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					Parent Involvement                                                                                     ParentTip

You are your child'sfirst and most important teacher. Here are eightwaysyou can
help your child becbmea reader.
           Readyourself. When your kids seeyou reading the newspaperor curling up with a book, they
           will want to follow your examPle.

                                           you (or someoneelse) reads to them-dailV. Reading,like
a::ilrr'tMake sure your children read or
1"!t iZ^

F;tfr:,A shooting biskets and playing the piano, is a skill. Children wh_o  sqend at least 3o minutes a
@        day reaiiing for fun develop the skills to be better readers at school.

,4;ut"1Get into
                       the library habit. Make sure everyonein your family has a library card.. Schedule
#t^           regular trips to the library.

    Ettit x   Read aloud to your children. This is the most important thing a parent can do to help their
      children becomebetter readers. Tips for reading:
               *Start reading to them when they are young;
               *Don't stop reading to them as they grow up;
               *Set asideio*e tirie eachday for ieiding (bedtime, breakfast, or just after dinner);
               *Read books you enjoy - your kids will know.

              Use your newspaperto encouragereading: a scavenger  hunt. Give your child a list of things
              to fiird in today's newspaper. Here are some ideas:
               *A map of the United States;
               *A picture of an athlete;
               "Three words beginning with ro.

              Give books as gifts. Then find a specialplace for your children to keep their own r?€l

                                            "You can stay up
              Make reading a privilege. Suy,                 l5 minutes later tonight if you read in bed."
                                "Beciuse you helped with the dishes,I have time to read you an extra
              Or you migh[say,

              If you don't feel confidentin your readingabilities, your childrenlearnto read,askthem
              ioi"ud  to you. Talk aboutth-e booksyoui childrenhaveread. Ask a friend or relativeto
              readaloudto your children.
    This reproducible tip sheetrvasadaptedfrom
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