Counseling and Educational Psychology by fws15200


									                                                    For More Information:                        College of Education
Admission Information
   •   GRE scores, Verbal and Quantitative
   •   Three letters of recommendation from         Dr. Ginger Dickson, Program Coordinator

                                                                                                Counseling and
       faculty or counseling related supervisors    Telephone: 646-4096
   •   “Letter of Intent” form
       Statement of Purpose
       List of completed upper division and/ or
                                                    Dr. Jonathon Schwartz, Dept. Head (7/7/9)
                                                    Telephone: 646-2121
       graduate coursework (including grades)
       related to counseling
                                                    Dr. Michael Waldo
                                                    Telephone: 646-4095
   •   Resume or curriculum vita
   •   Writing sample (optional)                    Dr. Lisa Grayshield                               Subtitle
                                                                                                Live, Learn and Thrive   TM

   •   Interview if requested
DEADLINE for applications is March 1
                                                    Telephone: 646-2124                                 H
         * Handbooks are available online at        Dr. Charles Huber or by contacting   Email:
            the CEP office at 646-2121.             Telephone: 646-2123

                                                    Program Website:

                                                     Department of Counseling and
                                                         Educational Psychology
                                                                MSC 3CEP
                                                      New Mexico State University
                                                             P.O. Box 30001
                                                       Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
                                                             (505) 646-2121
                                                                                                     MA Program Full-Time Schedule
Description of Program                                                                               Sum 1b
                                                                                                       CEP 512- Human Development
The Masters program (MA) is housed in the                                                              CEP 517- The Psychology of
Department of Counseling and Educational                                                             Fall 1
                                                    Course Work                                        CEP 542- Appraisal Theory and Technique
Psychology in the College of Education at
                                                                                                       CEP 524- Professional Issues in Mental
                                                    Students may complete the program on a full,
New Mexico State University.                                                                         Health
                                                    three-quarter, or half- time basis.
                                                                                                       CEP 550- Counseling Theory and Technique
                                                                                                       CEP 551- Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
The Masters program is accredited in Mental                                                          Spring 1
                                                    All entering students must declare at the time     CEP 558- Child and Adolescent Counseling
Health Counseling by the Council for                                                                   CEP 552- Career/Life Planning and
                                                    of their application their intention to pursue   Vocational
Accreditation of Counseling and Related
                                                    full, three-quarter, or half-time study.
Educational Programs (CACREP).                                                                         CEP 566- Group Work Theory and
                                                                                                       CEP 572- Counseling Practicum
                                                    Courses are offered in Block Schedule. This      Sum. 2a
The MA Counseling Program is a 60 hour                                                                 CEP 562- Family Therapy Theory and
                                                    means that students proceed through the          Technique
program with dual licensure opportunities in                                                           CEP 556- Addictions Counseling
                                                    program and take coursework with the specific    Fall 2
mental health and school counseling.
                                                                                                       CEP 532- Counseling Research
                                                    group of applicants with whom they entered         CEP 522- Organization and Administration of
                                                                                                                  School Counseling
                                                    the program.
Training is tailored for service delivery in both                                                      CEP 578- Advanced Counseling Practicum
                                                                                                     Spring 2
mental health agencies and school counseling                                                            CEP 580- Counseling Internship
                                                    The MA program maintains low faculty-                          (Comprehensive Exam)
                                                    student ratios, particularly in courses where    *Students complete over 1,000 hours of
                                                                                                     supervised practice while progressing through
                                                    individual and small-group supervision is        the program.

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