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( BW)(WA-ALPHASHIELD) Prevent Bugbear Virus with
AlphaShield Technology Editors
SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 21, 2002--

WHAT:     A new mass-emailing virus has hit the Internet -- Bugbear.

          But, it can be prevented by using AlphaShield, an Internet
          Privacy Protection Device.

WHEN:     First reports of Bugbear surfaced on September 30, 2002.
          However, today, the virus continues to spread and is
          considered one of the worst ones ever.

HOW:      Bugbear is transferred via email. When the infected email is
          opened, it copies itself to the start up folder and sends
          emails to all contacts in the address book as well as
          attaching itself to other "legitimate" outbound messages.

EFFECTS: Bugbear disables the firewall running on a computer system,
        open port 36794 and listens for commands from the hacker. Once
        the connection is made with the hacker, Bugbear can transmit
        all retained information, such as username, password of system
        and a log of user keystrokes.


-- Most infected users don't know they are infected, as Bugbear is contained in emails
   with varying subject lines, and operates completely behind the scenes.
-- Bugbear monitors port #36794, waiting for instructions from the hacker.

  An Internet Privacy Protection device, such as the AlphaShield
( can prevent unsuspecting Internet users from being infected by
Bugbear. The AlphaShield device sits between the computer and the Internet protecting
the user, and all computer ports, from outside intruders. In order to do any damage onto
your system, a hacker has to make a connection directly with the computer. Because
AlphaShield hides all of the ports on the computer, including 36794, Bugbear cannot
locate the port, and thus cannot infect the system.

    CONTACT: Imagio - J. Walter Thompson
             Erin Krause, 206/625/0252
    SOURCE: AlphaShield