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Candidate users will be prompted to create a new account.

Process: Create a New Candidate User Account

    •   From the GTS Candidate Login portal, click Create New Account
    •   Create User Name
    •   Create Password
    •   Confirm Password
    •   Enter Valid Email Address
    •   Click CREATE USER

Process: Editing Profile Information

    •   From the Candidate Registration page, enter contact information (Step 1)
    •   Click SAVE
    •   From the Detailed Profile page, select the answers to each set of profile questions and
        experience indicators, including functional, industry, and geographic experience (Step 2)
    •   Click SAVE

    • To upload a resume, click UPLOAD (Step 3)
    Note: Creating a professional summary is an option reserved for alumni candidates to
          create in lieu of uploading a resume.
    •   Click BROWSE to locate a saved Resume
    •   Enter title of saves Resume
    •   Click UPLOAD
    •   After reviewing the PDF of your resume, click CONTINUE

    Note: Users will be notified that they have completed all three steps of the registration

    •   Click Continue
    •   From the newly created profile page, review the information
    •   To edit information in any of the sections, click the edit icon

    •   Once finished, click SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL

Process: Managing Additional Resumes/CVs and Cover Letters

    •   From the Resumes sub-menu of the Candidate Profile selection, click UPLOAD NEW

   • Click Browse
   • Select the file location for your resume or cover letter
   • Select a title for your document to be uploaded
   • Click UPLOAD
   • Click CONTINUE
Repeat process to upload additional documents