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									                                Preston Road Church of Christ


New Family Life Center
Preston Road Church of Christ
                                                                                      Preston Road Church of Christ

                      Dear Preston Road Family:

                      Preston Road has a great legacy of supporting international missions and innovative outreach
                      programs such as the Center for Christian Education, Central Dallas Ministries, New Friends
                      New Life, and Christ Family Clinic. Your elders believe that God is now calling us to build on
                      that legacy by adding new facilities that will help us to better fulfill our responsibilities of serving
                      families and community.

                      This brochure lays out bold and exciting plans for building a new Family Life Center and
                      renovating some of our existing facilities. These plans not only cover our current needs but
                      also allow us to better serve the people God will bring us in the future. The building program
                      outlined by our Building Committee is truly exciting.

                      The costs to complete these plans are projected to be $8 million, including new construction
                      and the renovation of our existing facilities.

                      This rather imposing goal is very attainable through your generosity, your prayers, and God’s
                      help. We are very blessed that early contribution commitments have already secured a meaningful
                      portion of that goal.

                      We are asking each member of Preston Road to support this campaign with an immediate gift
                      plus a pledge payable over the next three years. Our goal is to have 100% support from our
Ministries            members at whatever level is appropriate for each individual family. We have asked members of the
                      Building Campaign Committee to contact everyone in our church family regarding this project.
Adult Education       Obviously, our campaign contributions need to be over and above our regular contributions

Barnabas              that fund our church ministries and operations.

Chair Family          If we can secure sufficient financial commitments by June 15th, we plan to start construction
 Clinic               this summer so that we can be in our new facilities as early as Fall, 2007. We ask you to respond
                      to the campaign by returning a pledge card indicating what you prayerfully feel God has called
                      you to contribute and encouraging others, including grandparents and friends of the congregation,
Local Outreach        to support this effort.

Missions              In His Love,
                      Mike Boone                 Cooter Hale                 Fred Orr                   Jim Samuel
New Friends
 New Life             Ray Currey                 Larry Pearson               Hugh Rucker

SMU Campus

Young Professionals

                                                                                 The Commons Area

                    Dear Church Family:

                    In November of 1939, no one imagined that the street called Preston Road would become a
                    busy thoroughfare all the way to Frisco and beyond. Development on Preston Road ended at
                    Northwest Highway back then, and the small band of faithful Christians meeting “up north”
                    at our location were church planters. They were the spiritual entrepreneurs of their day!

                    In 2006, with that same entrepreneurial spirit, our focus is again on innovative ways
                    to reach our local neighborhoods as a new frontier for Christ. A new unchurched
                    urban Dallas is unfolding and our congregation is positioned to reach it. Our proposed
                    new facilities will help us greatly in being missional and service minded:
                      A new gymnasium/fellowship hall, central commons area, and expanded food
                      service capabilities will provide community for all.
                      New children’s classes and church library will increase our focus upon spiritual formation.
                      The new children’s wing will allow for outreach like Mother’s Day Out.
                      The new cutting-edge youth wing will give them the space to finally grow.
                      The multi-media center will offer a place for community lectures and multi-media presentations.
                      Existing rooms will be updated to provide adequate space for New Friends New Life, the Clinic,

This is love:         and ministries like Worship Team, World Bible School, and Challenge.
                      The playground will provide “drive-by advertising” to children and families.
not that we loved     The new prayer space will be the engine room that drives everything else.

God but that he     It’s time once again to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Preston Road; it is time for us to

loved us and sent   grow. There’s no telling what God will do with what we build for Him. Since 1939, the Preston
                    Road Church of Christ has been a congregation of risk takers with big dreams and grand ideas.
his Son as an       We stand on the shoulders of the giants who went before us; now it is our time to “step out”

atoning sacrifice   and do something great for God.

for our sins.       In His spirit of boldness,

1 John 4:10         Scott Sager
                       Ground Level Building Plans

                       The facility plans described below will enable us to carry out our mission of reaching the lost,
                       building up our Christian family, and serving our community through outreach programs.

                       Youth Ministries
                       Our ministry to middle school and high school students has been given a special priority in our
                       building plans. Today, they meet in the bottom of a duplex across the alley. After construction,
                       our youth will have spacious recreational and lounge areas for “hanging out” as well as
                       modern classroom facilities. Our new gym facilities will also be a major enhancement to our
Unless the Lord        Youth Ministry activities. With our new facilities, we aim to advance our teenage programming.

builds the house,
                       Children’s Ministries
its builders labor     Preston Road is committed to helping parents provide

in vain. Unless the    their children with a strong Biblical foundation about God
                       and the love of Christ. In furtherance of that purpose,
Lord watches over      this building program includes new nursery facilities
                       as well as new classrooms for our pre-school and
the city, the watch-
                       elementary school age children. A wonderful children’s
man stands guard       playground area will also be a welcomed addition.
                       With these new facilities, we will have the option of
in vain.
                       considering a mothers-day-out program for our
Psalm 127:1            members and our community.
Second Floor Building Plans
                            Fellowship Hall/Gymnasium
                            The largest space in our new facilities will be a Fellowship Hall that
                            can also serve as a Gymnasium. With a modern full service kitchen,
                            we will be able to seat up to 350 people for dinner. A greater number
                            can be seated auditorium style for a class or lecture. The Fellowship
                            Hall will look out onto the children’s playground on one side and on
                            the other side, it will open out into the spacious Commons Area.

                            Multi-Purpose Meeting Room
                            There will be a multi-purpose classroom located on the second floor
                            of the new addition that will seat more than 100. This room will have
                            cutting-edge technology for effective multi-media presentations for
                            adult, youth or children programming. In addition, it can serve as a
                            congregational chapel.

On the first floor at the front of the building,
we will have a Parlor which will have the feel
of a living room. It will serve as a family room
during funerals and a reception area or classroom
at other times.

                                                                         Fellowship Hall/
                                                         Commons Area
                                                         To integrate our current facilities with the Family Life Center, a
                                                         spacious Commons Area will bridge both facilities. The primary
                                                         entry points to the Church from the parking lot and from Preston
                                                         Road will be through the Commons Area. It will be the prime
                                                         fellowship gathering area before and after Church. There will be
                                                         a Visitors Booth in the Commons Area. The Commons will also
                                                         act as a gateway to all Family Life Center functions.

                                                         Bridal Suite
                                                         The expanded facilities will include a bridal suite which is greatly
                                                         needed for weddings.

                                                         Staff Offices
                                                         To improve our staff offices and make them visitor friendly,
                                                         we will move all of our staff offices from the basement to the
                                                         first floor where classrooms are currently located.

                     Renovation of Existing Facilities
                     We have plans to renovate parts of the existing facilities in order to improve our classrooms and
                     storage space. These changes will help create an environment for deeper relationships and spiri-
                     tual transformation.

                     Special Amenities
                     The new addition will have a much needed elevator to better serve people with disabilities. Our
                     plans call for expanding the parking lot northward to add 40 more parking spaces. We will
                     landscape the grounds and the focal point of the building will be the tower located at the south-
                     west corner of University Boulevard and Preston Road. For fire safety, we will be able to install
                     a fire sprinkler system in our facilities.
For everything

there is a season,   Library
                     The Center for Christian Education has recently given
and a time for       Preston Road its substantial library of religious books.
every matter         Our renovated area will house this library for use by our
                     members and community.
under heaven ...

a time to tear       Prayer/Devotional Room
                     We plan to have a small room on the ground floor of the
down and a time      Family Life Center dedicated as a prayer/devotional room

to build.            for individuals and small groups.

Eccl. 3:1-3
Building Committee and User Subcommittee Members
The elders want to thank the more than 60 members of Preston Road who spent considerable
time over the past 12 months planning our new Family Life Center and the renovation of
our existing facilities. They have worked closely with the F&S Architects whose experience in
designing and planning church facilities has been invaluable. In planning our new facilities, the
Building Committee visited churches around the Metroplex to see their facilities, and seek their
advice, and sought the input of our members and staff.

Building Committee                Kitchen Area                      Gymnasium Area
Gerald Turner, Chair              Maria Moore, Chair                Stacey Branch, Chair
Hugh Rucker, Co-chair             Kimberly Clifton                  Boyd Messman
Suzanne Baird                     Pam Heard                         Chad Holt
Mike Boone                        Jeanine Downey                    Randy Baird
Gloria McNutt                                                       Nancye Mayer
                                  Elementary Area
Roseann Roth                                                        Lynn Phillips
                                  Paul Heard, Chair
Scott Sager
                                  Suzanne Kirklin                   Staff Offices
Glenn Wiggins
                                  Karen Crockett                    Fran Armour, Chair
Ron Unkefer
                                  Jill Morse                        Becky Purdy
User Committees                   Kim Brentham                      Church Staff
Gloria McNutt, Chair              Melissa Roberts
                                                                    Playground Area
Commons Area                      Multi Purpose Room                Michael Sanderson, Chair
David Beller, Chair               Pete Dysert, Chair                Mat Dusza
Patricia Oder                     Paul Prosser                      Sarah Thompson
Terry Unkefer                     Melissa Lowry                     Gloria McNutt
Gail Turner                       Rhonda Edmundson                  Lori Bergeron
Ro Diaz                                                             Jim Barnett
Scott Sager                                                         Jenny Conley
                                  Anita Carpenter, Chair
                                                                    Roxanne Wright
Youth Area                        Deborah Wiggins
Stan Shipley, Chair               Marla Boone                       Worship Ministry Area
Ben Phillips                      Tonie Scott                       Bret Morris, Chair
Steve Nagle-Perkins               Heather Holt                      Deen Cauthorn
Holly Thigpen                     Kimberly Clifton                  Becky San Juan
John Kimberlin                    Jeanine Downey                    Paul Prosser
Crysty Kimberlin                                                    Jeff Wheeler
                                  Existing Classrooms
                                                                    Glenn Wiggins
Pre-School Area                   John Lowy, Chair
Angela Cheves, Chair              Marc Moore
Rhonda McGaughey                  Myra Austin
Carey Garrett                     Monnie Harper
April Penman                      Vicki Straughan
Angelique Moses                   John Jones
How You Can Help
The Building Families – Sharing Community Campaign is not just about raising funds for
a building project. It is our commitment as individuals to spiritual renewal and service to God.
This campaign will advance Preston Road’s great legacy for missions, local benevolence,
strengthening families, and serving the Dallas community.

The new Family Life Center will be a place that strengthens families and the connections among
visitors and the community around us. Grandparents, parents, and other family members will all
benefit from the programs and ministries within these walls. Between now and June 15th, we are
asking you to respond to the Campaign by returning a pledge card indicating what you feel God
wants you to contribute over-and-above your regular contribution.

Now unto Him who is able to do
          immeasurably more
       than all we ask or imagine,
   according to His power
     that is at work in us, to Him
     be the glory in the church and
   in Christ Jesus throughout all
 generations, forever and ever! Amen.
        Preston Road Church of Christ                                          Ephesians 3:20-21

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