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     Benefits of Implementing
o         Self-Help Systems
             ver the last three years as the Support
     Manager and Chief Technical Writer for
     ModernGigabyte, LLC., I have assisted
     thousands of customers in getting their
     ModernBill systems installed, configured,
                                                       much is it costing your company to have
                                                       technicians available to answer those
                                                       thousands of questions? Is your churn
                                                       rate too high? Is the quality of support
                                                       represented by your company its best?
                                                                                                                             by Dave Young

                                                                                                    populate your Self-Help Systems by
                                                                                                    writing articles, documents, and tutorials
                                                                                                    on the most frequently asked questions.
                                                                                                      If your Self-Help Systems are written
                                                                                                    specific to your target audience they can
     and running properly. One of the greatest           So, how can you increase the quality of    be extremely beneficial to the level of
     experiences as both the Support Manager           support for your company, reduce cost,       support you maintain. Even as we bring
     and Chief Technical Writer is the ability         reduce churn, and create a powerful impact   on additional technicians to cover our
     to implement, write, and manage Self-             on your customers? It’s simple. Implement    helpdesk at ModernGigabyte, we are
     Help Systems that deliver extraordinary           Self-Help Systems.                           able to implement content to cover all
     benefits to any company requiring support.           A Self-Help System is defined as a          departments that require support. We
     This article demonstrates how you too             KnowledgeBase (KB), TroubleShooter           also publish on our support site the exact
     can benefit from implementing Self-Help            or Manual for organizing and presenting      locations of all our Self-Help Systems that
     Systems in your own organization.                 articles, documentation and tutorials to     are freely available.
        Hosting companies typically depend             your customers. The most efficient way          Customers are able to instantly create a
     on their helpdesks and phone systems as           to populate these Self-Help System is to     PDF document for any of our Self-Help
     a support channel to their customers. But         utilize your helpdesk technicians. Since     Systems. This allows them to print out
     is it efficient to solely rely on using just       your technicians are trained to answer       the document and use it as a reference
     a helpdesk or phone system to answer              questions from your customers that are       without having to go online, thus reducing
     potentially thousands of questions? How           specific to your company, have them           bandwidth and overall server usage. If
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P!   Business Issues

     you set the expectation that Self-Help Systems are available to         has significantly improved our support. We now have nearly
     your customers at no charge, they will continue to look in those        250 articles. Collectively these articles have been viewed over
     systems prior to contacting you. Keep in mind there are customers       100,000 times since implementation back in late 2004. This has
     that prefer to get help on the phone or may still need to utilize the   drastically reduced the amount of tickets we have in our helpdesk
     helpdesk, but most likely they will attempt to try your Self-Help       database. Our first level technicians now reference the KB articles
     Systems first and foremost.                                              more than the manual created in RoboHelp. And as we continue
        Your Self-Help Systems are only as useful as the content you         to grow our customer base, our Self-Help Systems continue to
     provide. If your customers cannot understand your writing or your       grow as well while reducing the need for support staff.
     delivery, be it organization, layout, wording, spelling, grammar,         I also recommend you hire a technical or professional writer
     or lack of knowledge, your Self-Help System can have a negative         to review all your Self-Help Systems following each article
     impact on your support. If your customers get used to your              produced by your technicians. A technical or professional writer
     Self-Help Systems not having the right content and information          can ensure the quality of your articles, documents, and tutorials
     available to help them initially, they will revert to calling you via   are at their highest level. A qualified writer can also understand
     phone or revert to utilizing your helpdesk system. In turn this         the technical aspects of your services and products. That said,
     will create the need for more staff to handle your phones and           they can translate the difficult steps into easy steps for your
     helpdesk.                                                               customers based on the knowledge level of your target audiences.
        Make it easy for your customers to access your Self-Help             An excellent writer can also write to a wide range of audiences
     Systems. Give them the resources they need to be successful with        from beginning users to advanced users. This is important as the
     your products and services. The                                                                       knowledge level of your customers
     more you provide, the easier it is                                                                    can be diffent from one individual to
     for your customers to understand
     that you are willing to put forth              Support is one of                                      the next.
                                                                                                             The organization of your

                                                   the most important
     more effort than your competitors                                                                     content must also be correct in
     in order to ensure they are                                                                           how you present information to
     successful. Lack of information                                                                       your customers. If your content is
     leads to less desire to continue
     using your products and services.
                                                     aspects of any                                        scattered across many places on your
                                                                                                           website, customers find it irritating
     And that directly results in less
     revenue for your company.
                                                      service based                                        and annoying when trying to find
                                                                                                           the information they need. Even in
        Support is one of the most
     important aspects of any service
                                                  business, especially                                     cases where the answer is simple,
                                                                                                           it can be buried somewhere in
     based business, especially the
     hosting industry. Most hosting               the hosting industry.                                    your site. Using ActiveCampaign’s
                                                                                                           KnowledgeBuilder will help you
     companies state they provide                                                                          build an organized Self-Help
     24/7/365 support. Having Self-                                                                        System. Make it as easy as possible
     Help Systems available allows you to provide that extra level of        for your customers to find what they need. It’s that simple.
     support 24/7/365. As long as your systems are available, your             Now you know all the benefits of implementing a Self-Help
     servers are up and running, and your technicians are maintaining        System. And you have an idea of the type of software you should
     a constant flow of up-to-date information, your customers will be        use to create your Self-Help Systems. Increase the quality of
     clear on how well you run and operate your business.                    support for your company, reduce costs, reduce churn, and create
        Churn is also another important factor in a service based            a powerful impact on your customers. They will reward you for it
     business. One way to reduce churn is to provide the level of            by praising your support and spreading the word about the quality
     services customers demand in the hosting industry. Create a             your company delivers.
     process and flow of procedures your customers should use when
     requesting support, Self-Help Systems being the first priority.
     After your Self-Help System has been up and running for a while,        Writer’s Bio: Dave Young is the Support Manager and
     pay attention to your website’s traffic and the statistics in your       Chief Technical Writer at ModernGigabyte, LLC. With over
     KnowledgeBuilder. You should see the values increase on the             three years experience in managing support to thousands
     number of articles viewed, printed and searched on in your Self-        of customers, Dave’s main focus has been implementing
     Help System and the number of visitors to your support portal.          processes, policies, and Self-Help Systems to increase the
        Reduced churn relates to increased revenue. Reduced support          level of support in all areas of ModernGigabyte’s products
     cost relates to an increased bottom line. The two together will         and services.
     make your company more profitable. You can then take that profit
     and put it back into maintaining your network, hardware and
     software for an overall increase in service and product quality.
        For example, since implementing our KnowledgeBase at to support our ModernBill Version 4 (www. product, the success of our Self-Help System

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