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									                             Communications & Engagement Group

              Summary Issues & Action Notes arising from the meeting held on
                                 Monday 9th July 2007

Present              Sue Revell                            Sian Hosgood
                     Jan Birch                             Martyn Jenkins
                     Rhian Blake                           Anita Morgan
                     Ruth Carpenter                        Linda Pritchard
                     Estelle Hitchon

Apologies            Mike Jones                            Margaret Reid
                     Katie Norton                          Greta Sainsbury
                     Sian Owen

          Issue                                                                             Action
1.        Introductions & Apologies

          Sue Revell welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.        Notes of the Meeting held on 11th June

          These were agreed as an accurate record.

3.        Matters Arising

          Cardiff PPI Event
          No update but agreed this should be kept on the agenda.

4.        Update on PHSI Progress

          The work of the Clinical Planning Groups had been submitted to the last
          Project Board. The detail of some models is more advanced than others
          but several models are complete or almost ready for formal sign off,
          therefore implementation groups will shortly be established.

          WAG had requested a review of the Capital Investment Plan, submitted
          as part of PHSI, indicating a significant reduction in the capital available
          (provisional sum £326m). A task and finish group, chaired by Dean
          Medcraft (Cardiff LHB) has been set up to review the investment priorities
          of the health community, recognising the need to articulate clearly that
          the capital plan incorporates both local and All Wales services. This
          group will report back to the PHSI Project Board in July. The health
          community is required to respond to the WAG by the end of July.


Comms & Engagement Group                                                                             1/3
Action Notes – 9th July 2007
         The Tri-Partite Boards are meeting on Thursday to consider and discuss
         PHSI progress, including the work of the above Task and Finish Group.

         Martyn Jenkins noted the need to consider very carefully what is
         presented to the public so that the changes being proposed can be
         clearly understood eg: the stroke pathway is a 93 page document which
         will require careful articulation and meaningful translation to make it
         understandable in the consultation document.

         Linda Pritchard noted that there was a positive response to resource
         centres at the VAC event. There is significant willingness to engage albeit
         there is a need to share information about the services which will be
         available/located within them.

         Trust & LHB Chairs and Chief Executives met with AMs and MPs last
         week for an update presentation on PHSI. It was well attended and
         stimulated helpful discussion, notwithstanding the need for more detailed
         information to be shared as quickly as possible to enable more practical

5.       Engagement Database

         Estelle Hitchon queried whether the level of engagement in each
         organisation was the same at all levels. There was a view that this
         possibly varied across individual sites, and depending on their level of
         involvement in the specific change areas. It was agreed that
         engagement at all levels of each of the organisations was important to
         the success of the group.

         Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan CHCs are holding a joint workshop in
         November. The venue and date to be confirmed. Martyn Jenkins will                  MJ
         provide update on arrangements in due course.

         Ruth Carpenter is speaking on the HSC&WB strategy at a Communities                 RC
         First session, and will include PHSI as part of the presentation.

         It was suggested that there should be a specific event for primary care
         e.g. GPs, pharmacies, dental. LHB’s to consider details and                        RB/EH

         Estelle Hitchon raised some concerns regarding the skills and capacity of
         staff in Primary Care to deliver the proposed changes, particularly as
         there is no baseline information which details the skills available in
         practices. It was agreed that LHB’s would consider how this information
         might be gathered, and that the wider issue needs discussion at the                RB/EH

6.       Stakeholder Analysis

         This is being put into a standard format for circulation.

         Rhian Blake to follow up with Jenny Theed any outstanding analysis.                RB

Comms & Engagement Group                                                                             2/3
Action Notes – 9th July 2007
         Sian Hosgood to check with Judith Hardisty how all staff side
         organisations should be included eg AHP’s, Technical Staff etc.                    SH

         Community Councils have not yet been engaged. Rhian Blake and
         Estelle Hitchon can help with contact details.                                     SH

         Appropriate timing and levels of engagement with the media needs to be
         carefully considered as detail of change and consultation emerges.                 All

7.       Newsletter

         This will be circulated electronically. Once it has been formatted it will
         also be circulated. Comments by the end of the week to Sian Hosgood
         please.                                                                            All

8.       Links with HSC&WB Strategy

         Following a meeting with Bruce Whitear and Suzanne Davies it had been
         agreed that emerging chapters of the strategies would be shared at an
         early stage to ensure PHSI related messages are present and clearly
         articulated to prevent any surprises when PHSI goes to public

         Estelle Hitchon reported that the health needs assessment is complete
         and the priorities have been identified. The intention in the Vale is to
         present the strategy very differently to the current document. A
         partnership meeting is taking place in August to look at the draft strategy.
         A stakeholder consultation document will be ready by end July/ early
         August. Estelle Hitchon to circulate.                                              EH

         Cardiff document progressing. Christine Jenkins has been invited to the
         September meeting to discuss.

9.       AOB

         Plans are being confirmed for the stakeholder event which is taking place
         on 24th July. The importance of clinical input was discussed. A pre-
         meeting was requested if group members are required to lead sessions.

10.      Date of next meeting

         Monday 13th August, 2 – 4pm
         NEDs Room, 1st Floor Cardigan House, UHW


Comms & Engagement Group                                                                             3/3
Action Notes – 9th July 2007

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