Web Site Reflection 3 Algebra 1 Graphing Linear Equations by wlx15873


									Web Site Reflection 3
Algebra 1: Graphing Linear Equations

Gayle Nixon
ED 654 November 2006

This website was put together as a project for a masters degree in
mathematics. It uses java script and applets. The copyright is ten years old
and there is nothing to indicate that it has been updated. There is also a
warning that it may not work on a mac but when opened the browser
Camino instead of Safari it worked just fine.

The site is divided into sections on assessment, puzzles and topics. The
topics section of the site covers a variety of graphing topics beginning with
ordered pairs, slope, finding equations, scatter plots, parallel lines,
perpendicular lines and solving a system of equations. The lessons provide
clear and concise explanations and opportunities to easily practice graphing
example problems. The assessment section has questions with instant
feedback. The puzzles section offers a crossword and a word search puzzle.
The helpdesk section features a glossary with links back to lessons that are
about the entry in the glossary.

The site also provides a calculator and an interactive plotter. The plotter
features a very helpful help section on how to use the plotter to graph
functions, differentials and integrals. It can also do trigonometric functions.

In the classroom this website could be used for review or extra practice
when working on a unit about linear equations. Students could easily
practice making graphs with the plotter. This website would definitely be
useful in a computer based classroom where all students have access to a
computer or in a lab situation.

Use of this site could definitely be enhanced if it was offered to students
along with a set of related websites as part of a webliography for students to
use as a reference in a math class especially an online course or in a
WebQuest format.

Complimentary websites to use with this site include:
The Slope of Line = rise over run
The Slope Intercept From of an Equation of a Line

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