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					           Brief Note on School-based Educational Psychology Service

To address the need of schools and students for educational psychology service, the
Education Bureau (EDB) has increased provision to enhance the School-based
Educational Psychology Service (SBEPS) for public-funded secondary and primary
schools by (a) creating additional educational psychologist (EP) posts both in EDB
and in major school sponsoring bodies and (b) outsourcing SBEPS.

SBEPS is delivered by qualified EPs who, through regular school visits, would
support schools at the school system, teacher support and student support levels. It
aims to help schools develop policies and measures to cater for students’ diverse
educational needs. SBEPS also covers individual assessment for needy students,
professional consultation and crisis management.

In the 2008/09 school year, about 300 secondary and primary schools are provided
with this comprehensive SBEPS.

Participating schools are expected to achieve the following objectives:
1. Sound mechanism and policies to cater for student diversity will be developed at
      the system level.
2. Teachers will have mastered sufficient knowledge and skills to support students
      with diverse educational needs; they will also be able to deploy these skills to
      enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
3. Students are able to overcome obstacles and difficulties; maximize their
      potentials and enjoy pleasurable learning.

Service scope
The key feature of SBEPS is that the service is school-based. The EP would render
preventive, remedial and developmental service at the school system, teacher and
student levels having regard to the development of a school and the need of its
teachers and students. Some examples of the service are listed below :

School System Support
The EP would support schools to develop their policies and measures to address
student diversity, refine their support mechanism and promote a positive and caring
school culture.
Teacher Support
Through consultation and training, the EP would support teachers in curriculum
adaptation, instructional and assessment accommodation for needy students. The EP
would advise teachers on effective classroom management and appropriate guidance
and discipline measures. The EP would also collaborate with teachers, school social
workers or guidance personnel to design, implement and evaluate remedial and/or
enrichment programs for students with special educational needs.

Student Support
The EP would provide individual assessment and training for students with special
educational needs. They would also collaborate with teachers and parents to design
and review Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) for students with special
educational needs.

EDB has distributed a comprehensive SBEPS Guide to all participating schools and
service providers. EDB will monitor the implementation of SBEPS regularly and
evaluate its effectiveness. Subject to the progress of EP training and availability of
resources, the Bureau will extend the provision of SBEPS to more schools, with the
priority given to the most needy ones.

For enquiry, please contact Educational Psychology Service (Hong Kong & Kowloon)
Section of EDB (Tel. No. : 3698 4311).