Educational Psychology Service leaflet for parents by bsr14041


									Any concerns about the Falkirk Council
Educational Psychology Service should first
be discussed with the educational psychologist                                                     Educational
involved. Most concerns can be resolved at
this level but if this is not possible then
reference can be made to the Service                                                               Service
management through the educational
psychologist’s line manager and, if necessary,
the Principal Educational Psychologist. If the
concern still remains unresolved then it can
be referred to the Director of Education.
                                                 Educational Psychology Service
                                                 Park Street
                                                 FK1 1RE
                                                 Tel: 01324 503680/Fax: 503681

The Educational Psychology Service abides by     Moray Place
Falkirk Council’s Race Equality Scheme.          GRANGEMOUTH
                                                 FK3 9DL
                                                 Tel: 01324 504680/Fax: 504681
If you would like a copy of this leaflet in a
community language, Braille, large print or      Email:
audio tape please telephone: 01324 504680
or 503680.
                                                 In line with national agreements Falkirk
                                                 Council only employs educational
                                                 psychologists who are Chartered with the
                                                 British Psychological Society or are
                                                 eligible to be Chartered.


                                                 March 07
The Educational Psychology Service               seek to ensure that the views of the young        teachers and parents/carers, and contribute
aims to improve life-long outcomes               person are taken into account.                    to planning to support a pupil’s learning.

for children, young people and                   Parents/carers and young people can request       An educational psychologist contributes to
families by applying psychology to               the involvement of an educational                 the assessment process in response to the
educational contexts.                            psychologist - through direct contact with the    concerns and issues identified by those who
                                                 Service or through discussion with the            are already involved with a pupil. The
                                                 school/nursery.                                   assessment process informs future teaching
                                                                                                   and support measures which promote a
           alkirk Council Educational

                                                 When Falkirk Council Educational                  pupil’s progress and general well being.
           Psychology Service is part of         Psychology Service has agreed to become
           Education Services. The               involved and consent of parent, young person      Examples of when an educational
           Educational Psychology Service        or child is given, there will be a confidential   psychologist might become involved include:
           provides consultation and advice,     record kept of any work done. Parents and
mainly about school or education based           young people may request access to this             when a primary 7 pupil requires extra planning
issues, concerning children and young people     record and we will disclose all information         in the transition to secondary school
in the age range 0–24 years. Educational         we have generated. If we hold information
psychologists work mostly through schools,       from any other agencies we will disclose this       when schools are devising strategies to support
with each school and nursery school having a     only with agreement from the agency                 pupils
link educational psychologist.                   concerned. All records that Falkirk Council         when a pupil in secondary school requires extra
                                                 Educational Psychology Service keep are open        planning in the transition to college or
When there are concerns about a pupil’s          to inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of      employment.
learning or behaviour a school may request       Education.
parents’/carers’ permission to invite the                                                            when schools request support with staff
school link educational psychologist to join a   On becoming involved, the educational               development on additional support needs issues
review or planning meeting for the pupil.        psychologist may consult with staff,
                                                 parents/carers, observe in class and, where       Through involvement in training, research
Educational psychologists only become            appropriate, talk with the pupil.                 and project work, educational psychologists
involved with parents’/carers’ agreement                                                           contribute to developments in schools which
when working with pupils under 16. They          Using their knowledge of child development        support the learning and progress of all
will keep parents/carers advised of what they    and learning, educational psychologists help      pupils, including those with additional
plan to do. Educational psychologists will       identify educational needs, give advice to        support needs.

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