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                                 Buying the Best Heavy Metal Guitar
There is hardly anyone who has never experienced the thrill and ecstasy generated by rock bands
and rock artists. It is very common for guitarists to get associated with their favorite guitars – for
instance, Jimi Hendrix and his Fender 60s reverse Headstock Stratocaster or Jimmy Page and his
Gibson Les Paul Classic. Rock guitars have been evolving and continue to do so along with
artists and their styles. If you are looking to buy the best heavy metal guitar, you should go for a
guitar that suits your style and you are comfortable with it – there is no single “best” guitar that
everyone would like.

If you are just starting to learn, you don’t need an expensive guitar to begin with; you should go
for an average affordable student guitar offered by an established brand. It will be simple to use
and with good playability and resale value; for example, Fender’s Squire Bullet.
There are several guitar makers – some are history makers, highly respected and well known;
others are hardly known or just copy cats. But you should keep your requirement in mind, unless
you are obsessed with some particular maker or model.

Gibson and Fender are known for excellent quality with lofty price tags. While Gibson are world
renowned for their most famous guitar – les paul; Fender have their most recognizable models –
Stratocasters or simply “strats”, which are great for jazz and blues. There is no need to despair if
can’t afford to buy from Gibson or Fender. You have several options at significantly lower prices
if you select a model from Stellar, ESP, Epiphone, Heritage, etc – your purpose will definitely be

Ibanez guitars are also great for heavy metal playing. The pickups used for many models are
humbuckers which produce a distinct mellow and dark sound. On top of good looking designs,
Ibanez guitars do not come at a hefty price and are very affordable to the masses.

If you are attracted by exotic and unique shapes, then your best heavy metal guitar exists with
BC Rich. Their “The Warlock” model also has a see-through model – you can actually see
through the guitar body! But make sure to buy only the made in USA model and stay away from
the pesky China made stuff.

There is plenty of choice available to you and you have absolutely no reason to settle for an
unsuitable guitar model. The only important thing is to know what exact you are looking for.

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