2009 Del Oro Boys Basketball Summer Camps by thr14539


									                 2009 Del Oro Boys Basketball Summer Camps
   Coaching Staff: Camp Director Varsity Head Coach Geoff Broyles and Del Oro Coaching Staff

   Purpose: To provide the opportunity for young athletes to develop their basketball skills individually
as well as within the TEAM concept.

       Frosh / Soph Team Camp                       $80       June 15-18               5-8 pm

       Junior / Senior Team Camp $80                          June 15-18               5-8 pm
       These camps are designed to help young men continue to develop their individual and team game.
Each day of camp will consist of approximately 2 ½ hours of instruction / drills, with the final 30 minutes
devoted to team play. Each player will receive a camp T-shirt for participating. Areas covered include:
 ball handling         passing & catching           shooting        team offense
 team defense          rebounding                   fast break      individual defense on perimeter & post

Individual Offense Camp (grades 7-12)                               $80        June 29 – July 2
         Session #1 (entering grades 7-9) 4pm – 6:00pm
         Session #2 (entering grades 10-12) 6:30pm – 8:30pm

       This camp’s goal is for players to develop their individual offensive skills. The camp consists of
break down drills, competitions, and play. Each player will receive a T-shirt for participating. Areas
covered include:
 advanced ball handling        shooting off the catch and off the dribble     offensive footwork & balance
 establishing position & scoring in the post          1 on 1 moves            fast break offense

Space is limited so please register early. Registration deadline is June 1st. Late registration
will only be accepted if space is available, and will add $10 to the cost. We will only notify
campers if there is no room available. Thank you for supporting Del Oro Boys Basketball!
 2008 Del Oro Boys Basketball Summer Camps Registration
                  3301 Taylor Road, Loomis, CA. 95650

Please check the camps you are registering for. Take $5 off of each camp if you
are registering for more than one camp, or you have a sibling also registering.
□ Frosh / Soph Camp                               $80         June 15-18
□ Junior / Senior Camp                            $80         June 15-18
□ Individual Offense (entering grades 7-12)       $80         June 29-July 2
Name __________________________________________________________________________________

School _______________________________Grade in fall ‘09 ___________ Birth Date _____/_____/_____

T-Shirt Size:    AS    AM      AL     AXL     XXL

Address _____________________________________________________________________--_______

City ________________________________________ State _________________ Zip _______________

Phone (_____) _________ - _____________________ Cell # (_____) _________ - __________________

Mom’s Name _________________________________ Work Phone (_____) _______ - ______________

Dad’s Name __________________________________ Work Phone (_____) _______ - ______________

Emergency Contact ____________________________ Phone (_____) ________ - __________________

                Please make checks payable to: Del Oro Boys Basketball
 (mail or bring in to Del Oro refunds will be granted if cancellation is before the first day of the camp)
                      Please read the informed consent and release authorization:

I _________________________________ the parent / guardian (circle one) of _____________________
hereby authorize my child to participate in the camp(s) listed above. I agree to hold harmless the Del Oro
Basketball Staff, Del Oro High School, its employees, students, and volunteers from and against any and all
liability for injury or damages which may result from participating in the camp(s). I also give my consent for
the coaching staff to act as best fits the situation in case of an emergency, if I or other emergency persons
cannot be reached. I have read and understand this release form.

Parent signature ________________________________________________ Date _____ / _____ / _____

Medical Insurance Company ______________________________________Policy # ________________

Medical Conditions ____________________________________________________________________

* The Loomis Union Elementary School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity
represented in this document. The distribution of this material is provided as a community service.

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