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									IBM Dynamic System Analysis Utility v2.02

Dynamic System Analysis v2.02 released.

Overview :
IBM Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) collects and analyzes system information to aid in
diagnosing system problems.

DSA collects information about the following aspects of a system:
• System configuration
• Installed applications and hot fixes
• Device drivers and system services
• Network interfaces and settings
• Performance data and running process details
• Hardware inventory, including PCI information
• Vital product data and firmware information
• SCSI device sense data
• EXA chipset uncorrectable error register information
• ServeRAID configuration
• Application, system, security, ServeRAID, and service processor system event logs
• Additionally, DSA creates a merged log that allows users to easily identify cause-and-effect
    relationships from different log sources in the system.
• DSA also compares device driver and firmware on the system to the versions available on an
    UpdateXpress CD, providing a summary of the differences.
DSA Portable Edition runs from the command prompt on a supported system without altering any
system files or system settings. It expands to temporary space on the target system, runs, and
deletes all intermediate files after execution completes. Its design and packaging allow it to collect
system information in sensitive customer environments with only temporary use of system

DSA Installable Edition provides a permanent installation of DSA onto a system. This installation
shares a similar command prompt interface with the portable edition. With DSA Installable Edition,
you can run DSA as an IBM Director Task, and you can also get an UpdateXpress comparison

• Helps reduce problem determination time by automating data collection and providing basic
   data organization and analysis, thus reducing downtime
• Automates data collection and the process for providing system information to IBM Service.
• Delivers integrated analysis with UpdateXpress input for rapid identification of down-level
   firmware and drivers

For download refer to the link below:

Note: VMware ESX 3.0 users should run the Red Hat 3, 32bit version of DSA which runs in the
console only.

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