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the smart solution to urban transport

1. Direct Driven Rim Motor:                          3. Disk Brakes on Front and Rear:
• The EVT direct driving hub motor is the first       Double the brake function. Increases safety
  to be introduced in the market.                     while driving.
• It has as high as a 95% efficiency and as low
  as 14.7wh/km power consumption.                    4. Removable Charger:
• Compared to regular electric motors, its            The charger can be placed outside the
  transmission loss is less, and it gives a strong    scooter for recharging. This reduces the
  even torque in both high                                                 weight of the scooter
  and low rotating speeds.                                                 and increases charger
2. Digitalized
 Intelligence Controller                                                    5. Removable
 System:                                                                    Batteries:
• Overheating Protection:                                                   • This allows quick
 When the system temper-                                                    replacement of bat-
 ature reaches the upper                                                    teries when on the
 limit, the system will                                                     road.
 supply half the power or                                                   • Easily allows instal-
 shut down.                                                                 lation of new tech-
• Over Current Protection:                                                  nologies or different
 The current is monitored                                                   battery types in the
 by the controller to prevent                                               future.
 the motor overloading.
• Battery Energy                                                          6. Adjustable
  Management:                                                             Dual Loop
                                                                          Hydraulic Shock
  When the battery energy           FRONT & REAR DISK BRAKES              Absorber:
  approaches its lower limit,
  with about 10% energy                                                   More comfortable
  left,   an      interrupted                                             driving feeling.
  warning will sound and half power will be
  supplied to the motor. If driving continues on  7. LED Display Energy Status:
  half power, a continuous warning will sound      Precisely shows the battery energy status.
  and then the power will shut down.
                                                  8. Brake cut-off feature:
• Power (P), Economic (E) dual driving modes:
  Different driving modes that can be selected     Once brake is used battery power is cut to
  by the driver for bursts in speed, hill climbs,  the motor.This increases safety and battery
  and conservation of battery power.               efficiency
• Power Shut Off when Braking:
                                                     9. No Transmission mechanism noise:
  This is to prevent accelerating whilst braking.
  This feature saves battery energy and also          There is no belt, chain or gear noise, this
  prevent the motor from overheating.                 decreases noise pollution.

      Light Blue

                                           EVT 4000E SPECIFICATIONS

Riding Range:                         Brakes:
40-50km (ECE-47 TEST Standard)        Front Disk & Rear Disk
Climbing:                             Lamps:
14.2 Degrees                          Front (Hi-Low) Hi 18W x 2Low 18W x
                                      2, Plate 5W,
Motor Type:                           Brake 21W,Winker 10Wx 4
48V BRUSHED, MAX, H.P. 3.06 Hp, 755
rpm                                   Dimension:
                                      L x W x H - 170 x 63 x 99
PWM                                   Axle Length:
                                      126 cm
Max Speed:
45-55 Km/Hr                           Total Weight:
                                      125 kg
Charging Time:
4-6 Hrs.                              Optional Accessories Available
Battery Type:                         Windshield and Carrier box
Lead Acid, 12V x 50Ah x 4

      Purple & White
      Metallic Black

                                          EVT 168 SPECIFICATIONS

Riding Range:                    Brakes:
40-50km (ECE-47 TEST Standard)   Front Drum & Rear Disk
Climbing:                        Lamps:
14.2 Degrees                     Front (Hi/Low 12V/35W)
                                 Plate 12V/5W,
Motor Type:                      Brake 12V/21W, Indicator 12V/10Wx 4
H.P. 3.06 Hp, 755 rpm            Dimension:
                                 L x W x H - 165 x 74 x 121cm
PWM                              Axle Length:
                                 121 cm
Max Speed:
45-55 Km/Hr                      Total Weight:
                                 128 kg
Charging Time:
4-6 Hrs.                         Optional Accessories Available
Battery Type:                    Windshield & Carrier box
Lead Acid, 12V x 50Ah x 4

01. How far can the electric scooter go while          with the other electric scooters do. All the
in the fully charged position?                         components are modular design; therefore,
Usually it can be ridden for about 50 km. But it may   maintenance is not only easy, but also convenient
have different driving performance according to the    (because the regular scooter dealer can do most of
drivers' habits of speed acceleration and loading      the maintenance).
weight.                                                The regular expendables like tires, bulbs, etc can be
                                                       found in the regular scooter store. Besides that, EVT
02. Would it be out of energy on the road?             company provides one year warranty for all the
How to deal with this situation?                       components except battery and expendables.
The warning beep will sound together with the LED

yellow light on in the low                                                      08. Are there any
energy level (only 5 - 8 km                                                     dangers while washing
distance energy left). It                                                       the electric scooter?
means it's the time to                                                          NO. Due to its DC current

                                   HOW FAR
charge the battery. As the                                                      source and 48V system
battery energy reduces, the                                                     design, there is no danger
driver can feel that the                                                        when the scooter is wet.
acceleration and extreme                                                        But the user should be
speeding will be decreased
as well.                           CAN THE                                      advised not pouring the
                                                                                water directly to the charger
                                                                                outlet, controller and

03.What is the climbing                                                         internal battery set while
ability?                                                                        cleaning.
10.0 km/hr @ 14slope/1p
24.5 km/hr @ 8° slope/1p                                                        09. Is it easy to recharge

04. Is it uncomfortable
to ride?
                                   SCOOTER                                      the battery?
                                                                                YES.The users just need to
                                                                                insert the input plug into
According to the drivers'                                                       the wall outlet of AC 230V.
experiences, riding on
electric scooter is more
comfortable than riding on
                                     GO?                                        This will start to recharge
                                                                                the batteries.

petrol-powered scooter.                                                         10.What is the battery's
                                                                                cycle life?
05. Does the electric                                                           300-500 cycles, depending
scooter need to be warmed up?                          on the users' operation. The battery's cycle life will
No.The driver just needs to turn on the main switch    reduce or damage if insufficient charge status is
then go.                                               retained for a long period of time. Normally the
                                                       battery can last about 1.5-2 year.
06. Does the driver need helmet while
driving?                                               11. How to know the battery status and
Yes. The driver needs to wear the helmet, just like    conditions?
the rule for regular scooter use.                      The display panel has a row for LED lights which
                                                       indicate the amount of power available.
07. Is the electric scooter easy to maintain?          A. Full energy: First green light on
YES. EVT electric scooter is designed for the          B. 50% energy left: Second green light on
purpose of easy and low maintenance. Because lack      C. 10% energy left:Yellow light on and warning beep
of petrol-powered scooter's system such as engine,     sound (Charging recommend)
transmission, transaxle, carburetor, ignition plug,    Reached lowest safety limit: Red light on (Charging
gasoline/lubricant container make EVT scooter easy     immediately)
and low maintained.
The unique design of direct driven system makes
EVT scooter much easier to maintain compared                                          Continued Overleaf

12. If one of the batteries is dead, do I need to       limit (except expendables). Standard battery
change them all?                                        warranty is six months.
Not necessary. Ask your dealer to check the
battery condition, and then replace the dead            17.What is the P/E mode for?
batteries.                                              Power (P)/Economic (E) dual driving modes:
                                                        Selectable by the user when driving on different
13. Is there any possibilities that user will get       road situations. Using power driving mode shall
burnt while riding on the scooter?                      consume more power and reduce the driving range.
NOT A CHANCE! Because electric scooter does
not have an exhaust pipe, the                                                         18. Can you use an

user won't get burnt while rid-                                                       EVT electric scoot-
ing on the scooter.                                                                   er on a rainy day?
                                                                                      Yes. EVT electric

                                     WHAT’S THE
14.What are the advan-                                                                scooters are fully insu-
tages of electri scooters?                                                            lated and as a result do
No pollution, no noise, smooth                                                        not have a problem
running, easy operation, low                                                          with short circuits.
maintenance and low cost of
energy usage.                         ADVANTAGE                                       19.What are the
                                                                                      advantages of
15.What kind of people are                                                            "Direct Driven Hub
suitable for the electric
scooter?                                        OF AN                                 Motor" ?
                                                                                      A. No noise
People who will not ride more
                                                                                      B. Less transmission

than 40 -50 km are much more
suitable riding electric scooter
                                                                                      C. Less weight
to their destinations, such as
                                                                                      D. Low maintenance
employees, housewives, stu-

dents, guards, etc.
                                                                                      E. Reduce manufacture
16. What is the warranty
                                                                                      F. No need to be
                                                                                      equipped with chains,
EVT company provides one
                                                                                      belts or gears
year warranty with no mileage


   Motorcycle License:                                  Insurance:
   The EVT Scooter models: EVT-4000e and EVT-           The current EVT scooter model; EVT 4000e is
   168, are both covered by the M License catego-       under the ‘category one’ insurance barcket.This
   ry.The M License is a license for vehicles of        is the cheapest insurance category for scooters.
   50ccor under.The M License is not needed if the      The price of insurance varies by age, sex, and
   person who purchases an EVT Scooter already          claims history. A customer can receive a
   possesses a category B License, A License or A1      quotation from any AXA Insurance Call-Centre.
                                                        • EVT 168 is eligible for reduced insurance
   Taxation:                                            rate due to it being single-seater.
   EVT Scooter’s Annual Road Tax is €31, and
   €2.70 for arrears.This is a special price electric   All information provided is subject to change at any
   scooters obtain in the Motor Tax Office.             time by the relevant authorities.
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 EVT - the smart solution to urban transport

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