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                                   "The Body Shop" Thailand - Prices Changing?

       By ThinkAchieveLimited
       Dated: Sep 01, 2009

       "The Body Shop" - rumours are circulating that prices are dropping in The Body Shop in Thailand.

       In Thailand most of the population, both Thai and tourist shops very much with price in mind, since they
       have to make do with a lower income. One company have now finally taken this into consideration and
       rumours are that some changes to pricing are going to happen - "The Body Shop".

        The Body Shop would benefit a great deal. The products are the best but were out of range of many Thai
       budgets if they chose to shop in The Body Shop in Thailand.

        The Body Shop has a lot of very good products so the news that the prices here in Thailand are going to
       better match their stores in other Asian countries makes me personally very happy. It's about time this move
       was made by The Body Shop in Thailand.

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