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                                                                   Issue 198 – January/February 2010

                                               I ssuE 198 – JAnuAry/FEbruAry 2010 – Issn 0818-8491

   E ditorial                                                      by Ian Hooper   s top p rEss !
   Welcome to issue #198 of AEVA’s Electric Vehicle News.                                 Expressions of Interest
                                                                                             29-30 July 2010
   Recent months have seen some pleasing developments for the EV
   movement among political circles, with electric vehicle trials starting         EVs needed to display and drive
   up this year in both Victoria and Western Australia. Details of the             around Australia’s greatest race track.
   Victorian EV trial are on page 2, and they are currently extending
                                                                                   Contact Mark Taylor on mark.ann@
   invitations to participate.
                                                                                   optusnet.com.au or 0403 220 570
   Last newsletter we had some information about the WA charging
   station trial happening this year. Also starting in Perth this year is a
   10-car	EV	trial,	where	a	small	fleet	of	EV	conversions	will	be	trialled	        To David Waplington who’s Renault
   by local businesses and government departments. The trial is being              4CV ‘Elektra’ recently passed licensing
   managed	 by	 CO2Smart	 and	 UWA.	 The	 official	 launch	 is	 in	 early	         with	flying	colours,	to	become	Perth’s	
   March so we’ll have some more information about that in the next                newest street-legal EV.
   newsletter, but in the meantime some information can be found at
   I’ll	also	take	this	opportunity	to	officially	welcome	New	England	to	
   our AEVA branches. Details and contacts for AEVA New England can
   be found on page 3.

   U pcoming m EEtings
   Melbourne                                    Adelaide                             New England
    •	Second Friday of each month                •	Wednesday, 24th March             •	Saturday,	20th	March:	Armidale	
   7:00pm,     Cargnegie   Room,                 •	Tuesday, 27th April               Autumn Festival (Creeklands)
   Oakleigh RSL, Drummond St,                   7:30pm, Duke of Brunswick, 207
                                                                                     •	 Saturday,	 24th	April:	 Saumarez	
   Oakleigh 3166. Contact: Wayne                Gilbert St Adelaide (upstairs).
                                                                                     Homestead Historic Farm Day
   Lord 03 9546 9130                            Contact: Dickson Beattie, 0412
                                                959 847 or dicksonbeattie@           Contact: Christie Cooksey on 02
   Sydney                                                                            6772 7821 or secretary@evne.
    •	Second Tuesday of each month                                                   info
   7:30pm Castle Hill Tavern, 25                Canberra
   Victoria Ave, Castle Hill. Contact:           •	First Monday of each month        Brisbane
   Mark Taylor, 0403 220 570                                                         •	 Third	 Wednesday	 of	 every	
                                                7:30pm, Ian Ross Building, North
   Perth                                        St, ANU. Contact: John Cory,
                                                corry@yless4u.com.au.                7:00pm, Albion Peace Centre
    •	Second Tuesday of each month
                                                                                     Hall, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor
   7:00pm:      UWA       Electrical
                                                Geelong                              4030. Contact: Don Saxby at
   Engineering room 304. Live
                                                 •	First Friday of each month        dsaxby@tpg.com.au.
   streaming also available for
                                                7:00pm Gordon TAFE, East Geelong
   remote members. See http://www.
                                                Campus Building E, Room E220.
   waeva.asn.au. Contact: David
                                                Contact: Peter Reeves – 0407 844
   Waplington on 08 9341 5135
                                                604 / peter-ev@aapt.net.au

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            Electric Vehicle News                                         Issue 198 – January/February 2010

   p rEss r ElEasE : V ictorians              to trial thE cars of thE fUtUrE
   Thursday, 14 January 2010: Electric car developers will get the opportunity to test the practicality of their vehicles
   as part of a trial to develop the cars of the future, launched today by the Brumby Labor Government.
   Roads	and	Ports	Minister	Tim	Pallas	said	the	five-year	electric	vehicle	trial	
   was part of the Government’s $38 billion Victorian Transport Plan and
   would	help	to	find	new	ways	of	making	electric	cars	more	efficient	and	
   practical for Victorian families and roads.
   “The Brumby Labor Government is building a better transport system and
   we understand how important innovative, sustainable and accessible
   travel options are to Victorians,” Mr Pallas said. “We are planning for
   the future and a vital part of that is the development of low-emission
   transport options.
   “Victorians are looking for new ways to cut their carbon emissions and
   this trial will identify whether or not electric cars powered by renewable
   energy are a practical alternative to petrol and diesel powered transport.
   There is no doubt that electric cars have the potential to be a major part
   of travel on our roads well into the future.”
   The Government has issued an Invitation to Participate to electric vehicle providers, private and government
   fleets,	recharge	infrastructure	providers,	electricity	suppliers,	distributors	and	retailers	and	those	able	to	help	
   collect data for the trial.
   Mr	Pallas	said	the	Brumby	Labor	government	aimed	to	have	around	30	electric	vehicles	during	the	five-year	
   trial as long as they meet the requirements to operate on Victorian roads.
   “The trial could include vehicles converted to be powered by electricity or new, purpose-built vehicles,” he
   said. “Victorian families will also be given the opportunity to operate the approved electric cars via a ballot
   conducted by the RACV next year.”
   Interested	organisations	and	individuals	can	find	more	information	about	the	trial	at	www.transport.vic.gov.
   au. Submissions close on 26 March 2010.

   W onthaggi E nVironmEntal f EstiVal
   Melbourne branch of AEVA will attend the Wonthaggi Environmental
   Festival in Wonthaggi, Victoria, to be held on 19th-20th March
   2010. This includes SP AusNet Energy Innovation Festival, where
   the latest in renewable energy, vehicle and building products and
   techniques, solar and water technology will be showcased plus
   information	 on	 courses	 and	 career	 options	 for	 those	 interested	 in	 training	 and	 working	 in	 the	 field.	The	
   event also includes the Wonthaggi Human Powered Grand Prix, where school and community group teams
   challenge	themselves	and	each	other	in	a	thrilling	24-hour	test	of	energy	efficient	design,	race	tactics	and	
   personal stamina. Festival organisers are seeking volunteers, in case anyone is able to offer their time to help
   make the event a success. Please visit http://www.weif.org.au for more information.

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              Electric Vehicle News                                     Issue 198 – January/February 2010

   EVnE        bEcomEs         n EW E ngland b ranch                of thE   aEVa   and donatEs books
   to library !                               by Christie Cooksey
   Electric Vehicles New England (EVNE) has scored big by
   becoming the newest branch of the Australian Electric
   Vehicle Association (AEVA). Robert James, Branch
   Chairperson said “We are particularly proud of this
   achievement	 because	 this	 makes	 us	 the	 first	 regional	
   branch in Australia.”
   Electric Vehicles New England began just over a year
   ago after Christie and Ray Cooksey showed their electric
   Capri at the 2008 Sustainable Living Expo. They held
   their	first	meeting	a	few	months	later	in	December	and	
   have gone from strength to strength. In the last twelve
                                                                 Left to right: Branch president Robert James, head
   months EVNE has held an EV Seminar and had stands at        librarian Ian Greenhalg, branch treasurer Ian Dwyer
   the Bellingen Renewable Energy Fair and the Sustainable
   Living Expo. Their membership is from all over the region from as far north as Tingha and as far south as
   Tamworth and Bulladelah. In October they became large enough to qualify for branch status and they are
   now the New England Branch of the AEVA.
   They have decided to celebrate this occasion by donating two books to the Armidale Memorial Library,
   “Convert It” by Michael Brown and “Build Your Own Electric Vehicle” by Seth Leitman and Bob Brant. These
   books are two of the most popular books about converting a car to electric and will be available to check out
   from today.
   Electric Vehicles New England meets the third Sunday of even months. For more information contact Christie
   Cooksey on 02 6772 7821 or go to www.EVNE.info

   r oEhr       sEt to UnVEil            96    bhp ElEctric sports motorcyclE
   Roehr Motorcycles, producers of the American-built
   180 bhp 1250sc sportbike, is to introduce two electric
   motorcycles before mid-year, topped by a 96 bhp
   motorcycle with race level performance, 210 ft-lb of
   torque, and premium suspension and brake components
   which	 it	 has	 dubbed	 the	 eSuperbike.	 Significantly,	 even	
   a lower spec eSupersport model with 48 bhp, 105 ft-lb
   of torque will top 100 mph. No details have yet been
   announced on the range of the bikes, but viable electric
   sports motorcycles are clearly going to be available before
   the end of the year.
   The new electric range will be known as eRoehr and the range-topping superbike will use a high energy
   discharge, 10 Kwh, lithium iron phosphate battery pack and form the basis of Roehr Motorcycles’ entry into
   the upcoming 2010 US TTXGP series. Roehr Motorcycles will also be offering race prepared versions of the
   eSuperbike for teams or individuals competing in the upcoming TTXGP, and FIM e-Power racing series’.

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            Electric Vehicle News                                        Issue 198 – January/February 2010

   aEVa p Erth          Visits    p arliamEnt h oUsE                  by Dave Waplington, AEVA Perth Chairman
   For some time now, Perth Branch has been trying to think of ways to make the media aware of our existence,
   even to the point of loaning an EV to a pollie for a week. It never happened. However, behind the scenes one
   of our members, Chris Tallantire, was talking about EVs to all and sundry. Now Chris is the sitting member
   for Gosnells (WA) although his particular party is in opposition at the moment. However, his party leader
   listened. At one point Tuarn Brown and myself were invited up to parliament house for a coffee and a chat to
   help formulate the background for an EV policy.
   This eventually became a discussion paper that was
   officially	launched	by	the	leader	of	the	opposition,	the	
   Honourable Mr Eric Ripper MLA on Friday January 15
   2010. The AEVA were invited to bring along a few EVs
   for the morning so that Mr Ripper could drive one.
   Thanks to EV Works we had a shiny red BMW, a Triton
   ute and a White Ford Mustang. EV Shop supplied a
   black	 Mitsubishi.	 The	 university	 supplied	 their	 Getz	
   but unfortunately their Lotus was not ready. Other
   members brought an MG and a Volvo together with
   two Vectrix. A new company set up by member Peter
   Kasprzak	 brought	 along	 their	 charging	 station,	 which	 AEVA members and their EVs gathering at Parliament House
   we plugged a Vectrix into for the media.
                                                               Representatives from television and newspaper media
                                                               descended on parliament house in droves. Having said
                                                               that, channel 2 and channel 9 didn’t report it, channel
                                                               10 showed about 500 milliseconds, but channel 7 had
                                                               a full 30 second segment, even I got a speaking part!
                                                               In the days that followed, the local West Australian
                                                               newspaper got in touch through their Science Editor.
                                                               Although nothing was printed, a follow up discussion
                                                               led to Elektra being photographed and the science
                                                               editor, Michael Hopkin, wrote a myth - busting piece
   Media interviews with Dave Waplington (AEVA Perth Chairman) on EVs. To date it has not been published.

   Many of you don’t know this, but when I was a lot younger, I used to play guitar and sing in a quartet. We
   sang popular songs of the time (40 years ago). So what? Well, if you’ve done something like that standing
   up in front of a few people becomes relatively easy to
   do. After Mr Ripper launched his discussion paper, I
   was able to present him with a letter of support and
   our suggestions. He then told the media that they
   should talk to me! How can I explain it? It was like
   every caricature you see in the movies, with a close
   knit gaggle of lenses and microphones less than one
   step away, all expecting words of pure wisdom to drop
   from my lips. Not being a great orator, well an orator
   of any description, I suggested that they ask me a few
   questions, which they were happy to do.
                                         – Dave Waplington         MPs return from a test drive in Rob Mason’s BMW EV

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              Electric Vehicle News                                    Issue 198 – January/February 2010

   p lan     for grEEn cars to gEt oWn frEEWay lanE by Michael Hopkin, The West Australian
   January 15, 2010: Electric cars could be given
   priority on Perth’s freeways to encourage motorists
   to	 drive	 zero-emission	 vehicles,	WA	 Opposition	
   leader Eric Ripper suggested.
   Mr Ripper said electric cars could be given a
   dedicated “green lane”, in the same vein as
   multiple-occupancy lanes used to promote
   carpooling in other cities.
   Lanes carrying electric cars could even be given
   longer or more frequent green lights at freeway
   entries, allowing low-emission vehicles to cut
   through rush hour more effectively, Mr Ripper
   Mr	Ripper	said	the	idea	was	not	a	firm	proposal	at	this	stage,	but	merely	a	suggestion	given	the	need	for	Perth	
   to embrace more environmentally sustainable transport options in the coming years.
   WA Labor today called for between 40 and 60 per cent of Perth’s cars to be converted to electric power,
   cutting greenhouse emissions and saving motorists from spikes in petrol prices.
   “Our city is very spread out, and so although we should invest in public transport, cars will always be an
   important	part	of	our	transport.	In	the	future	we	will	need	a	significant	reliance	on	electric	cars,”	he	said.
   Fully electric models are not yet available to buy in Australia, although cars such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and
   Chevy Volt are expected to arrive in Eastern States dealerships this year.
   But Mr Ripper said many consumers did not realise that petrol cars can be converted to electric power,
   offering savings that can quickly recoup the initial cost.
   “For about $12,000, a petrol-powered car can be converted to an electric car that can travel more than 80km
   a day for less than $2 in electricity costs. It would cost a motorist in a petrol-powered car $9.60 to travel that
   same distance,” he said.
   Mr Ripper said the take-up of electric cars should be encouraged by funding UWA’s research into the area, as
   well	as	offering	government	rebates	for	drivers	who	convert	their	cars.	Electric	cars	could	also	be	identified	
   with a newly created sticker or special number plates, he suggested.
   Australian Electric Vehicle Association WA president David Waplington said he would welcome the creation
   of dedicated lanes for electric cars.
   “Perth	is	getting	quite	big	-	I	can	remember	when	we	didn’t	have	traffic	jams	but	now	anything	would	help,”	
   he said.
   Mr	Waplington,	who	charges	his	own	car	using	solar	panels,	said	electric	vehicles	can	offer	zero-emission	
   motoring and complete independence from power or petrol prices and soaring service bills.
   “A battery lasts 10 to 15 years and needs hardly any servicing - there are no radiators to block up, or fan belts
   to break,” he said.

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             Electric Vehicle News                                         Issue 198 – January/February 2010

   a Ero V ironmEnt EyEs nEW EV f ast - charging
   b Enchmark : 80% in 15 minUtEs
   One of the key stumbling blocks in the uptake of battery electric
   vehicles is charging times. After all, who wants to wait eight hours to
   “fill	the	tank”	when	a	gasoline,	hybrid	or	hydrogen	powered	vehicle	
   can be replenished in a matter of minutes. One of the projects
   seeking to address the issue is a collaboration between electric vehicle manufacturer THINK and charging
   infrastructure	 developer	AeroVironment	 (a	 company	 best	 known	 to	 Gizmag	 readers	 as	 a	 manufacturer	 of	
   UAVs). The companies are collaborating on a fast charging project for the THINK City electric vehicle with
   the	goal	of	taking	the	EV	from	zero	charge	to	80	percent	full	in	just	15	minutes.
   “THINK	and	AeroVironment	are	setting	a	new	standard	for	extremely	quick	re-charging	–	zero	to	80	percent	
   in just 15 minutes,” said THINK CEO Richard Canny. “This is a major leap forward for electric vehicles. The
   development	and	deployment	of	very-fast-charge	stations	will	help	speed	the	electrification	of	automobiles	
   in the United States and globally.”
   Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a 15 minute charge out of your home electrical socket.
   THINK still expects the majority of its customers to use its overnight, 220-volt home charging station or 110
   volt option, arguing that the THINK City’s 100 mile range is will satisfy most driver’s needs. The supplementary
   fast	charging	solution,	which	will	use	AV’s	level	III	fast-charge	system,	will	be	targeted	at	commercial	fleets	
   where more range is needed on a daily basis.
   “Our experience with more than 1,500 vehicles in use in Europe is that customers using the vehicle for daily
   commutes and trips around town quickly become comfortable with THINK City’s range of more than 100
   miles,” Canny said. “For them, the standard over-night charging is a very practical solution. Fast charging’s
   importance	will	be	for	high-use	fleets.”
   The	 system	 could	 also	 find	 a	 market	 in	 shopping	 malls	 and	 parking	 garages	 where	 a	 place	 to	 park	 and	
   recharge your wheels will become a selling point in the not too distant future.
   THINK announced the partnership with AV at the Washington Auto Show. As part of its U.S. assault, the
   company will also use batteries from the Indiana-based lithium ion battery manufacturer EnerDel and has
   unveiled plans for a North American manufacturing facility in Elkhart, Indiana, which will go online in

   p EUgEot ’ s     incrEdibly frUgal ElEctric                   E-V iVacity s cootEr
   Peugeot	 mass	 produced	 the	 first	 electric	 scooter	 15	 years	 ago	 and	 it’s	 just	 about	 to	 launch	 another.	Way	
   back in 1996, the 40 km range of the Peugeot Scoot’Elec produced a chorus of yawns but when the new
   E-Vivacity hits showrooms late this year, it will be greeted by a much wiser
   and ecologically-aware public. Emissions aside, the biggest motivating
   factor behind the E-Vivacity’s likely sales success will be its remarkably low
   cost of use. Though its 4kW engine is the equal of a frugal 50cc scooter, its
   running costs will be one tenth as it recharges from a domestic powerpoint
   at regular tariffs. In Paris where its 100 km range will be more than adequate,
   that will equate to EUR 0.4 (about US$0.56) per 100 km. So if you cover
   the yearly average scooter distance of 4,000 kms, total running costs will
   be EUR 16 (US$22.67)! (See the link above for the full article)

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              Electric Vehicle News                                     Issue 198 – January/February 2010

   l adiEs      and     g EntlEmEn , s tart y oUr E nginE p rograms                       by Tom Zeller Jr, NY Times
   For all the excitement surrounding the development of electric vehicles, a
   fundamental limiting factor remains: storage. How, after all, does one coax
   more miles out of a fully electric vehicle without creating a battery so big,
   and so heavy, that it cripples the car?
   To the extent that the Obama administration has made answering that
   question a national priority, it’s not surprising that nearly $40 million in
   federal stimulus funds for battery and electric car education — much of it at
   the graduate level — was announced in August.
   “If we really are going to go toward electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles,
   the storage capacity simply has to improve,” says Mary Sue Coleman, the
   president of the University of Michigan, which received $2.5 million for
   programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels. “There just hasn’t been
   a breakthrough.”
   Although the subdisciplines of battery and electric vehicle development are not entirely new in engineering
   programs,	 few	 universities	 have	 created	 master’s	 degree	 programs	 that	 specialize	 in	 next-generation	
   transportation.	But	with	a	total	of	$2.4	billion	in	stimulus	funds	aimed	specifically	at	spurring	the	manufacture	
   and	deployment	of	electric	cars	and	advanced	batteries,	the	need	for	such	specialization	has	increased.
   The University of Michigan created a master’s of energy systems engineering program a couple of years ago,
   with a concentration in transportation power. Of the nine colleges and universities that received federal
   funds for battery and electric vehicle programs, seven, including Purdue, Colorado State and West Virginia
   University, have ambitions to create or expand their graduate level degrees.
   Not	 surprisingly,	 however,	 universities	 in	 Michigan	 —	 ground	 zero	 in	 the	 collapse	 of	 the	American	 auto	
   industry — drew about 25 percent of the education money, with $5 million going to Wayne State University,
   in Detroit, and $3 million to Michigan Technological University, in the Upper Peninsula.
   “It’s important to have a master’s-degree-level program for this particular industry,” says Simon Ng, the director
   of the Alternative Energy Technology program at Wayne State.
   The	complexities	of	the	field	demand	expertise	across	the	engineering	spectrum:	chemical	engineers	can	push	
   battery technology forward; mechanical engineers can manage system dynamics unique to electric cars; and
   industrial and manufacturing engineers can rethink product development in a postcombustion-engine age.
   Another major challenge, Mr. Ng says, is heat. Anyone familiar with the sensation of a warm laptop pressed
   against the thighs knows that batteries heat up when they’re working overtime. As electric vehicle batteries
   are	pushed	to	their	limits,	thermal	management	becomes	a	significant	safety	concern.
   “All of these are ongoing issues,” Mr. Ng says. “This is a totally new market, and when you have a new market
   and a totally new technology, you need new engineers with new skills.”
   Wayne State expects to begin offering its master’s degree program next fall, pending curriculum development
   and approval — and presumably, the arrival of $5 million from the Energy Department.
   “We still haven’t got the check yet,” Mr. Ng says.

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               Electric Vehicle News                                    Issue 198 – January/February 2010

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