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									                                                                               Education Bradford

                                  Educational Psychology Team
                                                  Future House
                                                  Bolling Road
                                                Bradford BD4 7EB
                                                Tel: 01274 385751

                                 Parent/Carer Consent Form

      This form should only be filled in with the prior agreement of the setting’s link educational

Name of child:                                               In public care: Yes       No 

Date of birth:


School / Setting:                                            School contact:

Contact number:                                              Title:

To help meet your child’s needs, their school or setting wishes to involve the Educational
Psychology Team (EPT).

The EPT is part of Education Bradford. Our main aim is encourage the social, emotional and
educational development of children and young people. We do a lot of work in schools and other
settings with individual children or with groups of children.

The people who work for the EPT are all qualified educational psychologists or trainee educational
psychologist. Our trainee educational psychologists work under the supervision of a senior
educational psychologist.

We will only work with your child with your informed consent. We therefore want to be sure that you
understand who we are, what we do, and your consent is freely given. As part of our work we will
meet with you to discuss your child. We will also let you know the results of our work, either in
writing or through further meetings.

The school or setting will have talked to you about the EPT and what we do. However we will be
happy to answer any questions about our work if you contact us.

As part of our work we keep records, some of which are held on computer. These records contain
personal information, such as name, and date of birth, plus the information we collect. Our records
are confidential, but to help your child we may need to share information with other people. We will
only share information with people working closely with your child or to meet our statutory

To do our work it may be helpful to contact other agencies e.g. Child Health, to gather
further information. If you do not wish the EPT to do this please tick here. 

If you are happy for us to work with your child, please sign this form below. The school will
give you a copy of the form and send the original to us.

Signed:                                     Parent / Carer                      Date:


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