Long Branch Public Schools The Sky's the Limit! Scenes by thr14539


									                                                Long Branch Public Schools
                                                   The Sky’s the Limit!
                                              Scenes from the Summer Camps

What better way to exercise than through dance - Latin dance, that is!         Field Hockey 101          It’s always good to stretch before starting an exercise program.

The Three Little Pigs (high school students Siasia Page,                  Campers learned how to swim in the new inground pool at          This is a lot harder than it looks!
Kristyona Abel, and Saadiqua Logan) delighted preschoolers                 Gregory School - and were refreshed at the same time!
at the Joseph M. Ferraina Early Childhood Learning Center.
While teacher Christina Gomez (l) read the story, the Three
                                                                                  First Day of School for Students is:
Little Pigs acted out the scenes.
                                                                                          September 3, 2009!
The Long Branch Public              site who completed daily             dren learned how to swim.     tion in those sports in
Schools Summer Enrich-              hands-on science experi-                                           which they excelled.
ment and Sports Camps               ments with the students              In addition to the enrich-
closed out another exciting         that reflected and rein-              ment activities at each       Saturday night family fun
and educational summer.             forced the related concepts          camp, students were treat-    nights encouraged elemen-
                                    of the overall weekly camp           ed to fun and educational     tary school students and
In the Enrichment Camp,             theme.                               outings to the beach, Sandy   their families to enjoy a             Practice! Practice! Practice!
students participated in 90                                              Hook, and local estuaries.    night out to try their hand
minutes of instruction in           Computer instruction and                                           at Zumba, flag football,
academics, art and athlet-          vocal and instrumental               Sports camps enabled stu-     kickball, track and crazy
ics. This year, academic in-        music were available as              dents to try their hands at   field day.
struction revolved around           “specials” for students on           basketball, soccer, skate-
a district-wide theme that          a weekly basis. Field days,
                                                      boarding, dance, yoga,
incorporated environmen-            water fun days and game
                                                      fitness, track and field
tal and global sciences, af-        days were arranged by ath-                                         School starts Thursday,
                                                      hockey among others.
fectionately referred to as         letic instructors.                                                  September 3, 2009 -
                                                      These lessons allowed
“Camp Green.”                                                                                          Have you finished your
                                                      them to get a feel for
                           Our inground pool, located                                                    summer reading?
This year, we added a sci- at Gregory School, was a each sport and to enjoy
                                                                                                                                            At the Middle School, students
ence instructor at each huge success as many chil- more intensive instruc-                                                                   work in the electronics lab.

                                                                         At the sports camps,
                                                                         students were exposed
                                                                         to basketball, soccer,
                                                                         skateboarding, dance,
                                                                         yoga, fitness, track and
                                                                         field hockey among oth-

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