Cell Injury - PowerPoint by puffdaddy

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									GP lab II
Cell Death and
                     normal cell
                          mild damaging stimulus

     Removal of      Sublethal
   cause of damage
                     cell injury
                          continued damage

                     cell death

Irreversible cell
injury                necrosis
 cell death due to injury
 nuclear changes :              normal cell

pyknosis    karyorrhexis     karyolysis
 Coagulative necrosis
 Liquefactive necrosis

 Caseous necrosis
Coagulative Necrosis
 causes :
 occlusion of arterial supply
 tissue architecture and

   cell outlines
 loss of nucleus
Liquefactive Necrosis
 causes :
 bacterial infection
 loss of tissue architecture

  and cell outlines
 PMN, pus cell, cell debris
Caseous Necrosis
 Tuberculosis
 homogeneous pink area

 epithelioid cell,

  langhans’ giant cell,

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