants will be
  at or ext. 2-2985.                      Margaret M. Goldberg (csE ), Michael     level admission to the University of         notified of their admission status by Dec.
  Employees wishing to participate in a                   w. hahne (asD ), Michael North (Dis )    Chicago and must be among the most           20, results of the scholarship competition
  flexible spending account for 2008 must              5 yEarS                                     qualified applicants from Argonne            will not be announced until April 1, 2008.
  enroll during open enrollment.                          Brittany L. andrews (Ocf ), ivan         families as judged by the university.        The university will notify only scholarship
       all open enrollment transactions must              kuzmenko (xsD ), George J. Mudry            Accepting a scholarship will not          awardees at that time. The scholarship
  be completed on-line at www.inside.anl.                 (fMs ), Robert Rodriguez (EqO )          preclude the possibility of additional       award offer must be accepted or declined
  gov. an argonne login iD and password                                                            financial assistance from the university     by May 1, 2008, which is also the
  must be used to access the site. contact                                                         to the recipient who needs it. It is         university’s deposit deadline
  the cis help desk at ext. 2-9999, option             rEtIrEES – OCtOBEr 2007                     university policy to ensure that financial       This University of Chicago/Argonne
  2, for password assistance. Employees                                                            need is not the controlling factor in        Scholarship Plan will provide full tuition
  who do not have access to a computer                 Frances r. Clark (NE ) retired sept. 28     determining whether a student can            payment. Scholarship recipients will
  can use the computers available in the                  with 42 years of service.                attend. To apply for additional financial    continue to be eligible for annual renewal
  Benefits conference Room in Building                 Frank y. Fradin ((MsD ) retired Oct. 31     aid, the financial aid PROFILE form          as long as they remain in good academic
  201. Representatives will be available for              with 40 years of service.                and the Free Application for Federal         standing and one of their parents is a full-
  assistance. Bring a login iD and password.           Judith gerches (NOD ) retired sept. 28      Student Aid (FAFSA ) must be filed with      time employee of Argonne. The university
                                                          with 32 years of service.                the appropriate processing agencies          will continue to provide one-half tuition re-
                                                       Craig C. Huber (Dis ) retired sept. 28      by Feb. 1, 2008, for regular notification.   mission to dependent children of full-time,
  PPO, HMO aND EMPLOyEE                                   with 32 years of service                    University of Chicago application         regular Argonne employees who are admit-
  BENEFItS rEPrESENtatIvE                              Betty kinney (NE ) retired sept. 28 with    forms are available in the Division of       ted for study in the College or the labora-
  avaILaBLE tO aNSWEr                                     16 years of service.                     Educational Programs (DEP ) division         tory schools of the university. For informa-
  quEStIONS                                            James B. Levenson (EVs ) retired sept.      office, Building 223, Room M-125, or         tion on the tuition remission program, call
                                                          28 with 28 years of service.             by calling Carol Reynolds at ext. 2-4114.    Human Resources at ext. 2-3410.
  Open Enrollment for argonne’s medical                victor a. Maroni (sMt ) retired sept. 28    Students may also complete the Basic             For information on admissions,
  plans, student verification, and flexible               with 40 years of service.                Information Form and apply online at         contact Ruth Martin, assistant director
  spending accounts will be held through               Bonnie Meyer (xsD ) retired aug. 31 with            of admissions, at 773-702-7944. n
  Nov. 21. Representatives from BcBsiL                    23 years of service.
  ppO, the hMOs and argonne Benefits will              thomas B. Powers (aEs ) retired aug.
  be in the Building 213 cafeteria Nov. 6, 7              31 with 13 years of service.
  and 8, from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. to
  answer questions about their plans.
                                                       Judith reedy (OtD ) retired aug. 31 with
                                                          39 years of service.
                                                                                                                         argonne “…for a brighter future”
4 argONNE NEWS / MON NOV 05 2007

New director selected for university                                                                             argonne acquires first SiCortex
research administration                                                                                          supercomputer
c Arol A. Z uiches , assistant vice                      and research-related policy matters.                    T he firsT production model of a
provost for research, executive                               “As we look to the future and                      SiCortex SC5832, the company’s
director, office of sponsored programs,                  consider the increasing importance of                   flagship 5.8 teraflop supercomputer, will
University of Washington, has accepted                   research administration both here and                   be installed at Argonne. The lab and
the position of associate vice president                 abroad, I can think of no better person                 its community of researchers will take
for research administration at the                       to lead that effort than Carol,” said                   advantage of the unique capabilities
University of Chicago.                                   Donald H. Levy, vice president for                      and energy efficiencies of the SC5832
    Effective Jan. 2, 2008, Zuiches will                 research and for national laboratories.                 to conduct research in a variety of
lead University Research Administration                  “The breadth of knowledge and                           areas, including astrophysics, climate
(URA ), a group that reports to the                      experience she brings to the position                   modeling, oil and gas exploration,
vice president for research and for                      will enable the University of Chicago to                seismic research and biotechnology.
national laboratories and is responsible                 continue to develop and expand critical                     The SC5832 is a high-performance
for providing review and institutional                   URA resources and programs. I look                      computer that dramatically reduces power
endorsement of all applications,                         forward to working with her.”                           usage while providing industry-leading
negotiation and acceptance of awards for                     Zuiches succeeds former URA                         performance. A SiCortex cluster node                   partner. In particular, we share their
sponsored funding, grant and contract                    Director Mary Ellen Sheridan, who                       consumes 15 watts of power, an order of                belief that open source software is
management, information services                         retired from her position as associate                  magnitude less than the 250 watts used in              a powerful paradigm for moving
and training. In her new role, Zuiches                   vice president for research and URA                     a conventional cluster node.                           applications forward.”
will be responsible for oversight and                    director Aug. 31 after 13 years of                          “As we move into the era of petascale                 High-performance computers
management of all research compliance                    service to the university. n                            computing, scaling current applications                increasingly consist of many thousands
                                                                                                                 to work with thousands of processors                   of processors, presenting unique
                                                                                                                 will be a major challenge,” said Rick                  software challenges. In order to operate
                                                                                                                 Stevens, associate laboratory director                 effectively, these large-scale computers
                                                                                                                 of Computing and Life Sciences at                      require extremely fast communications
                                                                                                                 Argonne. “We believe that the power-                   between processors and substantial I/O
                                                                                                                 efficient SiCortex architecture represents             (input/output) bandwidth. The SC5832
                                                                                                                 the way high-performance computers                     boasts the fastest communications and
                                                                                                                 will be designed in the future.”                       I/O of any computer in its class running
                                                                                                                     SiCortex has introduced a new                      current applications.
                                                                                                                 concept in high-performance computing                     Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer
                                                                                                                 by implementing a complete cluster                     Science (MCS ) Division has a long
                                                                                                                 node on a chip, including six 64-bit                   tradition of acquiring, evaluating and
                                                                                                                 processors, multiple memory controllers,               deploying advanced high-performance
                                                                                                                 a high-performance cluster interconnect                computing architectures. Moreover, the
                                                                                                                 and a PCIexpress connection to storage                 division has been a leader in developing
                                                                                                                 and internetworking. The SC5832 can                    open source software that is widely used
                                                                                                                 perform six trillion operations per second             throughout the HPC community.
                                                                                                                 in a cabinet that is less than one-third the              “The SiCortex platform is completely
                                                                                                                 size of conventional clusters.                         open source, from the operating system
                                                                                                                     “There is no more competent and                    to the job scheduler,” said Ewing Lusk,
                                                                                                                 motivated team than at Argonne,” said                  director of Argonne’s MCS Division.
                                                                                                                 SiCortex CEO John Mucci. “Their                        “In addition to solving challenging
                                                                                                                 interests in existing applications, in                 computational problems, the machine
                                                                                                                 fostering innovative new applications,                 will benefit the whole computer science
                                                                                                                 and in exploring and utilizing green,                  community, as they improve, extend and
Marion white (asD) took this dramatic photo Oct. 18 from Building 401, when a severe                             energy-efficient new computer                          contribute to the open source software
thunderstorm passed just south of the argonne site.                                                              architectures make Argonne an ideal                    community for petascale platforms.” n

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