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					Press Release
Wednesday, 30th April, 2008


Mississauga, 30th April - Today Green Solutions North America Inc. (GSNAI)
and Summerlee Office Solutions Ltd. – Markham, Ontario will be packing up a
school and putting it into a box as part of the GSNAI School in a Box™ program. The
Container is destined for the extremely needy Buena Vista School, located
approximately 100 KM from Belize City in the Cayo district.

Green Solutions North America Inc. (GSNAI) is an organization that provides
Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions to companies with redundant assets.
GSNAI removes these assets i.e. tables, chairs, computers and assumes liability and
ownership of them through the Green Solutions Charitable Trust, before redistributing
them to great causes such as 4 The World, the charity supporting the Buena Vista

 “Every year, millions of tonnes of corporate waste go into landfills, despite the fact
that most of it is perfectly usable,” said Jim Reid, CEO of Green Solutions North
America. “It’s not only quite wasteful but harmful to the environment, as well.
Companies, such as the ones who have made this School in a Box™ possible,
realize this and, through our Corporate Waste to Educational Wonder™ process,
avoid contributing to this growing problem while making a significant difference to
both kids across the world and people in their own community.”

Founded in Canada in 2006, GSNAI has helped multinational clients divert more than
$1 million of redundant corporate assets from landfills to deserving causes.

Summerlee Office Solutions Ltd jumped not only at the chance of sponsoring the
Buena Vista School in Box™ program but offering support of this project on an on
going basis to say thank you to their customers and clients. They went many steps
further in ensuring they had contributed in everyway they could including staff
donations, raffles, for which they used company air miles for prizes and partnering
with a number of organizations to bring them into the process of support. Flynn
Canada donated the container that will arrive at Buena Vista School where this will
form part of the schools construction and be used as a feeding centre.
Summerlee Office Solutions Ltd. chose Earth Day (22nd April) as the day for their
staff to fill 75 back packs, the number of children at the Buena Vista School, with
everything a child could want or need for school. They are also making an additional
donation of $1800.00 towards supporting the children and the building of the school.

“We have a team of twelve people at Summerlee that are dedicated to the 4 The
World, Buena Vista school project. The sponsorship of the school highlights our
belief in giving back to our clients, suppliers and employees said: Norine Bevan,
President of Summerlee Office Interiors Ltd. We feel that working with Green
Solutions we will be able to make a difference in the life’s of the Children at Buena
Vista school directly, as we can ensure the money, container and contents actually
reach the children. Our team is committed to insuring longevity of this project so that
the Children will be able to continue attending school. In my 22 years of business
this has been one of the most rewarding efforts I have been involved in.”

Buena Vista school is one of the neediest schools in the Cayo district of Belize
lacking many of the resources of the neighbouring villages. The School is currently a
safety hazard to the children and as it is further out than most has no power, 4 The
World recently secured 10, 000 dollars BZ ($5000.00 USDA) from the Belize
government to build new classrooms.

4 the World’s efforts place great emphasis on involving community members in these
projects along with their volunteers both in the field and in the schools to ensure
longevity of the programs.

“We are a small organization so it is often difficult to find the resources we need to
upgrade the schools and Summerlee Office Solutions really have pulled out all the
stops for us and taken one of the poorest schools in the Cayo district under their
wing,” Said Robert Froom, Executive Director, 4 The World. “When we do find useful
donations of equipment we are sometimes unable to effectively collect, store and
transport the items. With the help of Green Solutions North America Inc. we can
focus on distributing and utilizing the equipment to educate children in Belize.”

Buena Vista school plans to build a monument at the entrance to the school showing
the insignia of the school and the names of sponsoring companies and helping
organizations like Summerlee and Green Solutions.

Robert Froom added: “Many organizations look to do business with non profit
organizations but Green Solutions North America Inc. really delivers support and in
many ways. “


For more information contact:
Georgie Gannon
00 44 7809568424
Notes to Editors:

Redundant office materials were removed from the following organisations by Green
Solutions North America Inc. and formed part of the Buena Vista School in a Box TM.

RBC, Ontario
LexisNexis, Ontario
Pratt & Whitney Canada, Ontario
Spectrum Healthcare Resources
Citizenship and Immigration Canada / Ontario Region
Summerlee Office Solutions Ltd. Tel: (905)-479-8666

The following organizations made these donations:
York School Board - Books.
York Region soccer clubs - Jerseys.
Office Depot - School Supplies.
Dr. Victoria Santiago - Toothbrushes.
Peter Lingingstone from Allsteel provided 1 US dollar for every child in the school.
Cintex International - 75 Basket Balls.

Green Solutions North America Inc.
Green Solutions international School in a BoxTM program is the means by which
educational equipment and resources can be redistributed to good causes, such as 4
The World the charity supporting the Buena Vista School.
Contact: Toll free number 1- 866- 496-4733

4 The World
4 the World is a not for profit organization that works closely with schools and local
communities in Belize and Guatemala to improve education, healthcare and safety.
Their projects include constructing computer labs in schools, improving water
systems, and installing solar power and earth friendly methods of supplying energy to
schools and community buildings.

They are still unable to find a sponsor for the $35000.00 USDA needed to build Four
new classrooms and a library. Contact: Tel: (310) 561 8433

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