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            Play Successful hits for a Death Metal Guitar Solo performance
A Death metal guitar solo performance is not a cake walk. It is quite a difficult and challenging
task for any professional death metal guitarist. In case of a band performance, every performing
individual compliments the other on stage. However, in case of a solo performance the guitarist
is solely responsible for making his/her performance a success. In this context, we have
discussed about certain important tips that will assist in making your solo performances a hit
among the audiences.

Use amazing guitar riffs and tricks

In case of a death metal band performance the focus of the audiences is more on the vocalist of
the band. Whereas, in case of a solo performance, the main focus of the crowd is on the amazing
guitar techniques and tricks that are displayed by the performer. So, death metal guitarists should
leave no stone unturned in mesmerizing their audiences with some effective and eye popping
riffs and tricks. Some of the techniques which you can use to lure your audiences are string
skipping, tapping, alternate picking, legato, economy picking and sweep picking.

Proper use of Power Chord

Being a death metal enthusiast, you certainly must be aware that the Power Chord is an essential
feature of heavy metal music. So try to use the Power chord in combination with other styles and
fusions for creating a mind blowing effect.

Effective costumes and body language

Visual appearance also goes a long way in terms of analyzing a metal guitar solo performance.
As such, a solo performer needs to have an outlandish costume to create a positive influence
among the crowds. The costume that you need to wear during your solo performances includes a
black t-shirt displaying a renowned metal band logo, black leather jackets, jeans and black boots.
Having long hair that reaches beyond your shoulders creates a sensational effect and impression.
Long hair will give you the power that you needed to have a power packed death metal solo

Connecting with the audiences

Many good death metal bands have charismatic players that are able to captivate the audiences.
You could try to start a mosh pit together with the audience or simply arrange your music in such
a manner that is interactive with the audiences.

The tips that have been suggested above, if followed religiously can show amazing results. Do
not just merely read and forget them, but also try implementing them for best results. All the

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