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									                                     LANGLEY HOUSE TRUST



TITLE:                      Training Manager - Service User Programmes

LOCATION:                   Langley House Trust’s Western Regional Office, Cheltenham or
                            Elderfield Project, Winchester

HOURS:                      A minimum of 37 hours per week, some of which may be
                            unsocial. The post includes some travel and occasional
                            overnight stops can be expected.

SALARY:                     As per the Trust’s salary scales

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Director of HR and Development

1. Purpose
To be responsible for the provision of an effective Service User Training and Activities
Programme that supports and promotes the work of Langley House Trust as set out in the
Object of the Trust and its’ Aims and Business Objectives and to ensure the delivery of high
quality, cost efficient Service User Training, Development and Support for service users and

2. Context
The Langley House Trust is a National Christian
Charity. We provide accommodation, training,
education and other relevant services to
disadvantaged and marginalised groups including ex
offenders and those at risk of offending within
communities with the aim of reducing and preventing
Our services are open to all, welcoming those of
other faiths and those of none.

3. Main responsibilities
Delivery of a programme of Service User training and activities across the Trust with the aim
of increasing an individual’s self worth, engagement with learning and employability, within
set budgets and to the agreed levels of quality as defined within this Job Description, the
Langley House Trust Business Plan, Quality Assurance Strategy and Key Performance
Indicators (KPI’s) and to report regularly to the HRD Director. .

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Preparation date 070708
In particular to:

4. Spiritual
To fully integrate the Christian values of the organisation within the role by ensuring the
spiritual ethos of the Trust is upheld and promoted in all activities and by providing strong
Christian leadership.

5. Tasks:
    a. To support projects in the provision and development of Job Clubs and preparation
       for employment activities.
    b. To facilitate links between Projects educational establishments, their communities
       and other providers of relevant services.
    c. To establish a network of social activities within the Trust to the benefit of residents
       and other Service Users.
    d. To promote the concepts of; Positive Adult Development and the 40 Developmental
       Assets (as expressed by the Search Institute), Pro-Social Modelling, Motivational
       Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioural Modification (as expressed in the NOMS
       ‘What Works’ agenda).
    e. To oversee the delivery of all Service User Training across the Trust.
    f. To ensure the effective delivery of the City & Guilds 3071 Learning Units.
    g. To integrate the 3071 Learning Units and other learning opportunities within the
       Service User File.
    h. To provide Somerset College of Arts and Technology (or other colleges as
       appropriate) with timely information to facilitate the smooth running of the contract(s).
    i. To support project in the use of volunteer staff to assist with local training.
    j. To deliver external training as required, meeting the requirements of the Trusts
    k. To design and produce written materials as appropriate.
    l. To assist with the development of CBT courses
    m. To support staff in meeting the training and learning needs of Service Users
    n. To monitor the effectiveness of training and promote best value solutions
    o. To incorporate the Christian ethos of the Trust in all work related activity.

6. Liaison
a. Raise awareness of Service User Training throughout the Trust.
b. Develop and maintain good relationships with training providers and other relevant
c. Liaise with staff at all levels on relevant issues

7. General
a. To pursue standards of good practice in every aspect of the Trust’s activity
b. To participate in induction, supervision, the appraisal processes and training
c. To undertake the personal Health & Safety responsibilities within the Health & Safety at
   Work Act 1974
d. To support the implementation of Trust initiatives
e. To reflect on your performance and actively pursue continual personal development
f. To report concerns upwards through line management structure and, if necessary, to
   use the ‘whistle blowing’ procedures set out in the Trust Handbook

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Preparation date 070708
g. To keep up to date with legislation, policy developments and best practice that may have
   a bearing on the work of the Trust

8. Key Result Areas
The Trust publishes a range of Key Performance Indicators which will form the main
measures of performance however individual targets may be set from time-to-time.

9. Review Date/Right to Vary
This Job Description will be reviewed regularly as part of the Performance Appraisal
Process and may be subject to other variance. You may be required to undertake other
tasks that are assigned to you that the Trust might reasonably expect to be within your
competence and grade.

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Preparation date 070708

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