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Spallation Neutron Source Target Hot Cell Design by xhn19317


									                                                                                       Spallation Neutron Source
                                                                                          Target Hot Cell Design
                                                                                      Oak Ridge National Laboratory
                                                                                       M+W Zander US Operations
                                                                                             Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Merrick & Company performed Title I       Merrick was responsible for the         Some of the specific design tasks
(Preliminary), Title II (Detailed), and   design of the target maintenance hot    within Merrick’s scope included:
Title III (Construction Support) design   cell and associated process systems.     Mercury removal system for hot cell
for the Target Building Hot Cell for      The cell was approximately 30 ft high     ventilation exhaust
the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS)       by 14 ft deep by 100 ft long, with
                                          walls of 40 inch thick high-density      Confinement of mercury vapor and
project at the Oak Ridge National                                                   other radioactive contaminants
                                          The hot cell was required to:            Movable intracell shield door
The SNS project, budgeted at                                                        between functional areas of the cell
$1.4 billion, is a DOE-sponsored           Provide shielding from the intense
                                            radiation fields created during        Material transfer equipment for
partnership of six national                                                         putting equipment into the cell and
laboratories, undertaking the design                                                loading radioactive wastes out of
and construction of the world’s most       Maintain confinement of hazardous       the cell
powerful spallation source for neutron      (and radioactive) mercury vapor
                                                                                   Tritium and xenon removal systems
scattering research and development        Provide remote handling
(R&D). The pulses of neutrons               capabilities for maintaining and       Low-level liquid waste processing
                                            changing targets                        system
used for R&D at SNS are created by
directing a 2 million watt beam of         Provide for size reduction and        Merrick participated in the design
protons, accelerated to 1 GeV energy        packaging of radioactive and mixed    coordination required among the
levels, into a liquid mercury target.       wastes                                multiple other design and user groups
                                                                                  involved in this complex project.



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