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President's Report
 Guam Chamber of Commerce "Partners in Progress"

                                                          JULY 2004
                                                           Guam Chamber of Commerce first
                                                           chamber organization nationwide
                                                                   to join NADCP
                                                              The Guam Chamber of Com-                 The Chamber's LIFE SKILLS
                                                              merce is the first Chamber of       YOUTH PROGRAM—a curriculum
                                                              Commerce nationwide to be-          based project utilizing Guam’s business
                                                              come a member of the National       community to provide instruction and
                                                              Association of Drug Court Pro-      training to Guam Juvenile Drug Court
                                                              fessionals (NADCP). The             clients--was a highlight of Guam's pre-
                                                              NADCP's mission is to reduce        sentation at the conference. Chairman
                                                              substance abuse, crime and re-      Webber and Guam’s Drug Court team
Presiding Judge Alberto C. Lamorena, Judge Elizabeth Barrett-
                                                              cidivism by promoting and ad-       shared details of the Life Skills Youth
Anderson, Chamber Chairman Lee P. Webber and Dr. James Kiffer vocating for the establishment      Program and Guam's unique commu-
were presenters of Guam's Juvenile Drug Court Program at the and funding of Drug Courts and
10th Annual National Association of Drug Court Professionals                                      nity partnership efforts with conference
(NADCP) Conference on June 3, 2004 in Milwaukee.              providing for collection and
                                                              dissemination of information,       attendees.
                                                     technical assistance, and mutual support          Chairman Webber was impressed
                                                     to association members.                      by the impact of the drug court move-
Inside this issue....                                                                             ment and reflected upon its importance
                                                           Chamber Board Chairman Lee P.
                                                     Webber, attended and was a presenter         to the economic growth of any business
                   Page 2                            at the 10th Annual NADCP Conference          community. He noted the absence of a
 Corporation Annual Report                           in Milwaukee, along with Guam’s Drug         senior member of the American Cham-
                Reminder                             Court Team, Presiding Judge Alberto C.       ber of Commerce at the head table dur-
                                                     Lamorena, Judge Elizabeth Barrett-           ing the plenary sessions and com-
  New landfill site selection                        Anderson, Dr. James Kiffer and Pauline       mented, “Given the economic impact
              proceeding                             Camacho.                                     this problem has on our communities
                                                                                                                                  Continued on page 2

   Business Opportunities                                                                       Admiral Fargo meets with
   Conference: Sep. 24-25
                                                                                                Chamber members on
           Page 3                                                                               Liberation Eve
     Campaign 2004 Voter
                                                                                                Admiral Thomas B. Fargo, Commander, U.S.
      Registration Drive                                                                        Pacific Command, addressed the Chamber
                                                                                                Membership at a special membership dinner
           Page 5                                                                               meeting held on July 20, 2004 at the Hilton
    Christmas Festival:                                                                         Guam Resort & Spa. He spoke of the Realign-
                                                                                                ment of the Military in the Pacific and how this
   Nov.27th-Save the date!                                                                      Impacts Guam.
                                                                    corporations to submit an annual report to the Department
                                                                    of Revenue and Taxation. According to Public Law 27-57,
                                                                    the report must be submitted between July 1 and September
                                                                    1 of the year following the calendar year in which a Domes-
                                                                    tic corporation was incorporated/chartered, or in the case of
                                                                    a Foreign corporation was authorized/admitted to transact
                                                                    business in Guam. The filing fee for the Annual Report is
                                                                    $100. Failure to comply within 60 days after it is due, shall
                                                                    be subject to dissolution or cancellation of its Incorporation
                                                                    Certificate and Certificate of Authority to transact business.
                                                                    At the request of Chamber Board Directors, the Department
                                                                    of Revenue and Taxation’s notification and sample format
                                                                    for the Annual Report will be forwarded to the members
                                                                    electronically. Copies are available at the Chamber office.

                                                                           New landfill site selection
                                                                    The closure of the Ordot Landfill and the opening of a new
                                                                    Subtitle D Landfill have been long-time priority pursuits of
                                                                    the Guam Chamber of Commerce. The Guam Department
                                                                    of Public Works and the Guam Environmental Protection
                                                                    Agency are currently overseeing the preparation of an En-
                                                                    vironmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a new Municipal
                                                                    Solid Waste Landfill for Guam. Board Director Joey Lopez
                                                                    and President Eloise R. Baza are members of the Steering
Juvenile Drug Court Program- Continued from page 1
                                                                    Group responsible for the development of landfill siting cri-
nationwide, I don’t see why more Chambers of Commerce               teria that will be used to evaluate the three candidate land-
aren’t members.”                                                    fill sites which are Sabanan Batea in Yona; Dandan, Inarajan;
    At the close of the conference, the NADCP encouraged            and Lonfit, Asan. The site for the new landfill will be se-
other jurisdictions to welcome their local Chambers of Com-         lected in late August 2004 and in accordance with the U.S.
merce to become drug court partners and NADCP members.              District Court consent decree, the EIS for the selected site
                                                                    will be completed on December 7, 2004. The competitive
Call for Volunteers for Life Skills Youth Courses                   bidding process for the construction of the new landfill is
The Chamber’s Life Skills Youth Program offers workshops            expected to start the last quarter of 2005. It is anticipated
and classes grouped into four categories: Work or Job Ori-          that Guam’s new landfill will be in operation in 2007. Up-
ented Skills; Life Skill or Personal Interest; Self Esteem          dates will be provided.
and Goal Oriented Skills; Sports & Health Development
Oriented Skills. In each of these categories, youth partici-                Business Opportunities
pants learn and develop basic skills related to a specific topic.
The scope of each topic is focused and 2-hours in duration                  Conference, Sept. 24-25th
such that success can be readily achieved. The average ca-          Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton is hosting a Confer-
pacity of students per workshop is twenty. The Chamber is           ence on Business Opportunities in the Islands on Septem-
seeking companies and/or individuals interested in volunteer-       ber 23 and 24 at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Ange-
                                                                    les. The conference will highlight opportunities in Guam,
ing their knowledge and skills in the facilitation of a Life
                                                                    the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of the Northern
Skills workshop. The course listing and sign up form is fea-        Mariana Islands, American Samoa, the Republic of Palau,
tured on page 6 of this report.                                     the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States
                                                                    of Micronesia.
         Corporation Annual Report                                       In a June 7, 2004 press release announcing the confer-
                                                                    ence, Secretary Norton stated, “The islands offer American
                 Reminder                                           companies excellent contracting opportunities. The Federal
Among items discussed at the July 14, 2004 Board of Direc-          Government recently agreed to send $3.5 billion in grants
tors meeting were the provisions of business license reform         to the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of
law mandating all Domestic (Guam) and Foreign (Off-island)          Micronesia alone over the next 20 years. We send hundreds

2 • The President's Report • July 2004
of millions of dollars out to the islands every year.” Norton
noted that the money creates a great deal of contracting op-
portunities for several types of businesses. “We want to make
sure that American firms know about these opportunities so
they can win their fair share,” she emphasized.
    Norton said that the conference would present a number
of possible opportunities for win-win situations for the islands
and the mainland, If, for example, a California-based global
hotel chain expands by building resort hotels in the islands, it
will create jobs in the islands and opportunities for U.S.-based
contractors. The expansion of the business should also create
jobs and prosperity back in California.
       Visit for
more information about the conference.

Campaign 2004 Voter Registration
                                                                           Hail and Farewell--The Armed Forces Committee (AFC) recognized
       Drive launched                                                      Submarine Squadron 15 Commander (CSS-15) Captain Joe Mulloy and
                                                                           his wife, Beth, at the AFC's July 15th Salute to the U.S. Armed Forces.
The Committee to Get Guam Working (CGGW) kicked off                        Commodore Mulloy was presented with an"Inafa Maolek" coin shadow
activities to encourage voter participation in the 2004 Guam               box in appreciation of his partnership efforts with the Guam Chamber
Election with the co-sponsorship of the Liberation Eve “Get                of Commerce. A Change of Command for COMSUBRON 15 is sched-
                                                                           uled on August 6th after which, the Mulloys will be departing Guam for
out the Vote” and “Zorie Zam” concert hosted by Mid-Pac,                   their next duty station. Shown L-R: Chamber President Eloise R. Baza;
Department of Parks & Recreation, KUAM and the Libera-                     Chairman Lee P. Webber; Manfred Pieper; Gerald S.A. Perez; Captain
                                                                           Mulloy; Lou Sanchez; Beth Mulloy; and, Monty McDowell.
tion Day Committee. The Guam Election Commission was
                                                                          ister voters at the Chamber Office. Call 472-6311/8001 for
                                                                              The CGGW will be conducting a survey of residents on
                                                                          issues important to them this election. An announcement on
                                                                          efforts to elect good candidates to the Legislature is also forth-
                                                                          coming. For more information on the work of the CGGW,
                                                                          contact Simon Sanchez at 646-7993/4705.

                                                                                  Members salute U.S. Armed
                                                                                      Forces: July 15th
                                                                           The Chamber’s Armed Forces Committee sponsored its Sixth
                                                                           Annual Salute to the U.S. Armed Forces on Guam on July 15,
  July 23rd Workplace Voter Registrar Program--The Committee to Get        2004 at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa. About 250 military
  Working launched the 2004 Voter Registration Drive with a deputiz-       officers, junior officers and spouses joined Chamber mem-
  ing of workplace voter registrars by the Guam Election Commission
  on Friday, July 23, 2004 at The Gallery, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa.
                                                                           bers in an evening of camaraderie.
  In the next few months the Committee will sponsor a number of efforts          Special thanks to the following members for sponsoring
  to register, educate and inform Guam’s voters about the candidates       the Salute:
  seeking support for public office.                                       Ambyth Shipping                  AmOrient Contracting
                                                                           Approved Forwarding of Guam Atkins Kroll, Inc.
present to handout voter information at the event, and the                Belanger & Associates             Carlsmith Ball LLC
CGGW gave out 350 T-shirts with a “register to vote” mes-                 Continental Airlines              Dewitt Moving & Storage
sage.                                                                     First Hawaiian Bank               Foremost Foods
     The Campaign 2004 Voter Registration Drive aimed                     Global Foods, Inc.                GMI
at registering, educating and informing voters about the can-             Guam Tropical Dive Station        Hawaiian Rock Products
didates seeking support for public office, continued with the             IT&E                              J&G Company
deputizing of over 50 Volunteer Workplace Voter Registrars                Kloppenburg Enterprises           Mobil Oil Guam, Inc.
by the Guam Election Commission on July 23rd at the Hilton                               THE PRESIDENT'S REPORT is published monthly
Art Gallery. Voter Registrars may now register new voters at                                    by the Guam Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                           173 Aspinall Ave., Ada Plaza Center, Suite 101
work and elsewhere through August 13, 2004. All Chamber                                          P.O. Box 283, Hagatna, Guam 96932
staff members have been deputized and are available to reg-                Tel: 472-6311/8001 • Fax: 472-6202 • E-mail:

                                                                                                               The President's Report • July 2004 • 3
                                                                               AFC SALUTE THANKS (continued from page 3)

                                                                               Motorola                                    MVP Enterprises
                                                                               Outrigger Guam Resort                       Pacific Daily News
                                                                               Perez Bros.                                 PCR Environmental
                                                                               R&C Tours                                   Royal Orchid Hotel
                                                                               S.E.T. Pacific                              St. John’s School
                                                                               Triple J Motors

                                                                               Prize Donors:
                                                                               Agana Shopping Center                       Continental Airlines
                                                                               Guam Marriott Resort & Spa                  Guam Premier Outlets
                                                                               Guam Tropical Dive Station                  Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
                                                                               Hotel Nikko Guam                            IT&E
                                                                               Jones & Guerrero Co., Inc.                  Lone Star Steakhouse
                                                                               M-80 Systems                                NBK Golf
                                                                               Outrigger Guam Resort                       Pacific Daily News
JDC Life Skills: Sports & Health Development Skills Workshop--A Boxing
Life Skills Workshop was held on Saturday, July 3, 2004 at the Dededo Sports   Royal Orchid Hotel                          Hyatt Regency Guam
Complex. On hand to introduce participants to the basic sport of boxing were
members of the Guam Amateur Boxing Federation. Joe Saloma (left), Head
Trainer, and Jarvis Ladrido demonstrate the proper form and technique in       The Chamber extends much appreciation also to commit-
using the punching bag.                                                        tee volunteers and the management and staff of the Hilton

                 JULY                                                          27    FriChristmas Festival Committee Meeting
                 29 Thu         Special Board Meeting with New                          3:00 p.m., Chamber Office
                                Zealand Trade Delegation                       SEPTEMBER
                                8:00 a.m., Chief Gadao Ballroom,               2   Thu  Guam Juvenile Drug Court Program
                                Holiday Inn Resort                                      Meeting, 7:30 a.m., Chamber Office

                                Joint Executive Directors Meeting                              Tourism Committee Meeting
                                12:00 Noon, Outrigger Guam Resort                              12:00 Noon, Chamber Office

                 30     Fri     Summer Swimming & Water Safety                                 Executive Committee Meeting
                                Program Closing Ceremony                                       3:30 p.m., Chamber Office
                                8:00 a.m.-Noon, Hagåtña Pool
                                                                               6     Mon       Labor Day—Office Closed
                 3  Tue         Small Business Committee Meeting               7     Tue       Small Business Committee Meeting
                                7:30 a.m., Chamber Office                                      7:30 a.m., Chamber Office

                 5      Thu     Tourism Committee Meeting                      8     Wed       Board of Directors Meeting
                                12:00 Noon, Chamber Office                                     7:30 a.m., Chamber Office

                                Executive Committee Meeting                    10    Fri       Christmas Festival Committee Meeting
                                3:30 p.m., Chamber Office                                      3:00 p.m., Chamber Office

                 6      Fri     Armed Forces Committee General                 12    Sun       Andersen Air Force Base Air Show
                                Membership Breakfast Meeting
                                7:30 a.m., Outrigger Guam Resort               17    Fri       Christmas Festival Committee Meeting
                                                                                               3:00 p.m., Chamber Office
                 11~15          American Chamber of Commerce
                                Executives Conference, Orlando, FL             18    Sat       Guam JDC Career Day

                 18     Wed     Maritime Affairs Committee Meeting             24    Fri       Christmas Festival Committee Meeting
                                2:00 p.m., Chamber Office                                      3:00 p.m., Chamber Office

                 25     Wed     General Membership Meeting                     29    Wed       General Membership Meeting
                                12:00 Noon, Oceana Room                                        12:00 Noon, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
                                Pacific Islands Club
                 26     Thu     Board of Directors Meeting                     2  Sat          Armed Forces Committee Downtown Fair III
                                7:30 a.m., Chamber Office                                      12:00 - 4:00 p.m., Location TBA

4 • The President's Report • July 2004
Guam Resort & Spa for their participation towards the
success of this important event.
                                                                           East-West Business
                                                                                            For Lease
                                                                                    Spaces available:
                                                                                  1000; 1500; 3000 S.F.
                                                                                  Very competitive rates
                                                                             Full Power Backup Generators
                                                                                  Reserve Water Tanks
                                                                                   360 Parking Spaces
Mike Temerowski, Sales Manager for Triple J Motors, gave first hand                   24-Hr. Security
account of the success a web site can bring a company at the Small                 On-site Maintenance
Business Growth Seminar entitled “How To Use Technology To Grow
Your Business” held on June 23rd at the Chamber’s Conference Room          Excellent Location with Marine Drive
in Hagåtña. The Chamber would like to thank all the guest speakers
Mr. Temerowski, A.J. Rosario and Frank Crisostomo-Kaaihue for their                      Frontage
dynamic presentations!

                                                                                  718 North Marine Drive
 Seminar on technology to grow                                                        Upper Tumon
        your business                                                        Tel. 649-6182 • Pager 721-7409
The second 2004 Business Growth Seminar entitled “How
To Use Technology To Grow Your Business” took place
on Wednesday, June 23, 2004, 7:30 a.m. at the Chamber                 GPD, the Chamber’s Board of Directors is seeking member sup-
Conference Room, in Hagåtña. Frank Crisostomo-Kaaihue,                port of the ongoing recovery/renovation project. Cash contribu-
Program Coordinator/Counselor, Guam SBDC gave an in-                  tions of $200.00 each is currently being sought to help raise funds
troduction to the latest trend in mobile computing. A.J.              to paint Building Nos. 231 and 235. Chamber members who
Rosario, CEO, iCon Corporation, discussed the planning,               support the project will have their names prominently displayed
evolution and deployment of website development. Mike                 at the GPD headquarters. Board Director Joey Lopez and Presi-
Temerowski, Triple J Motors’ Sales Manager, gave first                dent Eloise Baza should be contacted for more information.
hand account of the success a web site can bring a com-
pany. Special thanks to all speakers for their very infor-              Committee plans holiday festival:
mative presentations! A huge thank you to GuamCell Com-
munications for providing an Aircard - wireless technol-
                                                                                Save the date!
ogy – used during a portion of the presentation. The Busi-            Chamber members are encouraged to invite family and friends
ness Growth Seminars are planned by the Chamber’s Small               to experience the Sights and Sounds of Christmas at Skinner
Business Committee in cooperation with the Guam Small                 Plaza! Our Festival Elves are especially excited this year as the
Business Development Center. Members interested in par-               Annual Christmas Festival will be held on Saturday, Novem-
ticipating in similar seminars are encouraged to contact              ber 27th – officially ringing in the 2004 Christmas Season on
their Chamber office for dates and details.                           Guam! Festival highlights include entertainment, food booths,
                                                                      a mini-parade around the Plaza, Santa’s Workshop, Christmas
                                                                      light displays, Christmas crafts, illumination of the Plaza at sun-
     Renovation efforts at GPD’s                                      set and more! Round out your Thanksgiving week-end by wel-
                                                                      coming the spirit of Christmas at Skinner Plaza with whole-
      Tiyan facilities continue                                       some family fun! Sponsorship opportunities will be available
The Guam Police Department is in critical need of the                 to member companies at the August 25th General Membership
community’s assistance to renovate two buildings located              Meeting. For additional information about the Festival, please
at GPD’s main headquarters in Tiyan. In partnership with              contact Festival Chairperson Tes Reyes or your Chamber of-
                                                                      fice: 472-8001/6311.
                                                                                                       The President's Report • July 2004 • 5
                                                         C OUNT ME IN!
             I want to participate in the Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) Life Skills Youth Program
      The Guam Chamber of Commerce’s Life Skills Youth Program offers workshops and classes grouped into four categories:
      Work or Job Oriented Skills; Life Skill or Personal Interest; Self Esteem and Goal Oriented Skills; Sports & Health
      Development Oriented Skills. In each of these categories, youth participants learn and develop basic skills related to a
      specific topic. The scope of each topic is focused and 2-hours in duration such that success can be readily achieved. The
      average capacity of students per workshop is t wenty. The Chamber is seeking interested companies and/or individuals
      interested in volunteering their knowledge and skills in the facilitation of a Life Skills w orkshop.
      Representat ive:
      Telephone:                                       Fax:                                     E-mail:
      Signature of Represent ative:                                                             Date:
      Please indicate [ √] which workshop (s) you would like to facilitate/conduct below, and forward this completed form to the Chamber office
      via Fax No. 472-6202. A brief course description is available at the Chamber office. Your name will be added to the course roster and
      workshops will be calendared accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact the Chamber office at 472-6311/8001. Thank you very
      much for your support of this worthwhile program!
            √ WORK OR JOB SKILLS                                                      Basic Emergency Skills
          [ ] Health Certificate Clearance Training                                    [ ] First Aid
          [ ] Essential Banking Skills/ Financial Literacy                             [ ] Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training
               [ ] Basics of Banking                                                   Arts & Crafts
               [ ] Household budgeting                                                 [ ] Model Building
               Job Application Skills                                                  [ ] Sewing/ Mending
               [ ] Job Search (Selecting Positions)                            [ ] Music
               [ ] Preparing a Resume                                          [ ] Renter Skills
               [ ] Completing a Job Application Form                                   Basic Computer Skills
               [ ] Preparing for an Interview                                  [ ] Driving Skills
               [ ] Interview Skills                                                    [ ] Preparing for the Written Test
               Understanding Work Benefits                                             [ ] Basic Auto Care/ Repair
               [ ] Job Benefits                                                        Healthy Life Styles
               [ ] Pay Check                                                           [ ] Grocery Shopping     [ ] Personal Hygiene
               [ ] Filing Insurance Claims                                         [ ] Cooking/Culinary         [ ] Nutrition
               [ ] E-Z Tax                                                     [ ] Retail Security

               Customer Service Skills                                             √ SELF ESTEEM & GOAL ORIENTED SKILLS
               [ ] Telephone Handling Skills                                   [   ]   Self-Imaging (Self-Esteem Building)
               Tour of Workplace Facilities                                    [   ]   Time Management Skills
                                                                               [   ]
               [ ] Hotel                                                       [   ]   Anger Management Skills
               [ ] Construction/Cement & Aggregate Plant                       [   ]   Coping Strategies for Stress
               [ ] Marine/Boating                                              [   ]   Social Skills (Communication & Collaboration)
               [ ] Pest Control                                                      Citizenship: Understanding the Basics
               [ ] Restaurant/ Fast Food                                           √ SPORTS & HEALTH DEVELOPMENT SKILLS
               [ ] Beverage Manufacturing                                              Introduction to Referee – Multi-Sports
                                                                                       [ ] Soccer          [ ] Basketball
               [ ] Other (specify) :                                                   [ ] Softball       [ ] Volleyball
                   ______________________________                              [   ]   Basic Introduction to Diving
          [ ] Drug-Free Workplace                                              [   ]   Dive Plan & Water Activity
                                                                               [   ]   Water Safety
                                                                               [   ]   Boxing
            √ LIFE SKILL OR PERSONAL INTEREST                                  [   ]   Tour of Gym Facility

6 • The President's Report • July 2004
                                                        over 30 years. Take pride in quality, customer ser-     software solutions company with expansion and
          Welcome                                       vice and availability while always maintaining a
                                                        competitive price. Multiplier has produced over
                                                                                                                experience in the field of Human-Technology,
                                                                                                                Bio-Technology and Environmental-Technology
        New Members!                                    1,900 standard and custom battery types for por-
                                                        table supply requirements for various markets in-
                                                                                                                Solutions. Interested in marketing and integrat-
                                                                                                                ing their solutions and products worldwide.
                                                        cluding communications, medical, computer and           Contact: Dr. Sumeet Madan, Director (Re-
                                                        portable telephony. Looking for assistance to find      search); Address: P.O. Box 166, Dehra Dun
                                                        business partners around the world. Visit web site      248001, Uttaranchal INDIA; Tel: 0091-135-
       JULIE PAXTON – REALTOR                           at for more information about        2747047, 0091-9837002269 Fax: 0091-135-
      Real Estate c/o: BHI Realty, Inc.                 the company and/or products. Contact Name:              2745858                                  Email:
                P.O. Box 6900                           Nydian Suarez, International Sales Representative;
                                                        Alexander Ashcheulov, International Sales; Ad-
           Tamuning, Guam 96931                         dress: Multiplier Industries Corp. 135 Radio Circle,
       Tel: (671) 720-0089/ 632-1112                    Mt. Kisco, NY 10549; Phone: (914) 241-9510 Ext.                Expos & Seminars
                                                        333;     Fax:      (914)     241-9557;     E-mail:
             Fax: (671) 637-7430                                   Website:      WORLD ENERGY CONGRESS 2004 —                                                 SUSTAINABILITY, PROSPERITY AND SECU-
                                                                                                                RITY FOR THE ENERGY SECTOR - You can
                                                        WORLD TRADE GROUP - Experienced exporter
     A-TECH ENTERPRISES, INC.                           of Japanese used vehicles and used pianos. Inter-       find detailed information on the Australian ex-
                                                        ested in doing business on Guam. Interested com-        hibitors at the forthcoming World Energy Con-
  Network, Computer, Training, Billings,                                                                        gress and secure personalised and confiden-
                                                        panies should contact: H.Furuya, President; Ad-
      Webs, Administration & More                       dress: The Head Office 1-51-1 Hatudai Center            tial meetings with their representatives now by
    414 W. Soledad Avenue, Suite 208                    Building 9F Hatudai Sibuya-City Tokyo; TEL : 03-        booking online. Simply visit the official Technol-
                                                        5365-3073 From Foreign Country:+81-3-5365-              ogy     Australia      Event     Site       http://
         Hagåtña, Guam 96910                            3073; FAX : 03-5365-3074 From Foreign Coun-   
          Tel: (671) 472-8324                           try:+81-3-5365-3074                                     Conference Details: The Australian Pavilion,
          Fax: (671) 472-8325                           Prefer e-mail correspondance: e-mail info@for-          Hall 5 of the Sydney Convention and Exhibi-
                                               HP                       tion Centre, include. Open from 7pm, Sunday
                                                                                     5th September until 5.30pm, Thursday 9th Sep-
                            NEED A SALES REP IN GUAM - Sunshine Jew-                tember 2004.
                                                        elry, in business for over 35 years, offers a wide
                                                        variety of jewelry at 67% off department store
                                                        prices. Great to wear & gifts to share for the entire       Hiring Opportunities
                                                        family. Looking for Distributors. looking for a sales
                                                        representative in Guam. Contact information fol-        ALICE TRONEL – Has extensive experience
      Trade Opportunities                               lows:; Contact: Perry
                                                        Bekerman, VP, Additional Contact: Sunshine Jew-         in multi-cultural environments. Has a well-
                                                        elry       Customer         Service;         E-mail:    rounded background in marketing, brand man-
LOOKING FOR SERIOUS IMPORTERS – Com-                                WEBSITE:        agement, merchandizing, product launches,
pany, Chison Co., Ltd., processes, packs and ex- Toll Free:1-800-767-            display pricing, high-end customer treatment
ports Fresh pesticide-free vegetables such as let-      4469 1-800-SOSHINY; Fax: 954-927-0184; Direct:
tuce, tomato, carrot, asparagus, baby corn, etc.                                                                and staff training. Has degrees in business, cor-
                                                        954-927-5957; Address: 3005 Greene St, Holly-           porate law and gemology.
Fresh pest-free tropical fruits such as mango, ba-      wood, FL 33020
nana, mangosteen, papaya, pineapple, and more.
Interested in meeting with serious companies on         FORWARDLINE AGENCIES LIMITED - One of the
Guam to import products to Guam. Contact Address:
50, Soi Ramkhumhaeng 44, Ramkhumhaeng Road,
                                                        leading importers of many various commodities:
                                                        Concertina Barbed Tape, Calcium Carbonate Pow-
                                                                                                                          New Zealand
Bangkok 10240, Thailand; e-mail:      der, Ceiling Board, Garden Tools, Galvanized Prod-
                                                        ucts, Steel Products, Printing Materials, Formica                Trade Mission:
MONEGA ENTERPRISE - Export firm from India              Plywood, Electrical Accessories, Bicycles, Car Ac-
dealing in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Disposable
Products, Hospital / Medical Equipments and a num-
                                                        cessories, Laser Computer Film, Computer Acces-                   July 28–30th
                                                        sories, Building Materials, and more. For further in-
ber of other related goods. Our products are of in-     formation, please contact: Ahmed Raji Olasehinde,        Representatives from New Zealand
ternational standards conforming either to B.P.,        MD; Address: APLG.22,Ifesowapo Iron & Building
U.S.P. or I.P. Contact: A.S.Tanwar; Address: Monega     Materials Market, Badagry Expressway, Sari
                                                                                                                 will be promoting trade and business
Enterprise, 209 Sector 40-A, Chandigarh (India); Tel:   Iganmu, Orile, Lagos – Nigeria, Tel; 234-01-             opportunities in their country in the
91-172-2693628; Fax: 91-172-2616017; E-mail :           4715229 Mobile; 0803-4103094,0802-3564947, E-                                       mail; Postal Address:              areas of building, construction and
                                                        Forwardline Agencies Limited P.O.Box 50416,              engineering expertise, along with,
                                                        Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos - Nigeria
ing house, specializing in medical equipment. Com-                                                               distributors to the hospitality and su-
pany represents several manufacturers for medical       LEATHER PRODUCTS - Manufacturers, Import-
equipment/devices on exclusive bases. Looking for
                                                                                                                 permarket sector promoting quality
                                                        ers and Exporters of leather goods and garments
a well organized distribution organization which        following from India looking for importers. Contact:     food and beverages. A trade confer-
would be able to open up the Guam Market for their      Sunil at
products. Contact Person: Bartosz Ciecka; Address:                                                               ence will be held at the Holiday Inn
Am Kirchweiher 30, 51570 Windeck/Germany Tel:           MAJOR FIBRE SDN BHD - Manufacturer of single             Resort from July 28-30, 2004. For
0049 (0) 2292 92 93 44; Fax: 0049 (0) 2292 92 999       and multi mode optical fibre. Manufacturing plant
58; E-Mail :                    is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technol-
                                                                                                                 more information, contact Mary En-
                                                        ogy facility. Apart from that, company has full range    glish, Assistant to John W. Scragg,
PHILIPPINE SEAFOOD EXPORTER – Company                   of optical fibre test equipment under every optical
would like to export black tiger prawns, shrimp and     fibre parameters specification set by the interna-       New Zealand Consulate Guam, at
crab to Guam. Company has a farm in northern            tional standard. Company gives a full warranty and       646-7662          ext      119       or
Mindanao and is willing to do business with a com-      assurance in all products for customer satisfaction
pany on Guam. Contact: Audie Posadas; Address:          and meeting specifications especially as outlined
36 Apollo 11 St. San Gregorio Village, Near Old         in the industry standard, ITU-T G652. Contact:
Domestic Airport , Pasay City 1300, Philippines: Tel/   Khairudin Hashim; Address : Lot 20, Jalan Delima
fax: 632-8512829; Cell: 09195645975; Email Ad-                                                                  NOTE: The listings on this page were compiled from un-
                                                        1/1, Subang HiTech Industrial Park, 40000 Shah          solicited mail received by the Chamber office and are pub-
dress:                         Alam, Selangor, Malaysia; Tel : 603-5636 8988;          lished for the information of members. Because the Cham-
                                                        Fax: 603-5632 5928                                      ber office does not respond directly to these companies/
MULTIPLIER INDUSTRIES CORP. – Manufacturer                                                                      organizations, members who do make contact are asked
of two-way radio batteries in the United States for                                                             to provide the Chamber with any feedback.
                                                        ALPHANUMERIC SOLUTIONS INC. – A global

                                                                                                                            The President's Report • July 2004 • 7
                                                                          Chairman Lee P. Webber with AFC Steering Committee
                                                                    Members and Chamber Board Members raise their glasses in
                                                                     Salute of the U.S. Armed Services at the Annual Salute event
                                                                   held on Thursday, July 15th at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa.

                                                        A1C Christina Colvin, 36th Services Squadron, was the
                                                        lucky winner of the Continental Airlines package for two to
                                                        Cairns, Australia, Hong Kong or Palau. (L-R: Lou
                                                        Sanchez, Continental Airlines, AIC Colvin, Lorraine
                                                        Okada, AFC Social Committee Chairwoman).

                                                                                           The Guam Chamber of
                          DOWNTOWN FAIR III
                                                                                           Commerce seeks to recognize
                          Saturday                                                         individuals, businesses or
                          OCTOBER 2, 2004                                                  organizations that contribute
                          Noon to 4:00 p.m.                                                to beautifying our island.
The AFC's Social Subcommittee is planning the next Downtown
Fair to welcome new military members and their families to Guam.    Nomination Forms for the Na'La'Bonita Guam
Details on vendor participation and sponsorship to be announced     Beautification Award are available at the Chamber
soon!                                                               Office.

                                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                  BARRIGADA, GU
             P.O. Box 283                                                                                          PERMIT NO. 27
             Hagåtña, Guam 96932