Long Branch Public Schools Summer Camps Go Green! by thr14539


									            Long Branch Public Schools Summer Camps Go Green!
                                               instruction will revolve around a      to explore the sport and educational
                                               district-wide theme that incorpo-      concepts of fishing. In addition to
                                               rates environmental and global         participating in a fun outing, students
                                               sciences, affectionately referred      will learn all about the different kinds
                                               to as “Camp Green” or “Going           of fish that live right here in our com-
                                               Green.” As part of this effort, stu-   munity and the bodies of water that is
                                               dents are actively engaged in find-     their habitat.
                                               ing ways to save the Earth. They         Campers will also learn how to cre-
                                               are using technology for research      ate composts, plant in the 7th Avenue
                                               and data, as well as for word pro-     Community Garden, and work to
                                               cessing and spreadsheets.              help alleviate pollution.                    At our in-ground pool located
                                                An additional accent to our aca-       Computer instruction, vocal, and in-        at Gregory School, swimming
                                               demic component this summer is         strumental music will be provided as         instructors teach students
   The Long Branch Public Schools              the acquisition of a science in-       “specials” for students and will take        how to swim. Here, Kristen
Summer Enrichment Camp has al-             structor at each camp site. The sci-       place weekly. Field days, water fun          Catrambone congratulates a
ways provided fun and educationally                                                                                                student on a job well done!
                                           ence instructor will be completing         days and game days will be arranged
enriching experiences each summer,         daily hands-on science experiments,        by athletic instructors.
and this year is no different – in fact,   in our beautiful science labs. Experi-      And, for the first time, we are teach-
we have added several new and excit-       ments will reflect and reinforce the        ing our campers to swim in an in-
ing programs for our pre-k – grade 8       related concepts of the overall and        ground pool equipped with certified
students.                                  weekly camp theme.                         lifeguards and certified instructors
   As in the past, the daily schedule        To further compliment and enhance        for swim lessons at Gregory School.
will consist of approximately 90           our theme, daily fishing trips to           All this and a whole lot more!
minutes of instruction in academics,       Takanassee Lake will provide many
art & athletics. This year, academic       of our students with the opportunity

                                                                                                                                   Jeanine DeMarzo caught a
                                                                                                                                   17.5 inch rainbow trout!

Learning how geometry equates to real life situations, Jazmin   How do we find ways to save our Earth? Gregory School stu-
Hill & Anna Melgar construct a tower made out of newspapers.    dents are using the internet to research ways to make our school

                                                                                                                                   Heidi is learning how to reach
                                                                          Family Fun Nights!                                       for the stars one step at a time.
                                                                 LBHS Bressett Stadium is the Place to Be!
                                                                 Looking for some good, clean (or not) family fun
                                                                 on a Saturday night? Why not try the Long Branch
                                                                 Public Schools’ Family Fun Nights running now
                                                                 through August 22nd behind the high school on the
                                                                 Melvin T. Rahn track in Bressett Stadium. Camp
                                                                 students and their families are welcome to join us                 Can’t believe your child
                                                                 for the next 5 Saturdays from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.                    is missing out
     Dr. Douglas Bowker,       stellations & the reason for      Try your hand at flag football, Zumba! (aerobic Lat-                    on all the fun?
MS Industrial Technology       the seasons are easily pre-       in rhythm dancing), track and our crazy field night.
teacher, explains the Por-     sented in the StarLab.                                                                                          WAIT!
table Starlab Planetarium,       The 16 x 11 foot dome is                   Flag Football - Saturday, July 25th                        There’s still time to
an inflatable balloon-like      capable of accommodating
                                                                                                                                        enroll your child.
object which offers stu-       30 children or 20 adults. It                   Zumba! - Saturday, Augutst 1st
dents an exciting opportu-     recreates the sky, including
                                                                                                                                      Stop in at any Long
nity to explore astronomy      the Sun, Moon & planet                      Track Events - Saturday, August 8th                      Branch Public School to
and space science & to see     positions on the dome,
                                                                                                                                      register your child!
the spectacular objects in     shows the motion of the                        Zumba! - Saturday, August 15th
our solar system & beyond.     stars and Sun, & illustrates
                                                                                                                                           Don’t wait
  Abstract ideas such as the   the constellations for any                Crazy Field Day - Saturday, August 22nd                        another moment -
Earth’s daily & annual mo-     time or place on earth for
tions, moon phases, con-       any given day of the year.                                                                            Join the FUN today!

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