The Application for a Temporary Resident Visa and Visitor by iqq33148


									The "Application for a Temporary Resident Visa" and "Visitor Visa Questionnaire" must be submitted by
each temporary resident applicant, 19 years of age and older. Families may use the same application.

Applications are accepted Monday to Thursday between 7.30am and 10.00am or until a
predetermined number of applications are received each day. Please apply two to three weeks
before you intend to travel. Once an application has been approved, the visa will be issued the same
day, where possible.

Please Note:
<      Upon receipt of a fully completed application, a personal interview may follow. This does not
       guarantee issuance of a temporary resident visa.
<      Additional documents, further interviews and a medical examination may be required.
<      Should an application be refused it is unlikely that a further application would be approved unless
       the applicant's personal circumstances have changed significantly.
<      False statements or the submission of a fraudulent document(s) in support of your
       application will result in immediate refusal.
<      If your application is refused your money will not be refunded

Original copies of the following documents must be submitted. Failure to submit all the requested
documentation may result in the refusal of your application.

        All current and previous passports, including photocopies of relevant pages of current passport
        (pages which include full name, photograph and expiry date). Current passports must have at
        least two completely blank pages and be valid for at least six months.
        Two recent passport-size photographs of each person travelling. Photos must be full face
        with no dark glasses or head covering. Plain white background only.
        A non-refundable fee payment in US or Canadian dollars or the equivalent in Cedis. (Only bank
        drafts will be accepted - see Fee Schedule for details).
        Proof of adequate funds for your trip: personal bank statement(s) for the past 6 months, bank
        books(s), investment certificates, other proof of savings.
        A letter with today’s date from your employer and / or your spouse's employer indicating
        occupation, position, salary and allowances, years of employment and leave dates.
        Proof of your business if you are self-employed: Business and taxation registration
        documents, trade certificates, licence and financial documentation about the business, etc.
        Proof of your assets: Property/land title, motor vehicle registration, etc.
        Your travel itinerary from your travel agency.
        Proof of Immigration status in Canada of person you intend to visit: Copy of landing
        document / immigrant visa, citizenship certificate, student / worker's visa, etc.
        For business travel: A letter from your employer indicating the purpose of your travel, your
        itinerary within Canada and who will cover the cost of your travel; a letter from the Canadian
        business confirming the nature and duration of your business travel.

Applications for children under the age of 19 will only be accepted from the child's parent or court
appointed legal guardian (with passport identification). The parent or legal guardian must be able to prove
that he/she would qualify for a visitors visa in his/her own right in order for the child to receive a visitor visa.
In addition to the documents listed above for the parent/legal guardian, the application for the child must
include the following additional documents:

         Child’s passport. Each child travelling must have his/her own passport.
         School leave letter for the child.
         Child's birth certificate and court-appointed legal guardianship authorization if applicable.

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