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Your answer to electronic document storage and it’s now free!

Connect / AAPT, after close consultation with the Australian Federation of
International Forwarders (AFIF) and other industry representatives, has developed a
solution to assist you with the retention of documents.

ConnectStore is a fully managed, online, hosted application enabling capture, storage
and retrieval of all your business documents electronically.

Don’t buy expensive software or hardware, simply send all your scanned or soft copy
documents to ConnectStore and then securely store them, manage them and make
them available for online retrieval at any time.

All you need is access to the Internet, with any scanner and software you choose.

AFIF believe this to be a fine product which is both easy to use and more importantly
allows you to save valuable space in terms of multiple filing cabinets and a huge
server. In addition as part of the legislative changes in regard to retaining import
related documents on behalf of your clients, we feel this initiative helps you comply
with the new process and gives you access to an affordable business efficiency tool.

   As our technology partners, Connect / AAPT have been actively selling this
            value adding application for some months with great success.

Because of our partnership we have negotiated to make this service
                   available to AFIF members at no charge*
To receive your free secure user name and password access from Connect /
AAPT please call 13 13 57 or email

   •   Existing ConnectStore contract period must be honoured.


Brian Lovell