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					                        Real Estate Resume Book Application

Name ______________________________________________PeopleSoft # ______________________

Email Address: ___________________________________Expected Graduation Date____________

Are you a US citizen?: _________________    Visa Status: ___________________________

Are you now, or have you taken the ARGUS tutorial? _______

Spring Address:                             Summer Address:
____________________________________        _______________________________________
____________________________________        _______________________________________

Telephone _________________________         Telephone ____________________________

Check the courses you have or are currently taking:

          Fnce 3230         Fnce 3333         BLaw 3274        Econ 3439W
          Fnce 3332         Fnce 3334         Fnce 3302        Econ 2327

Place a checkmark by the type of internship or placement you prefer.

  ______ Appraisal/ Valuation _____ Brokerage ______ Investment _____ Mgt. Financing

 ______ Mkt Analysis     _____ Fin Analysis ______ Property Mgmt. _____ Other_________

               Please indicate your 1st and 2nd preference for the location.

  _____Boston Area _____Hartford Area       _____New Haven Area      _____Stamford Area

         _____New Jersey     _____New York City       _____Other ________________

      The following statement is required because of the 1973 privileged information
rule on access to transcripts by people other than the student's advisor.

      I hereby grant permission to Real Estate faculty and prospective employers to have
      access to my unofficial transcript.

_______________          ______________________________________________________
      DATE                                  SIGNATURE