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                     Fall 2006
Salvete, discipuli et discipulae
I know that you watched the movie already, but the movie did not
   give you all of the background info that I usually give before
   watching it. I didn’t want you to go a whole quarter without
   mythology so I thought this would be a good place to start. Yes,
   you need to take notes. They need to be in there for your next
   binder check, which will take place at the end of the quarter after
   I have the babies. This information is also fair game for your
   next big test. You will need to know what the 12 labors are and
   how he accomplished them. You will also need to know why he
   had to perform the labors. (Based on my power point and not on
   the movie  ) Don’t write everything word for word. Use
   abbreviations, etc. This power point should take 3 Fridays. Enjoy
   Parents-Zeus and Alcmene (Greek woman)
   Named him Herakles which means “glorious gift
    of Hera” in Greek. This upset Hera.
   Megara-1st wife
   Deianira-2nd wife
             Death of Hercules
   The centaur Nessos attacks Hercules’ 2nd wife,
   Hercules kills Nessos with one of his arrows.
   Nessos sets up revenge by telling her that his
    blood was a love potion.
   She rubbed the blood on Hercules’ cloak to
    renew his love and it burned off his skin.
   Brought to Mt. Olympus after he died.
             THE PROBLEM
   Hera was determined to make problems for
   Made him go mad and he killed his wife and
   Prayed to Apollo for forgiveness
   The oracle told him he would have to serve
    Eurystheus, the king of Tiryns and Mycenae, for
    twelve years, in punishment for the murders.
   His arrows had no effect
    on the lion.
   Hercules trapped it in a
    cave and choked it to
             The Lernean Hydra
   9 headed serpent with
    poisonous venom w/
    one immortal head
   Bashed in the heads with
    a club. Two grew back
    to replace each one.
   Iolaus, nephew, helps
    Hercules by burning the
    necks as Hercules knocks
    the head off.
               HYDRA (con’t)
   Buried the immortal head and covered it with a
    huge rock.
   Dipped his arrows in the poisonous venom.
   This labor didn’t count because he had help.
             The Hind of Ceryneia
               Diana's Pet Deer
   Hind is a red female deer      Carried it back and was
    w/ golden horns and             stopped by an angry
    bronze hoofs                    Diana and Apollo.
   Wasn’t supposed to kill        He explained the
    or hurt the deer.               situation so Diana healed
   Pursued the deer for a          the deer and allowed
    year.                           Hercules to take her.
   Eventually, shot deer
    with an arrow to keep
    from escaping.
          The Erymanthian Boar
   Huge,wild pig with tusks
    and a bad temper.
   Lived on a mountain
    called Erymanthus.
   Attacked people and
   Stopped to visit a friend
    on the way, Pholus (a
    The Erymanthian Boar (con’t)
   Hercules drank the centaurs’ wine w/o
   A fight breaks out and he killed the centaurs
    with the poisonous arrows. Pholus was
    accidentally killed.
   Chased the boar all over the country before
    finally capturing him in a net.
            The Augean Stables
   Clean King Augeas’ stables in one day
   Augeas was very rich and had many cattle,
    horses, etc.
   The stables had never been cleaned out.
   Hercules offers to clean the stables in exchange
    for one-tenth of his cattle.
   Made 2 huge holes in the stable walls.
                5th   Labor con’t
   Hercules changed the course of two nearby
   Augeas refused to pay Hercules. He is ordered
    to pay Hercules by the courts
   This labor doesn’t count because he was paid
    for it.
          The Stymphalian Birds
   Ugly, man-eating birds
   Aided by Athena, who
    gave him a krotala, noise
    making clapper.
   He used this to make the
    birds scatter and then
    shot them down with
    either a bow and arrow
    or a slingshot.
           7th-CRETAN           BULL
   Minos is the king of Crete.
   King Minos’ mother, Europa, was carried to
    Crete by Zeus, who was in the form of a bull so
    the bull is sacred to Crete.
   Minos promised to sacrifice anything that
    Poseidon sent to him.
   Poseidon sends a bull, but Minos refuses to
    sacrifice it because he thinks it is beautiful.
             Cretan Bull (con’t)
   Poseidon has the bull run all over Crete and
    makes Minos’ wife, Pasiphae fall in love with it.
   As a result, the Minotaur is born, part bull, part
   Minos shuts him in the Labyrinth and feeds
    prisoners to him.
   Hercules captures the original bull and takes it to
    King E who lets it lose in Greece.
   Theseus eventually kills the bull & the Minotaur.
         8th-Horses       of Diomedes
   There are several versions to this story, but none
    have a lot of details.
   The horses were man-eating horses.
   Hercules captures the horses and takes them
    back to the king.
   He releases them and they are later killed by wild
    beasts on Mt. Olympus.
        9th-The     Belt of Hippolyte
   Hippolyte was the queen of the Amazons
   The name, Amazon, comes from a Greek word
    meaning "missing one breast."
   The Amazons lived apart from men, and if they
    ever gave birth to children, they kept only the
    females and reared them to be warriors like
   The leather belt was a gift from Ares because
    she was the best Amazon warrior.
     The Belt of Hippolyte (con’t)
   She agrees to give the belt to him, but Hera
    pretends to be an Amazon warrior and makes
    the other warriors believe that Hercules is going
    to take the queen.
   Hercules kills in battle Hippolyte and takes the
         10th-The         Cattle of Geryon
   Geryon has 3 heads and
    3 sets of legs at the waist.
   These red cattle are
    gaurded by Cerberus’
    brother, a 2 headed dog
    named Orthus.
   Hercules kills Orthus,
    the herdsman and
    Geryon and takes cattle.
   King E sacrificed them
    to Hera.
11th-The      Apples of the Hesperides
   Golden apples were a wedding gift to Zeus from
   In a garden and they were guarded by a 100-
    headed dragon and the Hesperides, nymphs who
    were daughters of Atlas.
   Hercules comes across Prometheus and kills the
    eagle that is torturing Prometheus. (For giving
    man fire)
   Prometheus helps Hercules and tells him that
    Atlas must get the apples.
            The Apples (con’t)
   Hercules holds the earth while Atlas gets the
    apples. Hercules tricks Atlas into taking the
    earth back.
   He shows the apples to King E, but they must
    be returned to the garden because they belong
    to a god.
                12th- Cerberus
   Cerberus was the 3 headed dog w/ a dragon tail
    that guarded the gate to the Underworld/Hades.
   Orthus, the Hydra, the Nemean Lion, and
    Chimera were all related to Cerberus.
   Pluto agreed to let Hercules take Cerberus, but
    only if he could capture him with his own
    strength. Hercules wrestled Cerberus to ground
    even though he was pierced by the dog’s tail.
   Cerberus was safely returned to the Underworld
    after King Eurystheus saw the dog.
   http://perseus.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/Herakles

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