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Educational Psychology- Applied Developmental Science (EP-ADS) by fws15200


									                                              Program Description                                  Program Activities and Events                          Research Opportunities Summer 2010
                                              The Educational Psychology and Applied               Interns will participate in:
                                              Developmental Science (EP-ADS) Summer                 research meetings with their mentor, co-             UVA Social Development Laboratory
                                              Undergraduate Research Program is an 8-week            mentor, and other lab members                        Sara Rimm-Kaufman, Ph.D.,
                                              internship that provides undergraduates with          lab meetings at the Center for Advanced Study
Educational Psychology-                       valuable research and professional development         of Teaching and Learning (CASTL)
                                                                                                                                                          Developmental Psychology

                                                                                                                                                          This lab is conducting a series of studies on
 Applied Developmental                        experience under the guidance of faculty in the
                                              EP-ADS Program at the Curry School of
                                                                                                    workshops on topics such as applying to              elementary classroom environments and the
                                                                                                     graduate school, career opportunities, the           extent to which they contribute to children's self-
   Science (EP-ADS)                           Education at the University of Virginia.               publication process, and GRE preparation             control, social skills, and achievement. As one
                                                                                                    a research conference                                example, we have initiated a large scale,
                                              This internship program is designed to                a presentation on the research project they
                                              encourage students from groups traditionally                                                                experimental study involving 24 schools to
                                                                                                     assist with during the summer
Summer Undergraduate                          underrepresented in the field of education            social activities
                                                                                                                                                          examine the effectiveness of an intervention
                                                                                                                                                          called the Responsive Classroom (RC)
                                              research to consider careers in academic, policy,
  Research Program                            or research organizations. Interns will work on                                                             Approach. The RC Approach offers teachers a
                                              research focusing on schools, classrooms, and        Financial Support                                      set of principles and practices to build their
        2010                                  other youth settings as contexts critical to child   All interns will receive:                              capacity to manage behavior and teach in the
                                              and adolescent development. They will also            stipend of $3000 for the 8-week session              classroom. The question under investigation is:
 Funded by the U.S. Department of Education                                                                                                               Do these practices really improve teachers’
                                              participate in meetings and workshops, and            up to $250 for travel to/from Charlottesville
       Institute of Education Sciences                                                                                                                    ability to engage children in learning?
                                              attend a research conference.                         $500 towards meals
                                                                                                    housing in a university residence hall               Internships in our lab offer an opportunity to learn
                                              Program Goals                                         registration and travel to a research conference     a lot about elementary school classrooms.
                                              The EP-ADS Summer Undergraduate Research                                                                    Interns will observe and code videotapes of
                                              Program aims to:                                                                                            elementary school classrooms to better
                                               help students strengthen the skills needed to      To Apply                                               understand classroom social processes,
                                                get into and successfully complete a doctorate     Eligible students must meet the following criteria:    especially during mathematics instruction. We
                                                program in education research                       be enrolled full-time at a four-year college or      also need help with data entry, basic descriptive
                                               recruit highly qualified students for doctoral       university                                           data analysis, and other miscellaneous tasks.
                                                training in EP-ADS leading to research careers      be in their junior year at the time of application
                                                in the education sciences in academic, policy,       (with 2 semesters or less to complete after          Young Women Leaders Program
                                                or research organizations                            Summer 2010)                                         Nancy Deutsch, Ph.D., Human Development &
                                               increase the number of students from                have a 3.0 or better cumulative grade point          Social Policy
                                                underrepresented groups who enter EP-ADS             average
                                                which will in turn help diversify the field of      show interest and promise in doctoral study in       YWLP is a mentoring program for middle school
                                                education research and broaden the range of          EP-ADS                                               girls that combines one-on-one mentoring by
                                                perspectives                                        have background and qualifications consistent        college women with curriculum-based group
      Curry School of Education                                                                                                                           activities. YWLP has an ongoing evaluation
                                                                                                     with that aspiration
                at the                        Research Apprenticeships                                                                                    component with an experimental design, and a
                                                                                                    be willing to make a full-time commitment to the
        University of Virginia                Interns will work on an ongoing research               program during the 8-week summer session
                                                                                                                                                          qualitative component to explore the processes
       Charlottesville, Virginia              project(s) with one of the EP-ADS faculty                                                                   that occur within mentoring groups. The research
                                                                                                    be citizens or permanent residents of the
                                              mentors and a graduate student co-mentor.                                                                   team focuses on understanding the effects of
                                                                                                     United States
                                                                                                                                                          YWLP on
                                              Internship work may include:                          bring diversity to academic study by reason of       academic,
                                               reading background literature                        their culture, class, race, ethnicity, background,   social,
   Application information available at:
                                               collecting, coding, and analyzing data               or work and life experiences                         behavioral, and
                                               writing a section of a paper                                                                              emotional
                                               participating in research meetings                                                                        outcomes and
Questions? Please contact Jen Mashburn at      presenting on research                                                                                    on identifying               For project descriptions, please see “Research                                                              how mentoring
                                              Opportunities.”                                                                                             groups function as developmental settings. There
                                                                                                                                                          are research opportunities in statistical analysis
of outcome data (for both adolescent girls and         In addition UVA is offering support to these          Scoring System (CLASS) to code videos of pre-k       family and neighborhood interdependence in
college women), working on and developing 8th          students’ AP teachers and school counselors.          classrooms and help organize incoming data.          affecting children, and how family-school linkage
and 9th grade YWLP program components,                 Data on student achievement and perceptions                                                                affects child development.
analysis of qualitative data, and development of       are being used to investigate the question, How
an observational protocol, including instrument        do organized academic support structures impact       Improving Early Language and Literacy                Beliefs, Behavior, & Belonging
development and validation through coding of           the participation and success of minority and low-    Andrew Mashburn, Ph.D., Psychology &                 Marie Shoffner, Ph.D., Counselor Education
videotapes of mentoring groups.                        income students in AP courses and in college?         Anita McGinty, Ph.D., Risk & Prevention in           We are currently collecting data from middle
                                                                                                             Education Sciences
                                                       Research opportunities for interns include                                                                 school and high school students. We are
Building Peers Social Skills                           development of interview and observational            Interns will be involved with a study that           examining changes in their math engagement
Tina Stanton-Chapman, Ph.D.,                           protocols, survey development and field testing,                                                           and interests and the relationship of these to
Education and Human Development
                                                                                                             investigates the effects of a preschool curricular
                                                       statistical analysis of data, and data collection     program called Read It Again! (RIA). RIA is a 60     teacher perceptions, parent perceptions, and
The major goal of our project is to develop and        during the summer pre-AP program which occurs         lesson curricular tool that focuses on enhancing     classroom experience. Our central hypothesis is
test a comprehensive social competence                 during the time SURP interns are at the               large group storybook readings to include            that perceptions, student engagement, sense of
intervention referred to as a Continuum of             University.                                           lessons in language and pre-literacy skill areas.    belonging, and peer, teacher, and parent
Positive Behavior Supports (CPBS) in Head Start                                                              The study explores the extent to which RIA           supports play a crucial role in Science,
(HS) classrooms. The project will develop: a) an       Early Childhood Education:                            improves the quality of children’s experiences in    Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
implementation manual with step-by-step                Observational Assessment and                          classrooms and children’s language and literacy      (STEM) interests and choices at critical points in
guidelines and fidelity of intervention checklists;                                                          development during preschool. Interns will learn     students' educational and career trajectories.
                                                       Professional Development
b) a manual to guide in-service training and staff     Jason Downer, Ph.D., Psychology &                     how to assess the quality of teachers’               Quantitative and qualitative methodologies are
training materials (e.g., videotaped examples,         Bridget Hamre, Ph.D., Psychology                      implementation of storybook readings and the         being used to test our hypothesis. Interns will be
role play activities, consultation guidelines); c)                                                           quality of children’s expressive language through    involved in tasks such as setting up data
classroom materials (e.g., social skill lesson         Interns interested in early childhood education       audio tapes of children’s language samples, and      collection, administering surveys, conducting
plans and toys); and d) reliable measures              may be involved in two projects. The first,           will have access to data sets they can use to        focus groups and interviews, data entry, and data
sensitive to intervention effects on staff and         Observational Assessment of Young Children’s          address research questions that explore home         analysis.
children which can be used in further research.        Competence, aims to develop, field-test, and          and classroom characteristics that are
                                                       validate an assessment of young children's            associated with young children’s language and/or
Interns will be involved in data management            social, emotional, and task-oriented competence       literacy achievement.
activities for a survey and follow-up interviews       (called the inCLASS) as displayed in early                                                                 To learn about our faculty, read more details
with HS personnel. The survey and interviews           education classrooms with peers, teachers, and                                                               about these research projects, or apply,
are designed to identify attitudes, beliefs, current                                                         Measuring Impact of School-Family                              please see our website.
                                                       instructional activities. Interns may be trained to
practices and challenges in regard to teaching                                                               Linkages in High Risk Communities
                                                       use the inCLASS observation system in local
social skills and discipline. Students will assist     pre-k classrooms to pilot different procedures        Education                                  
with survey data input and transcription and                                                                 Patrick Tolan, Ph.D.
                                                       and assist with
coding of interview tapes.                             development of                                        This study utilizes longitudinal data from           
                                                       video training                                        SAFEChildren, a randomized prevention trial
                                                       materials to use                                      launched in 1996 to help families residing in
Advanced Placement Challenge Program
Carolyn M. Callahan, Ph.D., Educational
                                                       with teachers.                                        inner-city communities at the transition when
Psychology &                                                                                                 their child enters elementary school. The
                                                       Interns may also
Holly Hertberg-Davis, Ph.D., Gifted Education                                                                approach was to form multiple family groups for
                                                       work with the
                                                                                                             support, information, and opportunity to improve
The AP Challenge Program is a study of an              National Center
                                                                                                             parenting skills. At present, we are completing
intervention designed to increase the                  for Research on Early Childhood Education
                                                                                                             long term follow-up of the children as they finish
participation and success of minority and low-         (NCRECE) Professional Development Study,a
                                                                                                             high school to see if the initial findings of
income students in AP courses and in college.          randomized, controlled evaluation of the effects
                                                                                                             improved academic skills and engagement and
Organized support structures for potential AP          of two forms of supports for pre-k teachers, a
                                                                                                             stronger family functioning continue and lead to
students, including a pre-AP, residential summer       course and consultation, designed to improve
                                                                                                             better adjustment in adolescence. The large
program at UVA; structured peer study groups;          their implementation of curricula and interactions
                                                                                                             data set includes measures of individual, family,
academic advising and study, writing, self-            with children, and promote gains in children's
                                                                                                             peer, school, and community influences on
advocacy skills instruction; and on-line AP            social and academic development. Interns may
                                                                                                             development and can be utilized for a large
curriculum help are provided directly to students.     be trained to use the Classroom Assessment
                                                                                                             number of questions about prevention impact,

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