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                                                                                                                                                 Established in 1993
TAMWOOD INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMPS                                                                                                        Prices & Dates 2009

                                                                         CAMP PRICES

                                                                                                                                                    Self Arranged
                                                        Residence Accommodation                                                Homestay             Accomodations
                                                                                                                           Vancouver-SFU &       Vancouver, Whistler
       Weeks                Vancouver, Whistler and Ontario                          California Camp                     Ontario–Huron Uni.              & Ontario
                            Ages 7-12              Ages 13-17                  Ages 7-12              Ages 13-17             Ages 13-17                  Ages 7-17
          1                CAD $1,845              CAD $1,475              USD $1,845                 USD $1,475             CAD $1,295              CAD $1,135

          2                CAD $3,060              CAD $2,825              USD $3,060                 USD $2,825             CAD $2,330              CAD $1,900

          3                CAD $4,460              CAD $4,160              USD $4,460                 USD $4,160             CAD $3,495              CAD $2,915

          4                CAD $5,825              CAD $5,465              USD $5,825                 USD $5,465             CAD $4,660              CAD $3,965

          5                CAD $7,080              CAD $6,720                  USD $7080              USD $6,720             CAD $5,820              CAD $5,045

          6                CAD $8,230              CAD $7,955              USD $8,230                 USD $7,955             CAD $6,960              CAD $6,105

          7                not available           CAD $9,280              not available              USD $9,280             CAD $8,120              CAD $7,120

                          PRICE InCluDES                                                                              not InCluDED
•	 Accommodation in single or twin rooms in residence or with host family                  •	 Optional activities offered once or twice a week (cost CAD/USD $10 -
                                                                                              CAD/USD $100)
•	 15 hours of English language instruction per week for campers in English
   + Activities                                                                            •	 Airplane ticket
•	 Three meals per day (and evening snack for students in residence)                       •	 Personal spending money
•	 Airport transfers to and from closest international airport on Sundays at               •	 Cost of special sports camps in London and Whistler
   designated pick up and drop off times (between 08h00 and 20h00)
                                                                                           •	 Unaccompanied minor fee charged by airlines
•	 Medical insurance while at Tamwood
•	 24 hour supervision by Tamwood staff for residence students                             Homestay Program
•	 Daily activities                                                                        •	 Does not include daily transportation between homestay and college
                                                                                              (students pay for public transportation)
•	 Evening social program for students in residence program
                                                                                           •	 Does not include evening activities except weekly disco.
•	 One weekly full-day excursion and half day city excursion (teens do
   extra half day excursion/activity off campus every week)
•	 Tamwood certificate and academic report
•	 Weekly laundry service
•	 Camp T-shirt

                                                                         EXtRA CoStS:

 Supplement foR SpeciAl cAmpS At HuRon (prices include transportation to training facility):

    Horse Riding                   CAD/USD $ 250/week                                          Intensive English              CAD/USD $ 200/week

    Horse Riding supplement includes:                                                          Intensive English supplement includes:
  •	 Four 1-hour riding lessons                                                              •	 9 hours of extra English classes per week (taught over three
  •	 horse grooming and care training
  •	 transportation to riding facilities
  •	 5% GST
Extra Day in homestay accommodation (no program or staff supervision): CAD/USD $65/day

Extra Day in Residence program: CAD/USD $175

Special Airport transfer (for arrivals and departures not made within allowable times on Sundays).
For individuals: CAD/USD $100/one way for Vancouver and CAD/USD $175/ one way for Whistler and London camps. Price per student will be less
if more than one student requires special transfer at the same time. Contact us for a group transfer quote.

Damage Deposit:
CAD/USD $50 / student to be collected in cash from every camper at check-in on their first day at camp. This deposit will be applied to cover the costs
of the repairs for any damage or loss caused by camper to the camp facilities and equipment. If damage repair costs exceed the deposit amount, the
parent and/ or agent agrees to pay Tamwood the difference. If the camper causes no damage or loss, then the deposit will be refunded to the camper
on their departure day.

Optional Activities:
Offered once or twice a week. A free option is always offered at the same time as the extra cost options so there is no obligation on students to pay extra
on these days. Costs vary week to week for extra cost options. See course description for list of possible options.

                          CAMP DAtES (PRogRAM IS SunDAy to SunDAy, MInIMuM StAy IS 1 wEEk):

 English + Activities for ages 7-12            June 28 to August 9              Intensive English for Teens 13-17 in London    June 28 to August 9

                                                                                English Plus Horse Riding for Teens 13-17 in
 English + Activities for ages 13-17           June 28 to August 16                                                            July 5 to August 2

 Adventure Camp for Teens in Whistler          June 28 to August 9              “Camp on the Road” study tour in Ontario       August 9-16
        tERMS AnD ConDItIonS foR APPlICAtIonS foR tAMwooD SuMMER PRogRAMS:
1. Students will not be accepted without receipt of a completed Tamwood application form and completed and signed Tamwood health form. Tamwood
   cannot arrange medical care for campers without the parent or guardian’s written permission which is given on the signed health form.
2. Acceptance in a summer camp session is not guaranteed until tamwood has received a deposit of CAD/uSD $500. The bal-
   ance of the fees owing for the camp is due four weeks before the date the student is registered to start at Tamwood. Students will not be received
   at the airport until tamwood has received payment in full.
3. Flight information must be provided at least 5 working days in advance of student’s arrival or airport transfers cannot be guaranteed. Any flight
   changes made less than 5 days before student arrival or while student is at camp should be sent to both the Tamwood’s head office and the summer
   camp office.
4. If a student cancels 4 weeks or more before the date the student is registered to start at Tamwood, the student receives full refund of deposit less CAD/
   USD $75 cancellation fee. If student cancels four weeks or less before the date the student is registered to start at Tamwood, the CAD/USD $500
   deposit is non-refundable. Students who cancel after the start date will receive no refund of the program fees.
5. Students who do not arrive and depart on Sundays between 08h00 and 20h00 and who request airport transfers to be provided by Tamwood,
   must pay an additional fee for each special transfer. Transfers for groups of 5 or more students after hours will be priced based on number of students
   and the time and day the transfer is required. Please note that Tamwood cannot accommodate students at the camp who arrive before June 28 and/
   or depart after August 16. Students who need accommodation outside the set camp dates will have to be accommodated at their own expense in a
   hotel near the airport and these students will be responsible for all expenses relating to their care for such days. When students require an extra day
   at camp during the camp dates, and space is available, students will be charged for each extra day the student is at Tamwood.
6. Students will require spending money if they want to take part in the optional activities that have an extra cost. Tamwood will not handle special cash
   transfers from parents to students who run out of money therefore students should bring enough spending money to last their entire camp session.
   Emergency money can be labeled as such and Tamwood will not release this money to the student with out parent permission in writing. Parents that
   must send students more money while at camp can send traveler’s cheques payable to Tamwood International College by Fed Ex Courier directly to
   the camp office with a letter explaining who the money is for. No money will be given to a student until we have received and cashed the traveler’s
7. Please read the rules for both the camp and the teen program. Most misunderstandings or complaints are caused by the fact that the client has not
   fully informed himself/herself about the program
8. the special camps in london and whistler will run only if the minimum enrolment is achieved. The minimum number of students
   required for each camp is : 3 for Horseriding, 4 for Intensive English and 6 for Adventure. Contact Tamwood two weeks before your student’s ar-
   rival to confirm that minimum enrolment has been met and that the clinic will run as planned. If a camp is cancelled due to failure to meet minimum
   enrolment, students will receive a full refund or the extra fees when they arrive at Tamwood, or they can apply the fees towards their application for
   a different camp option in that week or a different week.
9. The teen HOMESTAY program for students 13-17 is designed for students who are mature, can take public transit on their own and can be left for
   short periods of time unsupervised (for example on shopping trips). If you feel your child requires more supervision or may have difficulty following
   rules, you should consider putting your child in the residence program which is more structured and offers less free time. If your child is 14 you should
   think carefully about which program is better suited for him/her. Not all 14 year olds are going to be happy in the homestay program as they will be
   happier in the residence program with more activities and free time.