Injection Mold Tooling

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					                                          Injection Mold Tooling
                         An overview of injection molds, their construction, materials, and

                         Designed for technicians, tool room personnel, and anyone involved in
                         the tool selection or quoting process.

                         Covering basic the types of molds, general construction, and the main
                         components. Then explaining the various systems; runners, venting,
                         cooling, and ejection along with considerations for product and


                         Session 1-Mold and Machine Overview
                            Process overview
                            Machine overview
                            Clamp unit specifications
                            Mold construction/components
                            Side Actions

                         Session 2-Runners and Gates
                            Hot and cold runners
                            Runner sizing
                            Runner layout
                            Open gates
                            Restrictive gates

                         Session 3-Vents and Cooling
                            Vents
                            Vent dimensions and sizing
                            Cooling system
                            Cooling components
                            Cooling options

                         Session 4-Part Ejection and Mold Materials
                            Ejector systems
                            Ejector components
                            Mold materials-steel
                            Mold materials-other
                            Overview of material selection

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