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					50+ Programs2009
 Summer Camps
    Veterans Memorial Senior Center                                                                    Senior Affairs Commission
    1455 Madison Avenue, Redwood City, CA                                                               2009 Meeting Schedule
    94061                                                                                 	All	meetings	are	usually	held	on	the	2nd	Thursday	of	each	month,	
                                                                                                            at	1pm	at	alternating	locations.
    The	 Veterans	 Memorial	 Senior	 Center	 is	 dedicated	 to	 the	 health	 &	
                                                                                            September 10th Veterans Memorial Senior Center
    wellness	of	older	adults	by	enhancing	the	body,	mind	and	spirit.		Some	
    of	the	current	programs	offered	are:                                                    October 8th        Fair Oaks Community Center
                                                                                            november	12th      Veterans Memorial Senior Center
    Senior Services:	    Provides	 patrons	 and	 family	 members	 w/	     	
    	                    information,	support	&	referrals.	650.780.7275                     December           No meeting scheduled
    Nutrition Program:	 Offers	home-style	meals	daily	for	a	low	cost	of		
    	                    $5.00.	Take-Out	Too!	650.780.7259
    Classes / Programs:	 A	wide	range	of	classes/programs	specific	to		 	
    	                    older	adults.	650.780.7270
    Special Events:	     Dances,	Socials,	Festivals	and	More!	
                         Special	Events	Hotline	650.780.7264

          Fair Oaks Intergenerational Center /
          Family Service Agency of San Mateo
        2600 Middlefield Road, Redwood City, CA
                                                                                      Transportation to the Senior Center
                             (650) 780-7525
                                                                                      The	Veterans	Memorial	Senior	Center	offers	transportation	to	and	
     The program goal is to assist those people attending the center with tools       from	the	Senior	Center	Monday-Friday.		The	cost	is	$2.00	round-
     to maintain their independence in the community via case management,             trip	within	Redwood	City.		For	further	information	or	to	request	an	
     social programs, well-balanced meals, exercise, transportation, and              application,	please	call	(650)	780-7344
     much more! The center is open from 9-5 Monday through Friday.

        Support your senior community by purchasing affordable
        handcrafted items, greeting cards, snacks and more at the Arbor
        Gift Shop. Call (650) 780-7338 for info.

                                                                                          WALK FOR THE HEALTH OF IT!
                                                                                          plus Flea Market!
                                                                                          Saturday, September 12th
                                                                                          Walk & Festival are FREE!
                                                                                          This 5k walk guides you through beautiful Red Morton Park and
                                                                                          a Community Flea Market! After you cross the finish line benefit
      Support senior programs by embracing the classic                                    from a Wellness Festival featuring local health vendors, and great
      game of Bingo! Everyone age 18+ is welcome! CASH                                    bargains from your neighbors!
      PRIZES AWARDED. ATM machine is available. Call                                      Schedule
      650.780.7381 for info.                                                              10:00am: 5K walk begins
      SunDAyS: doors open at 9am                                                          10:30am-1pm: Wellness Festival
      Early Bird@ 12:00pm / Regular Game @ 12:30pm                                        10am-3pm: Flea Market Sale

                                                                                          Call event hotline for more information: (650) 780-7264.

54 FallSpring 2009 Activity Guide
54 2009 Activity Guide                                                                Redwood City Parks Recreation & Community Services
                                                                                  Redwood City Parks Recreation & Community Services
                                                                                     Summer the VMSC
                                                                            Special Events atCamps 2009
     Italian Dinner & Aurora Mandolin Concert
     Friday, October 9th 6:00-9:00pm                                                     FREE LECTURE SERIES
     Enjoy	a	homecooked	Italian	Feast	followed	by	a	beautiful	concert	by	
     the	Aurora	Mandolin.		All	proceeds	benefit	the	Veterans	Memorial	                   Retired Seniors Volunteer Program
     Senior	Center!		Cost	$20.                                                                         Benefits & More!
                                                                                           Wednesday, September 16th	•	1:00-2:00pm
                                                                                                           Goldstar	Room
     Gift Shop Open House
                                                                                       Learn	about	the	benefits	of	volunteering	through	the	
     Friday October 9th • 10:00am-2:00pm                                                Retired	Senior	Volunteer	Program	(RSVP).		Did	you	
     Get	a	sneak	peak	at	all	the	holiday	bargains	available	at	the	
                                                                                     know	that	you	may	be	eligible	for	mileage	reimbursement	
     VMSC	Gift	Shop.		Get	your	holiday	shopping	done	early	and	save	
                                                                                      and	many	other	perks	by	signing	up	with	RSVP?		And,	
     a	dollars!
                                                                                      you	can	volunteer	at	the	VMSC	or	other	organizations.		
                                                                                         Even	if	you	are	already	a	dedicated	volunteer	with	
     VMSC Halloween Luncheon                                                           VMSC,	please	join	us	for	this	exciting	and	informative	
     Friday, October 30th •12:00-2:00pm                                                                       lecture!
     Join	the	Veterans	Memorial	Senior	Center	for	their	annual	Halloween	
     Luncheon	on	Friday,	October	30th!		Special	prizes	awarded	to	those	                       Avoiding Financial Abuse
     who	wear	costumes.		Games,	music	and	laughter	will	complete	this	                          thursday,	october	22nd	•	1-2pm
     event.		$8	per	person                                                                                Sunset	Room
                                                                                        With	today’s	technology,	financial	abuse	is	more	
     Veterans Celebration                                                             dangerous	than	ever.		Learn	the	latest	scams	and	the	
     Friday, November 13th • 6:30-9pm                                                     best	tools	to	avoid	become	a	victim	yourself!
     Join	us	for	a	special	evening	honoring	our	United	States	Military	
     Veterans.	 	 Program	 will	 consist	 of	 a	 no-host	 bar	 to	 benefit	 the	       Before and After: The Life of a Soldier
     Veterans	Memorial	Senior	Center,	appetizers	and	a	special	USO	                               presented by Henry Hensleigh
     presentation	by	the	Singing	Blue	Stars	of	the	USS	Hornet.		For	more	                       Thursday, November 19th	•	1-2pm
     information,	please	call	Christina	at	(650)	780-7343.	                                               Redwood	Room
     Fee:	$15	General	Admission	/	$10	Veteran                                        Join	us	for	a	fascinating	and	inspiring	presentation	from	
                                                                                       decorated	WWII	Veteran	who	will	share	his	story	of	
                                                                                        fighting	in	5	major	battles	and	his	life	after	the	war.		
     Thanksgiving Gathering (Lunch)
     Friday, November 20th • 12:00-2:00pm                                                    Beating Those Holiday Blues
     Spend	an	afternoon	with	your	friends	at	the	Veterans	Memorial	Senior	
                                                                                               Thursday, December 10th	•	1-2pm
     Center	and	celebrate	the	blessings	in	your	life	with	VMSC	friends.	     	
                                                                                                           Sunset	Room
     This	special	luncheon	will	provide	a	full	thanksgiving	feast,	along	with	
                                                                                        We	are	told	that	the	holidays	are	a	time	of	joy	and	
     entertainment	and	few	surprises.		Cost	is	$8.
                                                                                      happiness….but	if	that’s	the	case,	how	come	so	many	
                                                                                     people	feel	blue?		This	lecture	will	talk	about	the	holiday	
     Senior Center Decoration Party                                                     blues	and	provide	tools	for	working	through	them.		
     Friday, November 30th • 10:00am-12:00pm
     Get	into	the	holiday	spirit	by	decorating	the	Veterans	Memorial	Senior	
     Center	with	your	friends	and	family.		A	winter	themed	extravaganza	
     will	take	over	the	rooms	and	lobby	of	the	VMSC!		Complimentary	
     pizza	lunch	will	be	provided	for	those	who	volunteer.		No	sign	up	
                                                                                   DID YOU KNOW?
     required.                                                                     Low Cost Notary serviCes
                                                                                   The Veterans Memorial Senior Center has an on-site
     Holiday Gift Bag Assembly                                                     notary available for the general public. Notarizations
     Monday, December 7th • 9:30-11:00am
     Celebrate	 the	 holiday	 season	 by	 helping	 seniors	 and	 children	 in	     cost $10 per signature and all fees go directly to the
     need	throughout	the	community.		Volunteers	are	needed	to	assemble	
                                                                                   Veterans Memorial Senior Center Advisory Council
     gift	 bags	 that	 will	 be	 delivered	 to	 homebound	 seniors	 &	 a	 local	
     children’s	center!		Coffee,	hot	cider	and	breakfast	goodies	will	be	          to help support Senior Services. Call today to make
     complimentary	to	all	who	volunteer.		No	sign	up	required.                     your appointment. (650) 780-7313

Register Online Today!                          www.redwoodcity.org/parks                                       650.780.7311                    55
 50+ Programs at the VMSC
 Summer Camps 2009
    Annual Fitness Gym Membership                                                  Gentle Yoga
    Enjoy	access	to	treadmills,	stair	climbers,	NordicTrack,	exercise	             with Orlene Chartain
    bicycles,	universal	weight	station	and	free	weights	in	our	drop-in	            Gentle and easy, this class is a wonderful way to strengthen,
    fitness	 gym.		 To	 get	 your	 membership,	 you	 will	 need	 to	 fill	 out	    stretch and relax. You will learn and practice basic Yoga
    appropriate	 paperwork	 (physician	 consent,	 waiver,	 emergency	              postures, relaxation and breathing techniques. Own mat is
    data)	and	attend	an	orientation	class	either	on	a	Wednesday	from	              recommended. Wear comfortable clothes. Students must register
    12:15-1:15pm	or	Thursday	from	6-7pm	(alternative	days	and	times	               with instructor, Orlene Chartain, directly at class. No online /
    can	be	scheduled).	Gym	open	8am-8pm,	Monday-Friday.		                          mail-in registration.
    Cost	per	year	is	$100	/	$50	(62+).		Students	must	register	at	the	
                                                                                   Mon      10-11:15am      On-Going      $5 Drop In Fee        VETS
    VETS	Building.		Call	(650)	823-1225	for	more	information.
    No	online	/	mail-in	registration.
                                                                                   Chi Kung Exercise For Health
                                                                                   with Ming Wu
    Low Intermediate & Intermediate Tap                                            The purpose of Chi Kung is to learn how to generate, conserve,
    with Cheryl McNamara
                                                                                   and channel “Chi” (internal energy) for health and longevity. The
    This	class	will	get	you	moving!		Includes	warm-up,	basic	tap	steps,	           Chi Kung exercises help to generate, channel, conserve, store
    rhythmic	 moves	 that	 will	 sizzle	 with	 high-energy	 fun	 and	 short	       and direct the energy into the body for achieving optimum health.
    combinations	giving	you	a	chance	to	“shine”.		Wear	comfortable	                Call 650.780.7270 for info.
    clothes	and	tennis	shoes	(tap	shoes	are	optional).	Students	must	              Location: Wellness Center, Sequoia Room (VETS)
    register	with	instructor	on	the	first	day	of	class.
                                                                                   $100 for 10 classes / $10 drop-in (SR Fee $80/ $8 drop-in)
    Location:	VETS		Theatre	
                                                                                   Tues     11:30am-12:30pm          9/22-11/24
    Thurs	 10:30-11:30am				 9/17-10/29	              $28	 7	classes
    Thurs	 10:30-11:30am				 11/12-12/17	 $20	 5	classes
                                                                                   Yang Style Tai Chi for Health
                                                                                   with Ming Wu
                                                                                   The aim of Tai Chi is to foster a calm and tranquil mind through
    Morning Walks (on-going & free!)
                                                                                   the precise execution of exercises. The practice of Tai Chi can in
    Get	up	and	get	out!		Meet	a	group	of	dedicated	walkers	in	the	
                                                                                   some measure contribute to being able to better stand, walk, move,
    VETS	lobby	for	a	stroll	through	Red	Morton	Park.		Two	levels	of	
                                                                                   run, etc. Many practitioners notice benefits in terms of correcting
    walking	groups,	novice	&	intermediate.	Walkers	leave	at	9AM.	
                                                                                   poor postural alignment which can contribute to tension or injury.
    Call	780-7270	for	more	information	or	drop	on	by	the	VETS.		
                                                                                   Furthermore the meditative nature of the exercises is calming and
                                                                                   relaxing. Yang Style Tai Chi is the most commonly practiced style.
    Crafts Social Club (on-going & free!)                                          Pacing is uniformly slow throughout the form, with no variation
    Bring	you	art	/	crafts	/	hobby	project	to	the	Veterans	Memorial	               in speed during transitions. Continuity, without break or pause, is
    Senior	Center.		An	opportunity	to	work	on	your	project,	demonstrate	           the key. Call 650.780.7270 for info.
    your	skills	and	socialize	with	new	friends.		Everyone	welcomed.                Location: Wellness Center, Sequoia Room (VMSC)
    Students must register with instructor on the first day of class.              $100 for 10 classes / $10 drop-in (SR Fee $80/ $8 drop-in)
    No online / mail-in registration.                                              Thurs.       11:30am-12:30pm          9/24-12/3
    Mon	       1-3pm	 ongoing	 Redwood	Room	 FREE

    Beginning & Intermediate Watercolor                                            REIKI Treatments
    with Guy Magallanes                                                            Reiki	 means	 “Universal	 Life	 Force”	 and	 is	 a	 heart	 centered,	
                                                                                   simple,	gentle	and	natural	hands-on	healing	practice.		This	form	
    Experience	 the	 magic	 of	 watercolor	 in	 a	 fun	 and	 challenging	          of	healing	is	found	to	balance	and	energize	all	systems	in	the	
    class,	designed	for	beginners	and	seasoned	watercolor	students.	    	          body	and	is	a	powerful	tool	for	optimal	health,	personal	growth	and	
    In	this	fast	paced	class	you	will	learn	to	transfer	a	line	drawing,	           transformation.		Call	(650)	780-7274	to	make	an	appointment!
    and	paint	with	the	techniques	taught	right	in	front	of	your	eyes.	  	
    Instructor	posts	the	weekly	class	progression	on	his	website	for	              Tues/Thurs	         On-Going	             	
    student’s	reference.                                                           Suggested	Donation	of	$10+
    Location:	VMSC
    $70	+	$10	lab	fee
    Fridays	 9am-12noon	         9/25-11/20	 7	classes	 no 10/16

56 FallSpring 2009 Activity Guide
56 2009 Activity Guide                                                                Redwood City Parks Recreation & Community Services
                                                                                  Redwood City Parks Recreation & Community Services
                                                                                             Summer the VMSC
                                                                                     50+ Programs atCamps 2009
                                 VMSC Computer Education
                                                  Fall Quarter: September - November
  Classes are conducted at the Community Wellness Center, 711 Nevada Street - Redwood City
                                                                   How to register

                   ONLINE:	Log	on	to:	www.redwoodcity.org/parks	and	go	to	“Online	Registration”

                    MAIL-IN:	Send	Registration	Form	(on	page	5)	to:
                    Red	Morton	Community	Center
                    1120	Roosevelt	Ave.	Redwood	City,	CA	94061

                    FAX-IN:	Send	Registration	Form	(on	page	5)	to:
                    Red	Morton	Community	Center	(650)	364-9980																												

                   Registration	Hours:	Mon-Fri	8:30am-3:30pm	at Red Morton & Sandpiper Centers only

                          Class                                 Day               Time         Dates         Fee             Instructor
Internet Discoveries
code: 88.421                                                     Mon           1:00-3:15pm    9/14-11/16      $35           Shirley MacKenzie
(Prerequisite: Windows Basic or Equivalent)

Adobe Photoshop Elements
(Prerequisite: Windows Basic or Equivalent)                      Mon          9:30-11:45am    9/14-11/16      $35               Iby Heller
code: 88.422
Windows XP Basics- Morning                                                                    9/16-11/18
                                                                 Wed          9:30-11:45am                    $35            John Matthews
code: 88.424                                                                                    no 11/11

Windows Basics-Afternoon
                                                                Thurs          1:00-3:15pm    9/17-11/19      $35              Betty Merrill
code: 88.425
User’s Group Forum
                                                                  Fri         9:30-11:45am    9/18-11/20      $25               Ray Odell
code: 88.426
EZ-Bay (How to Buy & Sell on Ebay)
                                                                                             S1: 9/15-10/6    $25
Session 1: 88.427                                               Thurs         9:30-11:45am                                       Al Brown
                                                                                             S2: 10/13-11/3 4 weeks
Session 2: 88.428
Organizing Your Life with Excel
code: 88.429                                                      Fri          1:00-3:15pm    9/18-10/23                        Al Patane
                                                                                                           6 weeks
(Prerequisite: Windows Basic or Equivalent)
Computer Lab                                                                                                registered   Sonia Basegio, Joe Carr,
                                                               Tues &
code: 88.430                                                                  12:45-2:45pm    9/22-11/18    in another   Al Montisano, Jim Nolan,
(Prerequisite: Enrollment any of our computer classes)                                                       computer    Daisy Tindall, Joe Zucker
Job Search Club                                                                                               $10               Al Brown
code: 88.431                                                    Thurs         9:30-11:30am     9/17-10/8       4               Betty Merrill
(Prerequisite: Familiarity with the internet)                                                               sessions

                                   For additional information call (650) 780-7313
       Visit our Web Page for class descriptions: http://www.redwoodcity.org/parks/adults50/computers.html
Register Online Today!                                www.redwoodcity.org/parks                                   650.780.7311                   57
                                                                                                  Classes and services are free or low cost.
 50+ Programs Fair
 Summer Camps 2009                                      Oaks                                      Please call 780-7525 for more info.

    ON-GOING PROGRAMS 2600 Middlefield Rd., Redwood City, 94063
    Hot Delicious Lunch                                                                 Hair Cuts by Rosa
    Tired	of	your	own	cooking,	washing	dishes	and	dining	alone?	Would	                  We	have	an	expert	hair	stylist	twice	a	month	to	“spiff	up”	your	do.	
    you	like	to	enjoy	a	savory	lunch	with	a	group	of	friendly	seniors?	Then	            Call	the	senior	center	for	dates	&	times	(650)	780-7525.	$7	cut.	
    join	us	for	Hot	Tasty	Lunch	Tuesdays-Friday (Monday brunch @                        Alternate	Fridays.
    11am).	Meals	are	nutritious,	balanced	and	low	in	fat	and	salt.	The	
    meals	are	compliant	with	the	new	federal	guidelines.	The	lunch	is	                  Spanish Language Club
    prepared	for	persons	60	years	and	older.	$2.50	donation	requested.	                 Learn	Spanish	and	enjoy	the	process.	The	club	is	for	all	levels	of	
    Younger	guests	will	be	charged	$6.00.	(Spouse	of	a	senior	will	dine	                experience	with	assistance	from	native-speaking	guests.	You	are	also	
    at	the	same	low	price	as	their	mate).                                               welcome	to	join	us	in	the	dining	room	to	practice	your	new	skills	with	
                                                                                        native	speakers.		Tuesdays:	1-2pm	&	Thursdays:	1-2pm.	
    Free Blood Pressure Test
    4th	Tuesday	of	each	month	from	12-1:30pm.	A	case	manager	will	                      Bilingual Case Management
    be	present	with	the	nurse.	(Bilingual)                                              We	provide	bilingual	information	and	referral	and	advocacy	services	
                                                                                        to	 help	 seniors	 and	 their	 families	 find	 needed	 resources.	 Are	
    Holiday Parties                                                                     you	having	problems	with	health	care?	Housing?	We	are	also	a	
    We	will	be	celebrating	many	holidays	at	the	Center,	please	call	for	                resource	for	diabetes	education.	Transportation?	In-home	care?	
    more	information	(650)	780-7525.                                                    Understanding	 letters	 and	 obligations?	 Call	 the	 center	 for	 an	
    Healthy Breakfast                                                                   appointment.	Ask	for	Richard	Arthur-	bilingual	650-780-7525.
    Come	join	us	for	a	delicious,	healthy	breakfast	Monday	through	Friday	              Fitness Classes
    at	10:00	a.m.	in	the	multipurpose	room.
                                                                                        “Strong for Life” sponsored by Stanford University
    Transportation                                                                      Thursdays,	at	12:45pm	
    If	you	have	difficulty	taking	public	transportation,	Rediwheels	can	                A	program	designed	to	help	strengthen	your	muscles.	Improves	
    help.	Door	to	door,	round-trip	rides	can	be	provided	to/from	the	center	            energy,	less	stiffness	in	joints	&	muscles	and	improves	balance.
    upon	registration.	Call	780-7525	for	more	info.	                                    This	program	can	be	done	in	a	seated	position.
    TRIP Program                                                                        Tai-Chi sponsored by Sequoia Adult School
    If 	 you	 are	 65	 years	 or	 older	 the	 new	 Family	 Service	 Agency	             Participants	54	and	younger	$2.00	per	session.		Call	780-7525.
    Senior	 Mobility	 Program,	 TRIP may	 be	 a	 safe	 and	 dependable	
                                        ,	                                              Mondays	12:30-2pm	•	Wednesdays	12:30-1:30pm.	
    transportation	option	for	you	if	you	are	a	resident	of	San	Mateo	
                                                                                        Gentle Exercise to Music
    County	who	lives	or	receives	services	in	Redwood	City	and	no	longer	
                                                                                        Latin-Dance	 music	 and	 basic	 exercise	 techniques.	 	 This	 class	
    drives.		Please	call	TRIP	at	(650)	780-7546.
                                                                                        performs	exercise	and	dance	combinations.		Dress	comfortably	in	
    Penny Bingo                                                                         clothes	you	can	MOVE	in	and	be	SAFE!		Monday	10	am.
    Feeling	 lucky?	 Looking	 for	 a	 lively	 time?	 Then	 join	 our	 bingo	
                                                                                        Yoga for Relaxation (Beg.)
    group.	Each	card	costs	a	penny	per	game.	Games	are	held	in	the	
                                                                                        Sponsored by Sequoia Adult School.	Open	to	all.		Participants	
    multipurpose	room.	Monday-Friday:	10-11:45am.
                                                                                        54	 and	 younger	 $2.00	 per	 session.	 Mondays	 8:45-9:45am	 &	
    Garden Club                                                                         Wednesdays	9-10am.	Call	for	more	information	(650)	780-7525.
    Do	you	like	to	garden?		Come	join	us	to	plant,	nurture	and	harvest	
    organic	vegetables	and	flowers	at	our	raised	garden	beds	in	Redwood	
                                                                                                               Live well with Diabetes
    City.		The	club	meets	and	works	every	Friday	at	10	AM.		Volunteers	                                        Free, 5 week classes!
    are	needed	to	water	plants	other	mornings	during	the	week.		                                               Learn	how	to	prevent	and	manage	the	signs	
    ESL Class                                                                                                  and	 symptoms	 of 	 diabetes;	 guidelines	 for	
    Learn conversational English:	Students	develop	English	language	                                           diabetes	nutrition;	learn	to	read	food	labels;	
    skills	 in	 a	 supportive,	 informal	 setting.	 Open	 to	 all	 adults	 and	 is	                            meal	planning;	and	even	tips	to	follow	when	
    ongoing.	Thursday	10am-12pm.                                                                               you	go	out	to	dinner.
                                                                                         Location:	Fair	Oaks	Intergenerational	Center	(Conference	Room)
                                                                                         Dates:	Wednesday,	September	9	-	October	7,	2009
    Join	the	weekly	Spanish-speaking	support	group	led	by	a	trained	
                                                                                         Time:	2:00-3:30pm	
    volunteer	from	La	Esperanza	Vive,	a	program	of	the	Family	Service	
    Agency	Peer	Counseling	Program.		A	pre-screening	is	done	prior	                      Interested?	Call	Yanina	(650)	780-7545	to	register	or	for	info.
    to	joining	the	group.		Opportunities	are	also	available	to	become	a	                 This	 is	 a	 collaborative	 program	 of	 Sequoia	 Hospital,	 Cañada	
    trained	peer	counselor.		For	more	information,	call	(650)	780-7525.	                 College,	Samaritan	House	and	the	Family	Service	Agency	of	
    Group meets Monday at 11am.                                                          San	Mateo	County.

58 FallSpring 2009 Activity Guide
58 2009 Activity Guide                                                                    Redwood City Parks Recreation & Community Services
                                                                                      Redwood City Parks Recreation & Community Services